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What Would Justify the Secrecy?

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posted on Aug, 31 2006 @ 01:31 AM
I personally dont think there is a conspiracy. My evidence to this is NASA waning budget. If you knew that aliens existed and knew that you knew nothing about them. Then why make the organization for space exploration crippled with a laughable budget. If the Alien are hostile then intrusion in space would soon answer this by 'their reaction' if there friendly then having a none military arm roaming space makes better sense.

But the subject of the post is what if.
The best reason have been posted the social security(not the government funded agency, but society security) and trust would be destroyed. Allot of our systems are based on trust and assumption that this trust is not misplaced as well as ability t question even in small ways to question this trust in a safe a manner. Having ET makes this form of trust now impossible. Another one would need to be made. And as our history has showed us, such revolutions are not easy manner or short endeavors. With ET would have to figure out a new way to make us Seem bigger and have a grasp on things. Human, as I can see do not like the lack of feeling in control or being repressed.

Any way... First post. Hopefully it makes a good impression.

-Mr. Wiggles

posted on Aug, 31 2006 @ 01:50 AM

Originally posted by mrwiggles

Any way... First post. Hopefully it makes a good impression.

-Mr. Wiggles

Welcome to ATS Mr. Wiggles. And, yes, my first impression of you from your post is that you put a realistic measure of thought behind your words. Demonstrates to me someone who is sincere, intellectual, and has integrity.

I'm sure your future posts will be a welcome addition to our ATS forums.

Welcome again to ATS,PTS, and BTS

Stay balanced.

posted on Aug, 31 2006 @ 04:51 AM
Lets briefly look at this another way, just for the sake of objectivity.

If the encounters reported have been misinterpreted, either by eyewitnesses or as part of a disinformation campaign, as a technologic phenomenon as opposed to a non-secular experience, then perhaps there are very good reasons for secrecy. If these beings in all their manifestations are of a more ‘spiritual’ origin, the implications of such could be devastating to what we traditionally have known as society.

One thing all societies on earth have in common are ‘laws’ that define ethical behavior. There must be control for society to successfully function, simply put, a government is essential. Man, left to his own devices, will ultimately enforce the ‘Big Stick’ theory in the absence of any dogma, credo, or ruling authority, which is to say, whosoever has the biggest stick, makes the rules. Anarchy is a theoretical myth.

Is it true to say, no society ever existed without first utilizing a religious dogma/philosophy, upon which laws defining ethical behavior were present? I suggest that this is true, as societies have been formed and based on religious/philosophical ethics. Without religion/philosophy defining what is ethical behavior and what is not, society has no basis for the governing authority to define laws to exist upon.

The contents of the religion/philosophy notwithstanding, any outside influence upon these laws so devised is a threat to the ruling authority. This is why so many conflicts throughout human history can be traced to the abrasion of ideals, religious and/or philosophical.

Now let’s introduce bona fide proof there is a ‘spiritual’ existence interacting with the populous at large, perhaps with conflicting ideals to the status quo. There has not been or never could be any more a threat to the ruling structure than input from a definitively ‘higher’ source. Everything established, from laws defining ethical behavior to the very fabric of reality as you knew it, would become eroded, ultimately unraveling in the face of undeniable proof. Governing authorities would be definitively challenged to maintain control, without the ‘spiritual’ beings lifting a finger/tentacle/feathered wing whatsoever. Panic and resistance would be met from all side by the governors, especially if the philosophies of the ‘aliens’ were radically different to that of the previously accepted formula of belief.

Perhaps, let’s assume beyond reason, those of the governors truly do have man’s best interests at heart, salvaging there control base aside. Perhaps the agents of the spirit world are emissaries of entropy, seeking to lure mankind down a path of ‘damnation’. Against such overwhelming proof in a irrational world, rescuing the ’souls’ of the multitude could be well more than a Herculean task.

Alternatively, and somewhat more realistically, those accustom to power would seek to keep it, truth be damned. Tell the masses any story to keep them from the truth, the more far fetched - the better, for as long as they are misinformed and misdirected, the governors can maintain their societies and their control. After the masses pass beyond their mortal coils, it is of no concern of the governors anymore.

I entertained this concept as objectively as I am able, in truth, and I’m uncertain of how viable it may be. Are Ets spirits? I don’t know. There seems to be some testimony to suggest they certainly act like them. Are Ets extra terrestrial biological entities from other planets/dimensions? I don’t know. There also seems to be testimony to support this camp as well. One thing is certain, however, and that is the lack of empirical evidence supporting either claim. Will that ever be available? I don’t know, but somehow, sadly, I doubt it.

posted on Aug, 31 2006 @ 07:04 AM
I personally enjoyed reading the contributions, thanks guys.

I would like to phrase the original question a few more ways:

What variables (which may remain unknown to us) could exist that would justify the conceilment of information that indicates that humanity has been visited and/or recieved intervention from celestrial visitations?

What scenarios could exist which would make secrecy a manditory, un-comprimisable, necessity?

What would the truth have to be that makes the situation where the general population could not be permitted to know?

posted on Sep, 1 2006 @ 01:12 AM
The celestial visitation. Hmm.

The best answer to that would be that the major religions human believe would be fundamentally wrong. Though I cant really think of a reason why a government, that suppose to be unbiased towards religions care about such things. I think a religious upheaval would have much less of an impact then the thought of a powerless government (except where the two are the one and the same). The last time I looked at statistics for religious views that major worship, Muslim and Christian multitude of sects that is was slowly going in favor of personal views.

I dont think any such religions would die off in face of new and real physical celestial beings, it would just have a reorganization and adapt. Then show there beliefs were corrected with what really happens and down play what they got wrong. It would go back to what it is now; assuming that there activity remains the same.

I think that there a stronger case for hiding supposed ET involvement then Celestial ones. The only groups that have anything to loose, would not loose that much. It would just change.

The justification is that there is none. Reason to do so would be self serving to the entities keeping it a secret. There motives would only make sense to them. To know would know who was doing so. If they are then I fear them more I do then the aliens as they managed to keep majority of several billions beings with rapid access to the internet and other forms of mass media in the dark. Their mastery over logistics is terrifying to do so with must be a skellington crew as well is as equally scary to boot.

To propose another question.

If an Alien Life were Hostile and Hostile towards us. Then why not just play us against one another. Make an open alliance with an unstable third world country. Give them access to the resources needed to do what ever they wanted.

Then attack when everyone pants were down.

posted on Sep, 1 2006 @ 03:21 AM
one thing is for sure, it isn't just a simple question of revealing the existence of space critters. the rabbit-hole must run very deep imo.

posted on Sep, 1 2006 @ 03:30 AM

Originally posted by Esoteric Teacher
I personally enjoyed reading the contributions, thanks guys.

I would like to phrase the original question a few more ways:

What variables (which may remain unknown to us) could exist that would justify the conceilment of information that indicates that humanity has been visited and/or recieved intervention from celestrial visitations?

What scenarios could exist which would make secrecy a manditory, un-comprimisable, necessity?

What would the truth have to be that makes the situation where the general population could not be permitted to know?

Conflict. If the gov't had initiated hostilities towards otherworldly figures, and weren't doing well in it, they wouldn't want anyone to know.
The scenario that would maintain this is the fact there would be a breakdown. Everyone would be in fear that the gov't had begun something that may lead to their destruction, and an attempt to overthrow would be very real.
As far as truth, there is proof. People don't want to see it. I see phenomenon (gas formations, ball lightning, whatever) and those standing around shout "That didn't happen!" and immediately press Delete on the cam phones if they happened to catch anything.

[edit on 9/1/2006 by bothered]

posted on Sep, 1 2006 @ 04:07 AM
The funny thing is, it's the gov who would have to tell us about e.t's, If an E.t was just walking down the highstreet everyone would go mad and cause chaos.

But a cause for secrecy,
It is a theory that the gov have technollogy for a more efficient transport (from E.T's), but if you didn't need fuel then the gov would lose alot of money because we wouldn't need oil, thats accounts for billions, so they would be at a loss financially.
Why would they want to lose all that money by telling us the truth???

posted on Sep, 1 2006 @ 10:47 AM

that probably wouldn't apply to a president who was also the former director of the cia huh? George senior. i wonder, if he does actually know anything, would his son also know too?

George Sr. likely would have been privy to it, as was his pal, Ron Reagan (remember any Reagan speeches about Aliens?)
I seriously doubt Dubya was made aware of this though, even by his dad. Like Bush Sr. or not, he isn't an idiot...the same cannot be said for the drunken apple...

Right but after 1952 there's little (let's be honest.. it's a stretch at best) or no evidence that the panel's recommendations were carried out... and remember this is all before anyone could have predicted that the FOIA could someday reveal what was going on behind closed doors.

Little evidence, but it's damn it comes from the people on the panel themselves (i.e. the letter referring to the Cronkite special, Hyneck's statements about how they purposefully derided the Tremonton film, etc.) Not to mention former members of BlueBook coming out, such as Edward Ruppelt, etc.

Sadly I believe the reality is the subject is quite capable of ridiculing itself all on it’s own thank you very much... and continues to do so to this day thanks to the pseudo-scientific practices and standards of the UFOlogy community at large.

Until THAT changes, nothing is going change

Total agreement there. The Billy Meiers, George Adamskis, and Prophet Yahwehs do more to damage the image of UFOlogy than all debunkers (not skeptics) combined. Skeptics are a good thing, they help separate the wheat from the chaff...but yahoos like Meier, etc. are the ones who've perpetuated the ridicule factor. Some UFOlogists, bent on an agenda or making money, have done the same thing, and this doesn't help. Sadly though, there's an overriding tendency to paint all of UFOlogy with a broad brush, and that brush is of the "whacko" variety.

It doesn't seem to matter how many pilots, astronauts, military officers, and PhD's come forward about UFOs....just one crackpot saying he talks to the Galactic Federation on a daily basis somehow negates them all...and that is a sad state of affairs. A PRIME example of this was the late Peter Jennings' (no love lost there) special on UFOs. A primo whitewash job if there ever was one. Brought on all these experts, scientists, pilots, etc. then instantly negated them with UFO cults, and whackos in silvery suits, etc.

posted on Sep, 1 2006 @ 12:58 PM
The reason for secrecy is a very good reason and probably does more good than harm. Everyone wants the government to admit that aliens have visited this planet, or that roswell was real and so on. Look at the way the world is today. There is a power struggle going on. Oil geting out of hand, Terrorists trying to blow up anything they can.

Releasing Intel that aliens are here, or were here at one point, and that we have obtained bits of their technology through whatever means would send things into chaos. For Example.

Lets say Free Energy or Zeropoint energy as some may call it comes to light and the technology of it begins to be used by the public. Do you think it would be safe?
Hell no it wouldn't be safe. Terrorists and World goverments would have a new source of energy to possibly make bombs or weapons that would do damage so great it would destroy this planet in one explosion if not the entire freakin solar system.

A responsible person or group with knowledge of alien technology that allows the use of an unlimited energy source would keep it secret, and would go through all means to keep it that way until our world changes. We are simply not ready for disclosure if there is anything to be disclosed.

The state of our planet is very delicate and a lot of people are blind to this. Disclosure at this point would only make things worse, the only thing it would do is Confirm every UFO sighting and all of the bad alien story's that are floating around even if they arent true. People would be coming out of the woodworks with abduction claims or crap like the aliens took their baby's, the list of possibilities goes deep.

The World would end as we know it. Religions would flip out. A Holy war would be declared against aliens by fanatics. People would view the aliens as demons or devils. And do you honestly think the trillion dollar oil giants of the world would be happy if their oil became useless because of a free energy source, thats a whole nother war right there. Men want Power and when that is threatend or taken away their response is conflict or fighting.

anyway thats just my 2 cents.

don't flame me just take it with a grain of salt if you do not agree.

posted on Sep, 3 2006 @ 01:04 PM
The sum of my accumilated observances, experiences, and inquiries tend to lead me more in the direction that if contact was openly made (with probable E.T.s who have possibly been here observing for eons) that we would learn more about ourselves than we are currently capable of consciously accepting.

Consider the following:

Humanity in general (individual average) is only consciously aware of 2,000 exchanges of electrical impulses between brain cells per second in our neuro-net, which is to say we are consciously aware of 2,000 bits of information per second.

Humanity in general (individual average) is producing 400,000,000,000 sparks of electrical impulses between brain cells per second in the subconcsious mind.

We are (on the individual basis) not consciously aware of 99.999999997% of our own thoughts.

Since we think with a fractionalized brain, it stands to reason that our subconscious minds are aware of far more than our conscious minds allow for us to be aware of. However, would it not seem likely that our subconscious mind does in fact contribute in some fashion to all we create, design, and build/invent?

The way i understand the human mind to work is that all sensory input (Yes, ALL sensory input/sensory stimulation (everthing we see, touch, smell, hear, and taste)) first gets introduced to our subconscious minds, and it is our conscious state of mind which dictates what we are willing and/or capable of absorbing/integrating into our conscious experience.

What if our conscious minds already hold the answers we seek, but we are not consciously ready to accept the contributions of our subconscious's processes entirely?

My point being that even if the proof abounds us, are we consciously ready to see the proof?

And since we operate with a mind that is subject to operate in accordance with the "Law of Association" and observe and experience with a compartmentalized, and fractionalized mind, is it not conceivable that our subconscious minds affect all we design, and all we experience?

Is humanity fully prepared to know the answer to what we seek?

I think the answer would have to be no, considering we are not capable (or willing??) to know even that which we know, or our minds would be one, and our thoughts would not be hidden from us.

We are consciously aware of only a small portion of our own thought processes. However do we create what we create with more than just our conscious state of mind, and if so, is our subconscious minds trying to tell us through all we create, what it is it knows, which our conscious minds are unwilling or uncapable of accepting?

Could our subconscious minds influence us enough to provide knowledge to our environment, which we are not consciously accepting?

I remember reading somewhere that "Communication is Key". I've heard it alot, actually.


Just some thoughts, i guess.

I remember a story concerning a king who wanted to know what the original language was. So, he ordered children from birth be isolated, never spoken to, and only be provided with the bare necessities of life. However, since they recieved so little loving attention, they all died.

What if we provide such a service? What if we were consciously aware of all our thought processes? Would we see more in language than we do this day?

What if our supposed visitors see a duality in our very means of communication. What if there is a purity in the encoding of our own languages that provide our visitors with a link to pure objectivity?

What if we serve a purpose beyond our current scope of understanding?

What if we are interpretors, for them, without even knowing it, consciously?

Just some thoughts of mine.

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