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The Omega Agency Research Project ~UPDATED~

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posted on May, 25 2004 @ 07:30 PM

Originally posted by omega1
can anyone look at the annual budget list of the us and maybe find something related to a high up organization.??

I'll see what can be found. Their are alot of budgets to go over.

Still going over old news info, notice the date;
"powerful members of Congress are again pushing legislation that would give the executive branch a new tool to hide its mistakes permanently."

Looks like the goverment wanted to hide something six days before the attacks.

[Edit- made to add other news links]

"The United States is engaged in a shadow war..."

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posted on May, 25 2004 @ 07:40 PM
Good find Advisor. I think there is some law that says that the government has to publish the budget. But that doesnt mean the law is followed. Plus, I know that what we are looking for would be under some obscure codename.

posted on May, 25 2004 @ 07:49 PM
Extensive info on structure of the agency.

legitimacy can be questioned... but it seems ok

posted on May, 31 2004 @ 02:18 PM
the internet is getting repetative.

anyone find any good books on the topic?

posted on May, 31 2004 @ 06:26 PM
Something of interest, DoD;

"This request of $401.7 billion for the department represents a 5 percent increase over the FY 2004 authorized level and the fourth straight year of growth for the defense budget."

FY 2005 Defense Budget Testimony (Senate Armed Services Committee Transcript)

posted on Jul, 23 2004 @ 08:32 PM
Along with following the money trail, seeing who is being leaned on in certain aspects of public information control, may also assist in this project.

After reading a few books, and following the news releases on;


the web comes together a little more. I suspect that the people in SIC/Senate Intelligence Committee, may offer a fresh trail.


Subcommittee on Human Intelligence, Analysis, and Counterintelligence

U.S. Representative Sanford Bishop has been named to serve on a third subcommittee

So many "sub" committee sections, it's no wonder nobody knows what is going on...

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posted on Jul, 23 2004 @ 10:05 PM
This project will be resumed on Saturday next week, 31 Jul 2004.
The team will be completely reassembled and fully staffed along with some new areas of research to be covered.
If anyone is interested, u2u Tassadar (me) with at least a 200 word
message describing your qualifications and what you have to offer. Deadline for resume submissions will be 0100 GMT 28 Jul 2004.

Special thanks to omega1 and ADVISOR for continuing dillegent work despite my unannounced absence.
Please keep this thread clear of all non-topical discussion. A thread will be created on BTS for off topic discussion.
Link: Omega Agency Research Proejct Chit-Chat Thread

In the quest for truth,

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posted on Aug, 5 2004 @ 01:51 AM
Bane of the Balanced Budget?

Federally Sponsored Off-Budget Enterprises

were originally char- tered by the federal government but are now privately owned.

Cato Policy Analysis No. 19
October 21, 1982

Footnotes, is a very interesting read in and of itself.

The above is a background lesson.
Since history, repeats itself...

posted on Oct, 8 2004 @ 11:07 PM
This is a quote from Advisors link: "When both inefficiency and inequity are widely acknowledged, loan guarantees are often justified on "national security" grounds. In hearings before the Senate Banking Committee on October 7, 1981, on the subject of loan guarantees to Exxon and Tosco Corporations for a shale oil project, a Department of Defense official testified that shale oil development and, consequently, the loan guarantee for Exxon and Tosco, was urgently needed to enhance the strategic oil reserve. " Interesting at the least, the whole article is a good read. This is the kind of info we need. Real facts that support a supposed hidden agenda.

You should all take a look at the link.

posted on Oct, 18 2004 @ 05:41 PM
Well, after over a year of study the research has come full circle.

While at the library I found perhaps, a key item for proof;


Inside the Secret World of the
Carlyle Group
ISBN 0-471-28108-5

The book claims to - "Witness how the Carlyle Group:
Profited from the September 11th terrorist attacks and continues to profit from the ongoing war on terrorism.

Found what would become their identity-defence contracting with the help of former secretary of Defence Frank Carlucci." Not too mention chapter ten, "Buying Bush".

My suspicion is that since they are "the" major money power, corruption and control of the government is linked. So I'll read the book and post my notes after I discover what is within.

On back Jacket;

"The Carlyle Group is a distressing example of the way Washington, DC works. The Iron Triangle gives you an insiders' perspective on this "creature" of the beltway."
- Thomas Fitton, President, Judicial Watch, Inc.

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posted on Nov, 19 2004 @ 12:57 PM
What follows is a selection from my notes (so don't hurt your brains if they don't make immediate sence) taken during a so far deep study of those involved (in the at times agonizingly slow "research"), and hopefully lead to the end goal for this project. With out getting any hopes up, this presentation will what I hope show the possible proof of corruption of government within a becoming unconstitutional United States-
of America. These notes are from the books I have read and will be sourced throughout, as well as quote the information found of interest.

Is not the very existance of these numerous publications and their content, evidence enough? How could the truth be any more clear, but ignored...

The so called Omega Agency is nothing other than the richest, most powerful people in the world. Bush sr., a perfect example and candidate, his position within the very CIA (see Reagan yrs), that started this WHOLE world mess, called "terrorism"... Then he becomes president?! Not one person can convince me Bush sr. isn't in on it, if not in control. One doesn't just happen across that kind of authority and influence. Mr Bush is a very smart man, if not deviously so. With opportunity and motive along with the support of named agency, he very well could have set himself up for international control. His very own words are an admission of guilt.
How many times can you find him and those in contact with him mentioning "NWO"?


Operation Iraqi Freedom 22 Historic days in Words and Pictures, Foreword and dvd narration by Tom Browkaw, dvd footage NBC News ISBN 0-7407-405p-8? (partial isbn)

This is a great source for background info containg a well printed book and news footage from the past, summing it all up in one word,

Bush vs the Beltway How the CIA and the State Department tried to stop the war on Terror ISBN 0-06-058012-7

"Woe unto those who call evil good and good evil, who turn darkness into light and light into darkness."
Isaiah 5:20
intro pg 9

pg30 above tracking antrax "psychics"
pg146 DCI- George Tenet
pg184 Individual and collective Self Defence/Charter Article51/art.2(4)
San Fran
pg 132 The Shadow Administation: Washington "Think Tanks" Bush vs the Beltway
pg 185 Senator Arthur Vandenburg-(R-Mich) a member of the US Delegation to San Francisco
pg216 "selective intelligence", five retired CIA officals, claiming to represent the "steering group" for a national network of CIA analysts, wrote memos on subject, posted on the internet. Called selves VIPS- Veteran Intelligence Prefessionals for Sanity. First note issued immediatel after Powells presentation to U.N., complaining about narrow focus on Iraqs non compliance with resolution 1441 (passed Nov-2002), Isreals violation of resolution 242
pg223 "It is commonly said that everything begins with intelligence. If you do not understand what is happening, your ability to deal with events is compromised, your responce is less effective and as with the US's handling
of terrorism the result may prove not merely ineffectual but disasterously so."

Stasi- East German Intelligence, maintained link with Iraq intel.


pg238 Peter Jennings, ABC News Special, Feb7, 1998, an din Robert Baer, See No Evil: The true Story of a Ground Soldier in the CIAs War on Terrorism(New York: Three rivers Press, 2002) How CIAs secret war on Saddam collasped

Winning Modern Wars

Iraq, Terrorism, and the American Empire, General Wesley K. Clark ISBN 1-58648-218-1

Former Supreme Allied Commander Europe, and author of Waging Modern War, J-5/director of Strategic Plansand Policy, Joint Staff, Pentagon

pg xi/11 Mukhararat, Iraq secret police
"I am protecting these sources, but the public interest demands the some of this information be shared. derived from classified material nor...anything that could compromise National security."

pg3 map
pg66 inherent advantages every urban defenderenjoys when facing a superior force- greater knowledge of the complex urbanterrain, pre-pared
obstacles to constrict movement and restrict foelds of fire, concealed avenues for resupply, covered and concealed fighting positons, clever ambush sites
pg81 successful urban warfare
pg106 The red war! Terrorism
Modern terrorism made it's appearance in the late 19th century as a form of political actions directed against Czarist Russia, intended to force the government to institute repressive security measures in theory went and so lose the support of it's citizens. Terrorist acts were incorporated into 20th century struggles against colonialism as weapons against the stronger occupying power.
pg171 policy blunders, ensuring continued opposition

The Iron Triangle -Inside The Secret World of the Carlyle Group ISBN 0-471-28108-5

(A must read for Revolving Door Research)

pgx/10 Operation Ill Wind- years long investigation into corruption at pentagon
pg28 Prologue- Dwight D. Eisenhower The Church Report
pg24 Mr Clean "Lumumba"
pg25 another reference to "Sandinista"
pg26 (Carlucci) and "Beltway"
pg35 IRAN/CONTRA connection to DIA Missle and Space INT Center- Alabama (Emmanual Weigensberg)
pg51 Citicorp- ens see "Prince Alwaleed bin Talal bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud, was 35 in 1991
"Febrary 1975 the Associated Press broke a story that sent shock waves through Washinton, Vinnel's Executive Mercenaries"
pgs60-65 sold in 1997- to who?
pg65 Vinnel ties to Oliver North and Iran contra affair
Time Magazine 1987, obvious CIA cover, Carlyle Office 1001 Pennsylvania Avenue, few blocks from White House
pg106 Family business "...along with those newfound Avantages for Carlyle came the continued, and at times increased scrutiny of it's behavior; fevered charges of cronyism and the occasional accusation that the company was not a private equity firm at all, but rather a shadow- government pulling the strings in washinton"
pg119 That Judicial Watch has called on Bush Sr. to resign from Carlyle is more telling than you might think. This is not your average, ultraliberal watchdog organization. Judicial Watch is a public interest group that was concieved during the Clinton administration as a way to monitor activities that diminish the publics trust in government
pg131 BENS Commission: Business Executives for National Security
pg 139 (another reference to "collective conscience" 9/11/01)(possible motive? Shafiq bin Laden)
pg151 U.S. Investigations Services- USIS, former Office of Federal Investigations, July 1996
pg152 "I do not exaggerate when I say that Carlyle is takeing over the world on government contract work, particularly DEFENSE work, Carlyle is a one world shadow government"

New Edition- Unholy Wars, Afghanistan, America and International Terrorism ISBN 0-7453-1691-3

First published 1999, second edition published 2000, copyright 1999,2000
John K. Cooley

[00:00hrs, friday oct 28 2004, admits he was there, didn't know it at the time, 3rdINFDIV, April 2, 2003, Ted Copel]

"civic action means trying to affect a country or a society through propaganda, psychologal warfare, or "psyops" in American Military and Intelligence parlance, and other methods not always directly related to shoot em up guerrila operations."

pg87 grass roots recruiting for the Jihad in the United States was not handled directly by the CIA, despite its overall management of the program.
pg109 Donors, Bankers and Profiteers "The black budget had existed ever since WWII. President Roosevelt created it to supply the then astronomical sum of $100 million to fund the Manhattan Project, which built the two nuclear bombs dropped on Japan. Pentagon allowed new US ARMY special operations division- Lieutenant Colonel Dale Duncan, special forces project codenamed yellow fruit. Democratic Representatives, House appropriations subcommittee, has last word on Pentagon black budget.
pg132 Afghan Moujahidin, "Big Seven"? Pushtun warlords; Afridis, Khatake, Wazirs, Orakzais, Bangash, Turis, Mahsuds. Eastern Afghanistan Khash valley, Kesham district of Badakshan province,
pg138"Golden Cresent" countries- Pakistan, Afghanistan
[nightline - Ted Copel, 25 yrs, terror oil]
pg158"US and Russian supervised "New World Order", proclaimed earlier by President George Bush"
pgs165-166 ? CIA printed "Koran" in Virginia
pg173 Last paragraph- Stingers, Afghan, summer of 86, moujahidin, U spec forces, Bush (H) Administration, CIA Operation MIAS (Missing in action stingers), Russian replica?
pg182 250 Chechen partisans repeatedly repelled Spetznaz of Afghanistan fame. turkish facist youth group "grey wolves" Washinton Journal "Middle-east policy"
pg197 CIAs Muslim mercenaries
pg202 South Asian pan Islamic Jamaat al Tabigh "Propagandists worked assiduously among youger working class and unemployed"
pg204 Peshawar-based Islamists guerrilla Palestinian, Abdallah Azzam, one of ideological founders of HAMAS whom CIA used as a recruter for Afghanistan Jihad in the United States
pg220 CIA design terror camps, paid for by Usama bin Laden and his associates, both a retrospect and preview of Afghan veterans terrorist assualt against America were provided in congressional testimony on Sept 3 1998, by FBI director Louis J. Freeh.
pg222 Freeh said, The United States , Lebanons pro-Iranian Hizbollah al-Gama' a, and the Palestinian HAMAS all has supporters within the United States. (pg223)
pg225 [Notes on "Multiple assault on America"] Pakistan-Taliban and bin Laden's Al Qaida guerrilas relationships with Zia al Haq and bin Laden Dynasty in Saudi Arabia, Prince Turki bin Faisal- Chief of Saudi intel During Afghan war-post Jihad period. See dates Dec 1979 bin Laden in Peshawar
Palestinian, Abdallah Azzam 1970(one of the inspirers of the HAMAS movement)
Another reference to "Zia al Haq"
*"Delighted by his impeccable Saudi credentials, the CIA gave Usama free rein in Afghanistan, as did Pakistans intelligence generals." 1983?
[pg226 bin Laden was wounded fighting Russians near Jalalabad]
other relations ethinic Afghan warlords Gulbuddin Hekmatyar the Pushtun and Shah Massoud the Tajik, bin Laden used as a regional powerhouse in Pakistan the Binoori Mosque in Karachi newton district
pg228 1994 bin Laden lost Saudi nationality and moved to Khartoum into a kind of political partnership with sheik Hassan al-Turabi and a Sudanese Veteran of Afghanistan Ghazi Salahedrine, Sudans minister of information.
June 1998 ABC News interview by John Miller
pg232 "Professor"? Abdul Rasul Sayyaf (translates as "sword" in arabic(, Abu Sayyef group- Literal: "Father of the sword", ISI program uder brigadier Youssaf created its own network of 400 different commanders
pg233 1997 Indias Research and Analysis Wing (RAW- the Delhi equivolent of CIA)
pg235 Fall 1994 Human rights watch organizations Arms Project released detailed research report about flow of arms, mainly American, to the militants in Kashmir and Punjab. Charged that the flow of arms to the Islamist militants was directly linked to the CIAs creation of an Afghan pipleline for arms to the holy warriors during 80s.
For more details see "Anthony Davis of Janes Intelligence review
pg242 Sheik Omar arrived in Brooklyn July 1990...even though his name was on list of suspected terrorists...
Later it transpired that CIA officers, at Khartoum or else where, had consciously assisted his entry. His initial hosts in New York were members of the 552-554 atlantic Avenvue, Brook, where he began fund raising and recruting for anti soviet Jihad
pg 247 "The world will continue to exerience this blowback from the Afghanistan war of 1979-84 well into the new century. Perhaps future governments, wheher in the United States, the United Kingdom, Russia or less poweful and influencial nations will take to heart this importantlesson of late twentieth century history: When you decide to go to war against your main enemy, take a good, long look at the people behind you whom you chose as your friends, allies or mercenary fighters. Look well to see whether these allies already have unsheathed their knives- and are pointing them at your own back.

Epilogue- very informative,

The tools used...a world abused...

With that typed let me now leave those of you who have read this, to your own conclusions of what has been compiled. I would like to give full credit to those who deserve it and they are the sources of this information. Also a special thank you to author Dan Briody, for spear-heading the publication and compilation in this field of study.

posted on Dec, 14 2004 @ 01:46 PM
Perhaps yet another tangible if not key, source of info for the project, this book is almost 500 pages long and the titile says it all;

The CIA and Its Allies in Control of the United States and the World
L. FLETCHER PROUTY Col., U.S. Air Force (Ret.)
Copyright 1973, 1992, 1997 by L. Fletcher Prouty
All Rights Reserved
ISBN 0-13-798173-2

I'm waiting for my own personal copy, the local library should have this, or be able to procure a copy if another library has one. Go ahead and do a check on the author, he checks out fairly well. This book has been around for some time, and I'm surprised I didn't find it sooner.

When I finish reading it, more notes may be selected for posting.

Found an online copy of the book, fairly easy enough might I add.

The ST

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posted on Feb, 3 2005 @ 06:37 AM

Meet The Carlyle Group

Our mission is to be the premier global private equity firm...

Shocking documentary uncovers the subversion of Americas democracy.

This will probably be that last I report on them, unless some thing current is released. I will continue to conduct follow ups as usual.

posted on Mar, 23 2005 @ 11:29 PM
It is;

"them which say they are Jews and are not" - Revelation /Apocalypse 2:9

I have been pulling wookies of hair out for months, trying to get to the bottom of the whole "Zionism" plot. Well, the source I have for this post is as good as any I have found, if not more so.

Please take the time to "VERIFY" the statements made herein.

One branch of the Rothschild family had financed Napoleon;
another branch of the Rothschilds financed Britain, Germany,
and the other nations in the Napoleonic wars.

If you think this is far fetched, bear in mind that they permitted Hitler, a liberal socialist himself, who was financed by corrupt Kennedy, the Warburgs, and the Rothschilds, to incinerate 600,000 Jews.

"Now just why did the conspirators choose the word: "Illuminati" for their satanic-organization? Weishaupt himself said that the word is derived from Lucifer and means: "holder of the light."

All influential people trapped into coming under the control of the Illuminati, plus the students who had been specially educated and trained, were to be used as agents and placed behind the scenes of all governments as experts and specialists so they would advise the top executives to adopt policies which would in the long-run serve the secret plans of the Illuminati one-world conspiracy and bring about the destruction of the governments and religions they were elected or appointed to serve.

"Do you know how many such men operate in our government at this very time?

Now this is the most modern digging, "deep into the shadows of the world's past", (when I say modern I mean the past couple hundred years that this idea was transplanted modern, not like yesterday, ok.), that is self explanitory. While also being the most popular source or combination of theories for the whole discovering "the influence has effected society's past" aspect of the goal. It is fairly clear what future plans are, if one has read over the entire project. So no further attention from me will be given to that part. From here I'm going to attempt to rediscover the hidden sources and or clues to this "satanic" if your religious, or " NWO" if your not, plan.

All other goals are available to any one who is interested, just so interested parties know.

Now back to this extensive source and it's eventual "linking".

The reason I chose the site is it's extensive compilation on well, what this project is about. Much of it may be familar, alot of it not. Depends on how much you have looked into this.

Shortly thereafter; the Illuminati had created the 17th Amendment to do away with appointed Senators by the legislatures of the several states of the Union. Whereas, before that, the Illuminati controlled the press; they now control the election of the U.S. Senators. The Illuminati/CFR had little or no power over the individual legislatures of the several states or their appointed U.S. Senators prior to the [purported] ratification of the 17th Amendment. Although the 17th Amendment supposedly amends the method of placing Senators into the U.S. Senate; the 17th Amendment was never ratified in accordance to the last sentence of Article V of the U.S. Constitution.

One last quote from the site and I'll tone it down a little. Come on, at this point we are not even half way through the site. Did I mention how extensive it was?

My only wonder is: "what will it take to awaken and arouse our people to the full proof?" Perhaps this record (transcript) will do it. A hundred thousand or a million copies of this record (this transcript) can do it. I prey to God it will. And I pray that this record (transcript) will inspire you, all of you, to spread this story to all loyal Americans in your community.

The rest of the site seems to be some random quotes selected by the site designer. Too many bible quotes to count, but it is their perogative I guess.

Now for the source.
In my opinion, the whole zionism thing, is just another distraction. Intended to lure the people apart, further opening the rift that is between us. If anything good is to come of this, it can only start by setting petty differences aside. If you can't do that then your a part of the problem, why encourage seperation. Just go and become a hermit or decide to think for yourself and not repeat the pattern which holds you back.

Ever heard the saying or "prayer";

God grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
Courage to change the things I can,
and Wisdom to know the difference.

Point being, this whole one world government is winning because we are letting them. Or if you are religious and so firmly believe nothing can change fate, or just don't believe in anything and feel nothing can be done to change anything, it is TIME to start believeing in SOMETHING better.
If we were so "united" we wouldn't fall, would we. Being misled can only be used as an excuse for so long, once shame on them, twice shame on you.

This don't just go for my fellow Americans, other nations and people can see this problem also. Loss of the peoples government is a global problem.
Allowing the continued abuse is the same as saying it isn't wrong. Everyone the world round must stand together, otherwise those "warhawks" are just going to keep ruining it for the rest of us,and the future generation, if there is going to be one. What good will our families be after we are gone, if they are consumers of the problem.

Other sources for the ancient plans of NWO, could also be seen in the moral of the Atlantis story. Think about that one, while I continue this dig.

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posted on Jul, 25 2005 @ 12:22 AM
Following quote not in linked site.

Nations richer and more powerful in their day than we are in this, have been sabotaged, defeated, enslaved.
Babylon was the largest and richest nation of its time, but its lust for luxury made it an easy mark for the Medes and Persians who overran it, and divided its land and enslaved the people between them.
Rome was a greater military power than we ever were, but when free bread and circuses became more important to the people than hard work and patriotism, Rome was invaded and looted by the tougher Vandals.
The Incas were the most civilized, richest people in the Americas, but ruthless, better-armed invaders destroyed them as a nation, and looted everything they owned and had spent generations in creating.
In every case it was the self indulgent weakness of the victim which made victory of the invader easy.
Undoubtedly there were Babylonians, Romans, Incas who warned against overindulgence and weakness, who warned that each citizen is responsible for his nation, and that that responsibility cannot be shrugged off on officials.
But to those who warned of impending trouble there was then as now the smug sneer, 'It can't happen here.' But it did.

Going to a specific point in history to further determine the point of origin, isn't the most easy of choices. So starting with the most common not so ancient history. Perhaps by now many will have some familiarity, those who don't, it is encouraged to verify the key bits of information. Not that I havn't already, however I know how many of you are, prefuring things the hard way. I'm not sure about the source I am linking to (first time seeing the site), though seems very much not unrelated to this one. Cutting to the chase;

Let us step back in time to 70AD, the time of the founding of the NWO. This was the time when Roman legionnaires destroyed the Jerusalem Temple and forced the Zadokite priests to flee to the Chartres region of France.

The Zadokites are widely considered to be the originators of the religion which came to be known as Judaism and were guardians of the secrets of an Egyptian school of thought derived from the survivors of the fall of Atlantis.

Remember that last bit of mine in the post before this one, no, go ahead and read it now if you don't because you may. It is the very last paragraph above my sig.

Ok fine, here is more;

The Zadokites were known in Chartres as the "Sons of Light" and gained a large following. As we have seen in contemporary times, religious groups often split into several sects. In this case, the descendants of the original Zadokites became known as the "Brotherhood of Light".

What does that have to do with anything you may wonder. Well that is why you are reading the research forums, isn't it, to find out. Well getting ahead of my self wont hurt, as the material is fresh in my mind from when I last saw it. This group who were followers of the light, have decided that the rays were thus shaped. /\ = A symbol of light, simply an idol by any religious doctrine.

It is also in connection with the Egyptian sun god Ra, not to mention the pyramids, however that is for another time. This symbol was in turn connected also to Emhotep, a very powerful Egyptian Kings high priest of a metropolis, and was also master engineer. This information was on the discovery or national geo, one of those learning channels. So sources on that later. Back to the quoted material, a date of some kind was required to get dug in. With this tid bit as a reference point, one may begin to see glimses of how far back this just may go. Not sure where the linked site got their info from, but rest assured if this proves an unworthy place to start, there are always others.
Honestly though, they put it very well, and it is a smooth read.

Whereas the NWO was a politically moderate organisation consisting of a broad range of opinion

More to follow as usual.

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posted on Jul, 27 2005 @ 11:45 PM
Below I have posted information from another, who has mutual interest in the project. I decided to leave both (bits of info) up, so others who wish to partake in the project may. The source will remain anon, this is not questionable, please no u2us.

this thread is

Many statements that are simply false.
The Knights Templar did not lead the Crusades as he claims.
They were esatablished to guard the path for pilgrams..

"After conquering the Islamists" he says... The Crusaders never held Jerusalem for more than 100 years.

Then there's this claim about Christ's body..
Jesus was Ressurrected and then he ascended into Heaven. - John 20 and Acts 1:9

There is also a claim about the Templar launching the Black Plauge.
It was really the Mongols.

"Knights Templar [are] (now reduced to a mere handful of English country gentlemen)"
haha, he must no know about the Grand Encampment here in the U.S.
The Templar came to America after being banished from Europe by the Vatican.

These men at TruthVendor are just trying to sound informed, but they are far off.

I just thought you should know as it was your latest link posted.

Bonus question (applies to any member):
First to reply with correct information, will earn more points than an applaud gets you.

"What religion and it's symbol, make a representation of the DNA Helix?"

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posted on Aug, 27 2005 @ 12:41 PM
I took a brief look at the "truthvendor" site. Appealing, but definetly not a reliable source.

On another note.
I found a fairly concise, but not complete timeline of the gradual "taking away" of liberties by various acts, laws, etc.

The first half of the article is extremely bias, but the bottom half displays some interesting facts. Or atleast they are displayed as facts. timeline.txt

I found this information particularly interesting...

Oct. 12, 2001: Official secrecy becomes official Ashcroft encourages federal agencies to deny requests for information under the Freedom of Information Act. In a memo to all government departments and agencies, he states, "When you ... decide to withhold records, in whole or in part, you can be assured that the Department of Justice will defend your decisions unless they lack a sound legal basis." This is a dramatic shift from former attorney general Janet Reno, who had instructed federal officials to grant FOIA requests unless there was "foreseeable harm" in doing so.

This type of behavior makes our job a lot harder. No doubt the works of someone who is "above the law", or "above the government".

There must be communication between the Shadow Government, and the lawmakers. Perhaps we could look for traces of that line of communication.

posted on Aug, 27 2005 @ 01:26 PM
One of the supposed members of the OA is Alexander Haig.

This link provides a short biography, but most importantly it displays a list of articles... Just scanning the headlines it looks like he met with the Chinese Government. This could mean something. I will explore further...

posted on Aug, 30 2005 @ 09:44 AM
Info on Arlen Spector, another supposed member of the OA.

Here are some interesting excerpts.

Arlen Specter was elected to the U.S. Senate in 1980. He has established himself as a legislative leader on crime, drugs and terrorism, and is the only candidate with hands-on crime-fighting experience. He has introduced several bills to limit the endless appeals in capital cases, to make the death penalty a meaningful deterrent. His Armed Career Criminal Act, signed into law in 1984 and expanded in the 1986, makes it a federal offense with a mandatory 15 years to life sentence for a career criminal found in possession of a firearm. This law has been especially effective against major drug dealers. Sen. Specter also crafted the Terrorist Prosecution Act, a tough anti-terrorism bill, and wrote legislation creating the independent CIA Inspector General, the only reform legislation to emerge from the Iran-Contra affair.

Arlen Specter was born to immigrant parents in Wichita, Kansas, on Feb. 12, 1930, and grew up in the small town of Russell. After graduating Phi Beta Kappa from the University of Pennsylvania in 1951, he served stateside in the Air Force Office of Special Investigations for two years during the Korean War. He graduated in 1956 from Yale Law School where he was an editor of the law journal.


Links/Similarities between Arlen Spector and other "members"

1. We are seeing the pattern of Korea/Vietnam Operatives

2. Also pattern of CIA involvement

3. Lawmaker

posted on Oct, 2 2005 @ 03:56 AM
ISBN 0-8499-0915-5

This book is a three part bit broken down into four chapters each.
Provides a well rounded off reference, on many aspects historic and modern.

It high lights related information pertaining to the origins of the Omega Agency and or NWO agenda. Here is what I would like to share, as key notes from what I have read;

Pop History:

The Great Divide
Part 3 Chapter 12 page 249, hardcover

Modern Iraq now occupies the land at the mouth of the Tigris Eurphrates Rivers, where civilization began. Although modern-day Iraq is a creation of Winston Churchhill as colonial secretary of Great Britian on August 23 1919, it's roots trail back into history and legend.

The first known urban civilization was located in Sumer near modern Basra, then farther north to Accad. Around the year 2000 b.c., a man called Abram, whose name was changed by God to Abraham (father of a "multitude"), was born in Ur of the Chaldees near the mouth of the Tigris Eurphrates River and near the site of ancient Sumer.

From Abraham came two sons. One was born, as if by miracle, when Abraham was a hundred years old and his beloved wife, Sarah, was ninety years old and past all natural child bearing ability. This child was named Isaac, which means "laughter."
The other son, his first, was born to Sarah's servant girl Hagar. The boy was named Ishmael, which means "God hears."

Ok, what does that have to do with any thing you may wonder, well keep reading as I get to that. A little review for info that will be seen again. Remember the whole "first civilization" thing, as well as the date. Also keep in mind "Abraham" this guy is important to the three largest relgious cultures; Christian, Jewish and Muslim. Even if for example you the reader do not believe in the religious stuff, they do. Moving on to centenarian/s/ism, or if you dont want to click the link, living over 100 years. Which ryhmes with the key word of this sentence, telemeres.

Go ahead and search it, I would but it is again time to move on. Back to the book and where hints are being dropped;

God had promised Abraham that his decendants would be as numerous as the stars of heaven, and indeed they are. Ishmael was the Progenitor of the Arab people, who number in the hundreds of millions. But God made an even greater promise to Abraham when He assured him that through his seed all the families of the earth would be blessed. The promise of blessing was transmitted not to Ishmael, but to Isaac, and then to Isaac's son Jacob, and then to Jacob's son Juduh, and then to Judah's decendant, King David, and to King David's decendant, Jesus of Nazareth.

Ok just another fast pause to make sure I still have your attention here. Last thing I want is for this to be another boring "ADVISOR post",

So I'll get right to the point on this one, it all breaks down to religion, and who and what their interpretations of it is.
This is where "religion and state" comes into play. You see the USA is one of the few if not only country/ies in the world that isn't controlled( or isn't supposed to be any ways), by a relgion and state effort. As it has been said elsewere, to the people of this religion (who Abraham is the originator of), it is thier "Constitution" so to say. Law influenced by traditional strictures, not a so called "living document" that Americans may have.

Ok, last quote before I try to make sence of it for ease of understanding. Please bear with me here, it's longer so to compile a couple pages of further quotes. I must apologize in advance, but this is good stuff.

Jesus Christ is the final expression to all mankind of the faith of Abraham. He was a truly perfect man, totally yielded to the purpose of God.
His complete obedience even to death, and His subsequent ressurrection from the dead made Him the first of the ever-swelling multitude of those who are preparing for God's new world order of peace and justice. The time of this glorious paradise on earth under the divinely concieved Messiah and His chosen people is termed the Millennium, the thousand-year reign. Those who have submitted themselves to the lordship of the Messiah and invited Him to live within their hearts eagerly look forward to the establishment of God's new world order when evil, hatred, sickness, poverty, and war are taken from the earth. The Apostle Paul calls the millennial kingdom "the blessed hope and glorious appearing" of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The Seat of Rebellion

Another stream of human life was birthed in Mesopotamia, the cradle of civilization, that was completely opposite to the thream of life flowing from abraham and his decendants. These people based their lives on human potential, human ability, and human rebellion against God and His order. Abraham was the father of all those on earthwho believe that god exists, that His ways are beneficial for mankind, and who are therefore willing to follow Him even to the point of personal sacrifice so that His kingdom can come and His will be done on earth as it is in heaven. The other Mesopotamians rebelled agianst God and turned their worship to animals, heavenly bodies, demons, and other human beings.

Near the seat of the ancient Babylonian empire along the Tigris Euphrates river, people came together from Accad, Babel, Erech, and Calneh to assert their humanity. They believed that a people united could effectively challenge god, and they set out to prove it. United in their labors, they started building a city and a tower "whose top is in the heavens." Their stated purpose was "to make a name for ourselves, lest we be scattered abroad over the face of the whole earth."
To put it another way, these people used their combinedenergies to exalt themselves for mutual self defence while they showed themselves the equals of heaven. Nothing in their plans included faith in God or submission to Him. This early experiment in world government was built on pride, self-exaltation, and what the people considered mutual self-interest. God's reaction is interesting. He acknowledged the power of combined humanity, even in rebellion against Him. His appraisal is fascinating.

The people are one and they all have one language, and this is what they begin to do; now nothing that they propose to do will be withheld from them. Genesis 11:6

God knew that this first attempt to build a new world order, if allowed to continue unhindered, would succeed beyond the wildest dreams of its founders. The danger of such a plan to future generations and the threat of this man-made order to the people of faith was so great that god determined to stop it at its inception.
Therefore, God confused the speech of the participants and scattered them over the face of all the earth. In the words of Bible, "they ceased building the city." God took away from them they key ingredient to success--harmoney. If they could not communicate successfully with one another, they could not successfully build an embryonic world order. From that day unto this the nations of the world have never been in unity on anythng, ever.

Reunited at Babylon

The significance of the Persian Gulf War transcends Kuwait; it even transends the concept of a new world order enunciated by George Bush. The Gulf War is significant because the action of the United Nations to authorize military action against Iraq was the first time since Babel that all of the nations of the earth acted in concert with another. I find it facinating to consider that this union took place against the very place where nations had been divided, the successor nation to ancient Babel.

It is as if some power reached out from Babel, where the first world rebellion against God was quashed, and once again called the nations of the world to unity. And on the very day the unity of nations was consummated, General Brent Scowcroft, national security advisor to the president of the United Sates, longtime Council on Foreign Relations member, and former aide and business associate of Henry Kissinger, announced, in an interview with Charles Bierbauer of CNN, the beginning of a new world order.
The danger to the world is not the plan of monied people to establish a world in which it is easier to make more money. The greatest danger is not even that the poor nations of the earth will use their influence to reduce america to Poverty.
The real danger is that a revived one-world system, springing forth from the murky past of mankind's evil beginnings, will set spiritual forces into motion which no human being will be strong enough to contain.

In the Book of Revelation there is a cryptic reference to "four angels who are bound at the great river Euphrates." Is it possible that at the Tower of Babel, Almighty God not only confused the language and scattered the people, but He bound the demonic powers that had energized the earliest form of anti-God world order? Our movie screens have been full of stories of explorers who unloosed dreaded forces upon themselves. These plots are obviously fictional, but the Holy Bible in not fiction. Here is what the Bible says:

Then the sixth angel sounded: And I heard a voice from the four horns of the golden altar which is before God, saying to the sixth angel who had the trumpet, "Release the four angels who are bound at the great river Euphrates." So the four angels, who had been prepared for the hour and day and month and year, were released to kill a third of mankind.
Revelation 9:13-15

This world horror would be motivated by the demonic spirits and would be all consuming. The "angels" or demons had been bound by spiritual commandment from sometimes in the early days of history until the precise hour, day, month, and year for them to be released. The result of their release would now cost the lives of some 2 billion people.

If only I could quote the whole book, or dictate the relevent info by modcast I would. But that is not the point, despite how much I urge every one to read this work.

It puts together so many key bits of info, that are usually not considered when looking into this subject. Too often people are ignorant of the whole story, or all the facts. Of all the books I have read for this project, this one tops the list.

So did any thing thus far make any bit of sence?
It covers the historical origin or roots of the OARP goals, that of the beginning. I really would like to say there is not another location in time, that better shows that. Where else can one reference the start of worship of man made "idolism" over true divinity.

This is where the circle has come back upon itself, Alpha & Omega.
Will the war prove true, initiating the end of where it all began, only time will reveil the anwser. Does this conclude the research project, not by any means. There is still far to much in between that can be found.

Going back over what was quoted, I would like to see if it is clear enough to be understood. Not just read and shortly contemplated or over looked, but really clear in knowing what was read. Even if say again for example you the reader dont believe in religion or those ones, they do and it is real for those of the faith. This is important, as the war being waged is by and against those who supposedly believe in the same God. That is why it is important to know the history. Because those who do not learn from the past are doomed to repeat it.

As it was mentioned before, this project is a web of over lapping webs. This is so much so because of the influence of its evolution, just as we as a people have advanced since those times, so too has the whole "ruling the world" concept. Given enough time surely evil could triumph over good, is it that what God could have seen or known, "He acknowledged the power of combined humanity, even in rebellion against Him".

Is the NWO just a new catch phrase for, the historic battle by mankind of good vs evil?
Babelonian vs Mesopotamian, look at it this way, ancient polarization of the people, false believers against those with truth in their beliefs. The whole NWO concept and all seems to me to be the Sun Tzu of seperating the people. An idea that can only be gained from, by dividing those who are exploited for personal reasons, instead of community. Be it 4000 some odd years ago, or today, the lesson has not been learned. Not every thing is "your way", those leaders of the ancient world are no more worse than the people in government now. Just as people were tempted then they are now, this is where the "power of the dark side" may be closer to the truth than it is taken for.

Could the demons be physical beings, sure but I see it as not a individual but as a manifestation within us. The beheadings for example would be perfect manifestations of the "demonic" taking physical form. Other cases could also be used, but that I figure is obvious.

That about sums of this update, if there are any clarity questions or comments, please feel free to u2u me. I am looking forward to any such u2us, and would not mind a different thread being rereplied to, in order to more openly do so.

A moment of personal revelation, or insanity I'll never know. One thing is for sure, this project has taught me more than I thought I knew at first, it really re opened my mind.

Thank you for your time, it is truely appreciated.

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