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Altering time/reality an Alien thing? **Warning** this is weird

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posted on Dec, 4 2006 @ 04:10 PM
Let me start by saying I'm NOT telling a fairy tale. This is fact, and very strange. I'll try to make it as brief as possible, if you want more details feel free to ask. I figured I'd throw it out here, as no where I've turned has any clues as to how/why.

In 1976 I was a cub scout, buried a time capsule (ha, just noted that name) at the Oklahoma City fairgrounds for the big bi-centinial celebration. We were to come back in 25 years and dig them up and see if we became who we wanted to be etc. I was only in Oklahoma from age 7-9, then we moved back home to California after my grandmother got well. To note, she told us she had seen the classic UFO disc over her town, silent, silver, etc. On with my story. Wife, kids, job, life done. My wife's aunt became ill in 2001 so we planned a trip to Oklahoma. Her town was 15-20 from where I lived as a kid there, so I was totally excited to go see the old school, house, etc from my youth. My wife and I also talked about going to the local scouting hall and looking to see if they had a time capsule display, and that maybe mine even was on display. She's well aware of my scouting as a child, as I always say things like "Be Prepaired", and my mom collected "every" scouting article, bead, promotion, that I ever got and had them in a scrap book.

Now, lets get to the weird part. We arrive in OK at around 6am on Saturday, offered the guest room, lay down after an all night drive, go to sleep. We all wake up around 9, have coffee, talk, catch up etc. However, I'm freaking nutty wanting to get to my old house. My wife finally caves in that we can go because I'm bugging the crap out of her. We grab our kids and head out for the 15min drive to my old house. We drive down the main street, turn left on my street, house is gone, totally bummed beyond words. Drive down the road, visit my old school that I walked 5 min to from my house, took some pictures, got back in car. Wife says, why don't we see if there is a scounting place around. I open my scrapbook that I brought with us, because it had names and numbers of old scout masters etc, and we were actually talking about donating it to the scouting center. I call information and ask for a number of the scouting master that was the guy at the time, and get a number to call. I call the number, and a kid answers, and I ask for the guy, and he's like yah, that's my dad, he's at a scouting function today. I was like, holy cow, after 25 years, this guy is STILL in scouting! What a great guy this guy is. Anyway, I leave my name and number and say I'm here from California and would like to get any info I can on the time capsule thing. Off we go to show my wife and kids where I used to catch tad poles, where we fished, etc.

About an hour passes I guess, and my phone rings. It's the scouting masters wife. I say hi, I'm from California and want to know what happened with the capsule thing, was there a big ceremony, where did they put the bottles etc. She then asks me, "You're here for the ceremony?" I tell her no, we're here to see my wife aunt, but want to see if there was any time capsules that survived all these years, where they were and if they could be seen on a Saturday. At this point my world turns completely upside down, because she says "The ceremony is TODAY and that is where her husband is" Obviously we have lost comminication and I ask her what ceremony, and she affirms that it is the 25 year reunion for the time capsules. I tell her it can't be what she's thinking, it must be something else, and she holds steadfast and tells me that I can still make the ceremony as it's in OK city, and I'm about 30 minutes away. We say our goodbyes, and my wife can already tell something beyond weird is going on as she pretty much followed the conversation and saw the absolute disbelief in my expressions. So, I say, what the heck, let's go see now, I have to.


posted on Dec, 4 2006 @ 04:30 PM
Ok I'm holding my breath.........................

...........but not for too long.............


posted on Dec, 4 2006 @ 04:32 PM
Any chance you gonna publish a book on here or you actually gonna get to the point.
This is a disscussion site helps to keep it simple.

posted on Dec, 4 2006 @ 04:34 PM
Note to knows_but_Dosnt.... write the whole thing FIRST... then post.. =)


posted on Dec, 4 2006 @ 04:35 PM
What's with the "Continue?" Did you have to go to the restroom or something? Just post everything you have to say and let's get a decent discussion going.

posted on Dec, 4 2006 @ 04:37 PM

We get to the fairgrounds and sure enough, scouting function. We go to the admin area and ask one of the decorated scouting guides what is going on. He informs that it's the ceremony, in which I continure to go into detail about it must be something else, but he too assures me I'm in the right place. Yah, anyway. He directs us to a table, where several sheets are layed out with scouting troop numbers, names of scouts etc. We go to my troop area, look through all the names etc, and HA! I'm not there! I politely inform our guide as to how they have made a mistake and I AM in the wrong place, thank you very much, I'm going back home now attitude. Not phased, he asked my name and pulls the top paper off the table and says "here you are". At that point my wife and I stared at each other and knew we were there for the ride, we got to the table, the ceremony started.

I received a nice award for being the scout that traveled the farthest (by accident no less) and I asked if I could address the crowd and they let me say a few words, at which I told my story about how and why I'm even standing here at that second, and everyone clapped etc. I would lie if I didn't say that this was a very moving and emotional experience for me. I was basically "placed" there at the exact day, time, and year. This was not a year, not 5 years, not even ten years. This is 25 years to the day, hour, minute later.

We went home, all in disbelief. The next day we visited and one of my old scouting friends called me, saying he saw the cub scout thing in the paper. I told him all about it, and that I was bummed my old house was gone etc. He said what are you talking about, it's still there, I was just at my brothers house last weekend. I told him no, it's an empty field. He assured me that everything was still there. I talked my wife into going back to my town and doing a little more sight seeing. I went by the school again, went by the little store, showed her the laundromat, etc. I wanted to go by the now empty field where my house once was, just for old times sake, plus verify that I wasn't out of my mind seeing the empty field the day before. Mind you, this is a one road town, and I could almost throw a rock from my house and hit the school. We drive 2-3 blocks to my street, and holy crap. Guess what, there is my house, sitting right where it was, right next to my grandma's house, right across the street from my best friends house.

My wife and I just laugh at each other and say to each other that this has been the weirdest two days of our lives.

Now you can say I'm full of it, laugh, say I'm crazy or that this was all planned and I'm looking for some kind of attention. The only thing I'm looking for at this point in my life is some ideas or input as to what made this happen. Was it me creating my reality because it was important to me? Was it God making it happen? Or some kind of ET thing? From what I can tell my life really didn't change after that, other than now I fully believe ANYTHING can happen, and I NEVER make fun of people telling strange stories.

I'm throwing this story out there in hopes that maybe someone else has had something similar happen, or knows something similar. I mean 25 years. That is the freakiest thing that has EVER happened to me.


posted on Dec, 4 2006 @ 04:37 PM
Give the guy a break. The editor cuts you off at 10000 characters, then you have to type the rest in another post. Patience kiddies..

posted on Dec, 4 2006 @ 04:38 PM

Originally posted by Impreza
What's with the "Continue?"

Q: How do you keep a bunch of ATS'ers in suspense?

ok, we're waiting....

Ah, you slipped it in, as I was posting.

[edit on 12/4/2006 by Mechanic 32]

posted on Dec, 4 2006 @ 04:40 PM
With all this build up, this thread better go somewhere. Its got me hooked so far, but im ready for a big disappointment.

But ill be a sucker and wait. im sure thats what he looking for, Some build up (suspense) lol

im sure hell get the wrath from us if this is nothing but a attention grabber

posted on Dec, 4 2006 @ 04:41 PM
Well... c'mon...

what was in the time capsule???

posted on Dec, 4 2006 @ 04:44 PM
Absolutely excellent story. I wonder if it could be a extreme version of a body clock ie you know when you go to bed and say to yourself i need to be up at 5am and for some reason you wake just before the alarm goes off. Could it be something similar to that.

That reminds me i need to be up at 4am in the morning for a flight to ireland i sure hope my body clok is working!!!!!!!!

posted on Dec, 4 2006 @ 04:44 PM
Sorry guys, I didn't realize there was so much to it. No, I am not writing a book, no, I don't have a web site where you can pay $3.95 for the longer version, no, I'm not looking to go on tour telling the story. Yes, I can verify it because it made the paper. However, someone could just say I planned on being there that day, so in reality it could never be proved.

It is weird, and for whatever reason it came to mind last night and I wanted to throw it on here to see if there were any others that had something similar happen. I have had a "bright light" experience when camping, have had some pretty weird alien dreams, but this happened with the family.

Oh, and no I don't drink or do drugs, nor see a head doctor.

Wouldn't it be crazy if someone here was actually there in 2001 at the ceremony eh? Like I said, I know anything can happen and I wouldn't really be surprised anymore.

posted on Dec, 4 2006 @ 04:47 PM
What date was it in 2001? if you dont mind me asking

posted on Dec, 4 2006 @ 04:49 PM
Just One question.......

Does this really belong in the UFO section..... (Just Curious)

I see no connection,

posted on Dec, 4 2006 @ 04:53 PM
On the body clock thing, nope. Here's why. We went there in October I believe. That's why we were interested in going to the scouting place to see the time capsules, as we were absolutely 100% sure that they would have had the cermony during the summer.

Later on after talking with people there, it appears that it was rescheduled. Also to note, and this is verifiable, there were no notices sent to anyone outside the OK city area. Apparently this caused quite a fight amongst the elders there as the turnout was very poor. I overheard conversation, and one of the scout masters even said to the audience that he was disappointed about not getting the word out to everyone.

So, it's ironic that I was even there, then add the "without notice"! lol!

posted on Dec, 4 2006 @ 04:53 PM
It a good tale , and pretty amazing coincidence . But i wouldn't look for any sort of alien type connection . Why would you even think that having never mentioned even seeing one yourself ?

posted on Dec, 4 2006 @ 05:12 PM
March 1st, 1975 was the original planting of 1976 Rosebud trees and the time capsules I believe.

I'll have to go home and look in my scrap book (yes, I added the article about me being there) and let you know.

As far as being in the UFO section, I placed it hear because of the time issue, and also the connection of my grandmother seeing a UFO, me possibly being abducted in 2004-05, and I've also seen them.

Plus, what in the hell can turn your house into an open lot with a big rig parked there one day, then have your house back the next? I'm sorry, if it was anyone else posting stuff like this, I'd call them crazy, so don't feel you have to pull any punches ;-)

posted on Dec, 4 2006 @ 05:21 PM
Oh, and I don't buy coincidence for one second. Too weird. I was placed there for a reason. Look, I know the story sounds goofy and unreal, and I'm prepared for all ridecule and such.

But, maybe there is one guy out there that will read this and shed some light on how and why something like this is even possible. I've told this story for years to friends and I have not run into one other person that has had something like this happen. So, here I am throwing it out on ATS.

posted on Dec, 4 2006 @ 06:12 PM
I just typed a response for 15 minutes then hit a key that made the page
disappear... seriously... annoying...

So here is a short version of what I said-

I love this story- I believe it...

I do not think the Boy Scout part is that crazy- there are odds for that-
long shot, lottery odds- but people win the lottery. While I think you
had no concious part in arranging your arrival with that timing,
I ask whether you knew, or realized, that you were showing up
25 years after the burying of the capsule... if you did,
then the odds shrink to 365 to 1... not lottery odds...

The CRAZY part of the story is the house part.

If you are sure you did not check the wrong street first,
and if you remember seeing adjacent LANDMARKS that were
the same for both visits- (another house by the empty field, for example,
that was there when you saw the house the second time...)
then you are on to something beyond X Files...

The Boy Scout thing can be chalked up to a great example
of Jungian syncronicity... or a type of destiny...

But the house thing... yeah, time travel to the future-
where your car became a literal time capsule?

Two divergent timelines you straddled, with two realities for
your old house?

No matter what the explanation, I do not see the motive-
the why? Why would the universe do this? Why expend the energy on such
a trick? What is the lesson? The purpose?

Was the Boy Scout thing related in theme or point to the house mystery?

Also, THINK HARD... was there any other MINOR clue or happenning
before or after the house sighting that might hold an answer...
something slightly different between the two timelines?

I will tell you this- it is perhaps the most fascinating think I have read here,
and I have read a thousand stories here.

Oh, and like others have asked:

What does it have to do with... aliens?

With wide-eyed wonder and respect:

T. Patrick Murray

posted on Dec, 4 2006 @ 07:52 PM
I thought it was an excellent story and I can totally see every part of that happening!

Your wife is great for taking an interest in your past and actively participating with you in your home town.

The answer to why you ended up out there at that particular time is simple... Fate.
I don't care what religion you follow or if you even believe in a god, fate, to me, is a universal constant.
I don't understand fate and I've given up trying to. It is just something that I expect and respect, and something that never fails to baffle me when it come to retrospect.

For you not seeing your old house the first time, that is a little harder to explain, but it has happened to me as well...

Sometimes old memories can come flooding back in certain circumstances, especially really young memories. If you have forgotten or don't often think of many of your childhood memories due to wife/children/jobs/location, basically "life", then they end up repressed. Not lost, just repressed. Then when you trigger all those repressed memories (like visiting your old home) they come FLOODING back like a tidal wave and your mind can barely keep up with everything. This flood can make you not be in the here and now, i.e. you can be talking to someone you know and 5 minutes later not remember a thing you said. Same thing with driving around in your old neighborhood, you might have been so flooded with memories and seeing things you remembered as a kid but haven't thought about for years that you may have drove down the wrong street or simply confused one street for another.

Many times the fate part isn't necessarily for you, often you can find yourself in the right place at the right time because someone else needed your presence. Maybe the old scout master was wondering what happened to you. Maybe a friend you were close to, and knew about the time capsule, had some strong feelings about that date but was not able to make it for whatever reason. Maybe even a friend who died.
There are tons of possibilities as to why fate happens or who it may have been for, but in this instance you were happy to make it to the 25 year reunion and I'm sure many people were glad to see you once again so you walk away with some fond memories and an interesting story to tell.

I also believe that ultimately things do work out for the best as long as you care about others as much as they have cared about you.

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