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Who is W.C. VETSCH?

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posted on Sep, 19 2005 @ 11:09 PM
I have read a few essays by W.C. Vetsch. They are linked pretty closley together. The general theme seems to be Spiritual Sciences, Occult Sciences, Secret Sciences and Logical Analysis. Then it gets into a sort of New World Order big brother scenario.

I have tried finding out more information regarding who Mr. or Mrs. W. C. Vetsch is. Has anyone else read his essays or have more information? I find them completley fascinating. Part screams disinformation. Part screams truth.

You can read them here:

PLAN THEORY, prepared mainly in the 1960's, is an approach to philosophy based upon logic.

TEXT, prepared in the 1990's for use in the coming century, is a general overview of the Universe and of the planet Earth's place in the scheme of things.

THE STRUCTURE OF THE NATIONAL SECURITY OF THE UNITED STATES is designed to present an overview of how the country is set up and maintained. Some material from "TEXT" and "PLAN THEORY" is used in addition to new material.

PLAYTHINGS OF THE GODS is the new one, written in 2005. I have not yet read the entire thing.

posted on Sep, 21 2005 @ 11:34 PM
Anyone have a chance to read any of these essays yet? Some of the things this guy talks about makes my head spin. I'll really like to hear others thoughts about them.

posted on Sep, 22 2005 @ 01:42 AM
wow, too much interesting stuff to read. since it appears very extreme, who knows if any of it is true. thanks for the link.

posted on Jun, 11 2007 @ 01:20 PM
The name W. C. VETSCH is a code. If you read the article The Master Code on the site link you list, you will find all the letter in the name are codes, except "E" as the author is careful not to reveal all the codes, but given most of the info is either from Eckankar, or from Shabd Yoga from which Eckankar swiped much of their material from, I'd venture a guess that the "E" has to do with the "Living Eck Master."

posted on Sep, 14 2010 @ 03:15 PM
I realize this topic is a few years old, but I have your answer: W.C. Vetsch is just another weirdo. I've met the dude. In fact, he threatened to send his "friends" after me if I sold the CDs he wanted to anyone else. Let me explain:

I used to work for an independent CD store on Long Island. We got a lot of freaks in the store-- A LOT. But there was one in particular that I could never forget. His name was John, so he claimed, but you may know him better as W.C. Vetsch.
He came into the store almost everyday for a few weeks. He was a tall dude, and he walked with a gnarly wooden cane, though he didn't have any obvious handicaps. He ALWAYS wore all leather. He would deliver long sermons on Billy Jack and how the movies were gospel handed down from higher powers. He told me all about Kal Niranjan-- the name that consumed me for years and eventually brought me to this forum-- whom he claimed was the devil, and whose only power against us is F.E.A.R., which stands for "False Evidence Appears Real."
John came back a number of times after that. He was extremely nasty, and was universally hated by the staff at my store. He would request that we hold CDs for him and then never return for them. The manager at the store would put these items back out on the floor after a week or so-- something that made "W.C. Vetsch" very irate. Eventually, he just started hiding these CDs around the store. We'd find the CDs, and put them back where they belonged. This is what led to him threatening to "call the cavalry" on me. I'm still waiting.
The last time I saw him-- shortly before the manager told him to leave the store and never come back-- he had just lectured me for three hours on the structure of the planes of existence. I told him I had to go, as it was ten minutes after the time I was supposed to be let off for the day, and he said, "I'm gonna let you go. But first, have you ever wondered how man and woman manifested themselves?" To this I said, "Hold that thought. I gotta get something outta my car." (at the time, I didn't even have one.) He said okay, and I ran out the store and back to my home. According to the next shift, he waited about a half-hour for me to return.

Long story short, ignore this freak-- unless you're looking for a laugh.

posted on Nov, 26 2010 @ 09:41 AM
i wonder how rfeprod1 knows this guy to be the actual author of the material. if i wrote text I would not be blabbing about who i am to anyone. This guy is probably listed as "hit on sight". i reckon this john dude was just some guy who read the material and busted his chops like i did to my friends. Anyway when i read that book about 10 years ago it chilled me to the core and left me pretty shell shocked for a while. After that everything I thought was concrete I now saw instead as manufactured reality and really as "the matrix".This i have proven and verified to myself with all my subsequent investigations-The things that have verifiable data on them anyway as well as other things like subsequent world events. The more you read the more the pieces start to fit as you acquire the necessary info. I can say this single book forever and irreversibly changed my worldview and outlook on life.

My feeling about his stuff is that it's genuine although i concede producing it as a hoax would be possible but would require extensive reading on the occult and conspiracy info to collect the knowledge. All that plus a vivid imagination and a lot of time.

If you have a solid esoteric knowledge base and an open mind devoid of indoctrinated preconceived notions it's not so hard to fathom as being truthful. After all who defines the limits on the realms of possibility? You? Your dumbass university professors? The establishment?.The catch is the old reality is a lie; made for your consumption to hide their reality. This real reality is a terrifying Orwellian nightmare and nobody wants their ego crushed along with their version of reality so many just cannot and won't accept this stuff.

He does drop clues that would make some of his info provable beyond a shadow of a doubt but actually doing these things would be difficult.

I have also often pondered, who is W.C Vetsch?

posted on Mar, 24 2018 @ 06:37 PM
The website is down right now.

I must admit a certain fascination with his work. As if he explains things in a way I "just get". I have no other explanation for this effect.

Anybody have anything else to contribute in the years that have elapsed during this thread's existence?


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