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Canadian Politics: Western Block Party.

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posted on Jan, 10 2006 @ 01:25 PM
Usually in the morning my son and I will be watching the kids shows on CBC. 12 noon hits and the kids shows are over and CBC announces this is now time for campaign messages. Not really paying attention to the TV I glance over and see a man I've never seen before holding a paper that says "Western Block Party." He is talking about making a separate western nation.
Since I didn’t listen to the whole thing I decided to take a look online as to what it was all about.

The Western Block Party is a separatist party that wants to make a new independent nation out of Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and B.C.

12 point plan

1. Independence for Western Canada by referendum, with a clear question and a 55% majority in each Western province.
2. A new nation with a Triple E Senate and referendum, initiative and recall by electronic means, readily available.
3. A nation with one common, official language; tolerance, but unity of purpose in a common culture.
4. Western resources for Western needs and secondary industry where privately feasible and competitive.
5. Freedom of competition and enterprise with maximum freedom from government intervention; freedom to choose by referendum the common values, traditions, customs, religion and laws.
Visit the link to view the whole list.

I'm surprised that I haven't heard of these people before.
I don't know how many ridings they are running in but the website's forum only has 231 members and only 1 of them is online as I'm writing this.

I really hope this party doesn't gain momentum in the future. I want Canada to remain whole. I don't want to be in a nation with a "common" religion.

posted on Jan, 10 2006 @ 05:18 PM
Thanks for posting this Umbrax, I hadn't heard of them either.

I have heard of the party leader, Doug Christie, many times before. He is fairly infamous in my neck of the woods. A list of some of the more 'famous' clients he has defended:

Ernst Zundel

Ernst Christof Friedrich Zündel (sometimes spelled Zundel or Zuendel) (born April 24, 1939 in Bad Wildbad) is a German Holocaust denier and pamphleteer who was jailed several times for publishing hate literature. In 1977, Zündel founded a small press publishing house called Samisdat Publishers which issued such pamphlets as The Hitler We Loved and Why and Did Six Million Really Die?, both prominent documents of the Holocaust Denial movement. For many years Zündel made his views known from his home in Canada and in 2005, he was deported back to his native Germany and detained in Mannheim prison awaiting trial for Holocaust denial.

Doug Collins

The column that got Collins into the hottest of hot water was a March 1994 essay, "Hollywood Propaganda" (reprinted in the May-June 1994 Journal), that skewered the much-hyped motion picture Schindler's List. Collins referred to it as "Swindler's List" and "hate literature in the form of films." He also wrote that "the Jewish influence is the most powerful in Hollywood," and dismissed the fabled "six million" Holocaust figure as "nonsense."

Terry Long & Jim Keegstra

When anti-Semitic teacher Jim Keegstra got tossed from his classroom in Red Deer in the early 80s for teaching about the "Jewish conspiracy,'' he certainly didn't stop profligating his message.

Visiting him in the garage or at his Eckville home were Aryan Nation leader Terry Long, Douglas Christie, lawyer for almost every major Canadian holocaust denier who's ever ran foul of the law, neo-Nazi Ernst Zundel and various white supremacists from south of the border -- all of whom lent their passions to the the already combustible area.

Rudy Stanko

If ever the anti-cow movement desired a potent figure to illustrate why Americans are ambivalent about livestock grazing on public lands, they appear to have found their poster child with white supremacist-rancher Rudy Stanko.

Not only is the cattle-free crowd abuzz over Mr. Stanko's decision to take his traveling road show of extremism to Wyoming; so, too, are human rights activists, law enforcement officials, and citizens awakening to Stanko's disturbing vision.

"What people need to know is that Rudy Stanko, to his credit, isn't an idiot," says Ken Toole, a Montana legislator and director of the Montana Human Rights Network which has tried to warn communities about Stanko's agenda for several years.

Imre Finte

Imre Finte, Hungarian, was acquitted in 1990 by an Ontario Court of kidnapping and manslaughter of Jews in Hungary in 1944. He was defended by controversial Victoria, British Columbia attorney Doug Christie. The prosecution was on the basis of the 1987 War Crimes legislation which resulted from the findings of the 1985 Deschênes Commission. Finte's acquittal was upheld in 1994 by the Supreme Court of Canada, which imposed a higher standard of proof saying prosecutors had to show that international law as well as Canadian law, had been violated. The 1994 Finte decision made conviction of war criminals extraordinarily difficult, dramatically shaping subsequent Canadian strategy against persons suspected of genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes. In 1995 the government announced it would cease such prosecutions, instead focusing on revocation of citizenship and deportation, often focusing on misleading or fraudulent statements made at the time of immigration. In 1996, immigration officials set up a process of "early detection" through meticulous examination of the requests for visas. In 1998 the government created an interdepartmental group drawn from officials of the of Justice, Immigration and the Canadian Police to coordinate these operations related to the war crimes.

I could go on and on, but I think you get the idea. I also hope that this group doesn't gain any momentum, I would be embarrassed to be from Western Canada if it did.

posted on Jan, 10 2006 @ 05:28 PM
Thanks for that information Duzey. Visiting their website I did get a "WN" feeling.
I wonder if Doug Christie has any relations with David Duke.

By the end of the day this thread may belong in political conspiracies over on ATS.

posted on Jan, 10 2006 @ 06:05 PM
I don't know if he is friendly with Duke, but they definitely share the same ideas.

A funny story:

"Doug Christie has aligned himself so many times with these perverted monsters that he has to be viewed as one himself," Vancouver radio talk-show host Gary Bannerman said back in 1985. Christie sued him and lost. The judge ruled it was fair comment.

This party appears to have grown out of Christie's Western Canada Concept, which is a little scary. Look at some of their ideals:

5. Culture
We believe in development and protection of a genuine national culture true to our existing European heritage and values. Multiculturalism has meant in the end cultural ghettoization, conflict and no culture at all. We can look to the history of our own Native American brothers and see the dangers of unrestricted immigration. To foster tolerance and understanding, unity of culture is essential. Capacity to voluntarily assimilate is a prerequisite to all new immigration. This is essential to avoid cultural and racial conflict.

7. Defense
We believe in a period of compulsory public service to be accomplished by training in search and rescue, reforestation, forest fire fighting and other essential public works organized by government.

9. Immigration
Many people think that we are responsible for poverty in the third world. Although we owe a duty to try to assist where we can, poverty in the third world is not our responsibility. We did not create it and we cannot solve the problems of the third world by importing them in the form of immigration. Our responsibility is to care for and nurture the land entrusted to us and to use wisely the fruits of our endeavors to provide well for future generations. Immigration can result in Western Canada becoming just as crowded as the third world. Immigration policies need to reflect the wishes of Western Canadians, which today in Canada, are ignored.

Interestingly enough, he seems to believe in the NWO and this is his effort to save us. Now we're involving the New World Order forum. (from the same link)

What has all this got to do with Western Canada and our cause? Canada is not a nation. It is an internationalist, socialist experiment in multi-culturalism, bilingualism and mind-control. It is indoctrinating our youth for the new world order and the one world government which will plunder, pollute and destroy our land and make cultureless slaves of us all. This goal of one world government, the ultimate dictatorship of the proletariat is failing in communist countries. At the same time, the experiment is being tried on us in the west by fanatical internationalists and socialists.

On a slightly more personal note:

Doug Christie is currently defending the father of an aquaintance of mine, who is fighting extradition to Italy. Doug Christie likes to make himself out to be a defender of free speech, but the ugly truth is that he is the lawyer of choice for white supremacists and nazi's.

posted on Jan, 10 2006 @ 06:40 PM
Wow. The more I start reading the party website, the more concerned I get. Check out what Christie has posted in his Leader Report (Report 5)section:

I can tell you that I'm making contacts with prominent Republicans in the United States seeking ways that Western Canada could escape the hostile political atmosphere created by Ottawa and it's anti-American policies. The one thing that makes life in Western Canada a possible success immediately is better relations with United States. After all who would be a better neighbor than the United States?

I can't believe this man. One can only hope that these 'prominent Republicans' understand that assisting or advising a separatist group would be construed as a hostile move against Canada.

On the other hand, this should put an end to those accusations that Canada is anti-American.

posted on Jan, 11 2006 @ 01:25 PM
I would love to find out what Republican party members he has been in contact with. Even more importantly I wonder if those Republicans know what kind of creep Doug Christie is.

posted on Jan, 11 2006 @ 05:04 PM
That would be very interesting to know. I don't know if Christie's name would even be recognized outside of Canada.

More Doug Christie clients:

David Irving

In the mid-1980s, Irving began openly associating with neo-Nazi and extremist groups. In the late 1990s, he sued the Holocaust historian Deborah Lipstadt for having listed him as a Holocaust denier in her book Denying the Holocaust. After a much publicised trial, Irving lost the case and was found to be a Holocaust denier by the court. As a result, he suffered a "mortal blow to his reputation" as a historian, according to BBC News.


David Ahenakew

During the speech, he complained about bigotry in Canadian society and accused the media of creating racial conflict. When asked by a reporter to clarify his comments, he said the Holocaust was justified.

"How do you get rid of a disease like that, that's going to take over, that's going to dominate?" he said. "The Jews damn near owned all of Germany prior to the war. That's how Hitler came in. He was going to make damn sure that the Jews didn't take over Germany or Europe.

"That's why he fried six million of those guys, you know. Jews would have owned the God damned world. And look what they're doing. They're killing people in Arab countries."

Wolfgang Droege

Wolfgang Walter Droege (or Dröge) (September 25, 1949 – April 13, 2005) was a Canadian white supremacist, neo-Nazi and founding leader of the Heritage Front.

Droege was born in Forchheim, Germany. His parents and grandparents had been enthusiastic supporters of the Nazi Party, and Julius Streicher was a friend of the family. Droege and his mother moved to Canada in 1962. In 1967, he moved back to Germany to join the military but was rejected due to health reasons. He moved back to Canada and became a Canadian citizen in the early 1970s. Droege became interested in far-right politics and joined an extremist group, the Western Guard, in 1974 at the prompting of Don Andrews and later joined Andrews's Nationalist Party of Canada. He was arrested, charged, and convicted of damage to property and mischief in 1975 after spraying "white power" slogans along the route of the African Liberation Day march in Toronto. In December 1976 he joined the Ku Klux Klan, then led by David Duke, after attending the "International Patriotic Congress" in New Orleans organized by Duke. Droege attempted to start a KKK branch in Toronto and also organized for the Klan in British Columbia where he spread Duke's "one law for all" and "equal rights for everyone" slogans.


Malcolm Ross

Summary: In a unanimous ruling the Supreme Court of Canada upholds the decision of a Board of Inquiry which ruled that the Board of School Trustees, District No. 15 discriminated with respect to a public service because it failed to take appropriate action against a teacher, Malcolm Ross, who made repeated public attacks on Jewish people. David Attis, a Jewish parent, complained in 1988 that Malcolm Ross, a teacher in School District No. 15, publicly made racist and discriminatory comments about Jewish people during his off-duty time, and that this created a "poisoned environment" in the school district, negatively affecting the Jewish children and other minority students. Mr. Ross’s writings and statements communicating his anti-Semitic views included books, letters and interviews with local media. The Board of Inquiry found that, despite mounting complaints about Mr. Ross’s activities between 1978 and 1987, the School Board reprimanded Mr. Ross ineffectively, and, by its almost indifferent response to the complaints and by continuing his employment, it endorsed his out-of-school activities and writings. This resulted in an atmosphere in the school district where anti-Jewish sentiments flourished, where students engaged in anti-Semitic acts, and where Jewish students were subject to a "poisoned environment."

Bill Harcus

B’nai Brith Canada has filed a number of complaints against hate groups, asking the Canadian Human Rights Commission to order a stop to the hate messages. One such action was against Terry Long and the Aryan Nations in Alberta in 1989. Another was against Bill Harcus and the Ku Klux Klan in Manitoba in 1992. Both of these complaints led to orders to stop the use of the telephone to incite hatred. B’nai Brith also intervened in the Liberty Net case in which the Supreme Court ruled that the Commission had authority to stop the use of a call-in telephone line, pending determination of whether its messages breached the ban against the communication of hatred.

Lady Jane Birdwood

Lady Birdwood liked to point out that the orders of medieval kings expelling the Jews from England had never been rescinded, and it was her flagrant anti-Semitism that led to her being convicted in 1991 and 1994 of distributing racialist literature. On the latter occasion, she had posted to every MP her thoughts on the Jewish predilection for drinking the blood of gentile children. She received a two-year conditional discharge.

Paul Fromm

In the 1990s, Fromm spoke on a number of occasions to gatherings of the neo-Nazi Heritage Front, including a celebration of Adolf Hitler's birthday. This led to his being fired in 1994 from his job as a school teacher. A video surfaced which showed him addressing the rally in a speech in which he referred to old-time Canadian fascist John Ross Taylor as a hero. Taylor was one of two Canadian Nazis interned by the government during World War II, the other being his leader Adrien Arcand.

Fromm has also shared a stage with Holocaust denier David Irving, and has organized rallies in support of Ernst Zündel. In 2004, he was associated with David Duke's efforts to unite the far right via the New Orleans Protocol, which seeks to "mainstream our cause."

I'm stopping now because this is kind of depressing. After reading more on his cases, I wouldn't be surprised if these is some connection between him and Duke. Duke's name keeps popping up in conjunction with Christie's clients.

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