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australia has some major places

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posted on Aug, 26 2009 @ 06:31 AM
A friend of a friend works for the Department Of Defence. Showed me his card and everything.

I asked him about Pine Gap and he said he has been there and "its a very nice facility". Didnt say much about it though, everytime he would say "I can neither confirm nor deny".

When I mentioned the subject of there possibly being nukes here, he laughed really hard and said he can't wait to mention that to his collegues.

posted on Aug, 27 2009 @ 12:20 AM
See if you can milk anything out of him. Just a confirmation that either what they say it's for is what it's for, or it's only partly the truth, for example.
Although I doubt he will reveal anything, and anything said might even just be disinfo.

posted on Aug, 27 2009 @ 12:57 AM
Few interesting stories around here. Although the original Thread seemed kind of daft...

I too live in Australia, and it would be cool to discover some decent conspiracies lying within Australian borders.

Yes, some real nice theories and stories... especially the guy who talked about going underneath sydney and what not. What a lovely story. I wish I could do the same one day.

Thanks for sharing everyone

posted on Aug, 27 2009 @ 03:13 AM
My understanding of the US/Australian agreement is that Australians make up half of the staff at Pine Gap, but are not allowed into the inner secure area. The Aussies mainly provide perimeter security and services to the US base. But we make up half the staff. The unimportant half.

It really does not matter. America supplies us with continuous up to date intelligence, and it costs us nothing. Americans pay for all the technology that we could never afford, and we get the results for free.

That is beneficial to both the US and Australia, and will probably continue, because it is vital to both nations.

But in no way does it obligate Australia to any military action.

If some lunatic President decides to attack or invade some third world nation, and lose yet another war, that has absolutely nothing at all to do with Australia,
We are not military allies, we just trade intelligence information. There is a vast difference. Canada, New Zealand and Australia quit being a puppet of the US forty years ago.

No doubt Pine Gap and other US facilities are prime targets if the US becomes involved in a nuclear exchange. That is why none of those secret facilities are anywhere near the Australian population centres.

America's enemies (now the entire world) are not Australia's enemies.

Americans THINK they still have military allies, and lead in every war, but the reality is, since Britain pulled completely out of Iraq, they now have absolutely none.
Britain was the last major nation to desert America,

While the NSA and CIA still exchanges intelligence with other intelligence services worldwide,, that has nothing at all to do with any military obligations to support America, or fight in any of the wars it starts.

posted on Aug, 27 2009 @ 09:43 AM
Geez, it seems someone still hasn't learnt his lesson.

Not military allies? Nah we aren't military allies, we just have the ANZUS treaty which obligates us to help them if they are attacked and vice versa. Nah, not military allies, just acquittance's.
We just "trade intelligence"? Because it's that simple is it? The US trades intelligence with non-allies?

LOL you are HILARIOUSLY misguided.

There is a thing called the Anglo-American alliance/sphere.
It involves obviously the USA, the United Kingdom, but also under the Anglo banner Australia, Canada, and New Zealand.

Once again I repeat for you, you can either accept the fact we are allied to America, or keep living your fantasy world. It seems though you have chosen fantasy of reality.

posted on Aug, 27 2009 @ 04:37 PM
Have you ever read the ANZUS treaty ?

All it says is that we will consult each other, there is no obligation for combat on either side.

You still have not presented any evidence that Australia has been at war with anyone in Iraq, or conducted a single combat mission there since 2003.

You still have not given an example of any war at all Australia has been involved in (since Vietnam) that has not been a multinational United Nations military action.

Condoleza Rice was out here SEVEN TIMES trying to get Australia to back America politically for a pre-emptive military strike against Iran.
Not to actively get involved, just publicly back America.
She was told to piss off seven times.

No, we have had nothing to do with America's nasty little immoral wars that it always loses. At least not for forty years.

Prove me wrong with some evidence.

posted on Aug, 28 2009 @ 05:55 AM

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posted on Aug, 28 2009 @ 06:50 AM
Please keep on the topci at hand ""australia has some major places ""

Swaying of topic will only result in posts being removed due to offtopic,


posted on Apr, 3 2010 @ 07:50 PM
Seven year old thread

Searching around as most on here do and I found this. Now for the residents of OZ pay real attention to what this guy is saying in his description, especially the part about S/E NT

this is quite true actually there is 3 bases in Australia that are not governed by the Australian defense force but run by the U.S.A.F and joint goverment program ... acouple of months ago my mates went flying in there twin engine light plane across to coperpeady a small industrialized mining town towards Adelaide, from from the top of Australia anyway there is a stretch of up to 500-1000 kilometers where you fly on your own with limited help if u crash so its a dangerous stretch on that they found a military like installation they kept there distance but took a picture it was believed by every one that it was "pine gap" incorrect pine gap is on a flat surface of a 50 meter perimeter this was set into a gorge . . . after i looked at the photo it was easy to at least 2 B1-B lancers and one incomming and out going road. this base was huge. bigger then a a average super base of the U.S. and it had more satellite dishes than ESPN... now after that i saw the picture i researched and researched and then gave up ..but i have a dream for the army commandos so i have many friends in ASIO and personal mates. . .i also have a mentor a ex-airforce person i cant revel names but it was evedent by the expression shown when i asked about this and showed the picture that a look of panic was vailed and said "you should drop this topic this is not something you should be sharing around" well i said yes mam and walked away .... pfft as is i would not look into it . . .i now have a flt booked with two of my mates to the south east of the terrotry wonder what for


How true this is i dont know, I tried to email him but he wont except emails, still find his description a bit puzzling, And I still believe he actually was looking at a photo of Pine Gap

Also why hasn't this building in Perth WA got any windows, It is the Telstra building and is supposed to be the telephone exchange, what for 1 million people, 17 stories. I don't think so, Check it out, the skate board ramp thing on the top is actually faced with copper, Which could protect from lightening strikes, but is odd to say the least

I also find it amazing that when you do a search all leads, lead back here


posted on Apr, 3 2010 @ 07:56 PM

for a start australia is no paradise trust me ive lived here all my life

So Have I and I disagree! How about compared to say beirut or iraq?

The eye of beholder mate!

Re these 'bases', excepting pine gap, which is a documented radar site
run by the US, there are none, except in the minds of deluded conspiracy theorists, and ufo nuts!

But 3 miles under ayres rock is time travel headquarters.....Honest!

posted on Apr, 3 2010 @ 08:39 PM

Originally posted by BLV12

Oh and we have fought in Americas wars, and Vietnam was not the last.
Gulf War 1? Gulf War 2? Afghanistan? Ring any bells?

Gulf War One was not an American war.

The United Nations Security Council voted to kick Saddam out of Kuwait, and fifty nations including Australia, America, (and forty eight others), did exactly that. It was a huge victory.

Gulf War Two, most certainly was an American war. It was not sanctioned by the UN, and was an illegal invasion and occupation under international law.

But Australia never took any active combat part in Gulf War Two.
Not one single Australian combat mission, not one single combined combat operation with the US military.
The closest we came was operation Falconer which was helping to supply logistical aid during the initial invasion. Falconer was strictly a non combat role.
Sure Australia was there, and is still there now supplying humanitarian aid, but that has absolutely nothing to do with the illegal war of occupation America is still fighting in Iraq.

Afghanistan is not an American war either. But a police action carried out by The United Nations.
Many UN member nations are in Afghanistan and America is just one nation among many there.

I will say it again.
Australia ceased being an ally of America after the Vietnam war.

Australia has had no part of any war or surgical strike America has started since Vietnam.

Australia most certainly is a fully paid up member of the United Nations, as is America.
So we both fight side by side in any UN military operations.

Does that make it more clear ?

When America or Israel eventually decides to attack Iran, not a single Australian will be anywhere near the place.

[edit on 3/4/2010 by Silver Shadow]

posted on Apr, 3 2010 @ 08:46 PM

Re these 'bases', excepting pine gap, which is a documented radar site run by the US, there are none, except in the minds of deluded conspiracy theorists, and ufo nuts!

What because some think out side the square we are nuts, gee man and we are drawing the long bow

I think you are very naive Wayaboveitall if you think there is nothing they are hiding. Asbestos is safe didnt you know that geez


posted on Apr, 3 2010 @ 09:13 PM
What the hell has asbestos got to do with theorys of secret US bases?
Do they have a secret asbestos weapon? Please, wheres evidence?

posted on Apr, 3 2010 @ 09:35 PM

Originally posted by Gazrok
Can you say HAARP? I knew you could...

This is all part of a joint US, UK, Austrailia program.....

shouldnt you use one of those special mod quote boxes, that states this is YOUR view and not the view of ats staff?

mainly as its another silly haarp specualation... (theirs always 1!)

ive read a fair bit of the aussie secret bases, but its pretty much alol conjecture and nothing based on solid fact ... and this is probably as they are called secrey bases for a reason.

as for the under city tunnels, thats very cool! i read a facinating article about the same sort of thing, but underneath paris and parts of france... the worlds full of these secret areas!

posted on Apr, 4 2010 @ 01:55 AM

What the hell has asbestos got to do with theorys of secret US bases?

Government/s lied about it being safe, companies lied,

So you think the government/s wouldn't lie about a secrete base

As I said you would be naive to think something isn't happening under your nose whether you need hard facts or not, and I am not a nut


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posted on Apr, 4 2010 @ 08:49 AM

As I said you would be naive to think something isn't happening under your nose whether you need hard facts or not, and I am not a nut


edit spelling

[edit on 4-4-2010 by auswally]

ROFL < I wouldn't say you specifically were a nut yet Wally, but let's say, You seem to have sent away your application form mate!
Without anything but speculation to back this beleif, your claim is worth as much as the toy in the cereal box.

[edit on 4-4-2010 by wayaboveitall]

posted on Apr, 4 2010 @ 08:18 PM
reply to post by auswally

What that guy is saying is complete crap. Nice find though.
I have lot's of family who live up that way, and trust me, if there was a super base with American bombers flying around, they would know. And considering we have talked about certain topics, they would have told me.

Sounds like some random person pulling peoples legs for a few laughs.

Think of it this way. There are thousands of flights each year to the outback, not just commercial flights but private chartered flights and especially a hell of a lot of small aircraft flying workers to and from mining camps/towns.

Why is this guy and his mates the first ones to have spotted this super base? They aren't the first ones to have flown out that way.

Secdonly, Coober Pedy, is not industrialised.

Thirdly, what's the purpose of putting two B1 bombers in the middle of the Australian desert? Only two? The middle of nowhere?
Guam is around the corner practically.
US carrier groups are always in the vicinity.
Makes no sense.

Especially when you consider that someone will notice two B1's missing..

There are literally THOUSANDS of aircraft, and military aircraft enthusiasts, who keep track of aircraft, what bases they are located at, where they have flown out to, etc.

And finally, where's this photo? If he is not scared to share the story, after he was supposedly warned off it by an ex airforce friend, why not upload the photo too? What's he got to lose?

There's nothing like trying to add a bit of credibility to a story by claiming you know people in ASIO and what not. If he actually knew anyone in ASIO, he would know to keep his mouth closed about it, because the identities of all ASIO personell except the director are kept secret. Some moron on the Internet blabbing that he knows people in ASIO.....yeah right.

Anyhow, once again, nice find. Interesting little story that guy spun, if only half the stuff we read online was true, this world would be crazy.

[edit on 4-4-2010 by BLV12]

posted on Apr, 4 2010 @ 08:55 PM
reply to post by BLV12

As i said BLV12, i reckon he was looking at a pic of Pine Gap, just his directions are way out, thanks for the reply

Without anything but speculation to back this beleif, your claim is worth as much as the toy in the cereal box.

Easy life being a sceptic isnt it Wayaboveitall, hell just say no, fulla sh&t

posted on Apr, 4 2010 @ 09:40 PM
Yep, much easier than trying to prove fantasy!

"no, fulla sh&t !"

posted on Apr, 4 2010 @ 10:06 PM
reply to post by auswally

Even if it was a picture of Pine Gap, there is no place on the base for fixed winged aircraft to land or be housed, let alone two B1 bombers.

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