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Psychic Exact Earth Census 5-2005

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posted on Oct, 1 2005 @ 08:45 AM
Service is and always has been the best of ideals.

I appreciate our time together.

Best Wishes :-)

posted on Oct, 1 2005 @ 02:17 PM

Originally posted by DDay
I need to seek what is inside of me for the truth and what feels most comfortable. This is something I have been struggling with for some time because what has been taught over the years doesn't seem to "fit" and for those years I have been seeking to find the fit.

This has been very true for me, as well.

Growing up with a some what dogmatic religious background, I found that often, questions were discouraged, and searching for answers that might be found at the end of a path that differed, even slightly, from strict Biblical word, was considered taboo. Reading any other 'text', out of curiosity, or even a genuine search for truth, could cause 'dangerous' confusion. All things paranormal were attributed to the devil, even UFOs or alien beings were considered to be manifestations of demons.

Then, as I became aware of how much worldly 'tampering' had gone into the Bible, I began to feel that the true message had been either misunderstood, or had been intentionaly altered....with good intentions or evil ones, I could not be sure.

The more that I searched and researched, the more I came to the point where I believed that perhaps the 'antichrist', as much as any 'person' that might bring a false message or one that was 'the opposite' to what Christ intended..... may actually be the 'Church'....not in terms of the faithful individuals that go there to worship and bond with one another and God, but the hierarchy....

The 'founding fathers' (not the discilpes, but those who 'packaged' Christianity and made it the official religion of the Holy Roman Empire), those who decided that they knew best which books should be in the Bible, and which authors would be left out because their words did not suit the 'Church's' purposes. Those who changed or added as they saw fit, and decided what the 'little people' would be allowed to know....and what they would be kept from knowing. (As well as those that continue much of this process even today......)

Originally posted by Aronolac
...the truth rings bells within; truth is attractive and we feel it; it resonates. We verify truth by our own internal truth compass and the Spirit of Truth, which everyone is encircuited, will testify to it. It takes awhile, but if the truth is to be honestly known it has to be pursued, its nature understood, and its reflection of light into our minds is sensed as if flowing from a spiritual source and not of our own.

Over time, I have found certain of these truths that resonates, as you mention, much of what you are telling us does this, at least for me. I still have questions, but I feel there may be some true answers along the path you have offered.....

I have been reading some more on the subjects and sites metioned by you and some of the other posters, and I also noticed a similarity to Edgar Cayce. The site that discusses the Sherman Rebellion and the Urantia Book, mentions the 'sleeping subject' as the origin of the revelations. Since Cayce was refered to as the 'sleeping prophet', he immediately came to mind. Is he the same 'sleeping subject'? Link

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posted on Oct, 1 2005 @ 02:53 PM

Well, Dday, seems we're posting on the same threads. I'm not stalking you, I swear

LOL - actually it's nice that someone out here has the same interests in subject matter as I do.
And I also liked the way you put emphasis on the same sentence in a different context each time. That is so true. My mother and I go round and round about the actual words written in the bible. I tell her the same thing that after the many times this book has been translated things are bound to be lost in translation.

Remember that game where you would sit in a circle with friends and one would start a secret and that secret was to be whispered to the next person and so on. The moral of the story being that after that "secret" got to the last person in the circle it didn't hardly even represent what was originally said?

Now take the bible times thousands of translations and years and imagine what happened there.

Frayed, you and I seem to be on the same page in terms of beliefs and what they represent to us now. I sometimes feel like I am in maze and I can't find my way to the truth but then during these posts with Ron I have discovered that the truth does lie within me.

This has been one of the most interesting threads for me to date.

posted on Oct, 2 2005 @ 11:26 AM
Thanks for the reply, Frayed1

I can shed some light on your question(s), but like so much that has to do with the mysteries in the human mind about God, there are many, many different paths to follow when you ask about the Sleeping Subject (SS).

Both of your site references take one to the Fellowship web site and for my tastes, is superior to the Foundation's web site thanks to so many different documents available on all subjects that surround the mysterious appearance of the text. I think it is extremely helpful for interested readers to examine the time line found by clicking on your "Link". It is a quick read and provides the essential line of development.

John M. Bunker & Karen L. Pressler, in 1999, published a book on the idea that Edgar Cayce and the SS were the same. I know the Cayce family has denied it and so have the older members of the Foundation (e.g. - see Dr. Sprunger's archive on the Fellowship web site) who were witness to the last few years of preparing for publication.

It would make some loose ends come together if one could say that Cayce and the SS were the same, but they were not.

The SS is known to have been a business man working on the Chicago Board of Trade during the 1910's and later. But the revelators asked that his identity be kept a strict secret. From that day to this, no one alive has any knowledge of who this man’s name was and never shall.

You did not ask for how the SS was used, but I thought you would be interested to know that the role he played has never been entirely clear as to how it was achieved. He was a spiritual liaison, but always asleep, and never aware of the activity around him which was considerable. When there were administrative chores to take care of between the Contact Commission (CC) (six humans) and the Revelatory Commission (unseen, but heard celestial presences), the SS would be awake with voice being used, but it was not, according to the CC, his voice. He was permitted to be awake only when business was to be transacted, not when the text of the Papers were to be produced.

The extraordinary thing to note is that the Papers that became the text were materialized in his presence. They did not appear without him being present although corrections did appear without him and then always in a locked safe within the mansion in which the book was being prepared.

If the details interest anyone, they may be found in the book by Larry Mullins, A History of The URANTIA Papers, (See all of Chapter Four, pp 65-83), Penumbra Press, August 21, 2000.


posted on Oct, 2 2005 @ 02:43 PM
First....thanks to Sanctum for fixing that link......I added it at the end, after I had diff fixing it in the body of the text.....sorry for any confusion.

Ron, I had already surmised that the 'Sleeping Subject' was probably not Cayce, from some additional reading. The choice of words were a bit diff....Cayce's source seemed to speak in almost an olde English way, using ye this and ye that....( Thanks for taking my question seriously. After posting it, I had second thoughts about it whether it would seem foolish or not. Glad to hear I wasn't the only one wondering about that. )

And I'm not really surprised that the real SS declined to come forward, I can imagine how he would have been reguarded by the public back then......It would seem that the world now would be more likely to accept this astonishing information.

posted on Oct, 4 2005 @ 01:26 PM
Dear Readers,

For those who do a form of meditation that includes time to listen to “the still small voice of God within”, also ask for the presence of the head master of teachers in this part of the universe’s educational program, Abraham.

For those who may have asked for and received some instructions about the “Silence”, listen as well for the approach of Abraham when you are ready to receive information.

I am attaching below some of Abraham’s words uttered several years ago to a brand new class, a Bible class in New Zealand, who had asked for a teacher. Abraham was received by a transmitter, a talent she did not know she had. This is a very small portion of one of the very first messages received. in the planet’s new educational program. In fact, I believe this class may have been the first successful test of the teaching mission.

ABRAHAM to the Bible Class assembled:

We do not use the Bible as our tool, but as a reference to the history of God's Work. We do not need to take each word printed for dissecting, but, if this is your desire, then so it shall be. I shall teach you in any manner you desire. You are goodly pupils to continue asking clarification. We have respect for your Minds, Hearts and Souls. Do not feel afraid to ask of any matter, we understand. You know 'We' is me, Abraham, AND GOD.

Q. How does Miracle Healing occur?

Abraham: I perceive of you as Light Energy, therefore, when part of the Light Energy is darkened by an illness, the Healing Energy passes through to re-arrange the atoms and spaces by moving them in to the correct layers for the well-being of the Body, Heart, Soul and Mind. This is as with wave-lengths in the atmosphere. As you know, sound waves, electric waves, heat waves and x-ray waves can pass through seeming solid materials. This is how the Healing Energy operates on a patient.

Q: I have Problems Stilling My Mind in Meditation.

Abraham: Stray thoughts are a nuisance during meditation, are they not? This is your thinking mind. Do not struggle too hard. Be at ease. It will come. You see, in your physical life, you are so used to struggling everyday of your life. You work, you sleep, you work, you sleep, it is all one struggle after another to earn your daily bread. So, when there is opportunity for to relax in meditation, it is a new thing, it is difficult to stop the struggle.


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