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The Ancient One.

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posted on Feb, 6 2006 @ 01:52 AM
The first telepathic person gave reason.

From the ancient times, creatures roamed the earth. Some looked like humans. One day, there was one person, who watched two cavemen grunt at each other. There was enlightenment in this one person who taught himself to be aware. He became better at grunting at others by watching the mistakes others made. Soon others in the tribe and other local tribes learned to grunt better. Then it happened. All over the world, many the tribes of cave peoples grunted better. They had picked it up without any contact with these first intelligent grunters.
Just like in the story called the 100th monkey. A story about one monkey taught itself to wash a sweet potato in the stream before eating it. And the monkies on the island started doing it also. Pretty soon monkies across the ocean on different Japanese Islands had picked up this ability. So telepathy was used.

The first reasoner of ancient times made the difference between animal and man. That is how mankind started. Before that mankind was a bunch of ape-like creatures, both dark and light. Living like animals they existed. Some of these species never did get enlightened by telepathic input, their existence lies dust or a skull in some museum.

So there will be a finite number of reasoning souls that have existed on earth, when all is said and done, and the air no longer is here. it would not surprize me at the end of mankind on earth if the number of reasoning souls matched the number of hours that reasoning souls existed on earth.
After all, a plant cell is 12.76 millioneths of a meter, and the earth is 12.76 million meters from the sun.
So with this relationship between reasoning and one hour of your time, please grunt wisely at your fellow human being.

Honor Seed

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posted on Feb, 6 2006 @ 07:29 AM
I certainly hope the earth is a LOT farther than 12.76 million meters from the sun.

More like 93,000,000 MILES from the sun.


posted on Feb, 6 2006 @ 10:14 AM
whoops you're right maybe thats the diameter, I'll have to check, boy you guys are to sharp for me

posted on Feb, 6 2006 @ 10:38 AM
there is a theory about this 1000th monkey story that when a minimum amount of approx 1000 have learned this from imitating others, they share this habit in a collective dream and the next day the entire population does it. How that works? God knows.

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posted on Feb, 8 2006 @ 12:04 AM
Where I live.Now i don\t know the name of the bird exactly but they fly in groups of up to a thousand or more.They all fly in sync with one another.

There is much speculation as to the communication of certain animals.
I will try to look into finding some interesting links and info on these things
Expect a thread from me soon.

posted on Feb, 8 2006 @ 12:10 AM
The earth is 149,668,992 kilometers from the sun.

The diameter of the earth however, does involve the number you suggested.

It's 12,756.3 km which does involve 12,76... rounded up.


posted on Feb, 8 2006 @ 06:10 AM
thanks for that info djarums, hadn't double checked that yet.

Phin, the collective dream theory is intriging, I see my dogs legs and paws twitching while they dream, if they dream in the same sense as people do I don't know. They may have a direct happiness to motor coordination situation in the dream state. Visual images may not be a part of it, geeze another part of the research.

Tor, even the V-shaped formation of geese flying seems to indicate some sort of animal telepathy between each other, other than the expected reaction ability from sight and the feel of airflow. I've never heard or read about geese bumping into each other in flight like people do in the streets all the time. I mean can you imagine people flapping their arms running in a V formation looking side to side making it very far?
I don't think so.

In the darkness of a still night I heard a formation of geese flying over at a pretty high altitude. When I looked up and saw them, they changed to big bats nad shrieked like bats too. When they were out of sight they changed back to geese. hahaha. My friend even remarked something like... wow did you hear that, that was really strange.

I have this ability to 'see' things with my eyes closed, like bat radar. I was seeing dark clouds float through the room, my mind or aura until recently.
It was like someone turned out the lights or dimmed them for a while.
But I have to wonder if these geese who are on some kind of instinctual magnetic compass heading north, didn't actually interface when I saw them with my eyes. It would seem that if it were a projection of my mind tro relate to the telepathy of the geese that my friend would not have noticed it.

Just looking at visions has froze them several times. And since these visions are projection of my mind to relate to energy clouds, I am sure that I spot these clouds before they recognize my presence. Kinda like scaring a ghost in life is great isn't it?

A lot of times cloud energy moving up my leg in the visualization of a spider just disappeared as soon as I looked at it. That of course ending that particular particle mass of fear moving up from the earth towards my brain on my skin. But what I have a question now about, is whether or not that fear just hyperleaped to the mind through the eyes. It seems so, for when this negative or positve telepathic enrgy decides to connect to a person, I have found no way to stop it.

But what is the point of this type of telepathy, some have said it is worthless. The thing is I don't think it is worthless if I know it is not really me that is scared to death, it is just some unknown bunch of fear particles in my brain from someone else.
I'll have to give it up for all the positive incoming telepathic vibes I've been giving myself credit for lately. If nothing else, many of your statements indicate someone is knock, knock, knocking on heavens door. maybe a common dream is in order, I'll have to think it through, visualize it, then have it, and ask y'all if anyone here on paranormal forum had the same dream as anyone else and give you a few details and see if you can fill in the that's imagination
or not.
Really though, I think for something like that to happen you guys are gonna have to start behaving more like animals.

keep on truckin
Honor Seed

posted on Feb, 8 2006 @ 07:07 AM
Wish I had more time for a longer post... but...

It is also possible that "better grunting" was discovered on its own by different tribes across the globe, and not necessarily simultaneously. It is again possible (and in fact, much more likely) that "better grunting" was discovered before humans covered the different continents.

Gorillas too make gutteral noises, and all animals make certain noices. For most species these noises are not learnt, but are inborn and instinctive. Even babies for our species are inborn with certain sounds (which we all recognize, since we're genetically pre-wired to know them). It was an evolutionary advantage that came out.

Now, certain noises ARE learnt in the animal kingdom. I'd like to point out the Chickadee. It has very specific noises that also change from location to location. These songs are taught, a recent study has said, instead of inherint. That does not mean the Chickadees are intelligent, but there seems to be a point that either noises become too complex to be genetically inborn, or that being ABLE to learn a song is indicative of genetic superiority or healthiness.

Humans may be the same way. Someone who was better at communicating (clearer grunts, larger range of sounds) could have sounded like a better mate ("damn those sounds are hot" thought the cavewoman).

The real question is when was the first word formed. From that, everything else likely came. If we incorrectly assume that English was the first language ever spoken, then that first word was "food" (although it was probably food in any other language too). It was a SPECIFIC noise that was made when food was near. In an evolutionary heartbeat, the rest of language followed ("How far is food?" "How big is food?" "Do we need to kill food?" "Do I need to kill you?" "War!")

Finally, as for the Geese, they honk at each other - which has been shown to be almost a sort of "inspiration" tactic from the other geese to keep the head goose flapping away (since it's easier for them to fly down-wind from the front, and the weakest fly at the back where it's easiest - this is why there is the V formation).

So, yeah, animals communicate - but it's not by telepathy - but it is amazing nonetheless.

Or, a near-infinite number of monkies will discover language a near infinite number of times all own their own without anyone telling them what to do.

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