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posted on Apr, 13 2006 @ 08:00 AM
Hi Everyone ;

I have read what you have all read about the fellow who exposed this. As we are inclined by our minds , we see that it could be so farfetched that it could possibly be untrue. Yet the shock of such a thing like that could also be true. Given the data by the poster about all the information , the FACT that it will not be given to the public until 2025 makes me wonder why. . If you read the top left corner it states the date it will be unclassified.

So if this is true, like his father’s classified documents that we will never see as well, how can one be sure with all certainly that we are not led astray by our countries media.
Think, while we enjoy the comforts we have. As you who are reading this sees from your comfortable chair, maybe with coffee, maybe not, what would take you to do something about it. When will we wake up and do something? . Of course we won’t. We are so, should I dare say, blindly sleepwalking in our daily lives that we would not want to upset that sleep. Because we trust our government with out question and this has been programmed into our brains since we where young. Since this is the case , sadly we will go on with our lives until someone else does all the work for us. I know I do not want to disturb my life. I know all of you do not either. So when we do find the truth, we do nothing. This is where we as people fail our country. As we are led to where we will be led and we are the sheep led to slaughter. Many Blessings.

posted on Apr, 15 2006 @ 02:47 PM
actually, there are a couple of things that did strike me as odd about this. please follow for a few.

remember how the dallas coroner stated that the coffin that he placed jfk in was not the one that arrived in bethesda? now, flash forward to current day. just about a month or so before jfk jr's crash, the air force came out and admitted that they had dumped the original casket in which jfk was placed, into the mid atlantic. weighted down so as to sink fast. they said that it was done on request from the family.

jfk jr at the time was publishing george magazine. now suppose when he heard of this, he approaches his uncle teddy and asks him of this. peaking his curiosity he starts to investigate this, and uncovers something. somehow it gets leaked out that he was going to publish it in his magazine.

a month after this diclosure from the air force, jfk jr's plane goes down seemingly in an accident. ( in the same area as flight 800) after a couple of days, we find the plane and bodies. in the course of ONE DAY, they are AUTOPSIED, CREMATED, AND BURIED AT SEA! now my wife is catholic, like the kennedy's and cremation is almost non existent for them.

the best way to cover up a crime on a body is for cremation. when the body is ash, good luck finding stuff.

i am not one of the tin foil hat people, by the way. i was an MP for the navy for four years. i am just going over some stuff from this crash that did seem sort of out of wack, so to speak. when something like this, i can not help at looking at this as a crime scene and motives for such.

posted on Apr, 18 2006 @ 02:59 AM
I've always loved the poetic values of MP's, Policing the police, tehe. Anyway.

If they autopsied the bodies, shouldn't there be photos of the bodies? Of the plane?

Also I recall something about the black-box being missing or out of batteries.

So United 93's plane evidently disinigrated, 272,000 tons of steel, yet the flight recorders were found.

How can a plane just go down at sea and then claim it was destroyed? "Maybe it sunk and they couldn't find it". It's JFK Jr! They would find it if they wanted it. It's not some random plane, but JFK Jr's plane.

Out of batteries? How the hell do you have that happen? The pilot, the maintinees, and some others had to have extreme amnesia, it's not up to ONE person to make sure there are batteries. There's maybe about 5? The pilot, the people who secure the plane, people who clean it up, people who run checks on it, etc. etc.

Both theories fail in my opinion.

posted on May, 8 2006 @ 07:16 PM
Interesting thread. I´m trying to connect George W. Bush to the JFK JR accident, to investigate something I just saw on the JFK thread.

Does anyone have some solid links or proof to his whereabouts the day of the crash? Supposedly he went missing for a couple of days, but there does not seem to be anything in any news archive anywhere.

Anyone remember hearing about this? The crash was July 16, 1999.

Where was George W. Bush?

posted on May, 8 2006 @ 08:22 PM
Well, there is a site called which sells videos linking GHW to the JFK killing and GW to the JFK Jr killing.

Trailer here

"A flight instructor was on board"

"This was a Manchurian Candidate programmed to turn of the fuel valve on final approach, killing all passengers including himself"

"Pentagon dis-information coverup"

More on the Bush-Kennedy links here

posted on Sep, 12 2009 @ 06:48 PM
John F Kennedy Junior Murder & Egyptair 990

by Andy Law » Sun Sep 06, 2009 12:48 am

I was involved in the investigations. One of the perpetrators in both of these tragedies, which were not accidents, was identified. He was a CIA officer from 1974 until the "Halloween Massacre of 1979" when he was laid off, moved to Israel, and went to work for the Mossad, utilizing the right of return to become an Israeli citizen.

The "MO" with EA 990 was drugging and hypnotizing Batouti, the Egyptair 990 copilot, at the Hotel Pennsylvania in NYC, where El Al also stayed. A "manchurian candidate". Although not in the accident report, you can google to find there were 33 high ranking Egyptian Military officers on board, including Generals - returning home from a training excercise.

In the article below, you will surmise that an EMP weapon was used on Kennedy - probably employing microwaves. I am attaching a photo of what it might look like - this is not it. It was probably pitched over the side of the "fishing boat" described below. The fisherman were Israelis, they got away. This was Plan B. Plan A was "MK ULTRA" (as above) on copilot/friend that kennedy invited along but he did did not committ. They discussed the route, date, and time on a tapped phone. The "treatment" gives steps - 1-2-3-4-5- and there is a trigger word or event. The drugs are amnestic so the target has no idea what he is about to do.

The Kennedy records are sealed until 2029 I was told - a gag order of some kind - State Secrets Act perhaps


From Wayne Madsen Report “From Deep Inside The Washington Beltway”

August 12, 2009 -- JFK Jr.'s PlaneCrash Was Originally Treated As Murder Investigation
By Wayne Madsen



posted on Sep, 13 2009 @ 06:05 PM
Would JFK JR be nominated to run instead of Gore.
Would JFK JR then beat Bush.

Gee thats hard to say.
Unless the some one has a bright idea something has to be done.
Some think tank somewhere.

There might be other big ideas and blunders but they escape me for
the moment.

All I remember is that the JFK JR flight had to have a pilot instead
of JFK JR and there is no evidence except a missing log book and
perhaps no verification from authorities.

Also a missing pilot seat.

An N-tap (a map of the flight path taken) did result from the flight an
they only exist if the flight was registered with authorities.
So someone registered the flight.

And the fuel tank was off as an Egypt air plane had at one time.
The mk ultra brigade is thought to have a hand in this conspiracy
as well a few others of course.

ED: Once the pulse stops the engine the 'candidate' pilot shuts
off the gas. No need for a boat with odd looking devices as in
flight beams work on engines as they do on crops and cattle in
any advanced Foo ship or Tesla ship.

[edit on 9/13/2009 by TeslaandLyne]

[edit on 9/13/2009 by TeslaandLyne]

posted on Sep, 13 2009 @ 09:15 PM
Dee's deposition is so authentic I would go so far as to say you can believe every single thing she says about herself and her father.

The cozy connection between CIA, mob, and drugs that she describes as going on for generations is so scary.

Her off handed comment about George Bush, Ollie North, & Governor Bill Clinton meeting at a drug cartel airport in Arkansas is completely chilling.

This lady is so Italian. "They gave me what I wanted when I became a real nudge..." a pricelessly authentic comment. thank you ATS

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