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Surviving an alien invasion...

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posted on Dec, 27 2006 @ 02:04 PM
Going off an idea from Mechanic 32 in the Zombie thread, and thelibra's idea for an "X" survival scenario....seriously, what are we likely to face in the following...

SCENARIO - Picture ID4, but without the idea of some computer virus saving the day...
Basically, most military and infrastructure are destroyed, and it appears to be a no-win scenario. Alien motherships are overhead, and alien shock troops are on the way (let's not go quite as bad as Starship Troopers....these aliens are similar to us and use guns).

Where do you go?
What supplies do you stock?
What weapons?
What communications, other gear?
What tactics do you employ?

Granted, this is all highly theoretical, and lots of variables, but should make for an interesting discussion, nonetheless....

posted on Dec, 27 2006 @ 03:10 PM

Originally posted by Gazrok
Going off an idea from Mechanic 32 in the Zombie thread,

Stop, thief!

Where do you go?

I would think that living in a Metropolitan area may not be a good thing, if they are hell bent on taking over this planet. Think some sort of WMD.

On the other hand, being in a remote rural area also has drawbacks. Such as limited support.

What supplies do you stock?

Food, clothes, and some form of communication would all be vital.

What weapons?

That is a hard one. As we do not know the biological makeup of these visitors. If they are biological beings similar to us, then anything usable will do.

What communications, other gear?

Some form of two way communication would be necessary, especially for those in rural areas.

What tactics do you employ?

It would largely depend on the actions of the invading force. If they seem to be hostile, it's search and destroy.

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posted on Dec, 27 2006 @ 03:17 PM
I would say find a "safe" placea in the wilderness miles away from any other human, with fresh water and game to hunt and just hide out for however long you need to. Build a nice shelter and just get a nice flow of food and water. Then just wait. Not much else you can do.

Unless you have an alien killer ray thing

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posted on Dec, 27 2006 @ 03:26 PM
Up here in Canada, it is quite cold this time of the year. How are you at survival in -20 F?

What if you didn't have to fight a war, but just try to survive one winter without the supply trucks running or the power turned on?

I have been thinking about this lately and it worries me a bit.

posted on Dec, 27 2006 @ 03:29 PM
Find your nearest biological research lab and get them started on making a biological weapon. Hunt down and capture, alive if possible, one the aliens. Take it back to the biological research lab and defend that area with your life until some kind of weapon can be created.

In this scenario I personally would forget about personal saftey and survival. Ultimatley you cant survive an invasion that employs genocide as its main weapon unless you stop the invasion itself. Sure you might be able to hold out in the back wilderness a couple of years but not me, Id have to fight.

posted on Dec, 27 2006 @ 03:45 PM
If these aliens have come across the galaxy, for whatever reason, then we can be sure that these beings are far more advaced than us, and as such probably coem equipped with technology we cant even imagine.

However lets assume that these are at a similar level of technology as us, atleast as far as weapons and suchlike goes.

If we were given a warning , and our governments decided ti is important enough for us to knwo about it, then as soon as it its the airwaves it has already started. If your feeling licky then you might go try loot some USEFULL items, i will let the others take the 50' plasma tvs.

If you live in a city then you as good as at the mercy of the aliens already, your stuck in their, roads will be blocked and the shops alread looted so maybe you should go get a 50' plasma tv to watch the show on?

I would load up the car with whatever i could get my hands on which would almost certainly include some form of portable raio and head for the hills, ansd wait to see how this pans out.

If they are here to do a spot of human hunting then im planning on being out of sight so they dont get any silly ideas

If it turns out that they are here to eliminate the human population then plunder the planets resources then were in real trouble but if we hide and do got doing anything silly i dont see them looking too hard for any survivors.

If they want to play games then alot of the survivors are in real trouble but if we keep up the idea that they use guns, dont have armour that is able to withstand out guns and dont just kill us all of by a virus or somethign strupid like that then atleast we have a chance.

I live in the uk so access to weapons is severaly restricted and so i have no idea how to maintain one, even if i managed to get my hands on one it would be almost useless, so i would just try to keep low.

-If you get a warning act as if its the start of a full blown attack, because that what everyone else will be doing.
-Make sure you have something to atleast get an idea of whats going on
-If they start an attack then hide, why would they want to waste effort hunting a few thousand people if they are posing no problems?

If you have any ideas about surviving this or a situation x type thing then move out of the citys, when it sll kicks off if you find yourself in a city then you wont be going anywhere...

posted on Dec, 27 2006 @ 03:50 PM

Originally posted by JackJuice

In this scenario I personally would forget about personal saftey and survival. Ultimatley you cant survive an invasion that employs genocide as its main weapon unless you stop the invasion itself. Sure you might be able to hold out in the back wilderness a couple of years but not me, Id have to fight.

How many people do you think could actualy come together under such a series of events? I agree it would be the thing to do, but it would take some specialist scientists, and military comand structure to keep everything orderd and stable.

posted on Dec, 27 2006 @ 04:58 PM
Well, lets just assume that they did NOT launch bio-weapons a few months in advance and just kill us the slow and painfull way without having to triffle with a large ground assault and large scale space bombardment.
Should anyone be left alive:
#1: Dig a deeeeep hole, stand in it, put your head between your legs and kiss your butt goodbye. That is the first thing you should do when the initial attack begins SHOULD YOU BE ABLE TO NOTICE IT.

If they try and take on humans with brute force:
#1: Get out of town, 1 shot from a mothership and your "sweet little town" is now a crater.
#2: Guns will be useless, any smart invader would counter human weapons long before attacking.
#3: Stockpile food, clothing, and all other necessities
#4: Use HAM radios to talk, more confusing than human speech which they can monitor better than clicking sounds (ID movie had a point when it comes to being primitive)
#5: Gather up sharp objects to use as a blugeon, guns are useless unless you are killing food or other humans
#6: Do search and destroy and get as close as possible when you ambush then go melee and overpower them. Pray they are not 8ft tall brutes. Use swords and steel rebars to impail them.
#7: Should you find them dead, strip them naked and take all their guns and look at your enemy. Get an idea of what you are fighting.
#8: Stockpile HE (High Explosive) like mad, pray the have not made armor that absorbs shock attacks or else you are SOL.
#9: Get missiles off of any dead military unitys after the firing stops, let the aliens blow the bejesus out of the military then take missiles, use a missile like a single shot rifle.
#10: The word "overkill" is null now, using 10 missiles to blow up 1 alien is no longer overkill, it is the attempt to survive.
#11: When killing aliens: TAKE THEIR GUNS! A phaser is better than an M16 anyday hands down.

If humans carried out tiny attacks that made it look like humans were desperate and these were the last pitch efforts (and they are), the aliens would hopefully be as arogant as the military and just do search and destroy, allowing their soldiers to get some experiance in combat. The catch is, you need to collect intel on your enemy, hiding will not solve anything after the attack is over. Humans have lost, now its time to make a comeback.

Ever wonder how high the death toll would be and what it would REALLY look like should an advanced alien race decide to invade? Just pray they want the planet intact otherwise the will just blow it up.

posted on Dec, 27 2006 @ 05:02 PM
Depends on the aliens.

You know I have friends in several star sectors who like to wage war on the human populace just for kicks, right?


posted on Dec, 27 2006 @ 09:05 PM
I think the very fact that there is an alien force invading the planet takes care of most of the assumptions...

Therefore, I dont think there's a damn thing anybody could do except die. Or be enslaved. Whatever the case may be.

posted on Dec, 27 2006 @ 09:13 PM
Which would you do though? Be enslaved or fight back with the high chance of death? I will fight, and if nothing else, take as many of them if not the planet down with me so they cannot attain victory.


posted on Dec, 27 2006 @ 09:24 PM
I suspect any species advanced enough to invade another world would be capable of making that decision for me.

If there really are mind control rays or whatever, count on them having perfected the technology.

posted on Dec, 28 2006 @ 12:09 AM
Hi, I'm new, and instead of an introduction post, i'll just jump right into a discussion:
First, lets assume they don't want to enslave us, but instead to just strip all the resources from our planet,
A bio-weapon is most likely not a possibility for an alien force, as since we have different immune systems, it would require them to research us first, obtain blood samples, and research and develope a virus or bio-weapon. It would be much easier and cause minimal damage to resources if they simply dropped a giant asteroid onto earth and caused us to enter a nuclear winter/2nd Ice age. It would take only a few years to lower the human population down enough for any force to take with minimal effort. If they are just scavenging the planet and don't care the results as long as they get minerals, this is probably the way they would go.
If, instead, they wanted to invade us and enslave us, depending on how advanced we were, we would be pretty screwed. The military would be able to resist to some degree. Not to mention that if all hope seemed lost, washington would more then likely first nuclear weapons to scorch the planet and make it uninhabitable.

Now, Vorek, I've read your post, and it seems a bit unrealistic...
#2 Guns would be useless?
Unless the aliens have some way to inhibit combustion, guns would not be useless, as they still fire rounds. I'd rather have my M4 carbine then a sword if i'm fighting someone.
#4 Ham Radios?
The smart thing to do would be to use the radios that the Army is currently using in Iraq which are called CINGARS. Due to the way they Frequency Hop as well as scramble they are nearly impossible to overhear, even if one is captured, all that needs to be done is a day-hop and then co-ordination of new frequencies. In fact, these radios are so advanced, that not even our own military can listen in on them. Ham Radios however, since they have no encoding or frequency hopping abilities, would easily be overheard by anyone with one. Meaning, the second that the aliens get a hold of one, they can instantly listen in.
#5 Bludgeoning objects?
Seriously? What if they have armor? Is a bludgoning object going to do more damage then say... a .50 round? or if they have a shield, will you even be able to get close enough them? What if they use thermal-imagery or Infra-red? How will you get close enough when they can see you from a great distance?
#6 Hit and run?
It would work for awhile at least, Remember, if they aliens are invading the planet, they have forces in the millions or billions and can easily divert them to a location that is resisting.
#7 Strip them naked?
Um. Take their weapons and equipment, but stripping them naked might be a little far...
#8 Stockpile Explosives
This is probably one of the better examples you have given, By doing this, IEDs or Improvised Explosive Devices, can be created and used for ambushs, but like I said above, it's limited as to how effective it will be.
#9 Take missles from the military
If the missles didn't do the soldiers who are TRAINED to use them to the most effective means possible, they are probably just dead weight to you. Not to mention it can't be fired like a single shot rifle...
#10 If you shoot an alien in the head, and it falls over, it's most likely dead, and you can do something else, say, shoot at his friends coming toward you...
#11 A phaser might not be better then an M16. If it has a tracking device, or emmits alot of power, you lead them right to you. Not to mention if you don't know how to use it it could easily cause more harm then good.

Anyway, I'm not trying to be rude or offensive, Just using my experience in planning and tactics to point out a few holes in your plan. ON WITH THE DEBATE!

posted on Dec, 28 2006 @ 12:16 AM
I would say that preparing for an "alien invasion" is not really any more specific than preparing for disaster X.

Without knowing their goals, strengths, weaknesses, technological abilities etc., it's really impossible to plan for such a scenario any better.

posted on Dec, 28 2006 @ 12:50 AM
Just like in the game of chess the aliens would be twenty moves ahead of us. Undoubtedly they would shut down our motor functions telepathically and we wouldn't be able to even fire off one round. If these aliens are intergalactic travellers I seriously doubt that anything could stop them once they arrive. But just as someone else already indicated earlier in the post i'd rather die on my feet fighting than fleeing into the hills.

posted on Dec, 28 2006 @ 12:52 AM
well if we are giong to be invaded for whatever reason bet you they know all they need to know they would have already done recon know where to hit first and how hard,and without for warning what are you going to do in a city of millions .if you survive the inital attack you need to regroup get to some where safe keep the younger ones safe as they will be the next line after you.
and in times of this theres the old surviving the others trying to survive.
it would be a hard fight trying to beat a far stronger force than we but then human have survived slaughter and mayhem before .

posted on Dec, 28 2006 @ 02:17 AM
Ok kid (freeyourmind775) you apparently did not listen to anything I said, and you controdicted yourself many, many times. My name is V-E-K-A-R (VEKAR) not VOREK.

BIO-WEAPON A VERY VERY VERY EFFECTIVE MEATHOD OF DISPATCHING THE POPULATION OF THE PLANET! Think about it kid, if you could cross the stars to invade someone, would you not have taken the time to figure them out and thus come up with what you need to wipe them out? An asteroid woulnd rend the earth, thus making it harder for them to use if they wanted it INTACT. Sure they could terraform it but leaving it as intact as possible is FAR more logical. Also a bio-weapon would allow them to just let us die slowly and pacify us without resistance or the chance of. An asteriod would leave survivors, a bio-weapon would NOT. Human immune systems only go so far, making a highly effective strain, and probably an alien one, would you off the face of the planet. Remember, they do not have to fight us with DOMESTIC organisms, they can just import them from wherever they are from. Remember the Native Americans and small pox? 0 immunity since they had NEVER been exposed to ANYTHING like it. Wiped out entire tribes without 1 single survivor. Crossing that vast distance of space and not having the time to study itty bitty humans? Come on! If you want to invade: USE LOGIC! DONT JUST RUSH IN! Asteroids have far too many variables to deal with, bio-weapon only 2, humans turn on each other and die, or not turn on each other and die.
The military would fall flat on its face, they are in designated areas which could be tracked and annihilated should they decide to go rambo on us rather than use bio-weapons. FIRST places to go out would be ALLLLLL military stations around the world, try and launch a nuke? FORGET IT! A smart invader and a logical one would have already figured out how to STOP you from launching them thus stoping your primary retaliation. Tanks? Scrap metal. Jets? Gnats. Remember you are up against MOTHER SHIPS in SPACE not on the GROUND. They just blast you till your gone or cannot do anything. Any fighting back would HAVE to be done on a smaller and more personal scale. There would be no central military after the first second or minute of combat. They would have been incinerated by space bombardment. After that you have rag-tag groups not an army.
Guns are useless, read my explanation. Would YOU care to charge onto a planet with body armor that cannot withstand the locals primary weapon? I think not, you would make armor to directly COUNTER what humans use. Anything that repels large and heavy combustion based rounds and can disperse shock. Thus your guns will have 0 effect, they just walk past you.
Radio waves, you forget that you are using waves that can be picked up in space, any advanced race would just blow the bejesus out of your satalites and fry your electronics so radios would be worthless. Also they would probably be able to crack these codes in seconds since they use words not encoding. Remember they are far more advanced, they are WEELLLL beyond anything you have ever seen or heard of. HAM radios are a clicking sound NOT I repeat N-O-T a string of words, just clicking sounds. Using a HAM radio since they are no longer used would give humans a chance to get in contact quickly and figure out what is going on where for a few days if not minutes and hours before they crack the system. Also since it is a clicking sound you can make many many many combinations that go over MANY languages, try that in ENGLISH. You need systems that EVERYONE can use, not just you!
A bludgeoning object would be perfect, why, because you know you can knock them down. Their armor is more than likely meant to stop all VELOCITY and SHOCK based attacks such as bullets and the like. However how about a boulder? Knock them down so you have a chance in heck, bullets are small and can be absorbed or deflected. Try doing THAT with a boulder! Let alone any HUGE object dropped on them. *pushes large object* *hits alien* *crunching sounds* See? Or would you prefer bullets that have no effect? If they can stop that boulder, your SOL no matter WHAT you do. The point of a bludgeon is to KNOCK THEM DOWN so you can scavange and maybe keep one alive for study.
Hit and run, YES! Why? Because any SMART human will NOT stick around for your "millions and billions" to show up and WIPE THEM OUT. They would prefer to be LONG gone and somewhere safer. Fighting them on their rules is a HUGE mistake, NEVER fight the aliens by their rules or you have lost what little is left. The BEST thing to happen would for humans to line up and hold a position, alien mothership fires, *splattering sound* end of human resistance! Running away at least makes them divide their forces in the area, better to have 1 million than 20 million on your tail would you not agree?
Strip them naked! ABSOLUTELY! TAKE EVERYTHING! If they are wearing clothing, TAKE THAT TOO! Strip them naked is a term used for looting bodies in this case, re-read what I said carefully. No point in wasting alien armor and weapons! Not to mention the other little tid-bits you will get. Also you get a look at your enemy! KNOW THY ENEMY! Best way to do that is to take their armor off.
HE uses are many, you can level a building they are in and crush them or try too, you can draw attention, etc etc etc. Mostly battles could take place in cities that are blown up, lots of cover now... Enemy patrol going down mainstreet? Blow up the empire state building and crush them with it! Or how about those sewers? 4 HE down below, they walk overhead, boom! They go flying and you can corner and kill.
Missiles have MANY uses, they are HE for startes to the highest extremes, they can travel, you can control them SOMEWHAT (not completely) and also if you get enough of them in one direction, it is bound to hurt at least SOMETHING. get 10 TOWS going in a line at the aliens and see what they do, if arrogant, stand ground and get thrown, if smart, run or dodge while you open fire with more missiles and shake them up. A missile has FAARRRR more power in 1 concentrated spot that a thousand bullets. Bullets SPRAY, a anti-armor missile goes for 1 small spot and blows a hole in it. Which would you prefer?
#10 is something I did not state, YOU did. Also would you not wear head-gear, in the event they have a "head"... A "one shot kill" to the head will be (out of room)

posted on Dec, 28 2006 @ 02:31 AM
.....will be impossible since they have armor on which is meant to counter most conventional human weapons. Missiles are your best bet since they might just knock them down so you can overpower them.
A phaser over an M16 ANYDAY! You know the M16 has 0 chance of working, so why carry dead weight as you say? Besides, LEARN FROM YOUR ENEMY! WATCH HOW THEY USE THE PHASERS! As for tracking devices, hmm.... gun or no gun... GUN! They probably have scanners so it will not matter where you are, having a powerfull phaser rifle and being able to shoot back and maybe KILL them with a single shot for once will actually be better than NOT being able to kill them. Besides, if you can use the phaser, get others and crack one open, see what is inside, if there is 1 part that seems to do nothing, pull it and see if it fires, then place removed device somewhere and see if any aliens show up. If they do: VOILA! You found the tracking device. Should they be SMART, they will make it an immovable or removable part of the gun, thus you cannot. Yet they can still track you from space ANYWAY so why does it matter? At least fire back!
A sword, something they never counted on, no ammo required just a strong arm. Swords have been proven to shatter some of the strongest armor, get a stainless steel longsword with light to medium weight and you have a long lasting weapon. Also they are VERY silent, you will only hear the splat of your enemy and maybe the whistle of the wind. The enemy being many will not wait for you to reload if you decide to keep your gun, so keep a sword handy so you can chop limbs and take their gun from them.

Throughout all of this, remember, humans would probably be extinct after the first "attack." Should they want to enslave humans, humans have a fighting chance like a snowball in a fire. Better than none though right? Maybe it will rain before the snow completely melts...

There is though, one weapon we have and the book: War of the World by H.G. Wells is a grand example of one thing that is on our side. Unless they go to great lengths to protect themselves from our viruses, they will die. So maybe they will slip and just 1 bug will change the world, humans are good at mutating viruses.
Mind control is a possibility, however the must calculate one thing, human willpower, it can cause a person to do super human feats. Never underestimate how determined someone is, mind control will work on the weak minded, but not so well on the strong.
THUS! Any attack would require humans to have at least some advanced warning or else it will be a very short and grim battle to the death.

posted on Dec, 28 2006 @ 04:22 AM
Well the first priority aside from escaping to a safer are area would be to discover every you can about the aliens.
Djohnsto77 has pointed the kind of info you would need in an earlier thread.
Plus you need to find out the likes if the Aliens can survive in earths atmosphere with any assistance from there technology.

An important question would be why did the aliens invade ?
If you can figure out why the aliens attacked you may be able to locate safer locations in the most unlikely places. While I'm a skeptic when it comes to the likes of Aliens for some reason I have always thought that if they did invade earth they would enslave humans and colonize the plant.

posted on Dec, 28 2006 @ 08:38 AM
First off, I think an alien invasion is highly unlikely. If, given most "non-skeptic" beliefs, they are able to "invade", they probably would have already done so. After all, the "grays" are already moving over, under, around, and through us.

Secondly, if an invasion were to occur, because of the history of the ostensible crashes of UFOs, we know that they can be killed (bodies flown to WPAFB). If a saucer crash can kill them, then it is highly likely that a slow speed, slightly heavier bullet (I'm thinking .45) could kill them, as well. If the .45 can do it, then so can multiple hits from a 9 mil.

The fact that they have, ostensibly, crashed on several known, and probably many more, unknown, occasions, that tends to prove their fallibility, and for want of a better word, their mortality. If they are, in fact, fallible, and mortal (for want of a better word), they are stoppable.

I'm always amazed that folks think that, were there such a thing as an alien invasion army, and they did bother to invade us, that we could not fight back.

As I've said before, I tend to view folks through rose-colored glasses. I think more highly of us all than most would appear to be willing to give credit for.

Man, even though we don't show it all too often, has a spirit and a will to survive and overcome. I can't imagine that we, knowing what we may ostensibly know about possible aliens, would be so willing to lay down and let ourselves be rolled over, in so easy a manner.

The military, often painted as buffoons, but mostly misled, and misdirected by well meaning, but more often, completely inept, politicians would, in all likelihood, have a plan in place to deal with such a situation. And, for whatever reason, should that plan fail, the fall back would be us. Would you be so ready to see a bully/invader as someone you couldn't deal with and simply roll over?

If they are coming with some evil intentions, I certainly don't believe they are above a good butt-kicking.

I think that if you honestly believe such a thing is possible... Instead of planning to run out, break into someone's store and loot survival gear, you ought to be pre-planning and stocking up now. If you find yourself in a situation where you need a gun, that's not a good time to go out and try to find one. Have that firearm already and prepared. Likewise, start stocking up on survival gear now. As with a firearm, if you suddenly find yourself needing survival gear, that is not the time to try and go find or loot some.

I'm thinking that many of you see an alien invasion as something on the order of Independence Day. I suspect it would be more controlled, and not everyone would panic. You might find yourself attempting to loot a place for gear and run across a business owner who would rather shoot first and ask questions later. And that can be like bringing a knife to a gunfight for you. In other words, "YOU LOSE"! Then what good are you?

I, for one, would have my "stuff" in hand, fade away from the public light, and attempt to learn all I could about the enemy. After finding weak spots, and there will be weak spots, then we start planning accordingly.

Running off to the woods willy-nilly, and hiding won't accomplish Jack. If you let them bedazzle you to that point, you will never get your property back (look at the lessons we didn't learn in Viet Nam, and are reliving in Iraq, regarding determined guerrilla warfare technique)...

You are going to need supplies, firearms, a radio, and two very important extras that no one seems to be aware of:

1. A backbone

2. A cool head

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