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Why is there a statue of Persephone on top of the White House?

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posted on Oct, 24 2011 @ 07:49 AM
I thought it represented
Goddess Hillary
Goddess Neopolitano
Goddess Bachman
Goddess Pelosi
Goddess Palin

Weak man----i curse thee. Its just a birth canal for godsake

evoL Love


Yes, I am related to the Apostle Paul.....cant stand the creatures especially after the 60s

posted on Nov, 27 2011 @ 05:43 PM
Everybody listen up because DrSaturn is in the house to close this argument with the best answer to this Question.

Yes This statue is on the Washington Capital and not the White House.
The statue is the "Statue of Freedom"

Who is the "Statue of Freedom"?
She is also "Lady Liberty"

Who is "Lady Liberty"?
Who designed "Lady Liberty"?

'Lady Liberty' was also known as being "Libertas". ------- (link) ------- ( )
Freemasons designed "Lady Liberty" as it was proven in (Meltzer's Decoded).

Yes this women Statue represents Freedom and Liberty, but we must dig deeper.

Use comparative mythology and you will find the answer.
Who did "Libertas" compare to?
-What mythological deities was known for being "Libertas"?

So stop being ignorant and claiming "Lady Liberty" or "Statue of Freedom" is Persephone without having evidence of it, and DO NOT be ignorant to believe what they say Statues are supposed to represent unless you do your own research.

It could also be that the Masons designing the statue could possibly have had a different thought in there mind when creating the Symbol. (Is that not possible)? :p

Why don't you all dig deeper and find out the roots of the "Freemasonry" and the Founding of This country???

Who was the "Wife" of one of the Founders?
You will find out that this bitch standing in New York representing this countries Freedom and Liberty was actually the Wife, a Whore, a Witch, and a Queen of the Underworld.

After researching that you will find the true answers.

The Statue of Liberty (IS) Persephone from all of the research and comparing i have done.

Now its time for you to do the same if you want to find the true Roots of certain subjects instead of relieing on what everyone has to say, because i read every comment in this post and none shared very valuable information.
After finding out who this women is you will find out why the "Pyramid and Eye" is on our dollar bill along with why December 25 was decided to be the day to represent the "Son of God" (Christmas), and many other secrets the Government doesn't want us to know.

Enough Said.


posted on Nov, 29 2011 @ 03:49 AM
Zipped and nipped as the OP's clarified what he meant

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posted on Nov, 22 2015 @ 10:34 AM
I will explain you in full detail what Persephone represents, now why they have it, is up to you to conclude.

Persephone is a honorable title. Remind us the fall of Medusa and the victory of Perseus.

Perseus + fonos = Persephone (pronouncing the letter φ is equal in the sound with F and PH, it makes the same acoustic sound. So Persefone or Persephone is the same thing). The word phonos = murdered....

The story of perseus is double sided coin and what we have as a reference for the great war.

The first side of the coin represents the mythological part of it, with monsters, supernatural beings and stuff, exactly what we read in the story.

the other side of the coin, speaks about a war in a distant solar system/universe. Perseus is not a person, but a mission with the code of Perseus. (more like mission cobra, etc). Medusa represents the dragonian fleet and that is also why is represented with a master snake and many many smaller ones pop pout her head. The deadly eyes, represent a great weapon they had. Thats why a huge part of the galaxy got destroyed.

The sci-fi side of the coin is more accurate, considering that even witchcraft in our modern times, allow me to remind you a scroll in israel, that referred to Babylonian abominations and they also send Hermes god, to bring up in the surface Persephone... Persephone represents the fallen abominations from the great war. Father shield them all in a different plane from our existence and they said that Hermes had the ability to travel in and out from that plane. Hermes god is one of the rebels against father. Because the 12 gods of olympus are nothing more than a crafted religion, like all the rest, in order for the fallen to be praised as gods. 6+1 out of the 12+1 gods are fallen.

Even today most of the video games, keep that up from Asiatic myths and religions, they praising the 6 or the 7... rings you a bell? Elder scrolls online, Guild wars 2, World of warcraft, etc, etc, etc. While you play, you hear allot about the 6 or the 7. Video games are like the movie industry today, they train well the siblings.

A vise verse example is Mythodia in 2000 founded and organised by Nasa, they avoided to reffer a single word for this 6-7 abominations.

All in all, Persephone represents the minions of Medusa, anyway, I hope I helped.
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