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24/7 Kit

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posted on Mar, 22 2007 @ 02:42 PM
Well Im one of those people that take my job seriously. Where I live anything can happen, and sometimes it actually does. One of the places that I work at is out in the bush, and anything can happen out there. And when Im not at work Im always out in the woods hiking, so all my supplies that I have go with me. I know the jokes about security guards and all they ever do is eat and sleep. That may be true in most places, but not in my area. Unfortuneately, there is a great deal of crime where I live so i carry my baton for self defence only.

posted on Mar, 22 2007 @ 03:36 PM

I carry that much stuff daily because this is also my go to and fro work bag. I have items in this bag which pertain to my daily work also like the spiral pocket notebook, the calculator, and the super glue.

I also work in one of the largest shipyards if not the largest private shipyard in this country. Though assigned to a particular hull number it is not unusual to ge moved in the middle of a shift when manpower or particular skills are needed on another location. Hence it is best to be prepared to go it alone as it is a long way back to ones locker. A certain amount of self sufficiency is in order.

Also I often ride my moped some seven to eight miles per day though I also have a truck and a honda. The bicycle pump is for flat tires and I have had to repair them in the middle of the night on my way home and in questionable neighborhoods.
I will be riding my moped today as the weather is lovely. Good riding weather.

Blade Hunter,

Yes I too know the jokes about people in the security buisness. I do also know people who take their job seriously. Many of these types also belong to the same gun club as myself. I learn certain things from them about security as well as what is going on in the local constabulary as they often work with them and talk shop so to speak.

Most of these types I speak about are more intrested in the sports page and the latest scores...not so much with these others of whom I speak.

By the way..I work the same hours as many security people. Currently 6pm to 6am in the morning. Most of my time at this shipyard has been 11pm to 7 am. I am a night creature by habit. The darkness is my friend. I love the nights. When I am off work I am still up into the wee hours of the morning before hitting the rack. I am not much of a daywalker so to speak

Oh more thing. I know how much of the daytime people work after years of doing these hours. I also know how much sleeping and knodding off goes on on the day shifts. I know quite well..most of them would not survive years of these hours and this type of work. Ive seen many of them get stuck on this shift for a few weeks .....drives them bonkers. They cant cut it ..most of them. I m not impressed with many "daywalkers." Nor the talk about night shift people. Putting these types on the graveyard shifts is like stealing thier security blankets. Cracks me up.


posted on Mar, 22 2007 @ 06:21 PM
Lol I hear ya. Ive been a night person most of my life as well. I like the peace n quiet when Im at work.

posted on Mar, 29 2007 @ 09:34 PM
I decided to go ahead and put a 24/7 type kit in both my Honda and Truck for the times when I am not at work but out and about town...which isnt much anymore. I'm pretty much a stay at home person anymore. Not much to attract me out in the fast food lane.

But I got to thinking what if something happened while I was out and about and seperated from my go to work bag.

Hence I decided to start two small bags with similar goods to those in my go to work bag. I am starting out with a....

Hobo kit...knife, fork spoon combination tool
Flashlight / wind up radio.
Emergency blanket.
Magnifying glass
First aid kit,
Toilet paper..half roll for compactness
Two bic lighters.
Mag light modified with LED kit
Four AA batterys.
Sewing kit.

The toilet paper is in a zip lock bag...lots can be stored in a zip lock bag to keep it dry. Some of the above items are stored in the bag or Mollie pack in a tupperware heavy type bowel with a tight seal on it.

More items are intended to complete the list. Such as a two pairs of socks, some BVDs...etc all stored in a plastic zip type bag.

I intend to add some small storable food stuffs Jerky or canned goods....sufficient for a few days.

I am thinking that if you can survive the first 24 to 72 hours of a calamity your chances are good to make it through. This three day period will be crucial especially compared to ones who have made no preparations at all ..period.


posted on Mar, 29 2007 @ 10:55 PM
On my person I carry a nice italian stilletto, a gerber multi tool, a butane waterproof lighter and two bics, pens a mini notebook, cell phone and extra battery, a 9mm or .38 and 3 reloads for whichever is on me.

In my car well lets just say that I never ever let my tank drop below 3/4 full, that I know where to buy MRE's by the pallet, and that to me a thousand rounds is the smallest reasonable lot to buy ammo in
. Like all of the other guys that seem to carry a fair selection I focus mostly on surviving the first 3 days and making it to a cache. The thing is though 30 years ago everyone carried a mini survival kit in their cars... it was called not being stupid! The fact that some people find this strange or foolish or "gasp" paranoid!! are the type that FEMA types pack into a stadium and leave to rot in an emergency.

Being self sufficient gives you the one thing you need most in a survival situation... OPTIONS. It gives you time to watch in the event of a disaster or other disturbance and decide whether it is safe to be seen by whoever is in authority post disturbance. You aren't so desperate that you are compelled to do stupid and foolishly short sighted things to stay alive. This used to be common sense, the fact that it isn't anymore is a testament to the nanny state mentallity americans are letting cripple them.

The more you depend on other people the more chances they have to take advantage of or hurt you... either deliberatelly or through more benign negligence and incompetence.

posted on Apr, 2 2007 @ 05:31 AM
duplicate post, oops!

[edit on 2-4-2007 by wcssar]

posted on Apr, 23 2007 @ 12:31 PM
Here is my updated 24/7 kit:
-compact NOKS knife
-Peli AAA Light
-Leatherman Micra multitool

posted on May, 23 2007 @ 08:05 AM
Leatherman Wave and additional screw driver heads on bealt and in keychain led-lenser flash light. And when I leave for a store or any other place away from where I live I always carry a camera bag, you never know when Matti Nykänen might show up

posted on May, 23 2007 @ 10:48 AM
My never-leave-home-without kit comprises of:

*3 blade+scissors micro-swiss-army-knife and keys...these are attached to either end of a 1 foot lanyard via carabinas that makes for one hell of an improvised weapon (either keys as a knuckle-duster or to be truely offensive, the knife blades-out and swung by the lanyard nunchaku-style)

*Zippo lighter to start at least 10 small nicotine-based fires a day and small tobacco tin with polished lid-surface on the inside as a makeshift heliograph

*Wallet containing usual stuff plus a c.card size magnifier lens

*A6 size notebook for those moments of creative clarity and inspiration

*Steel-shank parker biro for the above...and because the pen is mightier than the sword (I can't carry a sword in public anywhere in the UK, so it's the next best stabbing weapon)

posted on Sep, 17 2008 @ 01:14 PM
I've slightly updated my kit i now carry:
-Lock back knife, about 7cm blade
-Silva Helios sailing lighter (top notch item, lights up in any condition)
-Small first aid kit
-2AAA UK led
-AA 1watt led
-leatherman micra

[edit on 17-9-2008 by northwolf]

posted on Sep, 17 2008 @ 03:42 PM
Nortwolf: Sweet. I am in the market for a weather-proof alternative to my zippo now days. I will check out the Silva Helios lighters. Thanks for the tip

That is the stuff I carry with me every day, no matter what, in different configurations.

SOG Powerlock in leather sheath.
Gerber Hinderer CLS (Now replaced with a small sebenza)
Surefire C2 LED flashlight
Moleskine notepad
Keychain with mini LED-LENSER flashlight and a mini SAK pocket knife by Victorinox.

I also always have a lighter or a zippo on me.

When I got my sebenza it took the place of my gerber. The rescue knife is now always in my bag (soon chaning over from a dutch first-aid bag to a Victorinox travel companion bag) with the first aid stuff. If im wearing a bag I have a small first aid kit, a poncho, a book and a radio handy as well. I will upgrade it a bit when I get my Victorinox bag, as I really need to have a systematic bag to carry a lot of stuff. I'm a system-freak and can't stand not having my EDC neat, clean and organized.

Naturally all this is in addition to my wallet and my cell-phone.

posted on Sep, 28 2008 @ 08:40 AM
I know this post is old but still wanted to get this out there. . . NON lubricated condoms can hold a ton of water.

posted on Sep, 28 2008 @ 08:48 AM
This is in general my Every Day Carry list
EDC (Every Day Carry) Essentials
• Knife and Sharpener /Normally a Cold steel voyager
• Multi-tool and Lighter /Gerber Multiplier
• Flashlight and Spare Batteries / Inova X5
• Watch and Compass / Citizen military- Silva t4
• Wallet and Keys
• Shades + Case+ Cleaning Cloth
• Paracord and Bandana
• Cash and Cellphone
• Notebook + Pen
• Medkit + Puri Tabs
• Dust Mask + Latex Gloves ( disposable)
• Monocular and Carabiner
• Hat + Gloves+ Spare Laces
• Area OS Map ( if operating away from home )
• Telescopic Baton and Light Sticks ( if traveling to High Risk areas)
It varies slightly, IE if I travel far from home I carry a tiny AM/ FM radio as well, maps of the area I am visiting, If I am using tube/ train or bus I add a little prybar and a few chem light sticks, plus a few nutrition bars.

[edit on 28-9-2008 by Northern Raider]

posted on Sep, 28 2008 @ 08:57 AM
For those folks with an absolute passion for EDC kit, reviews, debate etc you would probably enjoy, its a natural extention from this great thread.

respects NR

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