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I believe there is a ghost in my house.

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posted on Sep, 12 2003 @ 05:06 AM
Well this started a few months ago.

I am a night person.. I love being up at night, when everyone else is asleep.. so thats what I do

Anyway, I usually spend alot of my time on the computer since nothing is open at night.

For about two weeks I would smell cigarette smoke waft through the house. I am very sensative to cigarette smoke, since I am allergic to it.. and have no idea where it was coming from. This happened in the winter btw, so all the doors/windows were shut, so it'd be hard for smoke to waft in from outside. I even checked to see if any neighbors were outside for a smoke. Nobody in the house smokes.. yet I could track the scent of smoke from the downstairs up to the last step to the upstairs where the smell would disappear. This kept happening for about 2 weeks, and I didn't think much of it.

Then one night, shortly after the smoke stopped, while I was getting ready to go to bed, I was headed to the stairs, through the family room, and thought I saw a movement out of the corner of my eye.. paused a bit and looked into the dark. All lights were off, I moved a bit forward. Didn't see anything so kept moving through; halfway into the room I got punched in the face. It was a pretty powerful hit, and knocked me down onto my back. I immediatly thought it was an intruder in my house and ran to the light and flicked it on to try and see. Nothing, nobody. I searched the entire house, and there was nobody. I checked every hiding spot possible.. and still nobody. Every door and window was still locked from the inside. And there is nothing in the house I could walk into that is the right height to hit me in the face, let alone in the middle of the room.

I was a little freaked out about this, but decided not to tell anyone.. and everything odd pretty much stopped.. until now.

Now I've had a cat since 1991.. he's lived in this house, basically his whole life, and has explored every nook and cranny. Among his favorite areas to rest are closets, an old armuir(sp?) with soem pillows on it, and my room. Now he will not go near the closets, when I walk up to them with him, his hair raises up, and he climbs away from me, and if I let him go, runs off. I can't get him near 3 closets in the house (and one of them is in my bedroom) and the old armuir he will approach, but with a very wary and worried look to him.. and he never hangs out for very long.

Soo.. what do you all make of this? If you want more details.. just ask and I'll tell

posted on Sep, 12 2003 @ 05:11 AM
Hmm, pretty spooky, I know getting punched in the face like that would freak me out!

I'd say the change in behaviour of the cat is a pretty good sign that something unsettling is hanging around. They're pretty sensitive to paranormal events.

Will the cat go near the closet when the door is left open and the interior is on full view? Or is it just when the door is closed?

posted on Sep, 12 2003 @ 05:13 AM
If the doors are open, it's worse; he'll usually want nothing to do with it.. if it's closed he'll usually sniff at it a bit, then want to get away.

posted on Sep, 12 2003 @ 05:22 AM
It might be Samara. She has been idle for awhile.
No really that sounds very bizarre.
It punched you in the face? hmm...
then went and smoked a cigarette.
It might have been a ghost. Perhaps
a distraught woman who dies of cancer from
smoking herself to death after finding out that
her husband was cheating on her. How old is your house ? You may want to do a search on murders or something like that at the library to see if someone was murdered in it. Violentley. So everytime she
sees someone she punches them in the face. Sounds very much like a disgruntled ex spouse to me. The seeing them and then not all of a sudden is a sign of a haunting. Very scary. Animals usually dont respond well to poltergeists or the such.

Well if it is a ghost all you have to do is tell her to get out of your house and that shes not welcome and she will leave. Trust me I used that on my ex wife. She didnt go that easily though but she went pretty quick.
Not that she was dead I mean she was alive.
But it worked.


posted on Sep, 12 2003 @ 05:28 AM
I would like to ask you to think hard on the "face punching" incident. Are you sure that it was a punch, or could it have been an impact.

In other words, could you think about whether something was moving to your face, or whether your face was moving to something (like you ran into something that WASN'T there)...just like running into a door, or a piece of furniture, but the object wasn't there.

posted on Sep, 12 2003 @ 05:41 AM
Well I thought about your question quite a bit, and even went and stood at the site of the "incedent"
and I believe it had to have been a punch.. or hit on me. Because I don't think I was moving fast enough for it to knock me down if I just walked into something, that wasn't there..

And as for the murders in this house.. this house has belonged to someone who is related to me in someway since it was built (was passed down through the family to my parents). And as far as I know there has never been a death here other than pets, let alone a murder.

However.. about.. a block down the street there is a house that is supposedly very haunted, and a few families have killed each other there (one bad story about a guy killing his sister, and grandma and burying them in the basement) (Lots of houses here have dirt floor basements (including ours))

If that helps at all.

posted on Sep, 12 2003 @ 06:39 AM
Gosh and i thought my house was bad....maybe you should get a medium in,(psychic)

What sort of feeling, if any do you get when this pressance is there...good/uneasy ect....

posted on Sep, 12 2003 @ 09:58 AM

Originally posted by MarkosOrrealus
Well if it is a ghost all you have to do is tell her to get out of your house and that shes not welcome and she will leave.

This may actually be helpful. Some people have reportedly had problems with hauntings and asked that the ghost leave. At that point, all spooky phenomena stopped occurring. Perhaps this will help. Personally, I'd try to get some answers from the spirit before kicking it out of the house.

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