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OP/ED: The mystery of mind control

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posted on Dec, 30 2005 @ 02:33 PM
In Led Zeppelin's Stairway, I think we need to listen again to its reversal.

I thought it said at one point: "The one whos little path would make me sad whos power is Satan"

I listened to it again and it sounds like it says: "...whos power is FAKE."

That is a more reasonable translation

posted on Dec, 30 2005 @ 03:09 PM
I have permission to re-post my information by LiquidationOfDiscrepancy, please note, you can get everything from this thread:

Mind-Control and Programming Research

The Matrix. Mind-Control and Programming

I will attempt to write a paper on the topic of Programming

Programming of the mind has been around for quite a few decades, and is newer than the generally discussed 'mind-control'.

You've heard topics of mind-control and programming such as MKULTRA and other related subjects, I will not be researching this, hoping someone else is more an expert on the topic, instead I will be discussing programming and how it works.

There are many forms of programs out there, nearly everyone has seen the movie (old and new) 'The Manchurian Candidate'. Unfortunately, programming of the mind in these movies is not far from the truth.

In a programmed mind, the term is referred to is a Matrix. (This is where the movie 'The Matrix' comes from, more on that later)

The matrix of the mind is a duplication to that of the oversoul/god-mind level, the elite know this and use it accordingly. The matrix is divided into 2197 possible compartments. This is in the shape of a 13x13x13 cube.

Each compartment is called an Alter', or Sub-personality.


Each alter is programmed to have a function. There are many types of alters, and hopefully I will write about what each of these do.

The most important alters are:

Internal Programmer
Guardian Alters
Sabotage Alters
Ribbon Alters
Suicide Alters
False Core Alters
Front Alters
Back Alters
Family of alters

Internal Programmer
The internal programmer is a portion of the REAL programmer of a person that is programmed into an alter of the victims matrix. It is in charge of the whole matrix, it makes sure things go smoothly, it tells what alters to go in front and when. Its the architect of the matrix in the programmed mind.

Guardian Alters
The Guardian Alters are used to prevent the 'front alter' from going into certain parts of the matrix. That means that if you try to deprogram, the Guardian alters will go 'Nah ah, you can't enter in here, its forbidden'.

Many Guardian Alters are installed in the matrix to prevent a victim from knowing their true program

Sabotage Alters
This is an alter of the mind that sabotages your work if your internal programmer has found that you've been deprogrammed. This can result in lots of things to the individual.

Symptoms of Sabotage
depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts (suicide alter kept ready just in case), paranoia about yourself and others around you (thinking there's no one to help you)

Ribbon Alters
Ribbon Alters are links between alters in the matrix. They are otherwise known as reporting alters. They go to the internal programmer to tell it what the front alter is doing. It is a communication alter between various other alters in the matrix.

Suicide Alters
It becomes a front alter, and you feel suicidal. If you don't fix the issue quickly, it will turn on and you are in deep trouble.

The process this occurs is the front alter tries to do deprogramming. A Guardian alter prevents it from going into certain parts of the matrix. A ribbon alter relays the guardian alter information to the internal programmer. The internal programmer then brings up a sabotage alter, if this doesn't work, the ribbon alter reports back to the internal programmer and the internal programmer then brings up the suicide alter.

False Core
When you reach your 'source' you are said to have fully deprogrammed and reach the core of your personality. However the internal programmer knows that this will eventually occur and brings about a false core in the deprogramming efforts. The false core will make you feel you've succeeded and no longer want to do its deprogramming. That is when the internal programmer has won.

Front Alters
Simply the concious alter that is at the front of the personality. If you are reading this AND you are programmed, your front alter is reading the text.

Back Alters
The alters that are not active, and brought to a front alter when needed.

Family of Alters
A group of similar alters in the matrix used with similar functions and are physically stored in the matrix close together.

Objects and non human/living aspects of the matrix programmed into your mind. Examples of this are castles, houses etc...

This is enough for a first introductory post. I will discuss the movie 'The Matrix' and why its in relation to Programming.

The 3rd post will be about what sorts of programs are out there.

[Information and knowledge from Stewart Swerdlow. 24 hours of DVD's on the topic of Mind-Control and Programming]
How do I know if I'm programmed

Hi everyone, thought i'd post a quick one on the topic of 'how do I know if I'm programmed'.

Some symptoms that relate to programming.

1)Dreams. There are what is called programming dreams, these are controlled via ELF transmissions targetted at a population or individual. You will have a weird dream.
...a) The dreams seem real life like and vivid.
...b) The contents of the dreams gives indications of programming eg..
.......i) Dreaming of Aliens
.......ii) Dreaming of Religious events and or figures
.......iii) Dreaming of yourself in a 3rd person POV, looks like you but a different character in the dream

2) Your beliefs. If you are a heavy believer of aliens, thinking we will be invaded or saved by aliens, this COULD indicate programming. If you believe you are a prophet of god, or believe you will have involvment in the END TIMES, you COULD have programming.

3) Your reactions to movies. If you react a certain way to a particular movie, you COULD be programmed. For example, The Matrix, Manchurian Candidate, Wizard of OZ and Alice in Wonderland are a few.

4) Your reactions to certain words. If you react a certain way to keywords, ie a repititious word repeated 3 times to you and you get a panic attack, or all of a sudden build confidence, you COULD be programmed.
What sorts of programs are there in Programming

The following I will be discussing certain programmes and what they mean to the individual.

Monarch Programming
Monarchs are otherwise known as 'sex slaves'. Some prostitues are monarchs. Others are programmed to perform certain sexual acts during certain events. Others are known as 'Couriers'. (Shapelle Corby for example in Australia who got caught couriering marijuana to bali - she does NOT recall doing it, but could infact have unwillingly participated - This is an opionion)

There are many types of monarchs, both male and female. A monarch during their teen and into their twenties have a charismatic appeal to them, many people are attracted to monarchs.

There are also different levels of Monarchs, from Alpha Monarch to Omega Monarch - and the rest, unfortunately I can't remember off the topc of my head what they are.

End Times Programming
Also a mixture of greenstar programming.

End Times programming is a main category for End Time Scenarious programmed into individuals. Some of these are....

New World Religions Programming
The New World Religion is a religion that mixes many types of sub-religions into one overall world wide relgiion. It will consist of Satanism, Christianity, Kaballah, Catholocism, Buddism and many more - except Islam.

People programmed with this type of programming have certain religious beliefs and will act upon these beliefs to bring in the new world religion. Pope Ratzinger (spell check) Has this type of programming. He is trying to instill a New World Religion.

The Second Coming of Christ scenarious also has to do with New World Religion. Unfortunately its not the christ of the bible, but that of one created by the Elite of the earth. He will claim the NWO to be his new holy empire. People with this type of programming when seeing the 'fake' second christ, will believe it is he! They have an image of his face imbedded in their programmed matrix.

People also with this programming will bring about the rise of the fake anti-christ. The anti-christ will rise from the 'Hapsburg' Illuminati family.

Assassination Programming
Another type of END TIMES programming. Programmed to assissinate. IE Manchurian Candidate.

Greenstar Programming
Greenstar programming is an unbrella project for alien and space related scenarios. It 'has' to do with end times programming but has a classification of its own.

Star Trek Programming
Loving Star Trek (the new ones) may give an indication to this programming. Unfortunately the series has so many programming themes that can trigger and activate viewers for the overall greenstar project.

Star Wars Programming
Just like Star Trek, however it involves triggering by the Star Wars Movies. Star Wars also has indication to New World Religion programming. Will discuss some points about this later.

Stage Alien Invasion Programming
The simple fact in believing in aliens and believing they will come to save us is an indication to this programming. People will try and fascilitate a STAGED invasion (not real). This program was activated in 2003, and is peaking. 2006, you will see many related Alien type series and movies released, War of the Worlds was one to kick it all off. The staged invasion will happen thereafter, but before the staged second coming.

Disney Programming
Programmed with references to The Wizard of OZ and Alice in wonderland.

Both types of programs are related to a 'fake' reality and that of distortion, inside the program matrix. IE, someone may believe the movie the matrix is real, and they are really in a computer simulation. Distortion of reality and thus this type of programming.

Many Disney movies have this type of programming.

Tinkerbell Programming
This type of programming is to slow down the ageing process of individuals. They are older but look really young.
Illuminati in control? How does it work?

The agenda of the elite is very simple. There are about 300,000 active and knowing elite of the planet. How do you turn this figure into controlling the world population of 6 billion???

The answer is also simple. They had to figure out a way to control the masses, and started doing this hundreds of thousands of years ago by introducing religion. Religion is the oldest known form of Mind-Control that exists on this planet. What better way than to make people believe they are doomed to hell for eternity if they do not follow the 'narrow' path that is written for them.

They also figured that religion was going to be outdated, and needed a new form of control, and thus programming of the mind began. Early experimentations began where Reptilian controllers of the planet worked with the elite of the planet to find ways to control the minds of people of earth. The earliest known technological based programming and mind-control began in the early 50's, however radical improvement needed to occur if the elite and reptilian controllers were to succeed in controlling the planet.

Thus began what was called the Montauk Project.

Montauk Project
The Montauk Project started in the 70's and progressed through to the early 80's. It started as an offshoot of Project Rainbow otherwise known as the Philedelphia Experiment. Please read the Philedelphia Experiment Research Thread.

The purpose of the Montauk Project was that to experiment with the following:

Genetic Manipulation
Mind-Control and Programming
Time Travel

All were successful, and most of the goals were completed except it came to a crunch when the Montauk Project was unexpecedly destroyed by 'unknown powers'.

What is the method of control to programmed slaves
There is a chain of command under the elite for programmed slaves.

Illuminati or Elite
programmed slaves

Vast subject. In a nutshell, the people of earth that run the show on planet earth.

These are the actual people that do the programming of the individual. The program is inserted between the ages of 1 to 5 using 'sexual' methods. Its not defined as sex, but because of the energy that can manifest through sexual acts, programming is inserted this way. The programmer inserts a part of his own personality into the programmed slaved otherwise known as the Internal Programmer. Please read above posts what the purpose of the Internet Programmer is.

These are the people who report the progress of the programmed individual to the programmers. If something goes wrong, the programmed individual will be returned for fixing. The controller is known to the family and that of the programmed individual, could be a friend, family member, or person of respect in society.

These are people who are closely tied to the programming individual. They are there to make sure the sleeper doesn't go astray, they 'handle' the situation of sleepers. The oracle in the movie 'The Matrix' is a handler of neo.

Programmed Slave
DOES have the genetics of one of the 13 illuminati families. They ARE related to one of the top 13 in one way or another. Usually the most programmable are the Blonde Hair Blue Eyed. This is because of the way their genetics work. However in recent years, its said that the elite have managed to fully control other genetics.
Deprogramming - is it possible?

Deprogramming, is it possible? Yes it is. However this depends totally on the dedication to the programmed individual.

Observing your thoughts and actions indicate programming, observing your dreams also indicate programming.

Basic Deprogramming Method - MERGER Symbol
What is the Merger Symbol? The merger symbol is an archetype that eminates from the mind of god-mind which means to 'merge' alternates parts of self to a larger part of self. This means merging two or more of the 2197 compartments of the matrix into one compartment.

Notice my avatar? That is the Merger symbol. You visualise that symbol in BROWN (meaning NOW) at the pineal gland. So not between the eyes, but inside the middle of your head. Make sure the background of the symbol is in royal blue.

SEE what comes up. Nothing may come up, or weird irrational thoughts will come up. If you see 'people' they are other alters of your matrix, you place a merger through them. If you see objects, they are contructs. You place a BROWN X through them. This negates the construct.

The more advanced deprogramming methods involve other exercises, however if you feel a sabotage alter, or god forbid a suicide alter showing itself, YOU MUST STOP THE EXERCISE IMMEDIATELY

You MUST go to brown. What that means is putting your whole body in the colour brown, this will GROUND you to the earth. You will also need to put ICE BLUE surrounded by VIOLET around your whole body after you do the brown. This will get rid of depressed feelings. THIS IS A MUST, its very important you do this if the mind wanders.

You should not experience this with the Merger Symbol, it is there to help you. Only with advanced deprogramming.

Advanced Deprogramming Methods
Unfortunately, i cannot go into detail about that here. This is because its a very sensitive topic, and can cause as mentioned before, sabotage or even suicidal alters. All I can say about it, is that the 'names' of the programmes, gives to indication what can be done to deprogram. Read the above posts.

What I can say about deprogramming though, is that to be fully deprogrammed, and to be done really really quickly than doing the above exercises, is that it needs to be done the way it was inserted, and thats sexually. No one really wants to do it this way, so I won't discuss that here.

Any questions, please post in the Paranormal section under the mind-control and programming research thread. Otherwise you can U2U me.

posted on Dec, 30 2005 @ 04:22 PM
I just got back from 5 BSB boards, the response was the same. We as a fanbase believe it was 1. Uninintional by the BSB. 2. We feel the person running the "Wootang" definately NEEDS a life, and has major anti-social/sociopathic issues.

But no one hates the boys or is offically truning against them. I do think mind control does happen in music, but depends when, where, and why. All very simple, want them to shop, make them listen to mid-tempo/slow music and you'll sell your vendor's stuff or your homemade product. In the war in Iraq and the rest of the middle east, the music is used to "insult", scare, and intimadate. So it depends.

posted on Jan, 4 2006 @ 05:37 PM

Originally posted by LiquidationOfDiscrepancy
I am also interested in subliminal messages in music. Or backmasking.

Backmasking is the art of hiding messages in audio by dubbing backwards messages into a recording. Though the use of Backmasking is meant to cause subliminal thought there is no evidence that it does. The proof would lie in whether or not the human mind has the capability to subconsciously understand backwards English.

Backtracking, or backmasking is the form of inserting hidden messages into tracks which can only be consciously heard when played backwards. Most of the time these messages are inserted purposefully, sometimes by accident, some people even believe that the subconscious can actually pick up these messages. But the nature of the backtracked messages in many modern pop songs is so sinister as to leave no doubt to the intentions and affiliations of these singers. The following are examples of such cases where the backward lyrics seem to fit the suggestions:


Such as Queen's song "Another One Bites The Dust"
Another One Bites The Dust Played Foward

Now Listen to this song backwards. Listen carefully.
Another One Bites The Dust- Reverse

I clearly hear "It's fun to smoke marijuana".

Take this comedic example of backmasking from the Simpsons.
Simpson's Song foward

Simpson's Song- Reverse

You can hear "Join the Navy" in a weird tone.

Here is backmasking in a Metallica song (Pretty good song too imo)

Enter Sandman

Reverse- Enter Sandman

You should hear ""I am the snake. I'm the snake. Yeah, the snake!"

Smells like teen Spirit

Smells Like teen Spirit- Reverse

Should say something like ""If there's a wonderous place above us, this constant abuse has caused me to fear my own mother"

Eminem- My name is

My name is- reverse

You should be able to hear ""It's eminem it's eminem it's eminem"

D12 My Band

D12 My band - Reverse

You Should hear "Buy the album now"

One of my favorite songs.
Led Zepplin- Stairway To Heaven

Staiway to heaven Backwards

I will allow you to judge what that song says for yourself. But It sounds like it has "Oh Sweet Satan in it"

Or ""Glory glory to my sweet satan, there was a little child born, it makes me sad, whose power is satan"

I am unsure of what it says backwards.

Pokemon Rap

Pokemon Rap Reverse

It Should say ""I love satan, love satan. I love satan, love satan."

Britney Spears Hit Me Baby one More Time

Hit Me Baby One More Time Reverse

It Should say "Sleep with me, I'm not too young"

Now whether or not if this is true, I am unsure. I am open minded in believing this is very very real in our culture of music. I believe these messages are real and they affect us in so many ways. Makes me wonder, no wonder Britney Spears is so popular.

But besides the point, I am OPEN to ALL ideas, and opinions on this subject.
I may post more music later. Hope you enjoy


[edit on 093131p://666 by LiquidationOfDiscrepancy]

It was revealed in that simpsons show that what the people were saying backwards was join the navy.
The whole episode played around that commercial brainwashing people

posted on Jan, 17 2006 @ 07:52 PM

Originally posted by bsbfan1
I don't believe anyone is lying. No one thinks of BSB, Britney, Nsync, or Christina Aguilera as "perfect" anymore. As far as NSYNC and Britney's backmasked, I'm not surprised. They should know better and should've had more control over their own images and morals at the time those songs were recorded considering the increases in Sexual activity, that was done by most of the tweens and teens at the time.

But Backstreet, though just as bad, have at least tried to improve the most over time. By having intervintions to deal with AJ's drinking and drug habits, and his eventual departure into rehab for 3 hard-sad months. Nick's family and police problems, Howie trying to become "THE NEW Donald Trump", and Kevin & Brian getting married and starting families.

But I do remember seeing the song which BSB is backmasked on it concert, on the Black and Blue tour. I thought he sung it strangely for a Backstreet Song. I could tell the back mask when he preformed it LIVE.

1, Nick was hanging out with Tommy Lee from Montely Crew, who has him now into "playing" with Oujia boards, and whatever santanic activies he's involved in possibly. 2, the producers and sound engineers wanting to "rigged" the CD for "Staying power" so they could get people who hate BSB or pop to buy the album for the back mask material. 3, Nick Carter's mindset, hanging out with people like Howie D(a Pretty Devolut Catholic) and Brian Littrell(a devolut Bapist Christan), and Kevin Richardson;his older cousion(a very openly outspokern Christian) and growing up with them for 12-13 years, could have to think of the world a certain way. Prehapes not against his fans, but sub consciencly stating the obvious.

I think it takes a couple of things to create a "good back mask" for sound engineers and producers. 1, a song which most fans won't notice it live, like a strong, ballad, anthem, or Dance song. Like "Oops! I Did It Again", "Stairway to Heaven", "Show Me The Meaning of Being Lonely",etc.
2, By making the singer sang it a certian way, so that it isn't obvious, unless you've been a fan for so long, or have a fairly long attention span.
3, Unless the artist in question wants to do it. Since all the members of BSB listen to 80's heavy metal/Satanic metal music like KISS. Is the only other question.

I'm sorry, but that's all I can say for now. I'm stil in shock over it.

I don't know why your in shock that manufactered entertainers such as BSB, Christina Aguilara and Brittany Spears would contribute to the oversexing and comercialization of America's youth. These people have no creative say whatsoever in their albums, they do what thier told when thier told by people like Lou Pearlman, Maurice Starr, and a host of other mega managers/producers.
Also you've been about as vauge as possible as to the kind of song that is allegedly a good candidate for backwards masking. An anthem a dance song or a slow song? So any song with a voice in it? Also backwards masking is not real! There was a very famous case in the 1980's where the family of a boy who commited suicide tryed to sue Judas Preist and another family that tried to sue Ozzy Osbourne. In the case of Judas Priest the original multi-track recordings were brought into the courtroom and played and shown to have nothing on them. And as a profesional recording engineer i can safely tell you that there is no secxret technuiqe used to hide messages. If you put something in there backwards you will hear it fowards. More on that in a minute. Also what gives yo the impresion that KISS is Satanic? Most of thier songs are about getting drunk and having sex, what does that have to do with Satan?As far as the Led Zeppelin thing.....I posted this in another threads a while back but it's worth re-posting for all reading this one.Forward playing lyrics:
"If there's a bustle in your hedgerow, don't be alarmed now, it's just a spring clean for the May Queen. Yes there are two paths you can go by, but in the long run there's still time to change the road your on."

Alleged Backwards playing lyrics:
"Oh here's to my sweet Satan. The one whose little path would make me sad, whose power is Satan. He'll give those with him 666, there was a little tool shed where he made us suffer, sad Satan."
Jimmy Page did all the producing and was there for the mixing and mastering of every Zeppelin album. He was a bit of a fanatic about the way the records sounded. Page considered "Stairway to heaven" to be his crowning achievement. There are no bizarre forwards sounds. If it were an extra track it would need to be on the 24 ttrack reel. It would have to be added by the band. The idea that Jimmy Page was using extra tracks to add backwards Satanic messages in the pre-digital recording era is a bit far fetched considering what a rare commodity tracks were at that time. The alleged 'messages" are there as a result of what Robert Plant sings, not any extra tracks. There would be few tracks left to spare. It is well documented that Page recorded three guitar solos and comped together the final one from those takes. That would mean he's used up four tracks right there leaving only 20 tracks. There is no way with a limited number of tracks and mixer channels he would devote a track entirely to backwards messaging. Even if he did use a piece of tape where there was nothing happening at the moment it would only muddle the mix. The alleged 'messages" are there as a result of what Robert Plant sings. The idea thjat Robert Plant spent untold hours trying to come up with a way to talk about Satans tool shed is just stupid.

One thing about Led Zeppelin was they defiantly had some bizarre occult dabblings, but we do not need to play the song backwards to find reference to the occult; there are ample references forwards. In Biblical tradition there is a history of the Devil as Lucifer the Archangel, but also as the angel Jesus Christ gifted to be the celestial composer of music; identifying him as the "Piper". There are several Led Zeppelin songs telling us to heed the pipers call. In “Stairway to Heaven” Plant Sings:
“And it's whispered that soon if we all call the tune
then the piper will lead us to reason.
And a new day will dawn for those who stand long
and the forests will echo with laughter.”
Later he sings:
“Your head is humming and it won't go, in case you don't know,
The piper's calling you to join him,
Dear lady, can you hear the wind blow, and did you know
Your stairway lies on the whispering wind.”
Are they talking about Satan? Maybe, but this connection is far more credible than the backwards tool shed theory. There is also a subtle Aleister Crowley reference in there too when Plant sings:
“If there’s a bustle in your hedgerow, don’t be alarmed now, it’s just a spring clean for the May queen.”
The May queen is a poem of Aleister Crowley’s and I cannot find any other reference to a “May queen” of any kind other than Crowley’s poem. Is this in itself indicative of servitude to the anti-Christ? No, but it does seem to get stranger and stranger the more you dig. It also undermines the theory that the song is the sweet story of a girl with too much money who realizes the errors of her materialistic ways. If you want to make a case that Led Zeppelin had a Satanic agenda thier music fowards is more than enough.

BTW I played "I think I love You" by the Partridge family backwards and it said Mother f*cker shotgun, so what does that mean? It's all a coincidence.

posted on Jan, 17 2006 @ 08:49 PM
I can only be give a vauge response, because I have such little resources to begin with. I understand the whole "mega music biz" against them. It may be a conseqedence or it could be the producers of other albums say for Britney, to make sure in 10 years, people will still buy "Oops!", we don't know how much some of these people know, or if they learned it in college or what-have-you.

As for the Backstreet Boys, since most people are not very aware, the Backstreet Boys have been writing some songs on their albums since the album "Mellinuim" came in 1999. Since they themsleves are "Metal Heads", it's possible they may also use it as a marketing route, they're not as dumb as most celebrities, or as much as VH1 and other networks merged with MTV NETWORKS make them out to be.

Especially, since 3 of them have been writing songs for other cds, and all of them have been producing the music itself for thier last 2 cds as well as "Up and Coming "Pop" artists" including The Veronicas. And you took my imediate reaction response out of context. I'm not just some middle schooler. Jezz!

posted on Apr, 7 2006 @ 10:56 AM
People need to stop and think on things sometimes.

A "Cingular" mind...kind of like a "Singular" mind of the New World Order

I thought I'd share My current assignment for My marketing class with the Business

Administration class I am taking, for an AA Degree with ATS. The very tail end of it, has to

do with New World Order, even though I don't mention it in there, as "New World Order"

I have been a long time customer of Cingular Wireless, for 5 years now, and another 3 years

since it was originally Bellsouth Wireless. While Cingular’s marketing has been all over TV,

the radio, and Internet, it is not the reason I chose this particular brand, in any way, shape,

or form. I was taught, that when you go to choose a product, you do your own research on it,

and only take the advertising and marketing into account for the deals they may offer you

that would be differently from the actual store.

My parents taught me to look into value, versus product quality, versus long term

satisfaction. So, marketing had very little affect on my choices towards it, except when it

came to upgrading my phones and getting new services. Originally…when I signed up for the

phone service I did it because I was tired of having a (it was a Bellsouth pager) pager, and

needed an easier way to be reached. So, I did research on all the phone providers since the

prices were doing a dramatic drop.

I began asking around, with friends, co-workers, and anyone else I ran into that had a cell

phone, and I asked what their opinions were on the different providers, based on what value,

how the service was, what complaints they had about their own, versus what other people

had told them about other providers, among other things. Also, I asked what brought the

product to their attention.

I am not like most people, I do not just see a TV add, or hear a radio commercial, or even

have an e-mail in my junk e-mail, and ooohhh and aaaww…over some silly thing I see. I

generally observe exactly what it is that they are offering, how much it is, and how long the

terms of service are for that product.

Simply said, I chose and became loyal to the brand of “Bellsouth”, because I found out it was

the best out of all the providers out there. All the people I asked, pointed to Bellsouth, since

it had the fewest dropped calls, the best rates, and usually the better phones. I am a man

who only chooses the best for what I want. I see absolutely no reason in wasting a penny of

my money on the second best product, since I work hard and long for that money.

When Bellsouth changed to Cingular Wireless, I actually considered dropping the service

altogether, since it was change and I do not generally like change, at all. Instead of dropping

it like a hot potato, I went and did the same exact thing that I did for Bellsouth with all the

friends, co-workers, and other people who had the “new” provider. Everyone seemed to

agree, that Cingular was the best and I did a little extra research into it myself.

I found out that Cingular just changed their name from Bellsouth, because the company was

growing and changing with the times. This is understandable, as we all must grow and

change with the times. Since I do understand the concept of mass marketing and changing

the way people think, I would also think that they changed to Cingular to make people think,

like a Singular mind. Do you get that? The company wants the people who have a service to

think one way. A “single” mind, for a “single” product.

This is where I stopped the assignment to come over to ATS and post...the rest is what I

added to it for ATS and you...the viewing people of this thread.

If you think about what I put in this, about the "Single Mind" or rather "Cingle Mind" of what

Cingular is pointing's just like all the other things that have been directing us

towards "One Mind" "One Way Of Thinking" and a "New World Order" must think the must not question Authority...this is what the mass

marketing, media, and Government are saying.

I say "My baloney has a first's C O N S P I R A C Y"

I hope you enjoyed this post, as much as I did in typing it for for ATS.
~Evil Grin~

I just came back to add and edit this, from My assignment, as it made Me think of another

aspect of the conspiracy of the New World Order.

"Cingular Wireless could not be in business today, if not for people like you and me buying

their product. I have remained a loyal customer, because of the better services provided, the

better phone, and things like “Cingular Rollover Minutes” where the extra minutes you do not

use, “Rollover” to the next months bill."

Think about that paragraph for a moment...Cingular (the Cingular Mind)...wants you to

"Rollover" your minutes...kind of like the Government wants you to rollover to whatever they


Scary stuff people...very scary stuff.

More to add...

Let's also not forget the "All Over" Network...meaning "It's All should just give up

now...stop fighting the New World Order"

This is towards Mind Control, of course. If you think "One Way...or a Cingular Way...Singular

Way", then you are easier to control.

You won't fight them taking the World over.

You won't stand up and fight.

You won't fight for your rights.

You won't scream conspiracy from the rooftops.

You won't stop them from taking your rights

You won't stop them from taking your guns.

You won't stop them from stealing YOUR US CONSTITUTION.

What's the one word there....YOU.

You can stop it.

You can stop listening to their lies.

You can stop them...period.

Stop being Mind Control...Open Your Eyes.

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posted on May, 14 2006 @ 07:10 PM
I would really like to see some more ideas on this subject.

posted on May, 19 2006 @ 09:59 PM
I propose for your reading pleasure the following article


"In the end the paranoid will start the war and only the paranoid will survive. A war so different than all other wars. The foundation of every war is the domination and controlling of a certain people and it will be no different in the last war. Only it's not about the destruction of the body, but the destruction of the mind. And it's impossible to escape from it.

I believe this article has many disparate parts to the puzzle, good and evil, the matrix and even a touch of man's ultimate reality.

"Remote, invisible,unknowing and undetected, people are being implanted with hypnotic instruction, which cause subtle or profound changes in their behavior."

It deals with implants, the HAARP project in Alaska, Sublimal influence, and the Echelon progrm. Part of the intrigue is that the article is 7 years old, not in dogs age. What is really happening now?

posted on Apr, 6 2007 @ 03:26 PM
ok merger, sorry, but this WAS a good thread that i was reading until you posted. everyone is entitled to their own opinion, i have some that people believe to be strange which i will soon be discussing when i find the boards on psychology, i just made this account on here. i respect you having an opinion, but where in the world did it come from?! reptiles and elite humans trying to take over the world by inventing religion and then deprogramming people...thats crazy talk, seriously. everyone on here was posting opinions on mind control and subliminal subjects and giving at least some form of scientific or other kinds of evidence to support themselves. you tried to make me kill myself by looking at an avatar. which i did not see. i read the terms of service so i know i am not supposed to be abusive, but i do not consider this abusive:after reading your post i thought you had watched the matrix about 50 times in a row and then dropped some acid and wrote down your thoughts. that is all

posted on Jan, 29 2008 @ 11:55 AM
I would love to get this threa more attention. I see psychic's as using a form of mind control also. The reason being here is that they are preying on your vulnerability to their ability to successfully lie to you and feed you bunk in order to direct you where they feel you should go or in order to keep you willingly coming back giving them money.

I have previosuly posted on here about having a friend who is a pscyhic. I have figured out a thing or two about psychic's since then.

posted on Mar, 18 2009 @ 01:26 PM
I would just like to mention that the 'term' 'mind control' might as you suggest have come about 'in the aftermath of the korean war', but the study of it is certainly prior to that.

Mostly from the late 1800s. But in the 30s and 40s hypnosis was being explored very extensively in depth forms. Most all the literature on this has been erased from public availability, save a couple tiny things in so much circulation there was little point, such as Estabrooks' "Hypnosis" (c1946). If you google you will find some summary videos talking about his experiments with creating hypnotic couriers and more.

In the book mentioned he discusses the effort to figure out how to make a loyal soldier kill his commanding officer. (The answer, just fyi, is to figure out on what criteria the soldier would normally be capable of that behavior, eg the officer is definitely a spy for the bad guys or something like that; the answer wasn't to tell him to do something his belief systems went against, but merely to make him believe something (his officer was a spy for the bad guys) that made him willing to go kill the guy.) In that book, humorously, he assures us there's a larger more serious study of all this but not to worry!!--our government is doing it secretly so they have us covered from the uber-scary Nazis everyone was worried about at the time.

Now that advertising billboards can literally 'whisper words into your brain' I'd think the subject would be getting a whole lot more complicated.


posted on Mar, 19 2009 @ 11:56 AM

Originally posted by SpartanKingLeonidas
I see psychic's as using a form of mind control also.

Psychic functioning is accessing information, much like reading a library book. If you're implying some kind of psychic 'control' you might need another word.

The reason being here is that they are preying on your vulnerability to their ability to successfully lie to you and feed you bunk in order to direct you where they feel you should go or in order to keep you willingly coming back giving them money.

The word you are looking for here is not psychics but "frauds".

I have previosuly posted on here about having a friend who is a pscyhic. I have figured out a thing or two about psychic's since then.

I have a friend who claims to be a christian and I could certainly form some opinions about all of them based on his behavior, but fortunately, I understand that just because someone applies a label to themselves, does not make them representative of an entire class of people.

You might consider applying this understanding to your perception about psychics.


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posted on Mar, 19 2009 @ 12:00 PM

Originally posted by E_Pluribus_Unum
In Led Zeppelin's Stairway, I think we need to listen again to its reversal.

I thought it said at one point: "The one whos little path would make me sad whos power is Satan"

I listened to it again and it sounds like it says: "...whos power is FAKE."

That is a more reasonable translation

You all know that in any combination of sounds forward (words), there are going to be some percentage of perceived words or phrases backward as well, right?

If it requires that much effort to 'find' them, I think they are chance-based.


posted on Aug, 26 2011 @ 09:52 AM
Let me start by announcing that I do like gray areas and this isn't the kind of opinion that I can provide links for. It's only a personal opinion. I would never allow my memories to be erased. When it comes to emotional stress and trauma, the memories are stored in cells at a body level of consciousness. I've used a few different alternative healing methods that have brought up past memories and/or defused the stress I was holding about the experience.

Once the stress is gone, the experience is still there, but has as much impact as the sky being blue. The lessons are more easily learned and the memory is just something that happened.

I've had to mention that I've worked at that level to some main stream psychology friends....who thought I must be repressed if I wasn't crying when I talked about the events of the past. To them, that is 'healed', I think. I don't know if they have a model for what I'm doing.

So, although hidden, there are other ways to work with painful memories.
There would be no profit margin for big pharma in my world.......

oops...I don't know how I landed on this thread...sorry for bumping a thread that has been dead for a few years!
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