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Here's the problem with the whole debate

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posted on May, 10 2006 @ 12:38 AM
Here's the main problem. With all the evidence that has come out. All those politicians, military, intelligence people who have come forward indicating 9/11 was an inside job the main problem with all this stuff is the Bush supports never look into it for themselves. They simply write it off as a "conspiracy theory"

I used to be like that too. I used to think that simply using the argument it's just a conspiracy theory would solve the situation. But it doesn't.

Seriously, you "skeptics" although that is the wrong name for you people since true Skeptics are the ones who question the Bush Administration story and coverup....

I've gone from Bush supporter to "conspiracy theorist" and I see that the biggest problem is our own closemindedness. Saying things like History doesn't repeat or it will never happen here is a very foolish thing to do. Ask questions. Ask people in government, military, police you'll be surprised I assure you.

My suggestion to the wrongly named "skeptics" is that you people should look into these things for yourselves. Ask Questions. Asking questions of your country and government is not unpatriotic. Infact asking questions makes you a true patriot. A true Patriot asks questions and doesn't follow their leaders blindly. When people don't question and follow blindly people like the Nazi's come along every once and a while.

And thats whats happening. You people might say you don't watch CNN or you don't believe Mass Media but really you do. You let others do your thinking for you and spoon feed you the "news."

I don't mean to insult anyone although if I have I couldn't give much of a damn. Anyways what I'm saying is look into these things for yourself. When I started to finially ask questions I couldn't have been more happy for myself from freeing myself from this Age of paranoia. Don't you see that all this terrorism fears is being used to control your belief systems and to makesure you are scared into submission.

If these terrorists who hate america weren't working for the CIA then obviously america would have been hit many times by now. If alqueda was a legitmate terrorist organization they wouldn't have stopped at the WTC. America has still been incredibly vulnerable since 9/11 and yet these people who hate freedom so much don't appear to hate it enough to do anything more.

I've spent the better part of two years now looking into this stuff. And it's not just a few things here or there it's a 1000 puzzle pieces that all begin to connect. When you start actually looking that all the reports, witness testimony, video evidence that gets cut from the 9/11 Commission then it becomes painfully obvious that 9/11 was a false flag terrorist attack. A self inflicted wound fueled by the gains of the globalist elite for their cause of war mongering.

We humans have the wrong people for leaders that much I can assure you. Greed has corrupted our "leaders" They only care about themselves and feed off war and suffering of others.

We can't even talk about all the 9/11 smoking guns if we wanted to. There are so many things that you people are missing out on. You really really need to look at these things with an open mind. Your hurting yourselves by not.

If it takes an RFID chip and foolishly being misled into surrendering your freedom forever then I pity you because you people have had the chance to realize the truth for yourself. And many times. It's coming up 5 years since 9/11. Thats the best gift a God in heaven could have given us if there is one. I don't know how else we have had so much time for reflection. If alqueda was legitmate there should have been nuclear terrorism by now. surely. It's a very easy thing to do since only 5 percent of all cargo gets checked

You must find the strength to question the governments conspiracy theory of 9/11. You must stop being afraid to question your government because we have entered an age where governments don't care for the citizens. Thats become perfectly clear through Bush economics. Rising debts and then throwing it at the us citizen. That is not becoming of any government that supposedly serves the people now isn't it? And you the electorate are the "bosses" so why hasn't anyone come down on Bush? Bush reigns over America like a tyrant. The founding fathers would be spinning in their graves with this current American population.

Don't rag on me for this either because when the shlit hits the fan I plan on making a stand. My morality leaves me no other course. I don't know about you but with all thats gone on it's made me somewhat angry, it's changed me from the happy go lucky person I used to be. And I'll be sad if me and a few others are the only ones who have the courage to stand up for truth and what we believe.

Submitting to these Bush fear tactics will be your undoing. Don't say we didn't warn you because you had 5 years to turn the fracking blinders off. You've had five years to dig your heads out of the sand.


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posted on May, 10 2006 @ 12:49 AM
Who do you mean by Skeptics?

People who:

A: Believe a plane hit the pentagon.

B: Think the WTC towers fell without preplanted explosives.

C: Believe every thing presented by the government as 100% true.

D: Think that the Bush adminstration had no opportunity to prevent it.

There are many degrees of skepticism regarding this issue and to put everyone in the same pile and saying "for shame" is a bit ridiculous.

Especially on a topic that has generated hundreds of pages and thousands of responses on ATS. This issue is not just black and white. No matter how much you might hate the Bush administration, I am not brainwashed simply because I think the Controlled demolition and no plane hit the pentagon theories are BS. I still think the administration is responsible, through incompetence or design. However I don't have any proof of design, so I'm not gonna tell everyone else to " wake up" and agree with me.

posted on May, 10 2006 @ 12:56 AM
well the skeptic part I'm refering to are people who are skeptics of the conspiracy theory facts.

Usually thats the only one I ever here of, people skeptical of the CT.

You should have your proof though. There is probably at least 100 officials in government at one time or another, people in the military who have put their lives on the line to come forward.

We can't ignore testimony like that. Especially the father of Reaganomics.

I stand by my shame statement though. America has had five years to reflect on 9/11.

9/11 should have been a great wakeup call but it seems that many still have hit the snooze button.

This whole march to the police state is an extremely serious situation and it's not being treated as such by all people. Seriously. It's ridiculous. We have to come together on this. We have to stop letting our governments turning us against eachother when we should be standing united and in arms at the Capitol building hanging the true enemies high.

"...Well lets start by, makin it clear who is the enemy here..."

Revolution Solution...Thievary Corporaton.

Governments or small portions therein do immoral things. We've seen it all through history and it hsould come as no surprise that we're seeing it all again. We can no longer ignore the repeating pattern of history. All we need to do is educate eachother and come to an understanding that 9/11 was indeed an inside job. Think those 9/11 wargames were just innocent exercises? it's all too much of a coincidence.

All we have to do is come together on this. thats it. Until the police state rises we live our own little lives, be prepared and when the shlit hits the fan we can take action and make hte founding fathers proud. They would be sorely disappointed if everyone surrendered freedom for security.

You'll never get your freedom back. You know that. don't fall for the security trap. And you know that you can't say we didn't warn you. The police state is going to be shear hell.

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posted on May, 10 2006 @ 09:36 AM
Originally posted by Crazy_Mr_Crowley:
Here's the main problem. With all the evidence that has come out. All those politicians, military, intelligence people who have come forward indicating 9/11 was an inside job the main problem with all this stuff is the Bush supports never look into it for themselves. They simply write it off as a "conspiracy theory"

I think you're looking at it the wrong way. Most of the problem with conspiracy theorists is that they try to FOOL you into believing them. the "Find the Boeing at the pentagon" website, to In Plane Site, where they try to fool you into thinking the collapse of the south tower was an explosion prior to the collapses, when in reality it was the collapse of the south tower, and the camera angle distorted the whole thing. Then the seismic records, showing these huuuuuge spikes...when compressed.

Or the fatty Bin Laden!!!
I am not suprised how one specific frame is taken from the whole video. Especially when the angle of his face is upwards to the light, which can make ones face appear round. What is doubly interesting is how he looks at other points in the video:

or hes wear a ring in the december 2001 video, so it must be govt made because osama never wore one before. Wrong!!!! Hes worn rings before in other videos

Things covered in blue tarps being carried away from the crash site were tents.
you theorists listen to firefighters when they heard what sounded like explosions

then write those off who said there was
massive damage to world trade center 7.

then we're supposed to think the fires were oxygen starved in the towers.

then we're told the firefighters saw no raging infernos in the south tower.
but they were only on
the 78th floor, according to loose change, when they said that.

I could continue but you get the point.

The theorists have had valid points, and I have, and continue to look at them.

I found 9-11 research 2 and a half years ago when I was 15, and I was convinced somehow Bush and his buddies were behind it, but I actually opened my mind, let go of the paranoia, and began to see the real deal, or some of it.

You state how its been sooo long and al qaeda hasnt hit us so that must be some indication of inside job. you dont take into account the time it takes to plan these attacks, do you?
and nuclear terrorism isnt like making babies, buddy. the worlds best scientists worked on the first nukes for years, and you think terrorists can construe their own nuke, or committ an attack in 4 and a half? and as for 5 percent of cargo scanned, do you honestly believe that 100 percent could be scanned. that 5 or so percent is based on threat assesment. no scanning # from Liecthenstein. Wouldnt a true police state scan everything?

And supposedly my freedoms are gone and I have yet to see that claim come to fruition. Cindy Sheehan is still alive. Or maybe shes alive because the govts trying to fool us or something.
Wouldnt a true police state or mind control state have someone like Cindy Sheehan eliminated?

We still have massive protests about immigration, the wars fought. Half the country doesnt buy into what Bush says, whether it be immigration, WMD, iraq, etc. Does that tell you something?
If it were truly a mind control world, most of us would be under submission.

You mention rising debts, while at the same time these "rising debts" are of a lower percentage of our GDP than they were 10 years ago. This is consistent and symbolic of the "9.11 Truth" movement.

We'll Give You The Whole Truth...Just Our Truth.

Dont get me wrong, people shouldnt just blindly accept whats given to them..
but at the same token,
dont distort the facts
dont leave out bits and pieces
give people the entire story

posted on May, 10 2006 @ 12:07 PM
Terrorists don't have to build their own nuke with all the nukes that have disappeared when the soviet union collapsed. Rest assured that they have at least one waiting and ready to go in the US.

On top of that if 9/11 happened the way we are meant to believe then it wouldn't have cost much. I'm pretty sure I remember someone from DHS saying to the media that it would have been only a few thousand dollars for alqueda.

But if the military industrial complex pulled off 9/11 at it appears they did then it would have cost millions apon millions.

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posted on May, 10 2006 @ 12:07 PM
People ignore facts, and people present things that are false as if they are facts.

1) 11&pl=true
(I dont agree with everything in the video, but how does a huge air plane dissapear off radar while the air force and norad and others are looking for it? How does it reach the pentagon after a major terrorist attack involving planes?)

2) Fact that Israel Knew what was going to happen and didnt tell us. If they did, we failed to act on this very specific information?

3) wtf is this?

4) look at what the government has done since 9/11. And why are our borders still wide open? Whats stopping them from coming here and making homade bombs and blowing up busses?

Why do people ignore these things and why dont we act?

posted on May, 10 2006 @ 12:16 PM
"...9/11 is good for Israel. Well it's not good but it will generate sympathy for us..."

Thats some good points. Haven't looked much into the Israel part except for the Mossad spy ring that was busted on 9/11. Then mysteriously disappeared from custody.

There were at least 100 seperate intelligence warnings from allover the world telling the US something was going to happen. Condoleeza Rice going to the commission and playing dumb certainly doesn't fool me anymore.

The whole playing dumb routine I think works against them. With the existence of the Able Danger program that blows their whole defence of deny and ignore out the window. They were on to these guys every step of the way. At the very least bush should be brought to trial for letting it happen.

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