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Risks with astral projection?

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posted on Jan, 9 2006 @ 11:23 AM
I've been thinking about trying out Astral projection now for a while, but I still am very reluctant (simply because I'm somewhat of a coward
). It's not that I'm afraid of the experience itself or don't believe in it. It's just that I'm a little scared of what might happen to my body while I'm out wandering the skies, so to speak. So I figure I'd make a post where we can talk about the risks with astral projection for all beginners.

Is it really true that other spirits/entities/whatnot can take hold of your body when you do astral projection?
If it is, am I right to presume there is no way in h-ll to take it back again?

Just a thought.

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posted on Jan, 9 2006 @ 11:28 AM
well, i've heard about that before.

I also read in a book, that other saints or angels or what you may call those positive beings of light, them staying with your body protecting it.

While projecting, isn't there always a guide with you? I don't know.

I'd say be carefull, and when you happen to travel astrally, I guess it must be because times are ready.


posted on Jan, 9 2006 @ 01:33 PM
Yeah, but if I'd try it out, I want to know everything about the dangers first. Of course if there are angels actually caring enough about me to protect me from evil spirits, I wouldn't worry. But again, I would like to be sure of that thing before trying it out (not saying I would actually succeed, lol). Anyway, I don't really feel like spending an eternity as a bodyless soul, so I think I'll just wait a little longer back here in my secure circle of Goodness surrounded by silver crosses and holy water....

posted on Jan, 9 2006 @ 02:30 PM
The thing with possesion is that the person is still there but is doing things differently.The person or victim is having their thoughts and body influenced by another entity.

There are many categories that people use to generally explain different "ghosts and entities" but each one is different having different powers and abilities.I have heard of entire possesions where the original
core of a person is replaced.This takes a very strong entity. Our brains and"souls" are very complex and have many defense mechanics to ward off certain waves of energy.

Now as far as not getting your body back.Possesed people in many cases do not know that they are possesed.In terms of christianity we are basically all possesed by demons tied to the 7 sins.

The point of possessing a person varies depending on the spirit but,many spirits do so to carry out certain means or needs and do so in a way to stay as long as they want.Now if something wants to mess with you it will.Making you depressed or see things whatever.But If a person is strong enough of the mind to astral project planeswalk etc.You should be strong enough to not be taken over.

The point of an exorcism is to shock the soul into realization against the influence of demons with the true word of god.Many exorcisms do not work because the person has almost no connection with god.Or belief in it.Many
people and scientist think that adding or taking away chemical deficiencies and what not is the way to cure people.Its sad that people are to narrow minded and can only believe in certain things like science vs. religion when it is all really part of one thing....exsistence.

In certain views your mind does not leave your body.The physical realm is information percieved as being there and we move within it.Where as others believe that our minds or thinking process is eternal and we recieve the information to create the world around us.When we are OBEing or whatever,We simply are not bound by our physical creations of ourselves.

Now i dont neccessarily believe in any of this i am just giving information.

posted on Jan, 9 2006 @ 03:10 PM
First of all let's understand what Astral Projection really means. By doing this we can see that the numerous misconceptions that make people fear astral projection are only based on the lack of knowledge of what it really is.

The astral refers to the place, plane, or dimension in which our dreams take place. The astral in and of itself however, is an objective place. If we had no dreams we would objectively see the astral, and what it really contains.

When we fall asleep we enter the astral, but unfortunately most of us do so unconsciously. We simply project our subconscious (fantasies, daydreams etc...) into the astral. Since the astral dimension is subconsciouslly affected by thought, any thought you have will affect its matter, or better yet, how you perceive it. These subconscious projections, or dreams, cloud our perception of the astral and we completely lose ourselves in them.

An astral projection then, is a conscious and objective experience in the astral, opposed to an unconscious and subjective one which we call a dream.

An astral projection can be achieved in two ways:

  • By means of a concentration excercise which allows oneself to consciously enter the astral.
  • By realizing that one is dreaming and choosing to dissolve the dream, thereby beginning an astral projection.

    The second way of achieving an astral projection lets us verify that the only thing stopping us from astral projecting at night is our subconscious. By directly experiencing the shift between a dream and an objective astral projection we realize that during the night, whether dreaming or not, we're out of our body, and that astral projection only allows us to be conscious of that fact. Since this is the only difference between a dream and an astral projection (unconscious or conscious), we can clearly see that astral projection does not have any risk, only advantages:

  • Greater awareness of reality.
  • Personal verification of our immortality.
  • Personal development.
  • An increased desire for answers.
  • Obtaining personal answers.
  • Psychological change.
  • Increased respect for life.
  • Increase in knowledge and wisdom.
  • Knowing instead of believing.
  • Increased inner peace.
  • Increased zest for living

    Of course there's no reason to simply believe what I'm saying and accept it as fact,and you don't have to! Anyone can directly experience the shift between a dream and an astral projection. Every night our astral body leaves our physical one and travels the astral dimension. It is our choice if we want to do so unconsciously (dreams), or consciously (astral projection).

    Inverencial Peace,

  • posted on Jan, 9 2006 @ 03:18 PM
    It was interesting read, at the very least. Demons truly scare the livign hell out of me, and possessions as well. Even if I was not afraid of them myself I would not want to put my family through that kind of events. But as you said, one that can do OBE's should be able to fend for himself and not be possessed.

    Still, I'll have to think about this more than once before I begin trying astral projection... But the part with exorcisms intrigue me. If the point is to "shock" somebody and it doesn't work, one should be able to "modify" an exorcism so that it fits that single individual's own beliefs, right?

    Thanks, AkashicWanderer, as well. I posted just about the same time as you, though I missed your message thanks to this #### Mozzilla. It's really interesting with astral projection. Think I'm going to try it on...err...soon...

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    posted on Jan, 9 2006 @ 04:16 PM
    Well my friend belief in a god or higherself .Really in my mind is the manifestation of your own inner strength.

    Where as I said that a person who can do such things can fend for himself.As iI read this I saw how misleading this can be..

    It is hard for me to explain.There are so many points of cause and effect that there is no where to begin.

    To be able to percieve reality in a way to accept what happens from an observer point of view one is in a state of mind to feel and see things.Now I can only talk from a personal point of view as much as try not to.

    We are all succseptable(sp?) to being contacted.The point of being able to understand things is not by building an ability but uncovering it.Personal views taken from other minds is not neccessarily what we are supposed to focus on but our own experience.For me to say to do anything or you can do this if you do that is entirely misleading if you take it for a true fact of experience pertaining to you.

    There are things out there that can crush out your entire exsistence in the flick of an atom.No one that I have ever met could stasnd alone and defeat them.As I said most people do not cause threat to greater or even lesser beings.By meddeling with your state of mind by any means drugs accident self exploration or whatever.You can alter your set state of mind.Sometimes immediately causing strange things to happen.

    Keep in mind we are entering a new age.So expect things to change somewhat.Mabey even drastically.

    posted on Jan, 9 2006 @ 04:37 PM
    a nice read, but akashic , wouldn't it be possible that those psychological, or just all of changes can be misjudged by others, in the means of the proces, and that these changes can last longer than expected.
    Or this just might be the way of life.
    go on

    posted on Dec, 5 2007 @ 01:48 AM
    whenever I can move out of my body, most of the time, I feel like there is a force that will cause me to see something that will harm me, because it's happened before.

    posted on Dec, 12 2007 @ 05:26 AM
    I have to say, like I ve said before...I DO believe Astral Projection, is awareness of your own vast mind..Your own fear keeps you from projection...

    If I said to you:
    "Shall we take a walk through your own mind, my friend?"

    Would you be hesitant?...
    YES! You would...Because its like you're walking through what may be the unknown...

    " Id rather walk through yours first",
    You would probably say

    What do you fear, when you let your mind is clear.......the things nightmares are made of, your nightmares....

    Astral Projection is awareness of YOUR DREAMS they are apparent, they are abhorent...they are so obvious, and oblivious to you ...Its such a personal state, when you lay down to sleep alone in the dark,,,, How COULD you let yourself be so vulnerable? You can't its human nature, thats why they are DREAMS and thats why, we fear conciousness during dream state

    posted on Dec, 12 2007 @ 05:38 AM
    This is an interesting concept which you have opened!! I have done a bit of reading, but most of this phenomenon is connected with my reading on Yoga. All this is possible and maybe more however, my personal opinion is to try this under the lateral stages once you have obtained a good instructor in Yoga.
    It is an art which needs a lot of understanding and patience and a wise head on the shoulder can definately accomplish what you are after, however as I have mentioned caution is the best step and hence recommendating a good master who can assist you.

    Wish you well and good luck in your search.

    With Best Wishes


    posted on Dec, 12 2007 @ 01:12 PM
    It is difficult for me because it (Oobe or astral projection) raises a lot of questions, what is it that is contained in something that goes somewhere?

    When I go to a store I know all the movements because I've been doing them all my life, I can navigate there and think of all the things I need from my physical memory. But how can "I" be inside (or be) a lightbody that moves out of the physical? How will I get back inside, are there retention mechanisms that lock the 2 together and how do they look like? Does it happen automatically or do I have to concentrate really hard?

    Where can I go? Is it like I walk out of something or do I need coordinates first, I can create a field that resembles something I've actually know exists or create something from existing things but how do I go somewhere new?

    Right now I can hear astral sounds and sometimes see entities (rarely). The most difficult thing is I'm experiencing is ghosts/demons and astral entities what seems like they are crossing dimensions around me. There have been many that have tried to overtake me but never succeeded. Replacing a human being at the core is not something that can be done, maybe repressed or heavily influenced (because the people around such a person add to the strenght of the entity). But even a repressed person will suddenly deny the entity entrance (unless in very bad circumstances, suicide for example). Entities can't make you do things unless you've done them before (like violence). So if someone has hit someone else out of free will somewhere in their past, an entity could use that to hit a person when it is overtaking someone.

    I've learned how to deal with entities (or still coping at times, at least I do not fear them) and stable at that and going to try and observe schizophrenics wether or not they have the same problems I had.

    So before you go astral project learn about yourself first. The inside first (your own inner astral world) then the outside (astral dimension). I myself choose to stay inside my astral world and avoid direct contact, just listening and observing (altough I still have difficulties learning to see).

    posted on Dec, 12 2007 @ 09:02 PM
    I say just go for it and stop worrying about it

    posted on Dec, 13 2007 @ 11:12 AM
    sometimes when I am about to have an OOBE, I feel like there is something else in the room that wants to attack me. I have been attacked before but it has never hurt, it's just been psychologically damaging. I find it impossible sometimes to move or speak when the shadows come.

    posted on Dec, 13 2007 @ 11:32 AM
    I can tell you that during my experience, which are quite rare and spontaneous, when you leave your body, many interesting things begin to happen. For one, you will hear lots of strange sounds. Mostly when I begin to get the whirling feeling and begin to detach my consciousness, I hear extremely low bass tones in my ears and sometimes hear a ripping or crumbling sound. Sometimes it even sounds like static, or like you're caught between two AM/FM radio stations.
    When you have fully transferred consciousness to your astral body ( or sometimes referred to as etheric body) you will many times notice that the space you are now in is inhabited by many things!! Its really quite amazing, almost like an ocean filled with creatures. You can see other astral travelers, entities, and other forms of consciousness. There really is no need to be frightened.. these things are all around us all the time. Existing in the same "space" as well! What I have noticed is that its really up to the traveler what kind of experience you have. Those that resonate with beautiful and uplifting things such as myself, always tend to find the most beautiful creatures and entities. However, those that might relate themselves with a more darker aspect, might happen to see entities that one could call "demons" or "devils". Its really all a matter of perception. Nothing is what it seems.
    My best of luck to you in your travels, keep dreaming

    posted on Apr, 24 2008 @ 03:51 PM
    I know this thread is kind of old, but I still wanted to leave a post.

    I have had pretty strong dreams all my life. So when I was younger I started looking into the meanings of them and so on. I eventually discovered a book that said we can "control" our dreams. It was a simple exercise before bed. It said to simply repeat over and over "This is a dream, I can control this dream" (may not be the exact wording but you get the point). Over time I started to notice that I could control my dreams. It been at least 7 or 8 years since the realiztion and now I have almost full conrtol of my dreams. When I reconize that I am dreaming that is.

    I have all ways had a fasination with astral travel. The idea is something I all was thought was "cool". About two years ago my g/f and I were 600 miles apart. She is also interested in psychic phenomena (sp). So she had a psychic draw my astral picture. Now this is before I let her in on my couriosity about AT. This psyhic told her that I have strong astral travel abilites, and that we had met on the astral plane a long time before we met in the phsical world. She also told her that I have knowledege of past lifes, and I astral travel regurally.

    What I wonder is when I am having a nightmare and cant change the situation, but seem to be able to defend myself, is this the result of something trying to pose me? Or is it just the late night taco bell? Most the "nightmares" are of snakes(which I respect snakes, like all deadly animals, but I am not afraid of them). All in all if the dreams I take control of are actually astral projections then I have achieved one of my goals in life, and that makes me happy enough.

    Sorry for the spellign and grammer mistakes. English was never a good topic for me in school.


    posted on Apr, 24 2008 @ 04:32 PM
    (Old thread I know)

    There is always risks in life babeh!

    Ever had a day dream that was so real that you weren't aware of your surroundings? Nothing posses you then, just how nothing will posses your body when you project your mind outside of your body. I really dont think we leave a gap behind when our minds wonder from current reality.

    What if right, taking into account that everyone's brain constructs reality, when we project out we are actually projecting into the reality in between what we experience normally. Could explain the likeness to current realities we share plus the way thoughts rule supreme in the 'astral'.

    I love astral projection threads and I always check them to see if I can learn anything new or if anyone has had experiences like me (none found so far).

    posted on Apr, 24 2008 @ 04:37 PM

    Originally posted by hILB3rT

    I have had pretty strong dreams all my life. So when I was younger I started looking into the meanings of them and so on.
    I eventually discovered a book that said we can "control" our dreams.
    It was a simple exercise before bed.
    It said to simply repeat over and over "This is a dream, I can control this dream"

    i learned the 'being aware of my-own hands' trick...i guess akin to the being-in-control trick... both are implanted suggestions for being Self-Aware in the realm of Lucid Dreaming,
    but i guess it works for AstralProjection too.

    i may be completely in error, and might indeed be unaware of being possessed in the dozen or so remrkable AstralProjections i have done over the years...
    but AP is seperating ones' consciousness/emotional being from the physical body,
    so there is nothing for a demon or evil spirit to attack or attempt to possess... the mind & soul are off in another dimension and the physical body is just so much biological matter..a cut of meat as it were.
    Nothing for a evil spirit to want to inhabit

    I've always placed a protective 'bubble' around my sleeping body...
    to to act as an alarm from roaming evil spirits...but mostly as a defense
    to alert my astral body that other things like burglars (with evil intention) were in my home where the body lay asleep.
    With the real or imagined 'silver cord' being the life-line which would reflexively snap my astral body back into the physical body at any hint of some outside force that was threatning to my physical 'shell' of a body.

    Demons or Evil only seeks to destroy or possess egos/souls/conscious character...not empty shells of bio-mass...
    Whereas, a physical burglar with evil in their heart might, just for the thrill of it, cut a throat or stab & hack a body to bits... & that's the only guard or protective need i ever had in doing my AstralProjection episodes.

    posted on Apr, 24 2008 @ 05:05 PM
    Courtesy of

    Main Entry: astral projection

    Part of Speech: n

    Definition: the act of separating the astral body (spirit or consciousness) from the physical body and its journey into the universe

    Example: Astral Projection is the intentional act of having the spirit leave the body, whereas an out-of-body experience happens involuntarily (such as while dreaming, or in a near-death experience).

    So we are entertaining the idea that you can separate your soul from your body ??

    Wow. I thought I was bad for believing I was Christ ( not any more ).

    Seriously though. Whenever I read/hear someone saying they have had numerous experiences travelling the astral plane, alarm bells ring in my head and I cannot take any of this as truth.

    I have a question for all those astral travellers, Do you go to bed and close your eyes and think up a dream then the dream changes to something else ? Or do you go to bed, close your eyes and are instantly transported to some magical land? I ask this becuase when I go to bed I close my eyes and I think of a situation (as I am 20 they tend to be X rated). Then it'll change without my permission.

    Heres an example of when I was a child. I would be dreaming that I'm about to kiss the girl I really have a crush on. As I embrace her in my arms she changes into an ironing board (dunno what everyone else calls em). And I'd see myself holding the ironing board, about to kiss it and then I would realize it doesn't feel like a girl and I would open my eyes in the dream and notice it was an ironing board.

    So can anyone explain why I was left holding an ironing board ?
    Was this me projecting myself into an existence where ironing boards were the advanced beings we are ?

    Wow this is gonna read like the ramblings of a mad man. But the line between normal and madness is a really fat one. Nothing is black and white except Zebra lol.

    [edit on 24-4-2008 by trilateral]


    posted on Apr, 25 2008 @ 07:05 AM
    Courtesy of daeslife.coo

    Bizarre Experience: astral projection
    Part of Speech: omg

    Definition: the act of finding yourself floating around the bedroom feeling mad surprise that its all actually real.

    Don't know what this "spirit" or "consciousness" is all about but whatever it is you call "me", that's what goes on the journey, however short. And I suppose my bedroom is a part of the universe, but I suggest when looking into "astral projection" that its important to keep it real and state exactly what's going on.

    I get the disbelief totally, heck I've come out of my body a handful of times and still I find it hard to believe people who say they go on proper journeys across the solar system etc.

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