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australia has some major places

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posted on Apr, 22 2010 @ 03:27 AM
Yup, some people might say that a bank vault, because it is locked must contain secrets about reptilian time travel and multidimensional shape shifting UFO's.

The crude idea of preventing the bank from being robbed of it's money must be an obviously clumsy cover story to hide what is really going on in there.

Sure, even the bank tellers must be android robots from the future, disguised as humans. If you smoke enough good stuff, it all starts to really make some sense why they don't leave the vault door wide open at weekends, when nobody is there.

posted on May, 22 2010 @ 10:29 PM
reply to post by bourbon

Alice Springs is in the middle of nowhere. Sounds really dodgy.

posted on May, 22 2010 @ 10:35 PM
reply to post by rajaten

Never been to Australia have you?

Everywhere is the middle of nowhere here!

posted on May, 22 2010 @ 11:46 PM
reply to post by Chadwickus

lol too true.
You drive an hour out of a city, and theres nothing.

posted on May, 22 2010 @ 11:54 PM
Are you saying that the United States Government has something to do with these hidden places?

posted on May, 23 2010 @ 12:35 AM
reply to post by Garrett Staples

It's no big secret.

The US military has a lot to do with Pine Gap and the Echelon base in Geraldton.

If North Korea, China or anyone in the Asia-Pacific area do something bad, it will be first picked up by these bases.

posted on May, 23 2010 @ 12:54 AM
weather or not this is true, our government, for instance. "I", as an American, do not live a free life. we are in the hands of the US government living how THEY want us to live. although this is kinds irrelevant to the subject i make my point known. So why is it that US has a territory in another country that is an independent one? Also not ours.

posted on May, 23 2010 @ 12:55 AM
And why is it that the US government is always trying to hide and deny everything that goes on? is there something we need to know here besides the existance of ET's

posted on May, 23 2010 @ 04:51 AM
reply to post by Chadwickus

Actually I live in WA mr smartass chadwick. Ever heard of sarcasm or humour? I guess not lol

posted on May, 23 2010 @ 06:14 AM
reply to post by Spica

I remember reading this post back in '03. I'd kill to have a tour through here. Actually, every so often I think about this post you made as it sits in my memory plaguing me. That is my train line and I use that escalator so often.

There are groups of Sydney-siders that go exploring storm water caverns that I wish could find these unused underground "train" tunnels.

Just some photos would keep me satisfied for long periods of time.

Has anyone else ventured into these?

posted on May, 23 2010 @ 08:09 AM

Originally posted by Garrett Staples
And why is it that the US government is always trying to hide and deny everything that goes on? is there something we need to know here besides the existance of ET's

Well, putting aside aliens, a logical explanation would be operational security.
Probably that is the case 9 times out of 10.

posted on May, 23 2010 @ 08:13 AM
reply to post by rajaten

Yes well, sarcasm is sometimes hard to pick...

My mistake.

I'm WA too btw.

posted on Oct, 19 2010 @ 03:21 AM
I've just found an article on the Blue Mountains US D.U.M.B

posted on Nov, 15 2010 @ 11:50 PM
I'm an Aussie who has travelled widely over his homeland, 3 generations of military service in my family behind me on my fathers side and a nice contributing history of engineers on my mothers. and my own 'interesting' life.

I am 'new' to the site as a member, but regularly read posts for amusement whilst looking for genuine information worthy of follow up over the years.

I do find it amusing to think that there are aliens flying around our countryside. Maybe they taught the Australian Aborigines advanced aerodynamics and gave birth to the 'Boomerang' .Do people know that Pharoahs were buried with golden boomerangs? and only the Pharoah and his family were 'allowed to hunt with them? there are Egyptian glyphs carved in stone north of Sydney that I have personally inspected, that tell a tale of an Egyptian prince on a naval expedition, silly fool, he was bitten by a snake and that was the end of that. Of course it has been counter argued that these glyphs are a 'hoax' by university students in the 1930's, only trouble with that is they are written in glyphs that were not translated until the 1970s. But I digress. next it will be our Gympie pyramid and the stone terraces.

So lets see what 'we' have here.

Pine Gap... a joint USAF/NSA communications relay station (to all effects closed) most of the radomes radomes are empty now and photos are available showing that to be the case. It is effectively a eavesdropping station now and telemetry relay, but... ... will no doubt be incorporated into a theatre missile defence warning system in conjunction with not just the United States, but also Japan and South Korea. Those Taepong missile range arcs from North Korea are getting dangerously close to Australia now. It is also the reason why Australian is purchasing 3 Airwarfare Destroyers with the Aegis radar system and an anti ballistic missile capability, the same as in the Japanese Navy who have been testing the same system on their AWD's. Don't know if you guys understand netcentric warfare, but when you have missiles coming in in re-entry at Mach 25, quick exchange of data is cruicial and paramount as in maximum targeting ability in radar coverage. So there is now an ability for the US Navy and other military services, The Japanese and Australians all to rapidly exchange information and 'find' the warships with the best percentage kill shots in directing initial interceptions, if not, then its up to Japan & Korea's Patriot batteries to fire off the 'hail mary' salvos. (I'm sure Taiwan figures in there somewhere, but Australia has no 'treaty obligations' to Taiwan, but our military 'thinkers' are concerned that 'we' will get dragged in by our Treaty with the United States.

Nurrangar, (near Pine Gap) a remmant DEW (Distant Early Warning) site to cover the Indian Ocean, it received information from orbiting satellites during Gulf War 2 (1990)) (Gulf War 1 was Iran-Iraq) of SCUD missle launches that were then relayed to CENTCOM and Continental United States Command Centres. Now closed.

Geraldton 'ECHELON' downlink station in Geraldton (complimented in redundancy with another downlink station in New Zealand) responsible for the 'take' of satellites over North Asia. ECHELON is part of the Five Nations intelligence sharing treaty (which of course the United States chooses to exercise at its 'will) signed up in the 50's between the United States, The United Kingdom, Canada, Australia & New Zealand in which ALL parties agree to share information.

US Naval Station Harold Holt (an Australian Prime Minister) near Esperance in Western Australia operates an ELF transmitter...(a bit of concern this one).. ELF (extremely low frequency) is the only radio signal of a wavelength able to penetrate deep ocean. It is used to communicate with US submarines deployed into the Indian Ocean. The nature of ELF is that it can only carry a few characters per minute so it sends short code group letters, either telling the submarine to surface to deploy conventional radio or make an uplink to a satellite for more detailed messages.... or to receive, alas the code groups to 'launch missles' (hence why it is a bit of a 'problem') (hence this base does constitute a direct threat to Australia as it is part of the United States ability to control nuclear submarines & launch nuclear missiles)

Have any of 'you' watched the movie 'The Falcon & the Snowman' (early Sean Penn as 'Snowman') ? or read Christopher Boyce's book? Christopher Boyce obtained employment with TRX due to 'familiy connections' (his father was retired FBI), the whole focus of the movie, but you have to be switched on to actually notice what it was that caused Boyce to start leaking, and if you watch the movie, freeze it when he is in the teleprinter room and read the teletype message 'they' receive from Pine Gap as a 'mix up' which was meant to go to the NSA. It states CIA concerns about an ELECTED Australian Prime Minister (Gough Whitlam) (after more than a decade of conservative government and with the incoming Labour government on a anti war withdrawal from Vietnam policy) the teletype then gives reference to efforts to infiltrate the Australian Union movement and to de-stabilise the Australian government, this causes Boyce to have a crisis of conscience as why would the United States interfer in the internal politics of a loyal friend & ally, he then enlists the 'help' of a former friend who he was an altar boy with (Sean Penn) in communicating the documents to the USSR via the Mexican Embassy, 'his logic; being that the Soviet Union 'would' publicise it... which is of course not what happened, they wanted to develop him as an asset instead. Most Australians have 'forgotten' this event... Some of us will never forget... ... ...

Okay...other 'bases'

Ever wondered what would happen to a Space Shuttle if it needed to make an emergency descent in this quadrant of the globe?... ... so there are two 'available' diversion runways for the Shuttle here (leave it to you to find them. (lol)

Ever examined the Indian Ocean people... which is the entry ocean to the Persina/Arabian Gulf? A penny for a pound for the person who can name the closest 'Western' naval port to the Persian Gulf? well by crikey, wouldn't you know it, looks like Perth in Western Australia to me (unless you think Saudi is your 'friend'...) maybe thats why nearly all US naval deployments to the Gulf have a stop off in Perth, and also we have a live fire range that the carrier pilots can drop some of the exploding stuff on for some practice before deploying.

Now dont forget Australia is a 'mining nation' there are plenty of huge underground mine sites in Australia, and I mean plenty and huge that would make a mockery of anything you think the military industrial complex 'has' constructed and can quite easily be approproaited by the government in 'time of need'

How many of you know Sydney Harbour well. Ever heard of the Captain Cook graving dockyard? it is the largest dry dock in the Southern Hemisphere complimented with a Hammerhead Crane with a dead lift of 500 tonnes (ie it can lift and repair the entire elevator into or out of a US Carrier (it was originally funded by the United Kingdom as part of the Empire Defence Scheme in the 1930's as a 'back up' for Singapore, designed to be able to dry dock a British battleship and 'deadlift' out entire turret assemblies to repair battle damage. It IS a prime target because of its ability to service the US Navy.

I also note a lack of mention of Jindalee OTHR sites (another you beaut Aussie invention) which enables us to defend our 'airspace' without need for airborne AWACS (although we have recently acquired some AWAC aircraft but these are more for use outside our own national airspace.

I can't be bothered locating links for Jindalee and the aerial photographs, Its impresive, kilometres of wires strung out, it 'bounces a radar signal off the ionsphere 'tuned' with complex mathematics to be able to have a 'peek' at parts of the world in our area, the signal reflects back up and down to the receivers. On a good day you can count all the ships in the Indonesian archipelgo or 'see' as far as the Koreaan penisular (A cheap version was sold to the United States in the 80's as part of trying to build a radar picket line to stop drug smugglers operated by the US Coast Guard, but they settled on airborne radars deployed by aerostats (tethered blimps)

I have read of Salsbury in South Australia mentioned a few times. Salsbury was an a 'British Empire' alternative'. Not widely known, but availbe for the earnest digger to find, was that a duplicate to 'Colussus' was manufactured by the British and installed at Salsbury. (Colussus the orginal Turing designed number cruncher used to break into Nazi Enigma codes) When the UK weapons establishment 'moved' to Australia for Atomic Weapons and Missles such as Blue Streak, they opearted out of Salsbury but then tranferred to Woomera and Maralinga for 'tests'.

I also 'know' a tale about 2 missing truckloads of documents the Brits are still howling about of captured Nazi & their own research tech that they brought out, but got 'lost' in a movement convoy

Now I know the United States are all excited about their Global Hawk and predator drones (know about the Global Hawk flight from the United States across the Pacific to land in Australia? during testing of capabilities?

Doesnt impress me, I was impressed by Jindavink (pintjanjarra for 'the hunted one'),

we 'gave' the United States, Sweden and the United Kingdom over 500 of them during the 50's and early 60's as 'target drones'. A fully robotic aircraft, an early attempt mind you, but made still the same. They were 'used' as target drones, something for pilots to practice intercepting and for live fire missle launches. The United States chose to go down the path of kitting out surplus aircraft as 'target drones' such as the QF-4 Phantom etc for pilot and missle training.

Also think you guys need to do a crash course in Australian aboriginal languages (good luck with that, there were 500 tribes lol!)

Anybody want to buy a Nulka? Aboriginal for 'be quick') Nice little earner for us this one, a hovering rocket robot decoy.

From wiki "As of July 2007 Nulka had been fitted to 100 Australian, Canadian and United States warships and over 700 decoys had been produced. At this time it was expected that the system would be fitted to an additional 50 United States warships as well as Australia's future destroyers. This made the system Australia's most successful defence export" "It has a unique design in that it hovers in mid air while seducing the incoming anti-ship missile."

and of course thats the 'export version' lol. United states doesnt want to give us the top code for the F-35, well two can play that game.

(goes off into Aboriginal trance and 'conjures up', Malkara (shield) Woomera (spearthrower) Ikara (throwing stick) Pika (to fly) Jindivik (hunted one). I'm a great scrabble player. Have sheets and sheets of Australian Aboriginal words, play regularly, couple of times week, with the missus and another dear friend. They just keep refusing to allow me to do any Aboriginal words... Kangaroo (I don't know) yep thats what that that word means, when Captain Cook asked the 'natives' what those hopping things were they responded 'Kangaroo'. what they were really trying to say was don't know what the hell your saying you are speaking gibberish.
Watch out if our troops ever decide to activate their Bunyips (mythical beast that lives in billabongs and waterholes) you can kiss your communications goodbye and back to mano el mano bring it on stuff.

I dont know if you guys are familiar with the pre World War 1 "dreadnought race". When Jackie Fisher designed the first 'true dreadnought', single calibre cannon turrets, central fire control, armoured citadel, steam turbines, he did 2 things. He gave the Royal Navy a 'quantum leap' in technology... he also did another thing, made redundant in one sweep every warship in the Royal Navy and as every major power embarked on building their own dreadnoughts placed Great Britain and the Royal Navy in a position of having to finance a massive Naval Program as Imperial Germany undertook its own 'dreadnought build up... what has that got to do with anything?

Well if some 'bright spark' comes up with a massive leap forward, such as a revolutionary warship design or say, robotic aircraft and you are a minor power or like the United Kingdom bankrupt from World War 2, what are you going to do? wheel it around for everyone to see and start another arms race making all your 'conventional forces redundant?, or perhaps go, whoops, lets roll that thing back in the hanger and have a good old tinker with and watch and observe how long it takes for everybody else to play 'catch up'?... ... ...

Any readers here familiar with the United Kingdom Defence White Paper of 1957? Commonwealth White papers are briefing documents for future policy. (I do advise readers to look it up, even in its simplist wiki form) the main thrust of this White Paper was that all MANNED aircraft are redundant and saw the immediate cancelling of many British aircraft designs, about the only thing that survived the 'chop' was the Harrier program, it was able to 'squeak' in because the White paper also identified that all airfields would be targeted. The UK 'saw' the future as missiles and UNMANNED aircraft... ... ...

Now I wonder what gave the United Kingdom the 'confidence' in 1957 to state that manned aircraft are 'redundant'.

It would not of course have been 'Jindivinks' doing their 'robot dances' over the Australian outback within the prohibited zones?... ... ...

Even today, (and readers may now guess I just didn't come down in the last rainstorm) if the United States wants to send its robot Predator or Global Hawk into my skies, I will bet my kingdom, a Jindivink 'launched' even an 'old' (lol) 1950's model would 'blast it out of the sky'...Jindiviks are highly maneourvable, they were designed to be, for jet pilots to learn how to intercept and SAM operators to 'engage'... ... not a basically propellor powered glider like the Predator or Hawk.... as for 'what' a modern Jindivik looks and performs like?... ... ...

Oh my god, those crazy Australians you are saying, they must smoke some good weed as well as drink strong beer. Is someone suggesting we 'have' a working operational over the horizon radar?, is someone suggesting we have developed an 'air force' of 'drone aircraft', hovering rocket decoys?.

Don't you also enjoy our employment of the Queens English. The 'new boys' on the block, USAF Predators are 'pilotless aircraft'...robots (ooooh ahhh scary scary military robots), for 50 years in Australia we have been manufacturing . target drones. Now that sounds nice and friendly doesn't it?, I guess we could have called them remote piloted aircraft, why bother?, we'd probably lose funding for our Air Force, especially after 50 years of development. Lets just call them highly maneuvouable target drones and play quietly in our own little sand pit

Just gotta love those Omni Stations, stick ya GPS where the sun doesnt shine, under total control of the United States with the ability to 'shift' accuracy, after all, all the civilians are receiving is the basic uncrypted time signal and getting a free parasital ride on military system... Bit of power the United States has in those GPS satellites.

But how come some nations did not dismantle their Omni radio beacons? which were used prior to GPS? using simple triangulation formulas of known transmitter locations.

Well perhaps my (woops) someone's Air Force of drone aircraft need some nice navigation points to place themselves in 'parking patterns' as as Over the Horizon Radar operators desiginate 'targets' for interception.

As for the threads concerning Australia 'possessing nuclear weapons' well yes and no and maybe. Australia is a zero time nuclear weapon nation according to most 'credible' sources...what that means is, given the 'order' it would take 'zero-time' to construct one.... Going to miss those F-111's one did its final flyover my town last week.

Really going to miss them... did any reader check if Australian F-111 were delivered with the nuclear weapons strike package delivery system?..... .... (last time I checked it was a 'black box' add on) and oh baby really going to miss those sneaky G models 'we' were able to rope in as 'spares' as opposed to our C models. The G Model being part of the old United States Strategic Air Command (ie a low level nuclear penetration bomber) The United States Air Force wept when Reagan signed them away in a deal with Gorbachev... part of the deal that they had to be lined up Davis Air Force Base in the boneyard and 'gulliotined' literally, chopped in half by a huge machine, so the Soviets could 'count them' with the satellites as part of a treaty. Thank god some smart USAF type remembered 'us' and gave us the chance to have a look see and a bargain basement firesale price of $1million each, and yes thank you, 'we' will take a few of those G model nuclear attack models to 'play with'. gotta love you Yanks, nice bit of kit to play with, and to give us the 'G' model, well that was just downright thanks very much, so this is what you intended to use to sneak into the USSR at low level?. Before the USAF thought 'stealth' was an 'option' Crikey fellas, all 'stealth' does is leave a nice 'hole' in the image of our Over the Horizon Radar where something is 'meant to be'. Back to the drawing board ya good old boys. Faceting aircraft to stop radar echoes returning to the point of origin of the transmitter 'will' work, for the rest of the worlds radar systems. Easiest way to defeat that technology, seperate your transmitter & receiver, tune it in, and wait. You bet your $1 billion a shot B-2 Spirits and I raise you 3 $680 million Jindalee OTHR backscatter radars with seperate transmitters and receivers.

I also read about 'planes' being taken to a Central Storage site in Australia and someone making a comment about a Naval ship escorting them, the posters thread was the aircraft were from HMAS Albatross, a naval land station.

Yep... we do have our aircraft boneyard in a desert. Good place to store aircraft. Not much left there though, first the Israelis had a good pick over the pile, then later the Pakistanis.

Australian had a fleet of French manufactured (although of course we manufactured them under liscence) Mirage IIIO (the O standing for Ostralia, Mr Dassault wasn't a good speller !), French Mirages??? well why not? as said, Britain in 1957 cancelled its aircraft design programs, and the USAF had gone a bit silly thinking it would be done with radars and missiles beyond visual range (and got carved up by Mig-15,s and Mig-19's in Vietnam)

When the French eventually embargoed the Israelis, they came a knocking here for spares, same with the Pakistanis.

We had completed serial production of F-86 Sabres locally, CAC/Avon Sabre, Rollys-Royce engine and 20mm cannon instead of useless US .50 cal,

Prior to that we had been operating British Gloster Meteors and de Haviland Vampires & Sea Venoms.

So why not have a look-see at what the French are making as well and add that to our 'knowledge base'.

The Mirages seemed to be doing okay against MiG's in the Middle East whereas United States designs were finding it hard going in Vietnam. So why not have a look at latest in French aviation technology as well?

Well we are a nation founded by convict thieves, do you expect anything less? (laughs to self hysterically)

Next someone is going to come after us for our 'non existant' chemical weapons stockpile.

I'm from an old Australian familiy, The very First Act of our Federal Parliament was 'The White Australia Policy'. (created out of a fear of Chinese gold miners)...

Prior to World war 2 and all the new 'blow ins', we were a VERY small population, on a large landmass and to our immediate North are the teeming millions now becoming millions.

A real problem for our defence planners. Of course we have the Soviet Scorched earth option of defence (or did), during World War 2 our nation was filled with stores of chemical munitions, and I mean a lot. Geneva & Hauge conventions be damned, Step on my 'homeland' and watch the crap hit the fan... ...

Now in my time I also received formal training in geology, (any Australian who ventures out into our unexplored areas should at least have the basic knowledge to know if he is standing on a hill of gold).

Love your threads about transcontinental tunnels. Dig away you rats. Australia is sitting on its own tectonic plate shielded by the molten lava fissure zones surrounding that plate, as well as drop offs from our continental shelf to deep ocean to the boundaries of that tectonic plate. (I do hope readers understand basic Wegnerian plate tectonic theory) Whoever is 'digging' will want to go very deep to somehow get into our tectonic plate, so deep they are going to be in the molten mantle anyway. Have any of you been in an underground mine? every 100 metres you go down you get a one degree celcius temperature rise, I find it difficult to believe that you can find a material on earth able to bore through molten mantle as well as pressures build up, why after all, thats why its is molten, all known elements are molten... but of course, they are employing alien tech.... I forgot. well let them dig and tunnel away anyway, what are they going to do, emerge into a desert anyway and they are welcome to it, if they can find anything useful to do with our deserts, they would probably be more welcome than all the current blow-in immigrants who think the some total of existence is to re-invent the wheel and find a way to rip off 'dumb, lazy, ignorant Australians' (*said very tongue in cheek)

Love ya work though... keep it up, there are always good convict theives always looking for good loot to add to the pile...

Oh and I'm not anti United States per se. My lady is a naturalised Australian, ex USAF... ... ... mind you she is one of the smart ones, saw the movie Gallipolli and said to herself she wants to find a country with 'men like that', poor woman, ended up with me. (lol) To further add insult to injury, after requesting posting to Australia (she was communications trained & Pine Gap and the other nice places were available to her) instead the USAF said her first posting could be to a nice set of antennas located in Turkey in the mountains on the former Soviet border which gave almost line of sight into where the Sovs were doing their rocket and space program.... tsk tsk, Turkey was Australia's opponent at Gallipoli in World War 1.

Your loss. My gain.

Of course we have our ultimate superweapons anyway. Just rope in some of Indigenous Aboriginals and employ them in a 'point the bone' ceremony and sent the emu feather footwear Kaditcha men in. Or have them sit in a circle and start up their didjareiedoos and 'modify' the weather and create cyclones/hurricanes and other what nots with their harmonic disturbances... ... ...

Now after I've wasted my time with 20 posts to be able to start a thread. Would like to see one get up and running about the 1988 'UFO' incident on the Nullabor Plain.

By happenstance I was travelling across to Western Australia when 'it' occurred and got 'stuck' inside the Royal Australian Air Force Military Police cordon. When i mean stuck, i mean I was in the stream of traffic inside the barriers placed at either end as 'investigators' went to work, only hours after the event. Was able to stop/was stopped, saw the car shoved off the road and have a great look at the tyre tracks of the car. Dragged or skidded along for about 50-75 metres, dense rubber tyre marks (driver obviously had full brakes on) big gap of 75-100metres then multiple spins of rubber from car spun repeatedly on same spot, then further straight rubber marks and scorched car.

Now not being able to 'pierce the wound in Christs side' like the doubting Thomas, was still impressed. Wanted to dust off my old maps with the deliniations of the Anglo-Australian test ranges and see if someone/thing had gone off course, or even got lost and did a flyover to use the Nullabor Highway to find a navigation point, perhaps some smart alec jet jockey outside the range wanting to play some fun & games, It was the spinning tyre tracks that had me baffled though. The driver and family reported a light, hovered over their vehicle, lifted them, spun them, then dragged them along. I could, by a stretch of the imagination visualise perhaps being caught perhaps in some clown of a jet jockey doing a low level pass for a navigation reference then igniting afterburners and going vertical for a vortex effect (but as said big stretch of the imagination) but that would not explain the second set of long skid marks.

So it was dust off the old Stan Deyo book for a re-read, discounting his Atlantis and alien 'out there stuff'...

Maybe someone out on the range IS fiddling around with some electromagnetic propulsion system (I hate the term anti-grav). and it got 'lost', I could, by a stretch of the imagination, see how a hunk of metal such as car, getting caught in some electromagnetic field being responsible fro being dragged and spun leaving the tyre tracks I saw.

Anyways as said, I more scared of yowies,bunyips and Aboriginal sorcerers than any aliens. They have beeen here for a VERY long time, their is rock art to the North of me dated at 140,000 years. and not crap carbon dating, but rubidium strontium dating. Think I am going to find more things of interest there than looking for lost books from the Library of Alexandria or looking for repositries in the Sphinx guided by Caseys psychic hunting.

Oh crikey, what am I going to do now? I am too far away from the Snowy Mountains Scheme....? when the aliens emerge to make me a slave ?

Oh well, this will have to do in the short term

from wiki "The area is situated within the McBride volcanic province and contains 164 volcanoes, vents and cones. The lava tubes are regarded amongst the largest and longest on the planet. The word Undara is aboriginal in origin and means a long way.[2]"

Just up the road...

posted on Nov, 16 2010 @ 05:16 AM
reply to post by BLV12

To the American who thinks Australians 'were' not there during Iraqi Freedom based upon no deaths. Wow! what a hell of a way to judge if a nations military units were 'in country', by a body count of your own dead !!!. And wanting 'links' to prove deaths as 'evidence' ???

Well I tell you what, there are a lot of greatful Brits that our Army managed to convince our Navy to instal a 5 inch cannon on the Anzac class frigates, (for fire support) every other navy seems obsessed with missiles. And no way the US Navy was sending in an Iowa class battleship that close and into the minefield. from wiki
"The second assault was preceded by artillery and naval bombardment, the artillery fire came from three British and one US artillery batteries positioned on Bubiyan Island, the naval component from HMS Richmond, HMS Marlborough, HMS Chatham and HMAS Anzac[1]."

and its 5 inch cannon was much more effective than the British warships popguns designed for North Atlantic Cold War missile duels. and minefields be dammned, their are marines ashore needing some serious accurate ordanance from a 127mm cannon, not a 76mm pop gun

Now looking hard for some other links, but we do in Australia like to protect the identity of our troops tactics and operations.

Ever heard of the Iraqi H2 Air Force Complex? (al Asad Airbase and its functions (probably not, to the casual observer just a large airfield complex)

Schwartzkopf and De Belierre (UK commander) in Desert Storm 'tasked' the Englsih SAS with doing the SCUD hunts... and stuffed up totally, patrols were inserted behind the lines to report launchers on the roads etc and to call in air strikes. especially when the SCUDS were raining down on Israel. The Iraqis werent that silly, they had been doing this against Iran for years and had some good techniques worked out. SCUD launchers disquised as buses, hiding them under overpasses etc. eventually because of the fragility of the coalition in 1990, especially with a huge Egyptian Army force, the hits on Israel were threatening to break the coalition. In the end 70% of all air sorties were tasked to the SCUD hunt.

Now what happened in Iraqi Freedom?, when those first cruise missiles went in with info that Saddam was in a certain location 'we' went for a decapitation strike to 'get him', but failed, the timetable had to be advanced, and the invasion was 'on'...

Then what? a few SCUD's launched hitting Kuwait and Saudi... ... then nothing. No more. No lingering pop offs like 1990. they just stopped. Now how did that happen? What went down?

SCUD's are just scaled up V-2's really, they need to be 'surveyed in' on a launch site, zeroed in, then launched, many launch sites had been 'surveyed in' for deployment for the mobile launchers.and after firing the erector launchers have to return for a reload somewhere and someone has to give them the orders to roll... ... ...

Well the English SAS had their turn, the USAF had their turn all in 1990. Didn't seem to be effective. One SCUD into Israel 'could' have turned it all around the second time as 'we' had no real Arabic nation partners.

Well a little birdie, you know those little birdies, they are just so reliable... ... ...

It would appear some group of heroes... ... ... launched into the middle of H2 and did a mad insane attack on the command and control bunker controlling SCUD launches... ... ...

Now as to the identity of these 'heroes'... ... .. well go check you medal list of American awards, you wont find any for taking out H2, or for the Brits.

Nice present afterwards of a fully intact airbase complete with aircraft and 3 million rounds of munitions to the 'victor'... ...

Once Baghdad Airport was secured, who then operated the air traffic control system? this and weep oh person who posted and thinks Australians were not there based upon not having a death.

Read away about the 'captured booty' at Al Asad...

Just because they didnt leave a body trail doesnt mean they weren't there.

Ask the Japanese if there were any Australians in Iraq and if they had any combat deaths?

Wow, you say there were Japanese military units in Iraq?, thought their constitution prohibited military deployment outside of their own nation?

So they sent an Engineering force of non combat troops, but someone had to be tasked with defending them?

Not the first time this has happened. We teamed up with them in Cambodia as a UN mission which was their first deployment external of their country since WW2. take note, we had to deploy to defend the Japanese engineering tropps because of the Dutch troops withdrawal. (In the same way they packed their kit and bugged out of Iraq leaving Australians on their own... useless troops, we sold them some Bushmasters to give them IED protection... Dutch (Don't Understand The Concept Here, was the joke amongst our troops)

As for Afghanistan, what about Operation Annaconda?

read that Mr American who reckons because we dont leave a body count of our own dead doesnt mean we werent there. (This was before we starting losing soldiers to IED's and had no casulties and were going straight for the throat to get Bin Laden). Take note of the Australian SAS liasion soldier having to run around and give American troops physical kicks in the backsides to stop them firing on OUR and their own troops, guess you really need to see a dead Australian to 'prove' he was there???

from wiki "The initial contact came from the lead American section who opened up on 5 or so men standing exposed and waving orange marker panels on the Western ridge line. Realising that it was a friendly special forces patrol, Australian Signalman "Jock" Wallace and WO2 Clint Palmer ran forward and made the Americans cease fire by shouting at and kicking them. The Australian was embedded with the Americans in order to prevent friendly fire incidents with an Australian SAS team that was operating in the area;[5] however the patrol on the ridge was a Mako SEAL team, who literally dived for cover as the tracer fire arced across the valley and bounced off rocks all around them. This team then withdrew which left the western ridge open to be exploited by the AQ later that same day."

(wow good result there fellas, shoot your own guys off a hill top to allow the enemy to re-occupy it)

or from same wiki "The Australian Special Air Service Regiment also provided in-depth operational intelligence, and Signalman Martin "Jock" Wallace of the Australian 152nd Signals Squadron (signals support for the Australian Special Air Service) was awarded the Australian Medal for Gallantry. When the 10th Mountain Division mortar team was taken out by combatant's mortar. He put himself in harm's way, moving under fire, collecting some of these wounded by dragging them into the creek bed, then dressing their wounds along with another SASR liaison officer."

or same wiki " Australian SASR soldiers had infiltrated the area prior to the first helicopter crash undetected as part of a long range reconnaissance mission when the Chinooks went down. They remained undetected in an observation post through the firefight and proved critical in co-ordinating multiple Coalition air strikes to prevent the al-Qaeda fighters from overrunning the downed aircraft, to devastating effect. This, plus the actions of the two SASR officers working with the 10th Mountain Division, earned the commander of the Australian SASR force in Afghanistan the US Bronze Star for his unit's outstanding contribution to the war on terrorism."

" Australian soldiers had utilised 'virtual reality' style software for mission rehearsal prior to insertion, and this contributed significantly to their situational awareness in the darkness and poor weather conditions. This was the first time this capability had been used for a live combat mission"

I guess they weren't really there after all and it was all a Virtual Reality 'trick'. Must have been a bit sobering for those US troops to realise Aussie Special Forces had already mission rehearsed the whole thing employing VR technologies and could walk around like it was their own back yard....

Now where are these aliens...

posted on Nov, 16 2010 @ 05:23 AM
Another one for the American who reckons Australians were not in Iraq because there were no Australian deaths...

"An Australian flag now flies over al-Asad air base. Once home of the Iraqi air force, its capture last week effectively marks the end of what were probably the most intense operations in the history of this SAS regiment. And also, the Australians say, a new beginning for Iraq.

The 57 Soviet-made MiGs, helicopters, anti-aircraft batteries, helicopters and 7.9 million kilograms of munitions and ordnance captured will form the basis of the "free Iraq air force" and it is a matter of considerable pride for men who never doubted the value of their mission.

According to the regiment's operational commander, who cannot be named or photographed and is surprisingly young, probably in his late 20s or early 30s,"

"In their final act of the campaign, the entire squadron - who usually operate in patrols of five of six members that are widely dispersed - came together with commandos from the 4RAR battalion to take the al-Asad airfield.

Australian F/A18 bombers helped with air support. "It was nice to listen to an Aussie voice on the other end of the radio," the commander says. "It was even better when they told us we had won the World Cup."

posted on Nov, 16 2010 @ 04:54 PM
@wildforestlad STARS ALL ROUND mate !

posted on Nov, 16 2010 @ 08:13 PM

Originally posted by Spica
Australia's Kojarena ground station (echelon)
Belconnen near/in Canberra

That one was torn down a couple of years ago.

cheers mob

PS I'll put up my pine gap cap pic later

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posted on Nov, 19 2010 @ 02:41 PM

posted on Nov, 21 2010 @ 05:45 AM
reply to post by Wildforestlad

maybe thats why nearly all US naval deployments to the Gulf have a stop off in Perth,

Love ya post mate
, but that above comment is actual bullsh&t, i live in perth and i rec fish a lot ,i know what comes into my city, ask me what has come in since the gulf war, no more then the other 30 years i have fished out of Perth

I willl read your post further thanks for the input, its worthy,


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