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Pyramids......sound and water???

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posted on Jan, 20 2007 @ 11:14 PM
Well being a smod in another forum I know that the decision made by the staff is not to be discussed by the members.

But if you allowed me to express my opinion, this thread doesn't deserve to end up at Skunks forum. If you wan't to read and write only what you like then go ahead, feel free and move it. If with what is right you consider only what main stream science has been pumping our head for so long then all the threads therefore must be premeditated to advocate this and there is no point for alternative thinking and ideas. Or make an anouncement at the top of this forum and let everybody know that diferent opinions and alternative thinking is out of place and is not allowed.

I write what I learn, and as I suggested YOU do, I read both sides of the issue and I examine the evidence. I go to original sources and try to get as many pictures and articles about the situation as I can. I also try to teach myself other languages and other scripts so I can read even a little of what they originally said.

Well thanks for the suggestion but I did my writting and learnin long time ago. I did read the side you're in now. But there is also the other side that has certain things that shouldn't be ingored.
As for original sources I think you didn't bother to read what I've posted. What you call original source and articles come all from the same source. Being feed up by the same food all the time is not healthy. If for original sources and articles about situation you mean Z Hawass and company then I'll be happy if you move this thread to SWF.

p.s. After I've posted I realized that this thread has been moved to SWF. More time goes by, older I get, more I realize how hard is to keep the 'right of speech' and not to be shut up like that under the guise of the off topic or off forum thread. That's not what a conspiracy forum is about.

To bad...

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posted on Jan, 20 2007 @ 11:56 PM
trumpets sounding and walls falling down :Jericho: walls of stone
sound can do allot, take it for me i had a truck with 2500 watts RMS and at full blast i could make sand and small rocks on the floor move.

posted on Jan, 21 2007 @ 09:21 AM

Originally posted by nextguyinline
I know your still viewing Mondo,
I found this..

Of course I am and I also see the thread has been moved. My u2u from the mod said that a number of members requested that move and I am still reading through to see why.
I really appreciate the link and am going to check it out Sunday during the games.
Peace to you and thanks.
The original intent of the thread has gotten so intertwined in a mess of arguement and off topic heat that it is amusing at times. Coral Castle, i shall check out the link now as a matter of fact..........Peace, Mondo

posted on Jan, 21 2007 @ 11:13 AM
I'ts ok Mondo. Hopefully moving the thread will stop the children from posting.

I'm a little confused as to the actual purpose of the Ancient Civilization forum - But oh's well, the only 'facts' in Egyptology again, are the artifacts and writings themselves. The 'fact' that they exist. The 'fact' that they were uncovered. The problem comes from spouting conclusions, made from these, as fact.

Herodotus was told about a method or two; whoopee!, Plato was told about Atlantis, people have been told about people living in a hollow Earth.

Anyways the 'fact' of the matter, is we don't know exactly how the pyramids were built; and the 'community' acknowledges that as well. Even though one poster continually denies that. Yes 'we' have a good idea, and can postulate pretty confidently, but nevertheless, to think, let alone portray mainstream theory as fact, is quite ignorant.

posted on May, 29 2007 @ 11:08 AM
More pyramids


Nice thread Mondogiwa.

I don’t know, but some historian say that the Mayas had Asiatic influence and maybe from Egypt. The Pyramids are different but could have identical construction techniques.



posted on May, 30 2007 @ 07:10 AM
An Idea (already posted?)

I don't know, through all the bickering, what was posted previous to this, to be honest, I skipped ahead after the first 4 pages.

Anyway, here is my take on how sound could have aided the Egyptians and not be left today: it could have been made of wood and stone.

Before I elaborate, if the Egyptians were truly the leading civilization, perhaps competing with others and in the end dominating all others in their time, they might be fairly protective of their technology to the point where they would not paint pictures of their processes and methods. Papyrus scrolls for the people who "need to know" only and just as the foremen were suspected in doing, the "secrets" and plans were communicated orally from priest to engineer only. Protect the pharaoh's soul by maintaining the integrity of the tomb...the pyramid. At least that's what I thought was the case. I think some of the workers who knew too much were even killed after they completed their usefulness, correct? Or am I making that part up?

As far as the sound vibration technology, I envision it this way. Soak beams of wood. Place them over a long stone ramp with small ridges on it that is twice as wide as the big block you want to move. Take your gigantor stone block on the soaked wooden beams at one end of the ramp or flat stone "conveyor" and at the other end drag with the help of oxen or teams of men, wooden blocks across the ridged stone ramp. Vibrations begin to transmit along the stone ramp as you run the team across the length toward the block, the "sound" vibrates the stone beneath gigantor block then the soaked beams which in turn vibrate the water in the beams. The water, when sufficiently agitated by the transmission of sound, creates a buffer (like maybe air hockey or on a small scale, hovercraft) on which to slide the blocks. If the ramp was long enough, you might be able to do several at once.

Just a low tech idea.

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posted on Feb, 2 2010 @ 03:12 AM
I have to comment on this old skunk post, as it is what attracted me to this website.

I have never seen anyone as stuck in their misinformed beliefs as this marduk character was, and felt compelled to join ATS just to point out some flaws in his theories.

The original author was suggesting that perhaps older civilizations had more advanced technologies than us. I'm sure most people would be quicker to respond negatively because they still believe the world is flat etc.

There is an ABUNDANCE of archeological finds that indicate that this was in fact very true. Almost undisputed now with the finds easily displayed on the internet.

Here is an example.

Now we cannot cut and move 100 ton rocks with the technology we have today, and certainly not over the distances that were done historically, so the original poster was right.

Now the idea of acoustic levitation has been the topic of other threads on this website, and possibly well justified.

So what if the original thoughts for acoustic levitation came from "psychics" such as Seth or Edgar Cayce, there are currently many successful psychic experiments out there. I will link one such experiment although It will not sit well with close minded flat earth society types.

Now this Marduk may be a moderator so I dont expect this post to last, but I would like to point out that that Christianity is STRONGLY based in Sumerian culture.

and much, much more evidence. I could literally list 100 links or more, but the evidence is there in droves as the Sumerians kept some of the first detailed logs known to mankind.

They invented our maths, our astronomy (long before we knew the world was round), astrology, 400 character alphabet, laws, legal system based on precedents, and much more.

They actually claimed responsibility for the pyramids, which is something the egyptians never did. The Egyptians kept detailed records of Pharaohs, Wars, etc, but they never claimed to build the pyramids.

I really hope this marduk character has a chance to review videos or websites like

or for that matter even watch something really inspirational such as
which is the only pyramid theory that has ever EVER made any sense.

I do not mean to vent on such a long dead thread, however I was very put off that this thread was categorized in the skunk forum.

look at that website if you want to see "sparkplugs" that are 500000 years old, yet marduk claims mankind is only 90000 years old.

Just because someone comes onto this website claiming history might have the answers does NOT make them a woo woo.

Unexplained phenomenon such as how ancient civilizations could lift 100 metric ton rocks over 5 mile distances defy logic because we cannot do it today even with helicopters and heavy machinery.

It is questioning these unknowns that has led to scientific breakthroughs, and even half of the modern day "anti-gravity" experiments are fueled by the thought the Sumerians could do it.

I just hope this website can keep an open mind about history instead of believing that their ninth grade teacher knew everything.

progressive science changes beliefs. When everyone (except Sumerians) knew the world was flat that's what teachers taught.

I look forward to the day when psychic thought can be explained scientifically, or cars can fly, or .......

Skunk post... OMG.. I'm gonna throw up.

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