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"Mark of the Beast"

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posted on Apr, 14 2006 @ 10:36 PM

Originally posted by orion_452
I read in a 'tabloid' mag possibly 'nexus' or 'hard evidence' that the veri-chip has already been trialed on a small town population in the USA who were each paid a sum of money to be human test subjects.

Last fall I read a verichip promo site that was offering some $200-300 dollars for people to try it. I'm unsure of whatever happened to that one but there may still be traces of it somewhere.

The NBIC injected implants info on your link, in my mind could easily be a barcode blueprint with all our info and financial details for future cashless transactions? And could also easily be implanted in the hand?

These go way beyond simple records and tracking your whereabouts. The neural implants (purpose of NBIC implants) can provide holographic imagery in the "forehead". A goal is to provide Internet uplinking, but i think the standard verichips would be better for broadcasting.

I'm just waiting for the news of Bush being shot and miraculously surviving a fatal wound to set the stage for his image and the mark to be applyed. And what better way to get everyone to take it willingly yet unsuspectingly as the cure to a world pandemic' the bird flu which is progressively alarming.............

It isnt Bush, he didnt enter peacefully (watch the videos of his first limo ride to the White House lol) and he hasnt provided any peace. It'll be the next president, especially if they dont actually have an operating "biologically inspired computing archtecture" built yet (read my other threads in my profile here). The antichrist "gave life unto the beast", and the DARPA site (also NASA's IA system) says it'll be online 2010-2012. The next picks for (male) president are Newt Gingrich (read about Newt on page 2 of the flyer) and Ahhnold. How ironic. Also, the next president wil be in a position to "restore" the peace and clean up the mess that Bush made. It wouldnt surprise me that the Anti-Christs superpower would be both the one to start the war and to "end" it.

Now to read more about some of the above read my other threads, but to see DIGITAL ANGEL look like Sega 8-Bit read about DISA (and DARPA's other programs not mentioned in those threads) read my contribution to the DARPA AI thread:

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posted on Apr, 15 2006 @ 12:17 AM
Arnold would certainly fit the profile of "the boy that you loved shall be that man which you fear."

I don't think it is Arnie though, Prince William isn't a bad candidate.

Not saying I believe it, but its certainly the best argument as to the identity of the possible AntiChrist that I have seen.

PS - You Americans are so funny, what makes you think it will be a US president? Whoever the AntiChrist might be, I am positive that he won't come from the US. Granted your country is powerful and "important"
but not that important.

The AntiChrist will most likely arise from Europe to lead the European Union, if not, my money is on someone from the Middle East.

posted on Apr, 15 2006 @ 01:04 AM
You should read my "Proven: The Beast" thread.

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