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Barometric or A-neutronic bomb, any more info?

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posted on Jun, 20 2008 @ 02:06 PM
Some extensive reading from my posts on the board about thermobaric weaponry as a post full of my links about that subject, on page 3 of this thread (by Insolubrious) :
9/11 Eyewitness Audio Reveals Hundreds of Explosive Pops! (Must See):

It will be an interesting read, to start at page 1 and read on to page 3.
My post's link :

posted on Jun, 22 2008 @ 06:50 PM
reply to post by LaBTop

Those pops, the flashes, the altered (photoshopped by TRUTHERS. ironic name, isn't it?) pictures of planes, have all long since been identified and debunked in the literal hundreds of threads since then champ.

posted on Jul, 9 2008 @ 09:00 PM
reply to post by Brother Stormhammer
The a neutronic bomb is a three part device. the first explosive chagre blows the dust out of a container and creates a dust cloud. the second explosive charge, blows apart two discs, which are wired simillar to a wire guided missle. these discs separate and uncoil the wires through the dust clous. micro seconds later an electric charge is passed through the wires and ignites the dust cloud. the dust cloud expllodes and causes tremendous overpressure shock wave.
you cah achieve the same if you take a plastic one gallon milk jug and fill it with gasoline. place it 100 yards downrange. then about three yards behind the jug and off to one side place a candle and light it. then go to get your .22-250 and from 100 yards away shoot the bottom third of the plastic jug full of gasoline. the .22-250 bullet will hydrostatically displace and atomize the gasoline and thereby create a dust cloud. when the dust cloud is ignited by the candle the dust cloud explodes violently and with extreme prejudice. do this several miles in the country, preferably in a valley with no houses around for several miles.

posted on Aug, 10 2008 @ 05:37 PM
Why this is necessary? What I see is a systematic attempt
to falsify the facts and to mislead the vast nearly-hypnotized
audience. Most of the people have not got an opportunity to
play with the industry grade explosives, or later have formal
training in military explosives and then design and execute
ambush, demolition and improved explosive detonation
Really few have been researching optimal weapons fragmentation
or been able to design a new type of weapon and been lucky
enough of getting that design into mass production. This is an
obvious place where an expert not being a member of some
evil cabal needs to speak out. As some have suggested here,
it is the future of mankind being moulded here and in several
other places, good and evil.
Squibs, "dust ejections"
are dust clouds, which appear when linear shaped charges are
used to cut steel, reinfoeced concrete etc. They were present
at the WTC. Seen from one side, some six charges misfired,
exploded at the wrong time. The vast majority exploded as expected.
As the top of the south tower tilted, two rows of squibs are visible
in "tilt" pictures on two sides of the tower (you can be sure, that
similar rows were on the other sides at the same moment
–otherwise there would not be a symmetrical "collapse". The squibs
expand just a few meters, after which they are inert, white-grayish
dust no longer moving (without the help of the wind). In the WTC
those squibs rapidly mixed into adjacent ones and soon the remains
looked just like linear, thick clouds on the wall.
Linear Shaped Charges (LSC) see
Such a cutting charge is not melting the steel; it will buid a huge
overpressure into the direction of cut, the gas expands at a rate
some 5 miles/second and this pressure changes the local metal
into liquid. There needs to be some metal lining with the explosive,
and this molten metal hitting the target at some 2 miles/second is
then able to blow that already liquified mass being cut away.
The Spire, some central core columns standing while ejecting
boiling steel vapours
The spire shows a process of central core steel columns boiling
and rapidly loosing their strength. In some 20 seconds the joints
break up and those tall vertical stell columns disappear downwards.
The evaporatede steel dust remains in the air. This helps you to
really see what happened. Many steels falling were also boiling
and ejected a thick smoke, but normal people mistook their tails
as some kind of "concrete dust".
Such a steel dust has very small particle size and it is able to
penetrate the skin. Iron bypassing the digestary system in this
way damages the health.
Thermite is a WW2-era incendiary. It is not easy to ignite but
when it starts, it will burn at near 3000 C temperature. It is hard
to see how one could melt the strong vertical columns of the
Twin Towers with this stuff. It will eat itself free of any constrains
and fall down, continuing to burn unless it is totally covered by
sand (water is wrong stuff here). It also cannot burn many days,
it's more like hours only. Basically thermite will easily melt steel
directly under it, but this not what steel mills need, they need it
hotter, more even and less with extra residues.
Thermate is a more modern military version of silently functioning
destructive charge. In practical uses it is built so it creates a very
hot cutting spray penetrating even steels. It is much faster than
the thermite, an this one could cut the columns of the Twin Towers.
But there is no eye wittnesses or photos this actually takingn place
in the outer walls. There would have been sparkles of molten steel,
red hot and easily recognisable.

posted on Aug, 19 2008 @ 10:47 AM
In the interest of not straining credibility, and keeping to the simplest explanation, I keep this in mind: it is not necessary to introduce exotic explosives into the WTC collapse argument. Thermate brand thermite , a military grade explosive was reportedly found through electron microscope analysis (by dr steven jones NYU). The clearly cut steel beams, as well as molten steel found weeks later also support this. im sure theres another forum dedicated to the wtc collapse with other supporting evidence so I wont go on. Other than that I would love to find out if such an a-neutronic device works in real life.

posted on Oct, 3 2008 @ 09:09 PM

Several telephone calls later, the media were forced to admit that a Fuel Air Weapon must be "burst" at least 100 feet above the target in order to create a stable ethylene oxide gas cloud suitable for ignition. They also learned that even air-launched FAEs cannot make craters because they do not penetrate the earth, and the suction force developed by the weapon when it grabs oxygen for combustion, is sufficient to drag a victim's lungs out through his or her mouth. Horrific though the injuries were in Bali, there were none even remotely like this.

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