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Can You Sense Evil?

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posted on Mar, 27 2006 @ 10:00 PM
Have you ever come in contact with a person that you did not know, and for some reason that you couldn't understand, you just felt evil from that person, or just sensed that they were dangerous and up to no good? Now I don't mean someone who looked mean or malicious in outward appearance, more someone who by all other accounts looked normal, but put off an evil vibe that your extra senses picked up on? Has anyone ever freaked you out and you couldn't quite figure out why? If so, do you believe that this is a hidden survival instinct that human beings have or is it true extra sensory perception? Do humans have an inner system that can identify harmful or threatening people on it's own? How did you react? Where does this extra sense come from? Is it psychic ability, a hidden animal sense or perhaps an extra ability that our minds are capable of without us knowing it? This has happened to me several times and I would like to know how others feel about it.

Also - could these "people" actually be something else entirely? (reptilians or demons in disguise)

posted on Mar, 27 2006 @ 10:13 PM
Yes, and I can smell it too, and I remove myself from their area ASAP.
They, in the way I see them is with a really dark aura ranging from brown to black.
Most times, they are totally unaware of this themselves, unless they are black arts dabblers-practitioners.
Some time it come through the screen of my puter, and I stay away from that poster.
If it is a protective gift, I am grateful, but it can lead one to become agoraphobic, but I force myself to be around others.
IMO they are not reptilians, etc but just people who have not been on guard for evil, so it goes in them such as dis-carnate entities.

posted on Mar, 27 2006 @ 11:20 PM
You can use Empathy for excample to "feel" people's emotions and their motivations. You can also use Telepathy to get images or parts of thoughts that give you a decent impression. No need to go start thinking about aliens in disguise from the start, there aren't that many among us.

Every thought and emotion, every little thing of an individual surrounds that individual. Like some fog you can see and feel and read. Be able to read that and you can know what people are up to far before they do.

posted on Mar, 28 2006 @ 04:19 AM
Yes, I can. Always have been able to 'know' someone's vibes. What was most surprising to me was when I began to interact with people on-line, my perceptions are actually more acute! I definitely thought it would have been the other way around (like, more 'impersonal')

It brought me to a new awareness/suspicion, in fact. I sometimes wonder if this internet sociability is somehow a logical step in our spiritual development as the human race...getting us geared toward a less tangible, more ethereal reality. Because here we are kind of like just voices--expressions of mind. No clothing, no appearances to (even subconsciously) judge, not even any need to pass out gum to others to protect our noses from halitosis! ha ha.

Sorry to digress, but I just had to bring that up.

posted on Mar, 28 2006 @ 05:04 AM
I can too...

Maybe it's empathy, like somebody said. Or maybe, if any of you have read Dune, it's kinda like the Truthsayers... it's more like, I listen to them, and it just flashes in my head, "They're lying." So, I guess that can apply to sensing evil.

It happens so seldom that when it does, I want to know exactly why... like, what makes them so evil, or what are they gonna do. I get that vibe from Bush and Cheney a lot, I can't even watch a lot of those WH press conferences. I feel dirty afterwards.

For the most part, I pick up on specific emotions, not auras. I couldn't just walk by them on the street and know.

It doesn't work for me online though.

posted on Mar, 28 2006 @ 06:15 AM
hmmm, I think I have pretty good empathy, but only one example really springs to mind....

I was in a nightclub, which in itself is strange because I don't really like them....anyway, not the nicest of clubs but not exactly a seedy dive either, when I felt a surge of cold/evil/dread really badly on my back, enough to make me jump!!!

Anyway I turned and had a look at the guy who was behind me, shortish guy, about 5`6, black hair, beard, but the most distinguishing thing was his eyes, one was completely white except the pupil, and the other had half an iris, looked like it was poored on, and the other half was white...

Anyway, one of my mates knew who he was when I mentioned that he had creeped the hell out of me, turns out the guy was a real bada$$, he'd been to jail and had done some really nasty things in there to the less dangerous inmates....

anyway yeah, just a little story, not up to my usual standard but I'm tired.

posted on Mar, 28 2006 @ 06:19 AM
Yes I can sense evil. The way you really know is by looking at someones eyes...those who have emotionless careless just know are bad....

posted on Mar, 28 2006 @ 08:44 AM

Originally posted by BlackOps719
Have you ever come in contact with a person ... you
just felt evil from that person,

The mom of my daughter's friend is a psychic vampire.
I can feel when she enters my area, even before I turn
around and see her. She DRAINS the life out of everything
and she's dark. It's not what she says that's dark, but
it's just all of her that's dark. (hard to explain).

As far as feeling evil ... I used to work in a building in Japan
that had something very evil in it. You could feel it standing
next to you and that it HATED you. It was pure hate and it
was directed at you, even though you couldn't see it.

VERY frightening and VERY real. Others felt it too.

posted on Mar, 28 2006 @ 08:46 AM
Every time I logon to ATS................

posted on Mar, 28 2006 @ 09:56 AM

Have you ever come in contact with a person that you did not know, and for some reason that you couldn't understand, you just felt evil from that person, or just sensed that they were dangerous and up to no good? Now I don't mean someone who looked mean or malicious in outward appearance, more someone who by all other accounts looked normal, but put off an evil vibe that your extra senses picked up on? Has anyone ever freaked you out and you couldn't quite figure out why? If so, do you believe that this is a hidden survival instinct that human beings have or is it true extra sensory perception?

this happens to me all the instance that stands out in my mind is this one particular place i would frequent and interact with everyone day i noticed somebody new.usually i'll walk up to anyone new and try to make them feel welcome, but this particular character,i wouldn't even acknowledge his existence.i sensed something very demonic about him, it just emanated from him.we ended up having words, (a confrontation which he initiated).he even ended up taking someones girlfriend, and abused the hell out of her. i found out from her later that he practiced Santaria, and he had told her that when the lights were out demons would appear to him in the form of shadows.

posted on Mar, 28 2006 @ 10:10 AM
Not just people.. what about places? Where i work the building dates back to mid 1800's and there are two particular rooms which i hate being in and around.. rumour has it a young child and an old woman both haunt the place but then again such rumours are nothing to go by.

One thing several of us have notcied is a particular spor in each of the room which is just somehow not right, well all 'feel' as if something is there.. an extra and more emotional bond as it where where you can just feel it. (Emotional is the only word i can use to describe the feeling).

Another interesting point (and sorry to drone on!) is the fact that it is 3 storeys tall.. yet the most work is on the ground floor, i work alone on the first floor and above there are two people on the second. The weird thing is if someone walks behind me and i turned around i wouldn't jump at the usdden surprise of notciing them (play music quite loud!) yet further up in the building people regulary jump.. as if they can sense something sometime unconsciously and are more edgy about this jumping thing. So if i was working at the top of the building and someone entered the room more often than not i/we would jump.. Something does'nt seem right.

posted on Mar, 28 2006 @ 10:19 AM
i come to understand it all as the Vibrational Levels.......

If your Happy an content or just postitive then your vibrational levels will be alot higher then someone who is just calm an collected...

and if your negitive or in some simular fashion, then you vibrate at alot lower level,

now with these vibrations, just like moths to a flame, spirits an other such kind are attracted to you based apon yer vibrations, Low attracts darker beings, and Higher attracts Light beings

we all have psychic abilities, i mean we just found out not too long ago that we have Magnitite in all BEing's Brain that helped us navigate a long time ago an that some animals still use today, so its not too hard to believe that we can have other abilites

have a great day
may all your days be filled with light and love

posted on Mar, 28 2006 @ 11:17 AM
This is an excellent thread! I have some more to add...

FlyersFan--I totally relate to both those things you posted about...

It's funny, but I've never felt 'hate' coming from people--I sense 'evil.' What 'evil' is, to my perception, is a void, a black hole where love should be. Basically what Tranceopticalinclined said, only maybe just defined from a different angle. That 'dark' void naturally acts as a vacuum, or zone of negative pressure, and so it wants to 'suck' in what is around it.

Why don't these things eventually suck us all dry? Well, I think that is where one aspect of 'salvation' comes into it. The love that we have been given, by God, to give to one another is like a pile of glowing energy--the polar opposite of that which I defined as 'evil.' Most souls are like whiffle balls, maybe--some holes and some piles. As we evolve toward our spiritual awareness and 'godliness,' our holes get filled in (by the love given to us by other souls) and in turn, we 'donate' our excess that lies in piles to others (helping them fill in their own holes.) Some souls--sad as it is, it's true--have very little + (from emotional damage and etc that is a direct result of human existence and the sins we commit upon each other when we don't serve each other with love, instead serving ourselves--child abuse is one of the biggies, I suspect). But the flip side is that there are also some souls (hooray) that have way more piles than they need and so I have trust in Divine Osmosis that things are destined to 'even out.' We will all be 'filled in' and without 'excess' one day--we will all be 'healed' and no more sadness will exist.

I understand colors and numbers as 'vibrational energies.' Everything in the cosmos runs to an electromagnetic hum of one or more frequencies--when the frequencies of an entity and/or object evolve into a vibration that is one pure tone--which is their 'own' natural frequency (say, for example, a 7 which develops and clarifies from a state of running both 2 and 7), then I believe that is truly what 'holy' means. Holy simply means 'pure,' as in 'single-minded/motivated.' No number is good or bad for any certain person--what is right for each of us is our own number (or color or sound or whatever--it all boils down to these vibrational energies which we perceive predominantly as various types of manifestations).

God is the light that starts the rainbow, and each of us a speck of light that has a certain spot where we shine our true color--maybe the earth is the 'prism,' so to speak. When we all get in position, then it will be spectacular. Until then, it's sometimes grey and murky but that's just temporal confusion--because we can not yet all see/understand the rainbow.

Now, back to the 'hate' thing...
The only time I have ever felt actual hate, true animosity (which literally felt 'murderous') was from a building! How strange! And I hate to say this, but it was a church! Just one--and it was old and now it has been torn down for years and new one built in it's place. That new church harbors no resentment for me, as I have been in it many times and felt totally comfortable (the building was neutral).

I've thought about these things extensively, but my brain has started whirring again, from this good discussion...

posted on Mar, 28 2006 @ 03:01 PM
I don't know if it's an evil I sense in people, but I certainly know who I should or should not associate with. Within moments of meeting someone I can tell. Aside from being highly empathic, I have great skill in reading expressions and body language.

Some places also can give me the heebie jeebies, a feeling which feels like a little nasuea in my upper stomache area. Whenevr I feel this usually somethin or someone is giving off a good amount of energy. I've even accidentally found out about a haunted recliner chair this way, lol.


posted on Mar, 28 2006 @ 04:16 PM
The only evil I have ever truly felt was from a house I rented years ago.
Everything in my life fell apart within a few months.
I enjoy being on my own but never in that house.
I started sleeping on the sofa because it was impossible to sleep in the bedroom.
I had nightmares every single night, all night long.

In the end I was exhuasted. It was definitely psychic warfare.

One night I tried sleeping on the sofa then got a terrible fear that if I didnt get out somethng really bad would happen.
I arrived at my friends house, terrified. Never slept in the house again. Moved my stuff out and never felt anthing like it since.
That was ten years ago.

You could say it was my imagination but I have never felt the need to up and leave in the middle of the night any other time in my life.
Was it evil? I dont know but it felt evil.


posted on Mar, 28 2006 @ 04:24 PM
"the last mediatation session I did in 2004 when a bright patch of fire flashed next to me. The possible danger of incineration to a pile of ashes at intense heat while not even effecting the fibers of the chair I was sitting in has been documented in other cases. This happened when I was trying mentally to eliminate the negative energy between my face and the reflection of my face in the mirror."

this quote and this post I just minutes ago wrote has specifically to do with sensing other peoples evil. The quoted piece above has a relation to the danger of trying to sense your own evil when you think it is good. I didn't realize that until I wrote it now.

the link below

blessed be the children
Honor Seed

posted on Mar, 28 2006 @ 04:40 PM
Interesting Topic,

And something i have experienced both with people, places, and objects,

I remember a man who walked near me in a shop and for the 1st time ever i felt major fear, like it almost took over me, this man just looked at me,

I have never left a shopso fast in my life, I decided to cal my dad and have him pick me up, I did not tell him the real reason but just said i had felt a little ill,

I swore that day that if i had not got my dad to pick me up then i may have been killed, Now i have no idea if that would have happened or not, But i really believed that would of been the case, and what a bad feeling that sence of fear was,

posted on Jul, 8 2008 @ 06:03 PM
Ok i was looking for answers if you sense evil and it brought me to this, i work with a co worker at work and i get a seriously bad vibe from him like theres this ora or darkness inside of him its just not only me there where others that said the same thing. This man does not look threatning to me but i asume hes done bad theres no good that i see and when i talked to him theres nothing about him i asume he has no friends he stays home on the weekends no family and no gfs or kids this man is about 35-40s old and he gives me a creepy vibe like hes a petafile or theres just something wrong and i asumed talking about sensing evil what do you do when you feel there is evil and that the evil in the person is up to know good and you want to put a stop to it can someone please help or give me some guideins.

posted on Jul, 8 2008 @ 06:15 PM
reply to post by HarlemHottie

I know what you mean- I would have to engage in some sort of conversation to really get that feeling, but I pick it up fairly quick. I have ever since I was a kid. No auras- totaly by feeling. When I was young and couldn't communicate my feelings about a person I would just shut them out. My mom said I would turn away from them and act like they didnt even exist.

Since having my own child I have picked up on people who want to talk to her and just aren't "right", you know? I feel really put off by them even though they are so sweet to my little girl. I notice she isnt as chatty with them either, and she is normally very sociable. Sometimes it will be a guy who is probably trying to get my attention by being nice to my kid, but I think I have discouraged a perv or two. Im sure of it. I sense lies too.
Empathy- our Gom Jabbar! My your blade chip and shatter perverts

posted on Sep, 14 2009 @ 12:03 AM
reply to post by BlackOps719

Wow I was searching google all day today from something that happened friday night into sat morning. Ill start from the beginning. Me and a few friends and his wife were all hanging out front just talking about the neighborhood and found out this girl had just moved in from up north somewhere. Well after a few hours and a few drinks we decided it wasn't the best idea to be sitting in the front yard drinking so she invited us over across the street to join her in her back yard for a little barrel fire. Soo we all decided to get up and walk over there and just hang out for a few and have a few more drinks. This girl was not the brightest crayon in the box all night and she kinda seemed a little dumb. Well once over there and talking hanging out she out of no where became the main event? She was talking some crazy stuff that I was not expecting her to know. Really smart and to the point, I felt more intimidated than I have ever before. At the same time all that started I felt this really weird vibe coming from her. I looked at my buddy (who was not drinking as much) and told him not to leave without me and I think he knew exactly why. I just picked up this evil vibe from her that I cannot explain. I've recently asked god back into my life (still a sinner) and I really do feel that this may have something to do with it. I have a normal life and a great wife and awesome friends (I AM THE AVERAGE JOE) but I cannot for the life of me explain what happened that night!

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