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Questions for Mr Bush.

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posted on Oct, 12 2006 @ 01:12 AM
The American governemnt felt it was more beneficial to the economy, and to the corporate sector in allowing september 11 to happen, rather than stop it.

If you dont agree, its probably best you dont follow on.

They understood the public would support any action following such an attack.
Knowing the state of affairs in Iraq since 1991, and with chenney being briefed prior by Oil Officials the 'REAL' state of affairs.. he felt it nessecary to use the attacks as a means to secure america's future by gaining control of the iraqi oil fields.
Together with R. Murdoch and his Media empire, the created enough plausable evidence without having to explain in detail every minute part.
Pushing all demands for evidence and answers aside under the basis of ' national security ' they went ahead with there planned edventure, expecting little resistance, expecting no WMD's (you really think we sent 150,000 troops head on into a chemical and biological war) and believing the Iraqi population would blindly follow if it meant removing saddam.

Clearly, they over estimate the publics hatred of Saddam.
They underestimated the ability of there fighting passion,
and they never counted on Iran throwing a spanner in the works.

Why do you think they publicised and displayed shock and awe as being a new type of war fare?
They wanted to make everyone aware that the US military had the ability to pummel anyone at anytime, from a decent distance away.

And now after 3 years of struggling... where are we?

We've attempted to setup a governemnt that cant make any decisions based on the future of Iraq without being pushed in the direction 'we' want.
We've created a army so infested with insurgent activity the iraqi people have to turn to militia and death squads to continue the safety.
We've completly lost the initiative, and have no achievable goal in front of us.
Our government refuses to accept the glaringly obvious, and that is that they have FAILED in there attempts at setting up a democracy, and an army to protect the government.
We've shown the world that interntioanl law doesnt apply to us, it only applies to others when we feel its nessecary.
We've completly lost sight of bigger issues else where in the world, and have ended up in a stalemate with a now 'nuclear'state
We've plunged our economy into major debt, forcing the rest of the world to slowly but surely follow us in a downward slide.
We've given the arab world a 'real' reason to hate us, not just giving them reason being we side with israel.
We've managed to completly lose the respect and the trust of our international allies, by branding them weak or collaboraters with terrorists.
And worse, We removed any level headed, educated and intellegent officials whom might of had some decent answers to the current crisis faced on the korean peninsula, instead we replaced them with people whom back our policies and agree with our goals.
Fundly enough, these people care more about $$$, than about life liberty and justice.

Yet, theres still those out there, that believe the president when he says

'' we are succeeding ''

Succeeding in what exactly mr president?

How about we focus on the REAL issues at hand here.

1. How about you tell me why your blocking global warming research to be made public?
2. How about you tell me why you allowed automatic gun restrictions to be lifted?
3. Tell me why you refuse to 'talk' to korea, yet your prepared to place sanctions on them. Sanctions which they have told you, will lead to war?
4. How about you tell me why there are so many reports of election manipulation?
5. Tell me how 12 KNOWN terrorists got passed airport security into the country?
6. Tell me how 12 KNOWN terrorists were being tracked and watched at flight schools, yet failed to be aprehended?
7. Tell me how 12 KNOWN terrorists got passed security and boarded airlines?
8. Tell me how 12 KNOWN terrorists carried out an attack, that you were warned of?

It seems you can answer every question that gives you a positive stance on your quests.. yet the hard questions that really mean something to the american public.. your unable to face?

People tell me im anti-american, and that all I seem to do is hate america?
Well there right.. tell me what you have done, for mankind, for your country or even for the benefit of humanity that should make me give you the thumbs up?

What reason do I have, with all that has happened since you were elected.. to state with no doubt that you have been a good and honest president?

And one last thing,

Tell me mr President,
9. How do you plan on removing all your forces from Iraq, and at the same time simmering the frying pan that is Iran while also removing the nuclear threat from Nkorea while your busy creating laws that restrict the freedoms of the American people?

Youve got 2 more years to fix the problems you have created.
Please Mr President, Address the nation with some sort of strategy, some sort of timeline for how your going to achieve all this in 24months.

Any other questions you feel are relevant, by all means post them.

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posted on Oct, 12 2006 @ 01:17 AM
In two more years we will probally be past the no point of return on the NORTH AMERICAN UNION crap.

posted on Oct, 12 2006 @ 01:33 AM
Those are some very good questions, I doubt they will ever been answered directly and if so, I am sure we will not like the answers.

posted on Oct, 12 2006 @ 01:52 AM
What ever happened to the president serving the people.
Why are the people now being made to take a backseat to the governments wants and desires?

They are meant to be performing for the interests and BENEFITS of the american people, not themselves.

posted on Oct, 12 2006 @ 02:16 AM
"What ever happened to the president serving the people.
Why are the people now being made to take a backseat to the governments wants and desires"

Well I think it is because the majority of American citizens are sated with what they have and equate freedom with convenience and readily give over their power to others. The Government takes advantage and encourages this, Power is who and what you control and how you use it.
I am pretty sure the current administration thinks of the American populus as nothing more than cannon fodder and materialistic consumers, which is quite sad, though I am sure you will be hard pressed to find a government that encourages equality and critical thinking anywhere in the world.

posted on Oct, 12 2006 @ 02:24 AM
'materialistic consumers'
spot on.

posted on Oct, 12 2006 @ 03:02 AM
Maybe you are correct about 9-11, but are you sure you are blaming the right people?
I am not saying your wrong but how many people would be involved?
A coverup of this type would be huge and you would have to involve both parties and several industries. The Democrats have not come forward and said that they think something stinks and if we can see that why can't they? Only 1 part of the 9-11 theory would have to be proven to bring it all down but it would have to be some type of undeniable proof in our hands.
I think that in some way the Oklahoma City bombing has a roll in this but I am not sure just what yet. I have heard the theory of a battle going on within our government but the question remains who and how.

posted on Oct, 12 2006 @ 03:23 AM
There were some questions about 911 when it happened. But anyone that even came close to pointing out that it logically didn't fit with what we knew we branded Terrorists sympathizors and traitors and other such nonesense.

I also don't think it would take that much collusion either. Maybe only the upper brass and the secret service. It has been shown that the Admin had ample warning, and were given more than enough heads up and yet still nothing? If I may still a quote from Mills Lane "They are either corrupt or incompetent, and either case we can't use you"(He was refering to boxing judges though).

I am really surprized at the lack of outrage from the average American, but I figure that the average American is just trying to get by and at the end of the day has been conditioned over the course of his life not to question the Government, and that America is always right. If I may steal a quote from Jon Stewert "That is why this country is run by Fanatics - because normal people have **** to do!"

The losing of their liberties is very scary, and it is a known fact that once a government gets more "rights" away from the people they never give them back, so in order for the good ol USA - the country we all were at one time able to look up to, to get back to that state something very painful is probably going to happen. I hope not, but I just can't see any other way to become "The home of the free" again.

posted on Oct, 12 2006 @ 03:31 AM
Not really when you think about it..

From start to finish all you needed to to was Ensure the right people were making the decisions you wanted.


You'd need people in the CIA to tip you off when they are coming to the USA
So then you can plant the right people at the airport to allow them visa entries, even though there paper work was WOEFULLY inaccurate.
Sit some spooks on their tales, ensuring no local PD or FBI interfere.
Follow them, watch them train, watch them do as they please.
Bug there apartments, watch there communications.
When the feds start reporting odd activity, just make sure the right people are in place to intercept it, bring it to your attention. This way you can always say it was your mistake, instaed of you allowed it on purpose.
Place the right security people at the airport...

I mean theyve managed to side track everyone form asking
How did you allow it to happen, when you were warned.
doesnt that immediately raise questions?

They knew this attack was coming, but couldnt stop it?

They ensured the right people were on the investigative committee, made sure the media only put out ' their ' message

and in the end.. there's no one else with enough power to stop you.

Should a citizen come close, the FBI can just lock him/her up
should other law divisions start poking around you can just pull the ol RANK in
I beelive its quite easy for the government to ensure this happened.

Its alot easier to believe they knew it was coming, and didnt attempt to stop it.
than that they knew it was coming, but missed it...

I mean... how much do 12 KNOWN arab terrorists training in flight schools and boarding aircraft stand out when youve got security watching them?

You think the world super power, when WATCHING these guys in their OWN BACKYARD and reporting on their odd activies, knowing full well what they were planning.. just happened to 'miss' them boarding these aircraft?

Those towers were doomed....
The asbestos issue, there had been various attempts at the port authority to bring them down properly.. but the costs FAR outweighed anything logical..
Billions in scaffolding alone.

Using arab terrorists to bring down the trade centres solved 2 very big financial questions

how to bring the towers down, without spending billlions
and how to find a way, to get our goals in the middle east under way.

But with all this in mind, I am at a total loss as to why they would hit them selves at the pentagon.
There's something everyones misssing there....

And once you find out the reason WHY they exploded 'something' at the pentagon, you'll find out who was invovled in this atrocity..

Maybe those victims on that plane, whom a large percentage happened to be military... were either invovled, or knew of the plans.. and couldnt be trusted after the issue had occured....

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posted on Oct, 12 2006 @ 04:36 AM
"Equality and critical thinking" was something that was encouraged 50 years ago, when everybody was longing and hoping for a better world to come, i.e. a world where we all could agree on consensus and respect eachother - and everybody believed it to come the day one of the two superpowers was to prevail. Well, it didn't come with the one who - by accident - won.
More and more it's turning into a grotesque nightmare of the one that collapsed.

I appreciate a lot you bring up these questions, though the answers might be blowing in the wind or at best lacking for a long, long time, they are needed. In the meantime we have to figure out some answers ourselves.

Let's face it, 9/11 was a gift for the neocon-creeps to get out in the open, regardless of who orchestrated the event, let other threads take that discussion. Talking about neocons, I couldn't help but notice a glistening shine on their faces, like they had oil smeared all over, when they first appeared on television. Especially Paul Wolvowitch. Now I know C.G. Jung, the reknown founder of a major school in psychology, saw that as a sure sign of necrophilia. What worried me, knowing what I saw, that they should love death so much, they would take us all down the drain to get their jerk.
Now getting used to the open they've got good make up-artists to take care of the problem, so they won't scare us that much.
But behind their masks the face of death is still there.

Actually I do think the whole thing is about scaring people, but of course they are not supposed to be the object for our fear. They intend to be the ones we turn to seeking action against that fear. And I guess some are, and still more don't dare not to believe them. Don't you see they controll us by fear, highly sophisticated and manipulated fears.

I think that's what needs to be discussed. And I cannot help to think why THE PEOPLE don't do anything to make their government stop a war only contributers to the presidential election-campaign want. To overturn it if that's what it takes.
I'm old enough to have seen a US government being forced by the outcry of its people to stop and step out of a war the people not wanted anylonger.

The problem today is, the current administration and its experts of spin have learned their lesson from history. They'll never allow that to happen again. Nothing more dishonourable in US foreign policy than the retreat from Saigon. This time they'll rather kill us all, if that's what it takes to avoid humiliation.

Oh yes, one more thing. When I was young there where freedomfighters, guerillas to be more neutral. Terror where something the gangs of the streets induced on innocent people, terror was violence without a cause, a guerilla was fighting for a cause. So ask yourself, today who are the real terrorists?

For Waiting I would say, the outrage from the average American won't come, they've scared the # out of him - and besides bundled him up in debt, so he's no room to move. And... "free"=rich...
But I sure hope it some day again shall be home of the brave.

posted on Oct, 12 2006 @ 04:55 AM
I think there at the stage where they dont have to control us with fear any more.
Its been 5years since we were last attacked.
The supposid enemy who dreampt of attacking us, materialised into nothing more than a fart in the wind.

The only fear left in me, is the fear of the government.

posted on Oct, 12 2006 @ 05:17 AM
Lot of good questions here, but really not much for good solutions. I started a thread here where I've been attempting to take questions like these & figure out what could be done to correct the problems. I used the "election campaign" theme not to actually run for any Office, but to get the issues & answers out in the open.
The only other real "message" I have there is to VOTE! Not to vote for me, but to ignore bi-partisanship, ignore the mud-slinging in the media, but to really take a stand on issues rather than political party. IMHO, the best candidate to vote for goes by the name of "No Confidence", because I'd be willing to bet that most Americans are getting tired of "choosing the lesser of two evils."
The US Founding Forefathers knew from history that every Democracy devolves into some form of tyranny...That's why they wrote the Constitution for a Republic form of govenment. They feared Democracy in their time as much as modern Americans fear Communism! What's happened to this Democracy? It's devolving into Corporate Tyranny. History repeats itself.
Basically, in the thread I linked to, the basic strategy I use is to use the government's own structure of tyranny against itself until it consumes itself, leaving the People in charge again...The purpose I have in that thread is to bring the real issues in the open, without allowing bi-partisan bickering to distract from the solutions for the issues.

I'm going to link that thread to this one, because I believe that the questions being asked here are good for the discussion there too.

posted on Oct, 12 2006 @ 05:26 AM
Are you going to write a letter like that when the US gets a democratic president, or will all the conspiracies go away and all will be well again.

posted on Oct, 12 2006 @ 06:01 AM
Factfinder the Oklahoma bombing was a test run, an event to test the response of the American public to like events in the future. Why is it so many believe the lone nutter theory, think about it, think of any complex issue in your life and think could you do it on your own. No not really, most things in life are complex usually resulting to the input of many people.

Oklahoma was the precursor to 9/11 the practice makes perfect routine, and for all those who still believe the goverment was not responsible then look at history, look at all the goverments, despots etc. who have murdered their own people to further their own cause. Dont be delluded by the veil of democracy, there are people in every country who would kill their own kids if it would get them what they wanted.

So when is somebody going to grow some balls and arrest the goverment, the rich backing them and try them for crimes against hummanity, when that happens American will be a democracy again.

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