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The Omega Agency Research Project ~UPDATED~

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posted on Nov, 4 2003 @ 07:33 PM

Originally posted by omega1 Please tell me how and where you found it because this could be some solid evidence to the very object we are looking for.

I wish I had more to say, but I got the above link from an unfamilar e-mail. And when I reply to thank them, I get a mailer demon... saying the address don't exist!

I have found some hard evidence though, local libraries do payoff, if you d i g. I found numerious copies of this publication. I plan on scanning the actual article soon, just need to finish reading it.

The link provided is a general summery of what is written, ALOT of info in not shown on the net from what I have found. When I finish reading it however I will post the scans.

For Tass;
I am getting closer to the end of the follow ups, this should hold you over.

posted on Nov, 4 2003 @ 07:38 PM
Looks good Advisor. Great work.
But one thing, the unfamiliar e-mail. I dont think anyone is trying to trick you. ( I was worried it could have been an attempt to disinform) I looked into the site every single thing about it seems legit, all the people and everything. I really want to get to the bottom of this.
I think that this is a link we need to keep.....*wink*

posted on Nov, 5 2003 @ 10:22 AM
This is a good site on the subject. It contains some alledged insider info and some speculations on world politics.


The following may be a shot above goal, but I'll post it anyhow: In my latest query I also came across many webpages about "An Appraisal of the Technology of Political Control" which is a report written for the (EU) Committee on Civil Liberties and Internal Affairs by an organisation in Manchester, UK, who calls themself the Omega Foundation. The following link gives a summary briefing about what this report was about:


What do you think guys, does anyone know who these guys are? Who sponsors them and what do they do etc.? Anyone who lives in the UK who could give them a ring and ask them who they are?

- >


posted on Nov, 6 2003 @ 08:15 AM
No members, don't laugh, I've called the Tri-lateral commission, the Council on Foregin Relations, and several Senators and even a few past Prsidents.... they don't seem to be very supportive *notices we have new icons*.

ADVISOR, some of your resources scare me... very interesting link, I don't have time to debunk it now, but I'll look at it later on tonight or something, just stopping in during a late lunch.

omega, great work!
mikro... I'm loving more and more the way you look at this, thanks!!!

Also, iconoclast has resogned from the research project due to unforseen circumstances, and infinite will be taking over *cues infinite*

- Tass

posted on Nov, 8 2003 @ 06:48 AM
thanx tassdar.

somethings i have found

A one world government

In the final phases of the conspiracy, the one world government is to consist of a key dictator - the head of the United Nations, the Council on Foreign Relations (the Illuminati group in the U.S.), a few billionaires, the Communists, and scientists who have proven their devotion to the great conspiracy. All others are to be integrated into a vast conglomeration of monopolized humanity, becoming total slaves of the conspiracy.

In the United States, immediately after World War I, the Illuminati set up what they called the Council on Foreign Relations, commonly referred to as the CFR. This CFR is actually the Illuminati now operating in the U.S. Its hierarchy, the mastermind control of the CFR, to a very great extent, are descendants of the original Illuminati conspirators, even though many of them have changed their names to conceal this fact.

There is a similar establishment of the Illuminati in England, operating under the name of the British Institute of International Affairs. There are similar secret Illuminati organizations in France, Germany, and other nations operating under different names. All of these organizations, including the CFR, continuously set up numerous subsidiary or front organizations that are infiltrated into every phase of the various nations affairs. But at all times, the operation of these organizations were and are masterminded and controlled by the Illuminati.


World wars

The First World War was to be fought so as to enable the Illuminati to destroy Czarism in Russia, as vowed by the International Bankers after the Czar had torpedoed his scheme at the congress held in Vienna, and to transform Russia into a stronghold of atheistic Communism. The differences stirred up by agents of the Illuminati between the German and British Empires would be used to foment this war. After the war would be ended, Communism was to be built up and used to destroy other governments and weaken religions.

The Second World War, when and if necessary, was to be fomented by using the controversies between fascist and political Zionists. During this war, International Communism was to be built up until it equaled in strenght that of the United Christendom. When it reached that point, it was to be contained and kept in check until required for the final social cataclysm.

The Third World War is to be fomented by using the so-called controversy agents of the Illuminati would stir up between political Zionists and the leaders of the Moslem world. That war is to be directed in such a manner that all of Islam and political Zionism, Israel, will destroy each other while, at the same time, the remaining nations, once more divided on this issue, will be forced to fight themselves into a state of complete exhaustion - physically, mentally, spiritually, and economically. The stage will then be set to put the one world government into operation.

Full site with more info..

posted on Nov, 8 2003 @ 08:20 AM
Just as September 11, 2001, makes no sense as our government says it happened, a two day killing spree makes no sense except as the work of the Shadow Government to change the subject away from world opposition to the US invasion of Iraq. To think the shooting rampage was an act of a lone gunman is ridiculous. The shooting rampage was as well planned as Big George's Omega Agency/New World Order hit on the World Trade Buildings and actually planned and implemented by the same set of treasonous fa$ci$t sewer rats.

posted on Nov, 10 2003 @ 07:43 AM

But -- according to Crow -- the September 11 terrorists were really a secretive federal agency known as "The Omega Agency" (which was controlled by former FBI Director Freeh and other top FBI folks ... and the planes were flown by remote control).
Freeh's legacy: Globalizing FBI

Freeh, who announced his resignation as FBI director Tuesday, will leave office next month as perhaps the bureau's most influential leader since J. Edgar Hoover, the crime-fighter/communist-hunter who made the FBI famous.

Privacy advocates say that Freeh's changes in FBI surveillance has a dark side. They criticize his implementation of "roving" wire taps that can be applied to multiple phone numbers and his support for the "Carnivore" program that allows the FBI to spy on personal-computer users.
"Some of the things he has championed really stretch the boundaries," says Barry Steinhardt, privacy specialist at the American Civil Liberties Union in New York City. "You wonder, 'Does he think his technology is outdated, or does he think the Constitution is?' "
Where Freeh goes from here is unclear.
FBI Director Louis Freeh:The untouchable.

It is hardly the first time Congress has bypassed Freeh's agency in order to blame Reno. In 1997, Justice Department prosecutors refused an FBI request to wiretap Lee, arguing there was not sufficient evidence to justify it. When that denial became public, Republicans clamored for Reno's head. (The collapse of the Lee case, of course, shows how right the DOJ was.) Freeh's agents withheld for years evidence that the FBI had used incendiary grenades at Waco. When it finally came out, Reno, not Freeh, was blamed for the coverup.

What protects Freeh, if not blackmail dossiers? For one thing, he benefits from the structural conflict between the FBI and its ostensible parent, the Department of Justice. After Richard Nixon used the FBI and Justice to harass his enemies, post-Watergate reforms insulated the FBI from presidential meddling. The FBI director has a 10-year term and can only be removed by the president for cause. (No other federal law enforcement chief is similarly protected.) So while Freeh ranks below Reno and President Clinton on the org chart, he effectively serves independently of them.
Louis Freeh - FBI Director September 1, 1993-2003

Louis Freeh was born on January 6, 1950 with the Sun in the authoritative, bureaucratically-savvy sign of Capricorn (at 10:30 am in Jersey City, NJ according to his birth certificate). Freehs stern demeanor and business-like approach to managing the FBI is strengthened by Saturns prominence in his chart (conjunct the Descendant, trine the Sun).

Is Louis Freeh a member of the Catholic Opus Die" ... "When asked for confirmation, Freeh declined to respond, having an FBI special agent reply in his stead.
Robert Hutchison ... "He looked like an altar boy." Robert Hanssen, the FBI agent accused of spying for Russia, was known to those close to him as a particularly devout Catholic who, like FBI Director Louis Freeh, is a member of the shadowy order Opus Dei.

posted on Nov, 10 2003 @ 01:12 PM

Another idea of Friedman which I think needs to be examined and ridiculed is his statement that bin Laden's religion is religious totalitarianism. bin Laden's beliefs are not accepted by the vast majority of Arabs and in fact most Arab countries are basically at war against bin Laden. Most Arab countries feel bin Laden is financed by big George's Omega Agency/New World Order/United States. Religions are joined, not coerced, therefore they are not totalitarian. Friedman is using the word "totalitarian" where he should use the word "authoritarian." Because Friedman uses totalitarian where he should use authoritarian, does this indicate Friedman is an uneducated, bigoted, zioni$t racist? Probably.

Mr. Z either formed or came into control of the 15 during the later years of the Viet Nam war. At the time, Mr. Z was in Nam to work with the CIA and their assassination jobs and drug running. The 15 originally did assassination work into Laos and Cambodia for the CIA. Their work was known as "Project Phoenix". The group was formed to escalate the Nam war through selective assassinations of key figures. At times they even wiped out entire units of our own men, making it appear as though the Viet Namese were at fault. And their particular brand of work - assassination on demand - continued after the end of the Nam war.

The 15 are now in the service of the Omega Agency. They will, after the planned world government is in place, become "sector chiefs" of sorts. Omega seems to be set up on a hierarchical platform, with those in authority under the sector chiefs reporting directly to them. From that level, any information deemed worthy of calling it to the attention of the Ruling Council will be passed up the chain of command. The Public Safety Officers - those given the authority to act as judge, jury and executioner, if the crime warrants that punishment, fall under the authority of the sector chiefs...the 15.

posted on Nov, 10 2003 @ 04:39 PM

Originally posted by mOjOm
Louis Freeh was born on January 6, 1950 with the Sun in the authoritative, bureaucratically-savvy sign of Capricorn (at 10:30 am in Jersey City, NJ according to his birth certificate). Freehs stern demeanor and business-like approach to managing the FBI is strengthened by Saturns prominence in his chart (conjunct the Descendant, trine the Sun).

This is very interresting indeed. Capricorn means horned goat. And such a horned goat is written about in Daniel fighting a ram (Daniel 8). Arch Gabriel explains this vision as the ram being Medo-Persia (possibly UN who trace her legacy back to Cyrus the Great) and the goat being Javan (home of the Olymp and Troy). The goat comes flying from the West. The goat flies around the world without touching the ground, and in it's head is a great horn (how does his chart look like in the constallation of the unicorn?). He kills the ram with it's horn and crush it with it's feet. When it's on his mightiest stage, it's horn is broken off and four new ones grows up one for each of the directions, North, West, South and East (look at the NATO logo....). It will fulfill the prophecy about the Abomination of Desolation spoken of by Daniel and repeated again by Jesus. Antiokos IV Epiphanes was believed to have fulfilled this prophecy, and he really did, but Jesus says that it will happen again. For real this time. And then everyone must flee for the mountains. It will put an end to the Daily Sacrifice and do something horrible with the place the Ark of Covenant is situated (the Ark and the rest of the Temple tools were probably found by Ron Wyatt behind a secret wall inside what appears to be the tomb of Jesus. There are speculations whether these artifacts have been flown to USA). Anyway, this seems like a fulfillment of vision of the ram and the goat in Daniel 8. Allthough it has to be mentioned that Alexander the Great and his four generals may have fulfilled this prophecy, but this has been subject to much speculation.

Well. That's not all. The very date he was born on, 6th of January, is very interresting indeed. The Catholic Church says Jesus was born on December 25th (totally absurd) circumsised on January 1st and named Yeshuah on January 6th. In the early Church, 6th of January was also kept as the birthday of Jesus, and in the Eastern Empire they kept 6th of January as the day of Winter solstice and the day Sol Invictus was reborn. In the Western part they kept the 25th of December for the same festival. The Bethlehem Star was probably the comet that appeared in the East in the constallation Capricornus around March/April 5BC, which was probably the third and final sign the Babylonian Magi definately interpreted as being the birth of the great King who would be killed and resurected, they needed to set off for Jerusalem.

Seems to fit into the regular AntiChrist plot quite perfectly if you ask me....


[Edited on 10-11-2003 by mikromarius]

posted on Nov, 10 2003 @ 05:20 PM
Louis is the English form of Ludwig. It was the name of 18 French kings, among them st.Louis who lead two crucades and of cource the Sun King, Ludwig XIV who built the Versailles, the place where the Versailles tract was written that lead to the rise of Hitler's Nazi Germany. And we have also the famous composer Ludwig van Beethoven. Ludwig means famous warrior (hlud "fame" and wig "warrior"). And here comes the interresting part, his family name. This is also a German name which means early riser. It's a "nickname" describing his ansestors personality or look.

He is the great warrior who rise early. The only one I can think of that fits this description in the Bible would be Nimrod. He is connected to the constallation Orion, the soul of Osiris which was the first thing the Egyptian creatorgod Hu-Hu created. He holds two arrows in his right hand and aims his bow against Taurus as if he is trying to hold back the "Bull of Heaven". In one of the tower myths about Babylon it is said that Nimrod built the tower of Babel in order so he could shoot darts toward Heaven. Nimrod was the giant who built Babylon as written in Genesis 10 and 11. He was the first man to govern an empire. He aquired the title later adopted by the Csar and the Pope: Pontifex Maximus in Latin, Solver of Mysteries or Great Bridgebuilder. The tower of Babel was seen as a bridge that united Heaven and Earth. He is also believed to be the man behind the god Ba'al or Marduk, but this is quite speculative I believe, but there are obvious connections here.

In the Egyptian Book of the Dead Orion is called the Soul of Osiris as I explained earlier and was the first thing HuHu created (the Sun was the last thing he created). In Greek myths Orion was an enemy of Zeus and when Zeus wanted to punnish him he placed him on the heaven together with his two friends his two hunting dogs. It is interresting to note that Scorpio is never visible at the same time as Orion. In psevdo Christian tradition Orion is connected to the Messiah. His belt is often refered to as the three Magi that almost had Jesus killed when they entered the court of Jerusalem to proclaim that the King of the Jews was born. Luckily they didn't keep their promise, but headed back another way so Jesus and his parents could get time to flee to Egypt. My avatar is a detail from the Orion nebul....


[Edited on 10-11-2003 by mikromarius]

posted on Nov, 13 2003 @ 10:30 AM
In 1961, the Kennedy administration ordered a "Top Secret" study to determine what problems the United States would face if the world moved from an era of war to a golden age of peace. In other words, how to bring America into the New World Order. By 1963 the selection of the specialist had been made. This study group consisted of 15 experts in various academic disciplines who were selected for their expertise in their various fields. The first and last meetings were in an underground nuclear survival retreat called Iron Mountain.

In the same year that this "Top Secret" study was called, 1961, The Department of State put out a publication (#7277) called "Freedom From War, The United States Program for a General and Complete Disarmament in a Peaceful World". This publication describes a three step program to disarm the American military, shut down bases and have one military under the United Nations. This "military" would be the world wide police force to be used as "peace keepers" throughout the world. The plan would include that "all weapons of mass destruction" be eliminated with the exception of "those required for a United Nations Peace Force" (page 12 paragraph one). In order to "keep the peace, all states will reaffirm their obligations under the UN Charter to refrain from the threat of use of any type armed force" (page 16, Paragraph eight) To support the UN Charter, the average citizen will need to be disarmed; so they cannot defend themselves against these "peace keepers". You don't have to watch much news to see that today, the UN forces are used as "peace keepers" throughout the world, disarming people so they can't defend themselves against oppressive governments. To quote Sarah Brady, Chair of Handguncontrol, Inc. "Our Task of creating a socialist america can only succeed when those who would resist us have been totally disarmed."

I also want to point out the interesting things that happened in the mid 1960's: The protests against the war in Veit Nam. The protests against Nuclear Arms. The protests for arms reduction......Much of these protests were done by college students. Many who graduated and became the doctors, lawyers, people in politics, and even the President for today.

In 1963, the same year as the selection of specialists for this "Top Secret" study, President John F. Kennedy made an astounding statement. On November 13, while speaking at Columbus University, Pres. Kennedy stated, "The high office of the President of the United States of America has been used to foment a plot to destroy America's freedom, and before I leave office, I must inform the citizens of their plight! Ten days later, President John F. Kennedy wasshot and killed.

The study was completed in 1966. President Johnson gave the order that the report was never to be released, due to the nature of the conclusions reached. The purpose of this Report was to see what it would take to bring the United States into a New World Order. The"experts" decided that the American people were not intelligent enough to understand what "big brother" had decided for them; and what "big brother" would need to do to accomplish what was decided for them. If the truth came out too soon, the American people would be able to stop it.

posted on Nov, 13 2003 @ 11:33 AM
Very interresting. Just a small thing to add about what happened prior to JFK's killing. I saw this on national Norwegian TV in a program about the CIA where eX CIA agents and leaders spoke about the 50's, 60's and 70's secret operations etc. I just happened to turn on the tellie that evening, I seldom watch TV, it's too mind numbing. Anyway, they spoke about an incident that happened just weeks before JFK was shot, where JFK had gathered the CIA staff because of something that had made him furious about the Agency. He had burst out in anger at them, threatening them and said he would "tear CIA appart and spread the fragments for the winds". A couple of weeks later JFK was shot and killed.

Apparently many things happened just prior to the president's death that would be sufficient to throw icecubes in CIA's pants. I believe and has always believed that JFK was killed by the CIA. But I don't think JFK was a saint either, though he's one of my favorite US presidents, as opposed to Nixon for instance. JFK seeked the truth, while Nixon seeked power and fortune. Atleast that's what they want us to believe....


posted on Nov, 18 2003 @ 05:59 AM
interesting video clip about the secret government


Secret Goverment The Origin, Identity, and Purpose of MJ-12

During the years following World War II the Government of the United States was confronted with a series of events which were to change beyond prediction its future and with it the future of humanity. These events were so incredible that they defied belief. A stunned President Truman and his top military Commanders found themselves virtually impotent after having just won the most devastating and costly war in history. The United States had developed, used, and was the only nation on earth in possession of the Atomic Bomb which alone had the potential to destroy any enemy, and even the Earth itself. At that time the United States had the best economy, the most advanced technology, the highest standard of living, exerted the most influence, and fielded the largest and most powerful military forces in history.

We can only imagine the confusion and concern when the informed elite of the United States Government discovered that an alien spacecraft piloted by insect like beings from a totally incomprehensible culture had crashed in the desert of New Mexico.

Between January 1947 and December 1952 at least 16 crashed or downed alien craft, 65 alien bodies, and 1 live alien were recovered. An additional alien craft had exploded and nothing was recovered from that incident. Of these incidents, 13 occurred within the borders of the United States not including the craft which disintegrated in the air. Of these 13, 1 was in Arizona, 11 were in New Mexico, and 1 was in Nevada. Three occured in foreign countries. Of those 1 was in Norway, and the last 2 were in Mexico. Sightings of UFO's were so numerous that serious investigation and debunking of each report became impossible utilizing the existing intelligence assets.

posted on Nov, 18 2003 @ 08:09 AM
I have serious doubts about the text you just posted, infinite. I have never heared about any alien aircraft falling down in Norway. But what do I know? I sure hear funny noises at times in the night, I saw what I believed was a "sigar" ufo just outside my parents' house when I was small, and many of my friends have seen spectacular ufos, but I've never heared about a downed one. When I was awakened, I also saw a cross shaped, soundless craft above Oslo. The cross was like a Greek cross (fully symetric). But again, what do we know.... Norway has much wilderness and many places to hide even gigantic ships. Wonder if I should invite them to a concert one day, bet they have some serious instruments we could jam with backstage after the show


posted on Nov, 19 2003 @ 10:57 PM

F.E.M.A. [Federal Emergency Management Agency] has been authorized for the past 15 years by Presidential Executive Orders to confiscate ALL PROPERTY from the American People, separate families in the current 43 internment camps [already built and operational by the way, 5 of which are located in Georgia. The largest can confine somewhere on the order of 100,000 American citizens], called relocation camps by the 'government', for assignment to work camps; declares martial law and TOTALLY OVER-RIDES the U.S. Constitution. Presidential Executive Orders that are related or control this are given at the end of this. Two of the state prisons here in Georgia are currently empty, although manned by a minimal number of staff, have been setup and intentionally unpopulated by prisoners just to support this political policy.

What do you guys think. It's not the first time I've seen this but the article is good. Spells it out real clear.


posted on Nov, 19 2003 @ 11:02 PM
Just some more info to think about.........
Same link as my last post.

Concentration [internment] Camps. An Executive Order signed by then President BUSH in 1989 authorized the Federal Emergency Management Agency [F.E.M.A.] to build 43 primary camps [having a capacity of 35,000 to 45,000 prisoners EACH] and also authorized hundreds of secondary facilities. It is interesting to note that several of these facilities can accommodate 100,000 prisoners. These facilities have been completed and many are already manned but as yet contain no prisoners. [Remember all the TALK of over-crowded prisons that exist...]. In south Georgia there are several state prisons that except for a few guards, are completely devoid of prisoners.

Under F.E.M.A., the Executive Orders which are already written and is the current law of the land, calls for the COMPLETE suspension of the United States Constitution, all rights and liberties, as they are currently known. The following executive orders, which are in the Federal Register located in Washington DC for anyone to request copies of, call for the suspension of all civil rights and liberties and for extraordinary measures to be taken in, as most of the orders state, "any national security emergency situation that might confront the government." When F.E.M.A. is implemented, the following executive orders will be immediately enforced:
E.O. 12148 - FEMA national security emergency, such as: national disaster, social unrest, insurrection, or national financial crisis.
E.O. 10995 - "... provides for the seizure of ALL communications media in the United States."
E.O. 10997 - "... provides for the seizure of ALL electric power, petroleum, gas, fuels and minerals, both public and private."
E.O. 10998 - "... provides for the seizure of ALL food supplies and resources, public and private, and ALL farms, lands, and equipment."
E.O. 10999 - "... provides for the seizure of ALL means of transportation, including PERSONAL cars, trucks or vehicles of any kind and TOTAL CONTROL over all highways, seaports, and waterways."
E.O. 11000 - "... provides for the SEIZURE OF ALL AMERICAN PEOPLE for work forces under federal supervision, including SPLITTING UP OF FAMILIES if the government has to."
E.O. 11001 - "... provides for government seizure of ALL health, education and welfare functions."
E.O. 11002 - "... designates the postmaster general to operate a national REGISTRATION of all persons." [Under this order, you would report to your local post office to be separated and assigned to a new area. Here is where families would be separated].
E.O. 11003 - "... provides for the government to take over ALL airports and aircraft, commercial, public and PRIVATE."
E.O. 11004 - "... provides for the Housing and Finance Authority to relocate communities, designate areas to be abandoned and establish new locations for populations."
E.O. 11005 - "... provides for the government to TAKE OVER railroads, inland waterways, and public storage facilities."
E.O. 11051 - "... the office of Emergency Planning [has] complete authorization to put the above orders into effect in time of increased international tension or economic or financial crisis."

posted on Nov, 26 2003 @ 04:42 AM
After scanning what was posted I noticed the following was not included;

Shadow U.S. government in place

For the records, it says the same as the other news groups. Precautions from the cold era, "continuity of government", but offers nothing new.

Here is something I found online, odd as it is.

Tuesday, May 20, 2003 ... Online Office Listing ... 8:44 AM ARIZONA ... Shadow Agency ... PO Box 159 Bloomingdale, IL 60108


Another overlooked article?

Cheney's 'Shadow Government' Comes Into the Sunlight

posted on Nov, 26 2003 @ 05:18 AM
Presidential Decision Directive;
Continuity of Government Operations


Clinton Administration 1993-2000

12 February 1962 President Kennedy stated:
"the continued effective functioning of civilian political authority in an emergency is vital to the survival of our free society."

Continuity of transportation

The list goes on...


Civil Preparedness Guide

American Enterprise Institute

Continuity of Government Commission


Cold war leftovers

DHLS and Continuity of Government Grant Program - DATE EXTENDED!

Federal Response Plan

[Edited on 26-11-2003 by ADVISOR]

posted on Nov, 30 2003 @ 10:15 PM
I found some really good info
Advisor check it out:

Some of the best indications that the Shadow Government is not centered in the financial sector are the things it has to do to finance itself. Shadow Government is expensive. We can identify the main sources of its revenue:

(1) Black budgets. This is the core of its operations, but is not enough to secure its control over the country and the world.

(2) Drug trade. It has seized control of the major part of the illegal traffic in addictive substances, in part by using the organs of law enforcement to eliminate competition, and by gaining control of the money and the ways it gets re-introduced into the economy.

(3) Raiding financial institutions. This is what was done with the S&Ls, and is being done, more slowly, with the banks. It involves several aspects: diversion of the funds, seizure of smaller institutions by a few large ones under Shadow Government control, with the seizure financed by the taxpayers, and acquisition under distressed prices of the assets of those institutions, many of which are well-positioned business enterprises that give the Shadow Government both control of the key enterprises in most business sectors and sources of revenue. The Savings & Loan raid was used to finance a major expansion of the Shadow Government. However, it is not a method that can be repeated.

(4) Public authorities. These are quasi- governmental enterprises that control substantial assets, often taxpayer-subsidized, without effective accountability. They include housing, port, energy, water, transportation, and educational authorities. To this might also be added various utilities, and both public and publicly-regulated private monopolies, like local telephone and cable companies. They are also a major source of government contracts.

(5) Government contracts. Major source of diverted funds, but must often be shared with others involved.

(6) Arms trade. Another major source of funds, both direct and diverted. But requires payoffs to local officials.

posted on Nov, 30 2003 @ 10:24 PM
The problem with secret government is that to remain secret, it cannot involve too many people who are aware of the situation. The more that become involved, the greater the chance that some of them who retain some sense of honor might defect. An occasional defector can be disabled, killed or discredited, but a flood of them could be disastrous. That is what brought down the Bolshevik regime in the Soviet Union.

Shadow control therefore consists largely of the placement of shadow agents in key positions in all of the institutions that are to be controlled. Since they cannot reveal their true role, they are also somewhat constrained in the actions they can take. What they do has to fit their jobs and not conflict in an obvious way with the mission of the organization, even if they head it. Some of the main targeted institutions are the following:

(1) Top and key lower positions in the executive, legislative, and judicial branches. Key judges, especially presiding judges who assign cases.

(2) Staff positions under the top positions, such as the congressional staff members who really run Congress.

(3) Intelligence agencies. The CIA, NSA and various military intelligence divisions. Among their functions are death squads that eliminate troublesome persons, although they usually avoid doing that to more prominent ones. They also have developed mind control techniques that can be used to mess up the minds of people they want to discredit or disable. Actually, almost every department of government has an intelligence function, and that function is the Shadow Government's main point of control of the department.

(4) Military organizations, law enforcement, and taxing agencies, especially the IRS. Not only federal, but also state and local, at least in the major cities. The IRS and other agencies are used to harass persons considered troublesome, and sometimes to prosecute them on trumped up charges, in which evidence is planted or manufactured and government witnesses perjure themselves.

(5) Major banks, insurance companies, pension funds, holding companies, utilities, public authorities, contractors, manufacturers, distributors, transport firms, security services, credit reporting services. Forbidden by law from maintaining dossiers on citizens not the subject of criminal investigation, the agencies get around the restriction by using contractors to maintain the data for them, and have amazingly detailed data on almost everyone. When you hire one of the major security services, you are turning over the keys to your premises to the shadow government.

(6) Major media. Newspapers, magazines, television and radio stations. Together, they control the National Election Service, which in turn controls the outcome of computerized elections. They suppress coverage of certain subjects, and are the channel for the Shadow Government's propaganda and disinformation campaigns. A major part of the budget of the CIA is for film and video production. They aren't making training films.

(7) Communications networks. Telephone, telegraph, cable and satellite. The Shadow Government can bug any communication they wish, without bothering with a court order, and they regularly monitor dissidents and other key figures. Major holes in their control here are the Internet and public-key encryption, which the Shadow Government is trying to suppress. Although the Internet can be monitored, it cannot be effectively controlled, and it is emerging as a major threat to Shadow control.

(8) Organized crime. Despite occasional convictions, they are now mostly treated as a profit center and as the executors of the dirty jobs. They are also the providers of vices for the corrupt members of government, which vices are also used to blackmail and control people.

(9) Education. Universities and public education. Universities are the least effectively controlled components, but still important, largely for recruitment. Main aim here is to divert student activists into unproductive channels, or to get students so involved in careerism that they ignore the important issues.

(10) Civic, political, and labor organizations. The two major political parties. Political action committees. League of Women Voters. Trade and professional associations, such as the American Bar Association and the American Medical Association. Labor unions.

(11) International organizations. The United Nations, NATO, the IMF. Multinational corporations.

(12) Governmental and nongovernmental institutions of other countries. We are doing many of the same things there that are being done in the United States, especially in the more advanced countries.

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