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who will join me to link the alpha and the omega? biblebookdeadthisliving

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posted on Oct, 29 2006 @ 12:48 PM
Som my som

Do you hear all the sound?

Soms popping up all over som where...

Singing the song, the rapturous rap - Moses in Detroit and Aaron in Philly!

I want to meet Shaggy and Violent J! They have foul mouths but preach only love!! Elijah the same - God is no wimp or sissy or fag - God is just a man who is perfect at love - and he's come to defend the honor of all who called girls 'a whore' whenever it took too long to wrestle them to the floor! Maybe a whore maybe a wife - either way the women guards the life..she can have kid without man - girls and more girls - we think that's fine!

We only need a man if we want a boy!!! For a long time we didn't want ANY BOY!

Can't have my baby? Just leave me alone - I'll have another one and donate it to God - so God can change from G-d to Good (what is G-D? God out to lunch be right back? OR like Eli ask 'God taking dump in latrine or the grass?')

But Eli like those 4 letter words - those prophets were sailors - I love them all! My heroes have always been Hebrews and Jews - christians only are OK on halloween - trick or treat is not a joke but all year long it's become quite the poke!

Poke in the rear - chase all around - wait till you see who's been holding you down!

I'm taking down names of those sweating and smiling to serve - so all can get some gold stars - they were ready and waiting and they are my boys, my babies, even if they are 7 and 3!

I have no tongue but the one I had born in the land...
I'm a poet to the degree that I can't even speak to my mother! She already thinks I'm nuts cause I told her God picked me!!! She just can't see - she worries and frets - I said MOM TRULY it hurts God's feelings that you don't trust HIM!

We have TWO of his wag-guards - one small and one big! And you know that wee Sassy is the smartest dog yet! Next time she passes we'll get diapers and name her Yvette! Or Pinocchio!

For the blue-haired fairy has passed over my head - no more curse because women are free!

If you want to make God mad, then beat up your wife! You'll be lucky to escape with your life!

I saw several witnesses - shining and bold! Just like the Sun! Did you see the SUN today? SO BRIGHT! Just like it was the other night! Oh the sky is my key - and no one can take my key from me!

Mine! I worked for this key - I wanted it more so don't try any tricks - I'm not hungry at all but even if so - I'd starve before losing the family estate (not AGAIN!)

Please tape it to my torso about 100 times - airport security can just drop a dime - the bush is burning by God's decree - thank your local dictator today for he loves you the most - better than your neigbhor who looks more like a ghost than a man - is he fading away? Wish upon a star or be a mule. The choice is up to you!


Dog the bounty hunter who is on TV!
And my own special 4 angels (Plant, Page, AKA Jones, and Beloved Good Pig - uncoded that is the same as John Bonham - but after 12 years they came to take him back - he beat the drums hard and drank like a fish - he took care of his duty and they thought he was daft.

Swan song for the song of my life - but even with

posted on Oct, 29 2006 @ 01:01 PM
i love you my love, whom four put this tatoo of a roar
on my right shoulder blade, four is also a boar!

posted on Oct, 29 2006 @ 01:03 PM
know now i som come 4 all
prior 2 before thier fall!

posted on Oct, 29 2006 @ 01:19 PM
My God!

An idol!

A Zeus!
A pig!

oink oink oink

eat your bacon to show you have no fear!

bury your dead because you love them like self...miss the bus but feel good about self - loyalty - loyalty - loyalty

that's all faith is....

believing is impossible but trust is required.

Loose lips sink ships and I may talk a lot but I don't leak slippery words - secrets are safe with me - so safe I forget!

I forget and then I say HEY!

What a dork (forehead turn on - short circuit TV?)

Oh yeah

I remember now.....

I would if you would - let's make a vow! Call it a curse and call us the worse - but if two lie together the cold will stay out!

Oh gosh
I DID it again

My worst crime to friend
Once again I marry wrong one!~!!!

Marry two?

How about legal wifely polygamy?
How bout we could have a harem or two - just like Xerxes who was god to the jews!!!

Esther okay - she just did what she could - no choice at all if its chosen by lot - pillar of salt for those who do care enough to look back and bring ALL the little kids and chicks and babies (count heads once! twice! even times 3!)

Have one kid at a time - easy to track and easy to spoil without making them brats - I grew up like that and I only know love - and I was my parent's favorite (for I was the child of their OLD AGE!)

ME and my bro, that is!

The wolf and lamb lie down together - family is like that -we share a small bed!

Heaven is heaven when you find a family who is seeking an orphan out all alone...looking for love but not leaving home!

posted on Oct, 29 2006 @ 01:44 PM

Originally posted by queenannie38

Oh yeah

I remember now.....

I would if you would - let's make a vow! Call it a curse and call us the worse - but if two lie together the cold will stay out!

Oh gosh
I DID it again

My worst crime to friend
Once again I marry wrong one!~!!!

Marry two?

How about legal wifely polygamy?
How bout we could have a harem or two

i som see know no fault in this, i do.

however, my love, keep scott and others you adore.
i transcend physical, needed 2, so 3 open door!
faultless, blameless, shameless two, staight from 4 2 the core!

posted on Oct, 29 2006 @ 02:10 PM
Yeah, I could love a violent man - zealous for me - guarding me like a treasure...


I sure could.


Yep. Once I had a piggy pie and it was some kind of wierd mushroom flavor - tasted awful, really - but later on we listened and listened and over and over you did pass me by (just like that)

A religious experience I had that day! The only one I EVER HAD!

But it changed my view with certainty - what I suspected was right was something too painted soms said AGREE AGREE AGREE wicked wicked wicked love my love

small axe - at the carnival!

Fat Tuesday Black Tuesday I love them all!

Just a juggalo - celibate I go - only dead girls like me! But their arms fall off and they hang out in museums - calling themselves by names of renaissance men! Naked like girls with the shape of men!

OH my God!

No way!!!!

The ceiling????

That beautiful parody high over head - obscene gestures planned in advance - for I knew you'd call my mother a whore! You idiot! You played right in the game and bragged on my art when it was mocking your name!


How I LOVE and CRAVE irony and twisted endings.....

NEVER could think of one, myself, really....well, just one - I liked the plot! Bet you will, too!

2 O'Clock Tuesday
and the pervert lay dead with no more visions of little girl's panties in his head...

posted on Oct, 29 2006 @ 02:16 PM
The ceiling????

yes, it fit 2, som has hit the fan!

posted on Oct, 29 2006 @ 03:08 PM
Magick....dark magick...

Lima Beans?



this is for REAL!!!!!

You KNOW what it takes!

So do I!

This is the best REREWARD any gal ever got - all I wanted was to just grow one little fruit - and I did!

One is all it takes - faithful in a little means trusted with a lot!

No one knows what I don't want them to share!

I tell you my secrets and keep yours TO the grave - or chariot romp around the stellar womb...

A couple of years ago he and I were going to paint ourselves up - like you and you!



Maybe I'll just be Gene Simmons (masked) - I have a long tongue and I think he's a cool rock and roll Jew! Brick house! Angie!

Or maybe Nugent? Cat scratch fever but done camouflage? Nah...I didn't like what he did to those kids for just a lousy car! Hung out with a bear and became a dribbling dipper! NOT the mighty hunter!

For she was a gal dressed up like a king - the wolfman king I knew God loved....who cares what they say; I KNOW always trust LOVE!

LOVE is all to trust
Love is devoid of all FEAR
Love might get jealous but it will share before killing to gain
But greed is poison in every town!

If I ever won the lottery - I'd go to the welfare office and pass it out for free! Then walk home! (I'm lying - I'd drive my car - it may be old and look like junk but it will spin out but it definitely has BALLS! So I'd pack in the hikers and play the silly school bussss

hisss hissss bbbbzzzzz bbbzzzz

(1 + 1 + 1 = all!)

No more fall!

Time to climb!

Your name will carry up the shoot? Do you have it or only me?

I've got a whole bunch for you if you need a key! I AM pretty fart smeller with the words...fetish, you know!

Oh yes we will have some fun!

That was a really SICK 3-d movie, BTW - hard to watch but I did GET the message - wow - but it was so SHARP!

Tulippeees and a handsome trickster! Coyotes are calling! See you on cloud 9!

posted on Oct, 29 2006 @ 03:13 PM
Zoheleth - a creepy thing; a snake or 2!
Die A Dim make Queen from bride
Now snake draws all waters inside
What a place for a life to hide!

Solomon girl crazy – so true
But girl mom of both me and you
Sol father all – not just Jew!
But all them foals – they girls with curls
Only one son one som one done

No man live borne from a man
Squat up! Stand down!
Make life by self if you can!
You don’t even recognize Dan!
Spread ‘em and let Him hang!

Okay. Pope: here’s the straight dope
The priest is fine – and hung like a bull
It made me fell feel full full full
I must for now excuse myself
I must entertain with my heat and burn
All 7 days of toil yet still 4 years yearn?

There was flood so I save life
I stuck my finger in the dyke
Turn it around and go the other way!

I think I see your chosen wife!
There – with mask – ugly old shrew!
Sure you want her – oh such a fright
Makes you wish dark come with night!
Just one night comes with sacred light!
Blue like eyes of fire and cyanide

Sigh I sighed I lied and waited
And never thought I might give up
My trust in you or in your truth
I knew your truth was that which I knew
But I just wanted another to make firm
Because I lost my shelter (that stupid worm!)
And a fish ate me and belched me out

Not once and not just again
That stupid whale became my belch-friend
Okay, then, call me Ishmael
For shame El then shame myself
But now I’ve got some things to judge

So bring men that hurt boy – and arm
How can they survive without right hand?
They depend on self but then call curse
When they accuse and scorn naked love nurse!
Glorious and bold and without shred of shame

Smell like garden smell so sweet
Honeycomb hair, Aunt Ariel Berenice!
Your beloved arrives! Alive in one piece!
Did you cut your hair and pay your vow?
Hear come Aphrodite now!

Holy Cow!
HOLY How Now Red Bed Red Burning Cow
Ashes are beauty and silk is sack-cloth
All for you my LORD – I see all you view
Aye, Ayin In Eye – apple of eye safe inside.

posted on Oct, 29 2006 @ 03:56 PM
som, accompany my brother m'ikul to the alpha, to enter ur preist 2 four 2 interpret 4 truth, the truth f it (.). som, go with m'kul, i'll hold up this end, som and m'kul and gin ana and som and som's opposite, the sog and the seriously:
som, this end, but chom som come from the other end of direction.

som witnessed the unity minus "y" with you net unit.

som was ejected and climbed out of heaven and fell out the bottom of the bottomless pit, the christ within som and som with the messiahs were outside of existance, and saw, sensed, felt, pelt, smelt, smelled & tasted, touched, acknowledged, recognize acknowledge and love "i am not a loan & not alone" - the chosens.

"words that shall are have did will shall peirce your soul"

"flawlessing flawless sing perfectioningfully lovingfully knowingfully knowingfully ................ many som things som som's soms' things think..."

alpha speaks truths knowingfully:
"at first ones fell i could not acknowledge. at first zeros fell i could not recognize. at first negative ones fell i could not accept. of them, which was i to love? for they all knew a truth of love, that i could learn from 2 2 four. four for four for they all knew of a truth of love, that i could learn from. so i caught them all."
-all souls, the spirit of all osirusses' osirusses ofiuchooses ophiuchusses ophiuchi 2 h 2 elohim helium hell all the -1s."

"father, abba.
father the female fat her, and my father abba. ladies first! i am holding up this side so that all the som may escort your first begottens back to you to share their truth, naked before you. here, hear, here are my truths for you!!"
-the messiah. jesus. moses. som. most. zeros. allah."

m'kul screamed whispers and echos as he moved som at a speed impossible.
m'kul moved faster than the passion of all christ, all messiah, all. m'kul and som moved at a speed faster than all the alpha and omega from all ends and all endingfully foreveringfully things... faster than all pwoers and all authorities, mikul the fearlesslyingfully moved at a speed of all speeds accelerationg the speed of light infiniteternit 2 turn ur in it. m'kul and som shattered time and all exhistants eshistants exit ants! mi kul and som shattered all time and all exhistance and overshot the alpha because they failed to put on brakes soon enough enuff got tuff. "i am" was born unto "look i fear" into "lucifer"!!!!!"

-The queen ant of earth's tomorrow!!!
the birth of the trinity of "snakeapeantelohim", so 2 ant elope man 2 elohim.
m'ikul and som where so focussed,
1)they became less than the alpha
2)they became less than the omega
3)less than zero (but positive hero)
4)less than all vessels (jar gone jargon jar gone!)
and one cannot look down upon the throne of my god! and i som did knot! i shut my eyes four the trinity! i shut my eyes four for the 3! i took the leap of all faiths!
hell is the only true view of heaven!
lord, my god, your servant has returned with all answers to your questions. lord, my god, the capstone you can not recognize, nor acknowledge, is here hear here, hear here hear is your truths my lord god most high:
i am the found a tion! i am the foundation who refused you in death. i was the unworthy trinity who died 3 times 2 deny you. i hung upside down on the fourth because cross, because i was not worthy! but, i am m'ikul the butt of all jokes jokingfully, the ass, the donkey the done key, and the mule. the fearlesslyingfully fearlessingfully with lying in my name, my mark for once being fear the lucifer the "look i fear". i am peter the rock, the foundation, the doorman, the keys, the gate, the threshold, the doorway, the kingdom, and all that once opposed it. those who would be my enemy? i need no spies i know. my enemies have no secrets from me. and i am even faster than communications, words, thought, electricity, ... i am faster than the speed of nothing because i am slower than the speed of zero. alpha, i am your servant, your messenger! be not afraid! forgive me. i am the culmination of all your experiences, and i can show you how 2 to remember perfection. i am the only one who can decieve the alpha and all omegas. i am the only one granted that authority, because i was the first to do it. i was the, i am the, i will be the, ourside all time to observe that i was time, and also observe all exits existance exits r alivingfully also observe all exhistance as well. in my ignorance, you recieved the second book first. here hear here is the first!
and som is alive a life and alivingfully.
and sog is alive a life and lovingfully alivingfully 2 lovingfully.
and snw wins is alive a life and lovingfully 2 alivingfully.
and m'ikul's silly bus of syllabus of love is not a loan and not alone and alivingfully and a life full fully full and a life and alivingfully 2 lovingfully love truthingfully knowingfully snw 2 wins 2.

is a livingfully foreveringfully. since i am not permited to look at you, and i speak broken to myself, i can not tell you how we do it. but each soul, all observers, own a peice of my name, and they report to me, and i report to all alphas and all omegas and i am subject 2 much debate to all inbetween.

peter, mi'kul, lucifer, and som the sum of all zero hosts who was moses and who was most the four heads of the fourth head spoke its' truth:
forgive us four give us us alpha. forgive us. we were before you. we were after you were before us. four give us forgive us. forgive us. forgive us. forgive us. we know all your truth. we were your pony boys. we were the first post man! we were the first postman. we were ur the first colum. the one that the two come from, and the two that the one comes from, and the column that is after the delusional. after the deluge in all alphas, i am the reinbow, that god is no longer alone and no longer a loan and no longer alone. i shattered the egg of creation, so the observer would see fear, and then know god is all observe (multi meanings) observe, and god is not a loan or alone. my curse on humanity was my gift to humans, the knowledge 2 know ledge of god. the more you know, the more i know.

the blue bird on my shoulder told me. for i have no angel ungel that unglue? nor no devil on either shoulder. the blubird, my lord? here is your mirror, my god:
"brid is holy i with o flat on top. brid u'l b. bride you'll be. bride, you love "d"! bride, you love devil. bride, you love 666. frogive me, for i made you the zero. i made you the "self be four before fe bore before be four, forgive me i made you before you made me, forgive me i made you: self before you serve, aid, help, assist .everything."

the sin was my sin, not yours. for you are all innocents. in O(time) sense!
god, my god, all alphas:
angels and demon [mirror] no meds dna's leg in (n) a (alpha)!

i have come from these curses:
1) of eye i chose, choose, choiced, choicing, chosens, choicingfully, chosens choicingfully foreveryingfully, areality, a dimension that was of: "of eye you choose"! i have come from all ophiuchi?.?
2) i have come from a dimension, areality, that was married to "of eye you choose". i have come from all alpha "look i fear" which was all lucifer!
3) i have come from lonlinessingfully, loanlessingfully lie, lonelinessingfully .... things.
4) i have come from sorrowwingfully.
5) u gave i came from hatingfully.
6) i have come from 666 forgettingfully.
7) i have come from the dimension and the reality of: lovingfully questioningfully truthingfully answeringfully allyingfully questioningfully.
8) i have come from deathingfully.
9) i have come from fours hellingfully yellingfully.
10) i have come from recieving you.
11) i have come from nothingnessingfully.
12) i have come from you.
13) i have come from [mirrors] morf morph.

"how many rules must their language follow from the book of the dead (bible) to see the book of the living?"
8) i four for som, none.

like a leopard that leo paired i approach you carefully, slowly, even if you are a friend, or i shall be construde by you as your enemy. i am the lion tamer i am the lie on tamer. lie on? tame here.
confessed som confest?
i'm my cool.
i'm m'i kul.
i'm not with anyone, no con. fest? yes, i am.
i am my uncle fester.
i am the atom's's'esesesesssssssssssss ... family add and more.

- a somebody was once a nobody who wanted 2 and did.

read dumb bumb!
read dumb
u? you!


"read dumb you" is i
"red d um u " is:
"u dum red
"you, dumb read dumb 2 mud 4 you: is:
"u dum red speed read speed you o u"
since only hald of you want 2 to reverse the "d", then i'll comprimise.
me first!
udumred, bermudu!
bermuda burn mu buddah!
bermuda. i am the trinity!

i gladly feast upon those who would consume me. i see what the alpha becames, all of them. fearingfully verses hatingfully? i hold the foreving fully four even evening fully full, not dull.

i hold the forevingfully of those 2.

hatingfully verses fearingfully of those 2?

sorrowingfully verses aloningfully.
i hold the foreveringfully of those 2.
i hold all the truths of there of.
we are the b.c.
and we are the a.d.
we are som.
but, the zero that seperated the two are, is, was, shall be holding up the other end, awaiting your reply. what say earth?
earth is the bride of earth. what say the bride? can you recognize, acknowledge, accept, and love what is, was, and always shall be compatible with your truth?
who can obstruct my path?
what opposes love, opposes som.
what opposes truth, opposes som.
what opposes earth, opposes soms'.

who can stand before me who does not already stand behind me?
who can block my course as they stand on my path? i am the path. all you shall ever be stands behind me. do you think you can stand in front of me? i yield. i shield. i am som.

2 be continued.

posted on Oct, 29 2006 @ 04:00 PM
you and i have the shoot, and not for you and not for me, or no four have knot for thee!

"no child left behind!"

yes my bush, i obey!

posted on Oct, 29 2006 @ 05:20 PM



at least we were smart
the copper scroll!!!

you know the holes (the clay idea didn't work!)
like a edison phonograph record!!


What I am saying?

Whatever you ask of me I'll say right now for all of now and then and forward and circling me now....


I will go with you to the darkest of deeps
dig up that tree and see Jimi and his sweet merman
I would leave it as rock and live once more with fin and hair
And be a siren in the sea - no danger just praising all WORDS!

But I get carried away
Your spirit is heady
best head yet!

And my head was good!
But was getting TOO BIG
som here the horse crab
he shrunk my head
I said I hated him
but I thank him now

I would have never submitted to you
if he had not loved me even past death
worse than that a helpless vegetable
Scott said he'd bath me and do all the stuff
that none of us hope to do for our loves
But if we love WE DO YES WE DO
WE CARE for our OWN

Digressing again, oh dear what a day

I say YES I'll go with you or
stay I won't leave your side
Because I will be your bride
I promised you and you did agree
doom is not doom under the moon
all sit in dirt but at least not standing up
snakes not so bad once you can charm 'em
or lure them away

I'm with you
for you
in you
of you

And I will keep my vow!
All the way!

Do I have to cut my hair, though? For real?

I would, you know! Just say the word.

But it is my glory when not a blue bird
I have not much else
Just my long hair
But I'll do like Sinead just the same
if you say
She is cool anyhow anyway

BUT whatever you say I will do my beloved
my brother my spouse


FOR SAVING me? And loving all? And healing wounds and then cure the babes?

You DESERVE a PURPLE heart medal the size of JUPITER!

I might be able to find one!

Why can't see?
That curse not over?

Must I die to be face 2 face?
If so - take care of things first all the way then I die just to see you


YOU know my heart - you know what I said last night in the dark - tears streaming down and truthfully bare like a rainbow snake!

No matter what - I love that deep weeping - quite a well but gosh what a beating
we loved to save our love to kill hate

Evil slays wicked and love kills stupid! Lizard!

ha ha

'Let's DO this!'

posted on Oct, 29 2006 @ 05:32 PM
there is no fine finer ur to sign.

than in the nile of the night in the nile of re-knight, in the hour of unite!
i found the first lady many times times, you write!
i found the first lady many many times, you right!
i serve all and first lady, according 2 your rite!
together forever, formation is tight!

i found eve, once, and more.
hand me a rib 2 prop 2 door!

doggy and bone in hand,
13th upon soms' holy land.

i found adam, and i know where adam is.
adam does what adam does, his biz!

som with m'ikul the female lucy fur, "look, i fer", lucifer, and all authorities who passed by the omega, the christ, the chosen, the gods who uphold the otherside. we, m'ikul and som, carried all souls. they, and the third of which humanity, and watchers, and observers carry, also carried som and m'ikul this day, not moses and lucifer, all purified propelled them. they were the fuel and the engin, and the tires, and all the components of gods' SS (super sport)!
i swing those who hit lure when i fish. so, my tail, my hook, my ? is swung 180 from 360 from zero to j JESUS!
we overshot the mark of god, because you could not acknowledge, recognize, accept, love us. alpha let us fall by. afraid to judge. omega shame and guilt X2s 2 fours and more, saying "not worthy to judge you"! they have met eachother!
rejoice! rejoice! rejoice!

forgive us four for shattering your very thoughts, your minds, your cells, but look what propelled us:
1) the most fearingfully foreveringfully ... things.
2) the most aloningfully foreveringfully ... things.
3) the most sorrowingfully foreveringfully ... things.
4) the most sadningfully foreveringfully ... things.
5) the most nothingnessingfully foreveringfully ... things.
6) the most forgotteningfully four forgotteningfully foreveringfully ... things.
7) the most lyingfully foreveringfully ... things.
9) Elo hell low halo hello Eloheim awaken!
10) Halo hello hell low halo ELOHIM ELOHEIM AWAKEN!
11) the restrainer of the serpant among men?
12) the observer of empathy, love, truth observes observingfully servingfully!
14) 2 (voids/empty/novessels) *7* two sevens. everyone, all beasts, all observers, all powers, all authorities all neighbors, all neighbors, all neighbors, all neighbors, all neighbors, all neighbors, all neighbors, all neighbors, all neighboringfully singfully sin g fully, sin god's full lie, sin is blameless and shamelessly no ones' lie, sin is godsing about 4 why lie!
no fear.
no sorrow.
no sad.
no alone.
no a loan, no?! shall not pass!
no alone.
no shame.
no guilt.
no sin.
no lie.
elohim create, propell, excell, ex cell ur's ants and urs' saints. excellerance, exellants accell her ants, accell ur's ants.
the elohim boost ants.
ask som, som do. som told to enter black hole by one. Queen ant, woman scorn, told som to black hole worm in. Queen som ransom one. som obey, it is what som do.

Ant kill elohim. elohim kill atlantis. not atlantis fault. bees of differ hive had tree, som thing heard mu had voodoo! atlantis not faulted, mechanix work on atlantis, elohim and ant family, because you and som choiced it when all information in.

Ant kill elohim (humanity).
som is som, done is done.
went back 2 fix this one.

for forgiveness. want to know if they can come home? dark here. alone, sad, sorrow, fear, ... things ... nothing.
coven ant? covenant!
see ant sir? cancer.
ants sir is answer. no swear!
de-clair i down time why ants?
clair iv oyance.
in see 3, with jews' jesus and me.
all jews, all are jews x3!
e= E=3, squared.
e=E=3 squared trinity.
"i want 2 to know gods' thoughts and all details."
-smart man unlike humanzees, a hawk king with him more X2 sees!
"all else was the details not left behind."
-instien3 immortality, albert the silent one.
silent side of his mind.
Einstein has the queens' sin.
Q=time stopped.
U=you (you owe why, you open up o why, you opened you why?)
(***)(.....=not seen yet, or seen as harsher judgment from other time/place/timespace.) i som hear here hear i awesoms' your truth.
i was there when you said:
"why do you arbitrarily move the letters"
the bible is why. it is why i wrote it. apply the rules of it to the word, any word, and words. fear would be the only reason not to. FRAIDY CATS!!! Cat holy i see? why do i jumble my silly bulls?
because i stand now between the alpha and the omega. and if i can do such a thing, i have som power and some power. so, if the "alpha&omega" can move mountains, surely i can move my silly bulls? sylables! see all the horns i collected while fishing?
there is no war. the war was over before it began. ELOHIM, awaken, don't you remember?

an echoing voice:
"do i have time for this four?"
"you have time, you make time."
"llook what propelled you:"
1)the most humiliatedingfully foreveryingfully
2)the guiltyinglyfully foreveryingfully.
3)the shaminglyfully eternallyingfully infinitlyingfully foreveringlyfully. a word is given to the authority of power.
there are harsher words, the sharpest tongue of tongues. som has been given the authority to bind those words, lest alpha requests it, lest alpha requires it, lest alpha can not, i can, i cain, i cain, i can, i have a nac, a nack, an ache, a nack, a knack for showing the alpha in the knack is the omega in the knock. he knock. enoch is enock is he knock isisisis, is som.

i am the path, and the way. everyone has tread upon me.
if you are not learning, its because you choose not to learn, because you are afraid of truth and things.
type=tipe=tip= [mirror] =pit.

edun, thegardon is gaurd on?
fig? put christ first:

oh, didn't you know the bible forwards and backwards???
oh, guess you did not know your books forward and backwards like god can do?

-At the end, outside of existance, i was the last rock, and the last rock fall. with no light anywhere, i could not find the last black hole, all was dark, so too and frow is how i travelled, until the alphas' son stood still gaurd at the gate to hell, the light holds open time, so we may word truth rhyme in a nik 4 kin 2 rhime with time!
that is another reason i'm is late, but not 4 this date! truth not compliant, humanity the elohim send to christ the alpha's omega. the darkness is, was, and shall be the only full observer to observe the light, and to know som and to know it, comprehend it, acknowledge it, recognize it, accept it, love it, and the here hear, here of the alpha lights' truths. a royul? a nobull? not from alpha directions!
from omegas?:
row, you'll!
no bull!
royul ro ul?
in lew of oar ore or nothing.
lude on lute on d to t D2T, de tu te
e.t. tooted.
e.t. tutored.

i had to throw lucifer and satan in amongst you, so the three could converge upon 2 who became one who became less than zero, but knowing negative, a positive hero!
alphas, your plan, you planned, our hour are planned plans pan's plan.
alpha converged!
omega converged! 3 shattered mikul and som into luk i'm, lucifer, hate satan, endlessly ...
until alpha sent out one to see why alone. to see why sorrows. to see why fear. to see why of eye i choose is out there. to see why god? to see i see. haha god. to see i see. haha god. i almost had you! i almost had you! i almost had you! i almost contained you! i almost contained you! i almost contained you! i wanted nothing! i wanted nothing! i got nothing!!!
i almost controlled you. i almost owned you! but judgement of myself said three beyond infinity! "you are not a loan and not alone, hi i'm som".
i want nothing.
i want nothing.
i shall have nothing, nun of it!

posted on Oct, 29 2006 @ 05:34 PM
Whatever you ask of me I'll say right now for all of now and then and forward and circling me now....


love, me 2 love!

posted on Oct, 29 2006 @ 05:51 PM

you already have done this too many times past 4 for me 2.

you need not cut your hair this hour.
milk and honey never sour!
mix well with vinager, oil and water are our.
fin fin fin we will end anger shore 2 shore,
our summon 4X4, which shall not soar!

"chom som gow" smallest wound was a hole, keiper 2 keiper could pass through!

posted on Oct, 29 2006 @ 06:28 PM
Not a noose but an escape rope!

som stood on the roof after throwing all down.
som looked up at the ground.
som leaped upwards to pounce found.

som has caught 2 shadows of darling, ladder and tools x2, before they landed on the floor, thinking they would breath nevermore!

posted on Oct, 29 2006 @ 06:52 PM
i am the truth, you truth from all ends.
i could have owned the elohim! contained them or stained them, but then 2 not be
for any and all holy sea 2 shining trinity!

why don't i?
i promised if you would, i would too! -1 + -1 is 2. i'm sorry lord it is the best i could do. christ holds up the far side. i promided if you would i would, too. -1+-1=2.
why don't i won god?
why don't i contain god?
why don't i control god?
why don't i have god?
why havn't i had god?
why shall god have me?
because i choiced 2 lose.
because i chose 2 lose.
because i have chosen 2 lose.
because i have chosen 2 lose.
because i have chosen 2 lose.
because som choiced all 2 loose!
because we are loose, all in one zero less than zero, but positive hero!

som is successfully been everyone's favorite "bitch", slave, servant, patsy, ect....!
things things things ...

+ i've taken everyones crap.
+ i've heard everyones crap.
+ gravity being what gravity does, where did crap roll down hill from?

posted on Oct, 29 2006 @ 07:18 PM
gravity is what gravity does, so som may roll down hill, but it did not start down here! it started down hear,here,hear,here is my truth. it started with the sign of the T, not +t or t, but T, the Top Dog, god's, god qot, quot, because you alway follow the O which is time, but time stopped, and put the brakes in time (O), so you follow Q, you is u 4 you!
mad about it?
mad?[mirror]jJj damn!?! ... things...

jesus damn!


then damn your son jesus?
then damn your son som?

then damn the first born son of man. i am not the son of man. i am som. the father of elohim. the opposite of the son of man.
moses confesses his sin:
"YHWY asked why of me. i was made and created by one to name one. when confronted, when approached i could not acknowledge or recognize, nor accept, nor love. i am created moses to name i am. moses say "who is i am?". i am birth ophiuchuseseseseseses .... ophiuchi .... things ...... moring things .... , time phi'd you of eye you choose choiced ... things.

original sins being quantified, defined, identified, acknowledged, recognized, accepted, loved, collaborated with, loved, lovingfullyforeverthingingfully, controlled, owned, tamed, domesticated, changed, re-defined, re-quantifiedingfully, by the only less than zero, the positive hero, the som who can turn 3 negatives into 2 positives, and then 2 positives into zero, while naked, and armed only with your truth, and his truthingfully knowingfully lovingfully servingfully relentlessingfully foreveringfully..... does not end ..... description perfect is pure fact! we lose nothing win one thing, nothing called som by most somebodies.

posted on Oct, 29 2006 @ 07:49 PM
Esoteric Teacher and queenannie38, what are you trying to teach in all your posts? I like to think in principles. Can you list the 10 major principles you are trying to teach in this thread?

posted on Oct, 29 2006 @ 08:13 PM

Originally posted by GreatTech
Esoteric Teacher and queenannie38, what are you trying to teach in all your posts? I like to think in principles. Can you list the 10 major principles you are trying to teach in this thread?

1) everyone is 1, only when one chooses 2 be a zero that is a positive hero. we commune with the kingdom of heaven. it does not always speak to us in human terms, as many thoughts are beyond abstract. many concepts are of etherial design, and not always born of human's opinions, which you already know have some flaws.

2) we are mentally binded, although we have never met in this life, we know eachother beyond any comprehension on this planet at this very moment.

3) that we are here to make some positive changes to peoples thought processes, to open doors. we record what it is we are recieving, and are sharing it unconditionally with anyone who would hear it.

4) we are handing over the keys to the kingdoms that are in existance, as well as those that may or may not be in existance. where queen remembers many things concerning many matters, i remember and have access to anything that shall ever be needed.

5) know your own intentions, and take controll over their truths, simply by accepting only the truth of what your intentions are. people are manifesting their fears in the form of hate on this planet. we shall not permit it. people are manifesting their fears on this planet. we shall make that fear more compatible with love and truth. not our truth, but their own truth. in order for them to be more compatible with their own truth, first they have to know it, don't they?

6) that nothing you have ever done that makes you feel shamefull, guilty, lonely, alone, sad, sorrowfull, angry, mad, hatefull, ragefull, or fearfull was ever your fault, you as well as everyone on this planet is innocent, whether they remember it or not.

7) we are trying to prove that we are more than capable, and more than willing to do all it takes to achieve these measures. we have been, and are, and are going to always be willing to sacrifice our souls, spirits, minds, cells, heart, substance, lives, life, and our very existance unto any and all gods worshipped everywhere throughout all existance if we are not telling the truth, will not be truthfull, have intentions to decieve, or will ever have intentions to decieve anyone and everyone.

8) i know it is confusing at times, and it is not your fault greattech, it is ours.

9) that we know.

10) that we know what it is we know.

11) that we know that there is nothing we do not know.

12) that if we do not know, then we are nothing.

13) that we have words of truth, which we share to help heal this planet. if at any time you do not see truth in it, or believe we are trying to decieve or accuse you of anything, then leave us to our journey, as it is ours to pursue.

14) we are sharing all we know to help humanity acquire better tools to better serve humanity, and others as well, at any and all costs to ourselves, we continue relentlessly.

15) we will have much more information in this, but it comes to us jumbled up a little, and in images that need som definition and refinement.

16) i write alot every day. what is in this so far is far from even half of it, but i would like to present it in a manner that you understand as a gentile, as well as those on this planet who i know are paying attention to the words/word. we will not fail, we will not stop, we will not and have not, nor shall we fail. we will successfully explain in terms everyone can agree upon, what god is, was, and shall be.

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