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I think I figured out how WW3 will look like

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posted on Dec, 13 2006 @ 12:25 PM
Sorry if this is in the wrong thread, move it if you feel that it is. I don't know where else to put it.

Okay, now to the subject.
After some reading a bounch of profecies over the few days, like the usual, nostradamus, revelations, and other not known sources. Well, I keep coming accross a few things.
- There's always a conflict in the middleeast that starts the war.
- Russia invades europe
- China joins on Russia's side, can't find if they play a big role
- There's civil wars here and there, probably because people realise the NWO is enslaving them, making it easier for russia to take over europe.
- A russian version of HAARP will be used to destroy big american cities
- Nukes will be used in europe, possibly in america too
- The war is going to be shorter than ww2

Here's a weird thing, I was reading about the dark knight, a thread started by Dark Knight, I can't find it. The title was guilt makes me write this. Basically a prediction of weird things in the sky before the apocalypse. Then I read about the three dark nights, googled it, a chirstian profecy about crosses in the sky that signify god's rath coming close, followed by 3 nights and 3 days of demons unleashed on the planet killing everything. Then I read about Mitar Tarabic (1829-1899) and his profecies, which are freakishly accurate, and he states what? three crosses in the sky and how we must follow them to the hills if we are to survive.

Now, either I'm going crazy and making weird speculations or these three things have something in common. Now, if I start seeing crosses in the sky, I'm getting the hell out of the city. The three crosses represent the following, quote:
There were three crosses on Calvary's hill. On one was a man dying in sin—he did not accept Jesus. On another was a man dying to sin—he trusted Jesus as Savior and Lord (Luke 23:40-43). And on the middle cross was One dying for sin. He could die for others because He was God's Son and had no sin of His own. The center cross made all the difference for those two men hanging beside Jesus—the difference between an eternal hell and an eternal heaven, end quote.
Is jesus coming back? This is freaking me out cause I was skeptical about his return, but now, I just don't know... please feel free to comment.

posted on Dec, 13 2006 @ 01:01 PM
I can see a ME conflict sparking off other troubles, but for the rest? Come on....

1 Why in the world would Russia invade Europe? They enjoy a solid trade relationship that, at this point, is quite favorable to Russia.

2 What would cause Russia to side with communist China? Trade with europe and the US and the emerging nations are more beneficial.

3 Civil war here? Because people think the NWO is taking over? People can't be bothered to get out and vote, so how would it be possible that they would take up arms and endure extreme hardships?

4 What in the heck would motivate Russia to attempt to destroy our cities? They have no reason to do so.

5 Who is going to nuke the US? Why?

6 If we got 20 Nobel Prize winners together in a room and asked them to predict how long WWIII would last, I'd lat 1,000,000:1 odds that not one of them would get it right. How can you be so sure?

7 An ATS thread, obscure Bible prophesies, the return of Christ.....all strung together. I'd don't even know where to start with this...

I think you're stringing together about 10 or 12 unrelated topics from dubious sources (I see no links to reputable ones) and trying to piece them together haphazardly and get something that makes sense. I see no tangible evidence that any ONE of these is true or potentially real, let alone ALL of them. This is like piecing together urban legends to try to predict the stock market.

Just because you read something on the internet that makes sense to you, it doesn't make it real. This here internet thingy is notorious for having totally untrue information everywhere.

Thanks for your enthusiasm, but I'm guessing that not any ONE of the stories you're coming across is from a reliable first hand source, let alone all of them.

"DENY IGNORANCE" does NOT mean "Buy into every crackpot theory on the planet"

posted on Dec, 13 2006 @ 01:40 PM
I think alot of the stuff in prophecies is metaphorical, PERTICULARLY the bible, used in ancient times as a tool of mass control. now I am deffinatley no christian, i think alot of it has been taken to literallyAnd things have been taken out and put back in and i think that if god and his words are "absolute" then what the hell are we doing changing it??

But that aside, even I have been thinking about the return of jesus, I think Christianity is a reharshed religion, you can trace back AMAZING similarities through the Egyptions right back to the Sumerians, so there IS deffinately something that was once known and now is not, or at least very polluted with artistic flair over the ages.

An interesting point to make is that on opposite sides of the world, (i forget exactly where though), there is an running theme of "THE WORLD STOPPED TURNING". on one side it was the longest day and on the other it was the longest NIGHT!!
and even the Hopi tribe have a legend stating that the SUN ROSE TWICE IN THE SAME PLACE, SIGNIFYING THE GREAT CHANGE!!

now consider this, if you call the magnetic field strength of the earth 10,000 yrs ago..10, then the strength now, propotional to that number is 0.5!!! that pretty DAMN weak. some say this is proof that the inner core of our planet has stopped turning and the outer bulk of the planet will eventually do the same, wether it will only take three days, i dont know, seems unlikely (unless you read the ancient text),but if it does...MAN...WE-ARE- SCREWED!!

Theres ALOT more i could add, like its confirmed we ARE moving into the photon belt in the galaxy, we are lining up with galctic centre, the sun has shown more activity since 1940 than in the previous 1150 yrs (remember, they can read previous activity, VERY reliably from trees etc), the area of space we are moving into is possibley alot denser than the one we're in now which meens time might actually be compressed hence evolution may actually speed up, this theory is backed up by the fact that the Shuman resonance is exellerating, i think its at 12.8 now and alot of people think this will go on to 13 (that number again), they stop publish the shuman resonance (which should be 7.3) in the 80s proberbly because they didnt want people know this increase. if the "pulse" of the planet has increased then you could say that we are living in a 16 hour day rather than 24 although we dont notice because of relitivity.

SO YES, something is DEFFINATLEY GOING TO CHANGE, wether its a quick or a slow change is yet to be seen, but these are INTERESTING times in which we live....this generation only has roughly an 80 year window for life, and I for one am pleased to have got this slot.

So, sorry for waffleing on peeps. what "prophecies" have you read, have you got Nostrodamus's latest book, it claims to have predictions about 2007,war from a leader who DELIGHTS in war et cetera. I couldn't find out much about the book, it said it was his LOST predictions (bit funny they happened to coincide with THESE times.... found?... just "released"?... BOGUS??? ). what books have you been reading, and CAN YOU RECOMMEND ANY!!

oh..and err... HELLO by the way

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posted on Dec, 14 2006 @ 08:07 AM
Reality hurts, I'm just having fun piecing stuff togheter to get responses. It just makes me wonder that so many different types of profecies talk about the three crosses showing in the sky. They couldn't just make it up, it has to come from somewhere. Everything comes from somewhere, even the biggest of lies.

posted on Dec, 14 2006 @ 08:25 AM
1 Russia, no matter under what kind of government, will always be imperialistic. They like to conquer, that's what they do. Russia always wanted to conquer europe. They tried doing it through non-violence by spreading the communist ideal, Hitler stoped their advance, which eventually ended in war. If it weren't for the US getting nukes at the end of the war, I'd be back in europe speaking russian.

2 You can see their parnership very well when you look at the north korean situation. Also, Russia is becoming very oil rich, they're beginning to dominate the energy sector. If they get europe to get dependant, they'll have it by the balls. Kill an empire economically before you attack physically.

3 Stock market crash that will make 1929 look like a walk in the park

4 USA will nuke them. america is the only country that nukes, everyone else is sane. Well, usa also uses DU, spreading radiation, I think our dear leaders forget that the earth is round and that radiation travels by air too. Usa is probably gonna "pre-emptive" her ennemies.

5 tit for tat.

6 Not even the Illuminati knows when it will happen, they know how, they don't know when. It all depends on us. I doubt they have control over china and russia, not that they're good countries themselves.

7 You can start by thinking, what if? It's fun to consider weird different scenarios. Gets your brains working.

posted on Dec, 14 2006 @ 08:50 AM
Ok, this one might be long. And yes, hi to you to

So, Anomic of Nihilism, lets start by me agreeing about how the bible is being constantly changed. Constantine really messed it up back in the day didn't he? And let's not forget the different meanings that get lost by translation. I'm pretty sure the apocalypse was described pretty damn well, including ww1 and ww2, and those scriptures are probably held in that vatican library that no one is allowed to enter. The super secret private section that is. Have you any idea how much interesting stuff may be held there? I know a few people who would do practically anything to read those books. But it also might signify the downfall of the church, why else would they keep it ultra secret? And I doubt it's cuz they like secrets.
And yeah, all these secret societies that have existed over the years, you'd think their dear founders had alot to do with the bastardisation of religions. Where do you think those haloes come from over jesus's head? I'll give a bit of a clue, look in babylon... They're pretty selfish those elitists. Lying about the ultimate truth and keeping it forthemselves, giving us a tiny glimpse of it, surrounded by total bs. I thknk the only thing we can be sure of about christianity is that there was this guy named jesus (they might have even changed the name) who was like, yo, love and peace, why is everyone so corrupted? What's wrong with you people. And then he got killed, and alot of good people followed his teachings, who then got quickly modified by the ruling elite. I'm pretty sure constantine wasn't the first one to play with the texts.

About the earth stoping to turn, that wouldn't be a good thing. But then, I doubt it's possible at this moment, doesn't mean something like or similar to it didn't happenned before. The reason I think it wouldn't happen now is since the earth is turning at something like 16 hours a day, that would mmean it's speeding up... Now, what effects could THAT have on the climate?

I read about the photon belt. Some people speculate that that'll be the three days and nights of darkness, a christian profecy. I read somewhere else that we'll be ascending into the 4th dimension. Weird stuff indeed, I just hope we live. Oh, and if we do ascend, some people would stay behind, would civilisation restart in our dimension once more? I say once more since there's been weird findings deep in the earth's crust by miners and such. Like modern objects that are dated very very old...

About profecies, yeah, I've been reading alot on the net, got myself a book too, nostradamus 2000 and beyond or something like that. What I don't like is the writer's understanding of them. I usually don't read those, I just read the quatrains and make my mind up about what is what. The month of october is in my mind as being significant for some reason... I remember interpreting a quatrain and got the day of the month and the month, there was no mention of year. I forgot the day though, I know it's in early october. And, of course, I have been going around the web for a few years now, trying to piece profecies togheter, ones that I find credible.

ok... done for now... wow my post is long

posted on Dec, 14 2006 @ 09:23 AM
Anomic of Nihilism:

If you want to read an explanation of the whole 3 days light/ 3 days darkness thing, look into Immanuel Velikovsky's work. Especially his book, 'Wolds in Collision'. It's not an easy read but well worth it.

posted on Dec, 14 2006 @ 09:27 AM
Hey, cool stuff, I myself didn't know there was a book, thanks. I'll try to get it for my personal library.

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