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We Can Cure Cancer

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posted on Aug, 16 2006 @ 12:51 PM
I just watched a video about God and how he created the Earth and stuff.

Now, the Bible says that you should eat the seed of the fruit. They claim this
seed from a Peach, when you crack it open there is a substance(innerseed) in it
which contains Cyanide (not the deadly form) and they say this will combat the
cancercells in your body.

This vitamine B17 is supposed to be like really good for your body so either way
i'm gonna try it

Just wondering what you guys think of this...

-- Its amazing how many sites there are supporting the statement O.O

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posted on Aug, 17 2006 @ 02:28 AM
I would suggest that you not base your medical beliefs in religion. If you ever have cancer your best bet is to go with that which is proven to at least possibly be succesful. Your life is at stake and you are putting your life in the hands of a treatment/clinic which has NEVER been proven to work. Even if you believe that this is a possible treatment, is it worth risking your life for? Also, the cyanide in peach seeds is poisonous and if you eat them there is a chance that you will get cyanide poisoning, which i can't imagine would be fun or good for you.

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posted on Aug, 17 2006 @ 11:01 AM

Seems to me it is verified as well. This article states that they figured out that
Cyanide does indeed kill cancer cells.

What are the odds that a cancercell attacks the B17 vitamin, it breaks down, then
the cyanide released kills the attacking cell.

Hydrogen is toxic as well except when its joined in a molecule form with H2O (water) for example. You dont die from drinking water do you?

The same goes for the B17 vitamin (Peach seeds contain it) it is in a molecule
form of one cyanide atom, two sugars held together by benzaldehyde..
The vitemin stays in tact until a cancer cell attacks it, the cyanide released then
kills it.

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posted on Aug, 17 2006 @ 02:58 PM

Laetrile may have some helpful effects in comabating or helping aleve symptoms of cancer according to a few case series. However, the majority of people who were being examined and had positive results had either been also have chemo/radiation therapy at the same time or had had it in the past so it is difficult to determine which was the cause of the cure. The trials carried out Laetrile did not seem to show much promise. Also, the idea that taking laetrile cannot lead to poisoning is incorrect. Although it was determined to have low toxicity when taken intraveneously or orally (low but not none), but 2 of the people undergoing treatment who ate raw almonds (a source of Laetrile) did develop symptoms of cyanide poisoning. While cyanide and benzaldehyde may help eleviate some symptoms associated with cancer and may have some slight effects on the cancerious cells for me it just hasn't shown enough worth to be used as your my treatment if I develop cancer.

posted on Aug, 23 2006 @ 03:13 PM

Originally posted by SteveG
ok, but there are undoubtably very wealthy people who have also had cancer, and may have died from it, or suffered for a long time.

Assuming they knew what was going on it seems? Do you think all wealthy people know the 'real game'?

now are you telling me if you were the head of a gigantic pharmacutical company and you're wife was dying, you'd hide the treatment from her, and grin and bear it?

Any evidence that has ever happened?

what if it was themselves, would they rather die or live and have a wealthy lifestyle?

Depends entirely on whether he wants her alive or not...

are you telling me there are some rich gatekeepers out there, who are willing to go out without a bang, leave their friends, huge assests, everything, to keep the ''undeniable truth!" a secret, from the rest of humanity[most of whom are supposedly ''brainwashed'' by tv, advertising, subliminal messages, politians, etc.

Nah and there are many ways to play the game without giving away the true secret of a healthy life. These people ( when they know what's going on at least) will save themselves and keep selling us poison.

it's as though these conspiracys are saying '' only regular people are ''denied'' a magic ''cure'' for cancer! because no one cares about them!

It's not a question of 'regular' but about ignorance. If you do not know any better you can be fooled , and poisoned, and wont figure out the game. Why assume they can kill those who know what's going on? Why would they even try?

and even if these so-called four horsemen of the pharmacutical industry knew the secret, they'd rather commit suicide, and let their friends, girlfriends, soon-to-be-friends die as well!" lmfao.

Some would as long as it suits their interest. They agree on many things ( humanity should be destroyed) but there are rival factions which will kill each other without regret as long as it did not impact the larger plan...


posted on Aug, 25 2006 @ 01:19 AM
How is it that you arrive at the conclusion that there is some massive coverup to hide the cure for cancer without making numerous wild assumptions?

posted on Aug, 27 2006 @ 10:25 AM
Whilst i to belive that the cures exist for various diseases what has always puzzled me is the following.What are all these scientists who are working away in laboratories actually looking for? It just feels that there looking for a needle in a haystack where the needle is nowere to be found by them.

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