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Possibly the most important UFO picture ever captured on film.

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posted on Jun, 4 2006 @ 07:25 PM
You'd expect from the title that this would be good.
How disapointing!!

posted on Jun, 4 2006 @ 08:21 PM
Thank you, I,m glad some one else see,s this.. the compression used on the sky is at least three times that used on the UFO,s..

Getting REALLY tired of this doodoo presented on ATS

Do these guys think we are idiots???????

posted on Jun, 4 2006 @ 08:25 PM
this is an example of how NOT to post a thread in which one is trying persuade for a particuliar claim.

is there an award around here for the "dumb as* hoax award"? because it seems like some folks are competing for it.

posted on Jun, 4 2006 @ 08:30 PM
Notice he hasn't been back.
I guess in a forum like this you have to take the good with the bad I just wish there was a little more good. But, if we look at the total number of ufo reports only about 5% of those are legit too so....we're stuck with it like it or not

posted on Jun, 4 2006 @ 10:32 PM
He won't be back. Is getting a habit recetly. Unfortunately we can't do much about it...I don't know if is a bunch of idiots who are trying to make fun or something much more serious then that. Anyways another thread to be closed and another user to get banned

posted on Jun, 4 2006 @ 10:46 PM
Actually I don't mind this thread. Yes, it's a hoax, but it tests the community's ability for discrimnatory thought. I see a lot dumber stuff posted.

posted on Jun, 4 2006 @ 10:51 PM
whats up with the mods on this board? are they on holidays?

it really gets boring to watch this kind of crap for the xth time.

posted on Jun, 4 2006 @ 11:30 PM
That is by far one of the worst jobs I've ever seen, that someone has tried to pass as "real". PLEASE learn how to blend better, and clean up your rouge pixels.

These UFO's must have some sort of pixel force field around them.

This is a close up of the smallest "UFO". This shows major signs of being re-sized to a smaller form, most probably from the larger "UFO".

I put arrows that point to the rouge pixels that dont match the sky. In some parts the sky is darker than the pixels surrounding the "UFO". And in other areas the pixels are darker than the sky.

How can anyone try to pass this as real?

I believe it is against ATS rules to post things that are knowingly fake. I'm pretty sure this is breaking that rule.

posted on Jun, 4 2006 @ 11:43 PM
I agree with laes and everyone else. ITs a fake. IF you open it in any editor there are pixels that do not match, and obvious square like cut and copy shape around each "BSUFO" new term


posted on Jun, 5 2006 @ 12:24 AM
There are a number of possibilities here. Either the mods are letting it happen so that all the action will draw people here and make them alot of money through ADs. They may also be letting it happen through fear of losing member who might want to go outside and get a life, its summer, girls are wearing less. Since we didn't get a Titor or some huge dooms day warning, the mods need a way to keep us here and get active on this site instead of outside.

It could also be that they can't seem to ban this person because they have a work around and can make MANY user accounts (EST. 30-40 aka's). Thus they let it happen in hopes people catch onto the lies AND stop trying to put out the fire with gas.

It does seem the mods are around as I see warning tags on peoples names. Maybe if every one here used the suggestions button and posted that they did in the offending thread, then others would do so as well and the mods would do something. If they didn't do any thing when we go about it in the proper way, we could all just make posts in ATS about our pets or GF's, then they would have to address the problems.

Maybe its part of an ATS "game", maybe the mods want to get a life too or maybe they want to breed skeptics?

posted on Jun, 5 2006 @ 12:25 AM
Ban him, ban him, ban him!

posted on Jun, 5 2006 @ 12:44 AM
Well, this if obviously a CGI job, no doubt about it, well CGI would be giving too much credit to the author, this is a poor 3D model that doesn't even have some decent textures and no reflections rendered.

Lock this thread and ban this hoaxer...and ban the IP just in case...

posted on Jun, 5 2006 @ 01:31 AM
ban this hoaxer
jpg compression of the sky gives it away

im ushally pritty open minded but this is total rubbish

posted on Jun, 5 2006 @ 01:35 AM
lol tuxedo knights

posted on Jun, 5 2006 @ 02:24 AM

this craft abducted me outside area 51.they then took me to see their leader who resembled a giant goldfish in a tuxedo. it was at night too

posted on Jun, 5 2006 @ 02:29 AM
okay this guy definitly wins the award... after seeing you all dismantle his post by pointing out the dirty pixels and image compression.


posted on Jun, 5 2006 @ 02:30 AM

Originally posted by AGENT_T

this craft abducted me outside area 51.they then took me to see their leader who resembled a giant goldfish in a tuxedo. it was at night too

for real?

you had me at "tuxedo". nah.

posted on Jun, 5 2006 @ 02:39 AM
im no expert on photo editing but the first thing that struck me about this picture as that the space craft looked wrong. The second thing was that he promised to post more as it was made available to him. it was the same with that dog poo guy and the alien space ship in the hanger.

Ban the B*****d


posted on Jun, 5 2006 @ 02:42 AM
I just wish there was a way of using the ignore button for specific ip.s instead of just member numbers

posted on Jun, 5 2006 @ 02:57 AM
So they got they got the ship repaired and flying cool

Same Model used in the last fake and this fake, same type of post heading, probably the the same guy who posted both.

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