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Surviving an alien invasion...

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posted on Jan, 4 2007 @ 06:48 PM
All conquering forces utillize native populations for labor at some level. Some may find themselves in chains doing hard labor, but many survivors would be delivering supplies, shinning shoes, cleaning toilets etc. with some freedom of movement.

Stay close to the invaders, make yourself useful to them, and learn their ways. As you do this you are also organizing with likeminded people and planning ways to exploit the aliens weeknesses.

Forget your personal safety, you have to be commited to human survival as a whole and willing to lay down your life. After you kill a couple thousand of them the aliens back home may get tired and order the invasion fleet back home.

... There are national guard armories all over the country with some serious firepower locked away (good chance the units will too slow to get to them in time in a organized fashion, and soldiers will be caught in the chaos with every one elso). You may just find someone there handing out armaments to whoever is willing to fight.

posted on Oct, 10 2007 @ 02:30 AM
I think this topic is moot, as any warlike society would surely destroy itself long before it acheived intergalactic travel

posted on Aug, 1 2010 @ 12:53 AM
hello all I have just joined the forum and found here one of my favourite subjects,
I didnt think anyone would mind me joining in. sort of like breaking the ice in agreement!!
just been reading most of the first two pages of this thread. and wondered!!
that with so much mention of lasers, and phasers etc!!
and to be honest we seem to be missing a few points which may or not feel appropriate.
for example. we assume they would use lasers!! but lasers as far as we know are human inventions, created by human scientists, and the trusty phaser well that is surely a weapon created for tv by the makers of star trek!!
I myself do not doubt for one minute that aliens have visited earth and abducted/ studied without doubt every living organism on earth!! and like so many other believe they have done and are still studying us the reason for which we can as yet only guess at!!
but I doubt very much they will be using lasers and tricorders!!! however as they have evolved or at least its presumed they have evolved differently to us.
then its safe to assume that their weapon systems if they have them have evolved along the same lines.
I work in video and sound production and have been introduced to an item known as an audio cannon!!
basically this thing can shoot sound projected in such a tight beam that a person could be hit at about 400 yards with 2000 watts of sound yet a person standing shoulder to shoulder with them would hear nothing!! this is science fact!!!
and if we were to assume that they are light years ahead of us with everything what gear have they developed??
when we talk of their capabilities we most often talk about speeds they can move at!!
and they have displayed some impressive moves I will agree.
but we should not be so quick to pull ourselves down!! they may not be as advanced as we assume they are, there have been crash recoveries of there ships and if storys like roswell are true the crew members have been killed.
one line from a movies somes up what I think. the movie was predator.
and the line "if it bleeds we can kill it"
speed before strength skill before speed, spirit before all

posted on Sep, 3 2010 @ 05:14 AM
Depends on the hostile aliens.

If they see us as a big enough threat, they'll simply lob some big rocks this way from the asteroid belt. In which case we're pretty much toast, given our current technological stage.

If they see us as vermin in the way of whatever they're after, they may try chemical or biological warfare. (These type of weapons usually breakdown in a short period, leaving infrastructure and resources intact.) Because most toxins or pathogens break down in the radiation of space, it's likely they'll be deploying drones or vehicles to deliver the payload. If our major governments quickly get wise to that, I figure the result of that scenario is that our major world governments would flip the aliens the proverbial finger. We'd use the situation as an excuse to have an all out nuclear exchange. This would involve having the worst and dirtiest bombs deployed. In other words, our response is "Here, you want this planet? Hope you enjoy this polluted and burning radioactive wasteland!" In which case we're pretty much toast again, but the outcome for the aliens would be 50-50. (Depending on whether they could actually deal with the fallout and still get what they're after.)

Now if the aliens consider us as a potential resource (either as food, fancy pets, or some form of slave labor)... Then it's on! (As it usually is in sci-fi involving this scenario.) But what tactics to deploy? I think that would depend on knowing how the enemy works and how well our own learning curve is. We may be facing unusual weapons like a tasp that ties into our own pleasure seeking psychology, it might make for a harder fight than vs. aliens which always use outright violence.

posted on Sep, 3 2010 @ 08:16 AM
Hi all! What a controversial emotional debate! My feelings are that it would be a germ war. We might not even have any idea we were under attack until everyone was dead. Swine flu anyone? That germ was extremely contagious, though not completely deadly.

If we knew we were under attack the important people would run for the
dumbs. Leaving everyone else to think for themselves and very importantly work together. People with children should hide out in basements, drain pipes, caves, etc... I think that who ever comes here would want the planet in a liveable place for them intact. Resources can be obtained off other uninhabited planets. They would want our realestate, biodiversified life creatures, resources, etc... We might end up as labor, or food. They might even want our buildings still standing.

In the movie district nine the ETC appeared passive and then they out bred us, with their numbers increasing very rapidly. So, don't let them land, meet on the moon. If you let them be here they might not ever leave, kind of like fire ants and kutzo weeds.

posted on Sep, 3 2010 @ 08:39 AM
I think the best course of action is to drop all your known concepts of "Good" and "Bad" aliens. This whole situation has been contaminated by the same agenda which has kept full disclosure from you in the first place.

Instead attempt now to get in touch with your higher sense, your deepest trust with your own intuition. This will serve you better than any physical preparations you can make now and may possibly save your life in the event of a false flag event against aliens who may not be here to harm but help.

One similar vision people share is of the skies filling with craft and this is what you need to watch for in a real not false event. When this happens people will be looking up oohing and ahhing, pointing and for many freaking out.

Instead refrain from doing this and carry on, ignore them, if you are walking to work just keep walking and go to work.

Again this is where being in touch with your inner self is going to really help. Some people do this through meditation or prayer, many may choose other techniques, but the most important thing is to begin that process now.

Quiet the mind.

Use breathing to control it, a simple process really, if the mind slips back in , focus back on your breath.

It is entirely possible that when it happens there will be at least two different things going on, the Aliens making themselves known, and the Governments playing with some technologies which will create false and negative visual as well as auditory hallucinations.

Here is the thing, when it happens dont doubt for a minute that you will be confused by good or bad aliens, youll know.

Consider this, never use anything you would not want used against you on them.

Also, you will be dealing with a different set of physics in all levels, physical, mental, spiritual. So consider that whatever you put out, you get back. Aside from all the Hollywood movies that show the alien lovers getting blasted and killed, or individuals going rambo on their asses, know that what you may be seeing and what I may be seeing could be different according to what we choose to see and that is the best key I can share.

posted on Sep, 3 2010 @ 09:15 AM
There are many good ideas so far, and I would like to add mine.

First I think one would have to realize that the most important thing is not staying alive, but keeping our children alive. It's very hard to flee very far, or constantly, with small children. So I would have to dig in somewhere and protect my family in one spot. Of course, I would be out of the city as fast as possible and it would only take 10 minutes for me to be out of the city I live.

I would take the normal items needs (guns, food, water, first aid, gasoline, tons of plastic sheeting, radio, and of course...nails and screws) but I would also be looking to get my hands on cleaning solutions. Household and industrial cleaners can be very toxic and corrosive, and can easily be found almost anywhere. If you run out of ammo, or are desperate, you can use the chemicals to your advantage. You never know what may effect them severly.

That being said, I don't think we would ever hear about an alien invasion. It would be better for the aliens to bribe our world leaders with wealth, technology or asylum in exchange for our natural resources. They could probably get our leaders to create an entire industry around this need for natural resources and even get humans to do the work for them. This way the humans do the labor, no massive force is needed to subdue the planet, and they can reap the rewards of our own governments greed.

Kind of sounds like our world today. hmmmm....maybe they are already here.

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