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North Korea trying to weaponize bird flu

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posted on May, 8 2006 @ 11:07 AM

North Korea's biological warfare program is now the largest in the world. Among its 300,000 scientists, technicians and laboratory assistants are some 800 scientists who worked on the Russian bio-warfare program, Biopreperat.

A high-ranking defector from North Korea's Academy of Sciences has told intelligence officers that the research to weaponize the virus is now a priority. The project is under the control of the country's top geneticist and head of its biological warfare program.

Dr. Yi Yong Su, 54, is known to have a close relationship with Kim Jong II, the country's supreme leader. A CIA profile describes her as conducting terminal experiments with anthrax on prisoners.

She has assigned eight research centers to work on various aspects of successfully weaponizing the bird flu virus.

It just seems to get worse and worse ... Looming war with Iran and now this.
The bird flu on its own is scary enough, now a man made version in the hands of some extremist? I cringe at the thought of the destruction it could unleash.

And what if North Korea are successfull and sell the formula to Iran?

posted on May, 8 2006 @ 04:34 PM
Oh jeez. That really does not sound good. A country such as North Korea trying to make a deadly virus even more deadly?
What could be even worse is if NK manages to alter the virus so that it is able to transmit from human to human, something it has not been able to do up to this point and just about the one thing that has kept this from going widespread pandemic.

And the worst thing is that just about the only way the west can stop this is diplomatic lobbying, like the nuke program (kinda). Or, they could go all Splinter Cell on it, which'd be pretty cool, but unfortunately most unlikely.

And also, it's good to see that Six is out there and still operating. You don't hear all that much from that agency these days. Makes you wonder how they got all this information, hmm?

posted on May, 9 2006 @ 01:41 AM
I cant believe something this potent has only 1 reply?

Did I post in the wrong section or something?

Come on people, surely this effects everyone ....

posted on May, 9 2006 @ 05:52 AM
yes this would be something very bad,

i think whats needed here is to maybe find some more info on this,

How possible is this to do?
would a weapon like this really work?
would this be any more deadly than a normal bomb?

just throwing some questions out there to help

posted on May, 9 2006 @ 06:08 AM
Yeah! Our chemical and biological weapons, designed to kill large number of people in excruciating agony are good. Anybody elses are evil. Likewise the lab-coated nutjobs who work on them are evil monsters, except our own people who are most likely good Christians and donate to childrens charities and Kitten rescue centres

I'm sure our own military organisations are busy looking at ways of weaponising such things. Hell, what's to say the current strain is not an attack or experiment. A bio attack may not always be directed at people. Destroying someones food sources is a good political and economic weapon when done stealthily.

posted on May, 9 2006 @ 06:29 AM
It was a very interesting only beef with it was the sensationalism. In particular the point the Man tried to make that scientists wouldnt be able to distguish between a Natural or Synthetic virus. This is most untrue...modern advances in Virology, retroviruses, and most especially the mapping of the Human Genome have led to revolutionary advances in our understanding of the Microbial world and its affect on larger level complex living organisms. That being said, and assuming for the point of discussion that this information is credible, North Korea does pose a serious threat to the security of not only the United States but the EU and the UK. While NK is not formely a Member of the Shanghi Cooperation( China has always made it known that it in essense has NK's back regardless of the political remifications, that seriously limits the possibilities of possible rouge operations especially considering China's recent explosion not only militarily but economically as well. The United States cannot afford to take on China right now, not with our forces as spread out as they are, making diplomatic resolution the only possibility, However considering this administrations track record at negotiation I find all this rather frightening.

With all the saber rattling in the east and now even more reason to fear NK and that King George right when he says that the War on Terror is the new WW3.

El senor pom pom rides again

posted on May, 9 2006 @ 06:55 AM
Yes we should be afraid, we should also be afraid of our own government because we are doing the same thing,as seen hear-------

Dr. Boyd Graves' research into the origin of the virus that causes AIDS, HIV, is important. His efforts have led to the discovery of a flowchart, created by the Special Virus Cancer Program (SVCP), that clearly shows that the research efforts of moving leukemia, lymphoma, and sarcoma viruses from lower species into primate and human cells in a 15 year period (1962-1978) was not accidental. Indeed, the flowchart reveals the systematic plan to examine many of these agents in the context of how, specifically, these agents would affect human immunology . . .Graves' research into the funding of the project, federal laws associated with the project, and his dogged pursuit of answers from authorities in the field and their associated Federal agencies is unparalleled. His legal actions to bring this matter to a head are important in that it will only be through legal means and subsequent Congressional review that this information will see the light of day. . . In this regard, then, Dr. Graves' efforts are at the core of finding the true origin of this global pandemic.

Who is the craziest is the right question---Kim Jong II

If you want to download the flow chart --go

posted on May, 9 2006 @ 07:33 AM

Originally posted by asala
How possible is this to do?

It's possible, but other agents are more potential biological weapons. The problem with this is that it would be difficult to create large amounts of it, and even if you did have large amounts of it, it would be hard to disperse among victims; unless it's truly perfected by North Korea.

would a weapon like this really work?

Possibly, after year/s of research.

would this be any more deadly than a normal bomb?

This depends on several things. First, it would depend on whether or not North Korea successfully cultivated large amount of its; by large I mean tons of it (not tons as in lots, tons as in 2,000 pound tons). That part of it is not that hard to imagine; Biopreparat created multiple tons of nearly every biological agent during World War II and after, even Ebola. Whether or not this is more deadly a normal bomb relies on several things. If the flu weakens during the years of testing, then it probably wouldn't be as powerful as a normal bomb. There is also the possibility that the scientists will enhance that capabilities of the bird flu virus. It's not like this hasn't been done before, either. Biopreparat is also acclaimed to have combined Ebola and Smallpox; calling it "Blackpox", which also happens to be the name of a particular symptom of smallpox (once you get this symptom, there is internal bleeding under your skin, and your skin appears charred; at this point, you have a VERY low chance of surviving.

Now, if they DID get large amounts of this and they DID have the proper bombs to release tons of this over a large scale, and they DID perfect it as an aerosol, and they DID manage to maintain its unusually high potency rate, then yes, it could be more effective and deadly than a bomb. One thing that countries enjoy about biological warfare is that it can continue to effect and terrorize the country years after; spreading from one person to another. On the other hand, nuclear weaponry also can effect people years after impact.

Now, one advantage to biological weapons is that you leave infastructure intact, which can later be taken control of by the country that deployed the biological weapons; so that could be another advantage that this would have over average bombs; though in cities like New York, it would probably be more beneficial to completely decimate it.

In a more general tone; don't fool yourself and think that North Korea is the only country trying to weaponize this. Let's just look at the Ebola virus again. Several of its "outbreaks" were at biological weapons facilities throughout various countries, one being in the United States. I wouldn't put it below any country to take this chance to make a weapon out of a potential 90%+ mortality rate.

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posted on May, 9 2006 @ 07:42 AM
I don't know if it's just me, but I can't find anything else on this anywhere. Can anyone else?


posted on May, 9 2006 @ 09:55 AM
I've been searching on this topic sinse yesterday (Australian time) and cant find any info.

posted on May, 10 2006 @ 03:36 AM
Yep, I've been searching since yesterday as well (Austerlian time '!') and still can't find anything. Just seem to be this one article on that site. Anyone know anything about 'WorldNetDaily'??

posted on May, 10 2006 @ 04:59 PM
Wait, is this claiming that it had 300,000 scientists working for the biological weapons organisation? I find that hard to believe. Biopreparat was massive, probably the largest biological weapons organisation in history, and it only had 30,000 scientists.

posted on May, 10 2006 @ 08:51 PM
In this day in's all going to be biochemical and psychological warfare. Forget actual's a war with the mind.

posted on May, 11 2006 @ 11:13 AM
WorldNetDaily is not a news site.

They’re a laughably transparent righty propaganda site.

(Praise for Ann Coulter’s “hottest book ever”)

(Iran’s letter a precursor to WAR?)

Analysts say it follows Muhammad's instructions for jihad

The same letter you can see posted on CNN. Try to find Muhammad’s instructions for jihad (?!) in it.

As for bird flu:

100 people worldwide have died from it in the last decade.

Chickenpox kills more people. Choking on food, too.

The only way they could do it is to actually physically smear the powdered virus on your mucous membranes and directly into your lungs and then MAYBE you’d get ill.

So relax.

posted on May, 14 2006 @ 11:43 AM
check ur source- and that chick wearing the conservative - anti hillary t-shirt.

LOL, sounds like garbage.

People believe what they want to. Fear is an easy allie.

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