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Psychic Exact Earth Census 5-2005

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posted on Sep, 6 2005 @ 07:06 PM

Please feel free to send a U2U message.

Ron (Aronolac)

posted on Sep, 7 2005 @ 08:55 AM

I am having trouble with U2U for some reason. It may be from inexperience with how this system works. I can only read the first two sentences of your post. I also am not able to send out U2U responses because of the 20 rule (I have only 15 posts to my credit).

Please resend your post to my email address

Sorry for the inconvenience.

posted on Sep, 7 2005 @ 02:31 PM
Aronoloc, why ask about mortal demographics when you could ask about dimensional demongraphics. Maybe the Deity of the Divine, knows what we call demons and angels as unique transdimensional beings that are able to increase and decrease their temporal frequency so that they can interact with the masses.


posted on Sep, 7 2005 @ 02:57 PM

Originally posted by Aronolac
The big picture can be seen this way:

1) The grand universe is divided into seven major galactic agglomerations;

2) Each of the seven agglomerations (or superuniverses) are subdivided into ten major sectors further divided into 100 minor sectors each.

3) Each minor sector is divided into 100 local universes and those local universes have the four status levels described above.

The boundaries of a local universe are determined by their space charge - the amount of different kinds of energy they contain. What constitutes one individual local universe from another is that each is also permiated by the spirit of the Creative Spirit. Run out of that spirit field and one has left that particular local universe. Each local universe is equal to the others for administrative purposes.

Each superuniverse (one of the 7 agglomerations) are also equal in space charge as well as to creative intentions. In other words the superuniverses have different kinds of evolution. We belong to the 7th superuniverse and evolve according to the meaning of the whole.

If one were able to perch above this space picture, which would be looking down on the precession of the superuniverses, one could see the seven distinct stellular organizations moving counterclockwise around a space center. Our astronomers can see five easily, but because we are in one of them and because our angle of observation is not adequate to easily see the sixth, we are unsure of the indenitifaction of the sixth and seventh of these constructions.

Could you show us a picture of how this would look?

posted on Sep, 7 2005 @ 03:00 PM
Hello, Azathoth,

Azathoth asks
Aronoloc, why ask about mortal demographics when you could ask about dimensional demongraphics. Maybe the Deity of the Divine, knows what we call demons and angels as unique transdimensional beings that are able to increase and decrease their temporal frequency so that they can interact with the masses.

The answers to your thoughtful questions have two components:

1) In this particular case, the prisoner did not know that he was in contact with the Planetary Supreme. He merely wrote down what he was asked to do, and he did not, and maybe he could not, formulate another question at the time. The Planetary Supreme said goodbye at the conclusion of the statement of our planetary census. That is how it happened - spontaneously and it was over almost before it began.

2) Subsequent to that event this past May, some thoughtful questions have been asked. The Planetary Supreme was gracious enough to provide some answers, but some questions were off limits - the hazards of being a mortal and standing before the supreme font of information where not all facts are open to our gaze.

You are correct about other spiritual personalities being a frequency. But they are much more than that and have our equivalent of personality and mind. Very few have the ability to modify their forms to the lower frequencies of white light which is the span we perceive.

The angels have a certain lattitude to do this; the midwayers can do this, at least the secondary ones can and do so if the situation requires. All have been asked to refrain from such behavior UNLESS there is an emergency that affects the realm- the realm refers to our place of existence and being and their place and being of existence.

Everyone is following the rules today. You will not find modified forms unless they are temporal, and all of the spiritual personalities while living in the temporal (i.e. they observe it and serve it), all are otherwise eternal. In the old days (oh, I say about 3,000 years ago), there was confusion on our planet and at times these higher beings exhibited the lower frequencies to accomplish some task they would not dare do today.

I hope that offers you some answer to your questions.

posted on Sep, 7 2005 @ 03:11 PM
Dear Elevatedone,

Yes, I have come up with a picture, but I have no way of providing it on this form nor do I have a web site to post it to.

Before I forget it, I see an error in this line of the description:

"Each superuniverse (one of the 7 agglomerations) are also equal in space charge as well as to creative intentions."


The seven superuniverses are not equal in creative intentions; each is unique in what it is to develop.

I am sorry I can not be much more help at the moment.

posted on Sep, 13 2005 @ 09:48 AM

If you can scan the pic an email it to me I have a server that I can host it on.

posted on Sep, 13 2005 @ 07:56 PM

I sent you the graphic files to your private email address. Thank you very much for your offer.


posted on Sep, 13 2005 @ 09:16 PM
Please use the u2u function to communicate off-topic information to each other.

Back on topic, please.
If there is no further discussion needed for the topic, the thread should probably not stay open.

posted on Sep, 15 2005 @ 01:28 PM
From Aronolac:

[This] is an artist's rendering of looking from space inward to the central core of the universe. The observer in this photo has his back against the outer space regions of which the four outer space regions can be seen behind the glowing central core as hazy, grey bands 4 in number.

The image is too big to show here but click the following link:

The Grand Universe

There was a PDF sent also, but I'll have to post that later.

posted on Sep, 17 2005 @ 03:52 PM

Some of you what have presented reminds me greatly of the Superstring/M Theory. Are you familiar with either of these?

posted on Sep, 17 2005 @ 04:17 PM
Hello Eden,

I watched the PBS Nova program that offered an explanation of the universe and Part II, I believe, was about the string theory of the universe.

String theory "fits" the description I have given, but the trouble is that I do not know how to equate the strings to the basic units I am aware of that make up matter.

Some have suggested that the basic units described in my post are the different kinds of quarks science has been pleased to find, which, and correct me if I am wrong, also have a rotation and axis orientation.

Could it be both?

i.e. quarks and their spin and axial differences represent the basic unit of matter that never was reactive to linear gravity and which reacts only to the pre-materialization gravity of force coming from the central universe, AND, represent the ties (strings) radiating out of the unified center? It is beyond me since I am not a student of physics, but I find it very interesting that as science and philosophy search further back into origins, they are coming upon a common "something" that appears to be the mysterious and original cause.

What bothers me about the quarks being related to the original spinning units of matter is that the quark and its family may be really shattered matter, but I can not differentiate the difference between shattered matter and the ultimaton by the descriptions given. Science may be calling the ultimaton by another name these days but by myself I can not make the equation that one equals the other.

Thanks for your comments.

posted on Sep, 17 2005 @ 04:44 PM
As an additional note to the above post, I see that my remarks concerning the nature of matter and its basic units was not posted within this thread but in Post #1668123 in the thread "Big Problems w/the Big Bang. There is a middle ground between the creationists and the materialists showing that space existed prior to time, and that both time and original matter did not appear in time space first, but in the central universe.

posted on Sep, 17 2005 @ 05:34 PM
Aronolac, do you have any proof to any of your statements?

[edit on 17-9-2005 by Rancor]

posted on Sep, 17 2005 @ 06:36 PM
Rancor - Proof for what part of this thread?

1) Are the earth census numbers right? I have given my opinion above.

2) Is the planetary registration number correct? I think so.

3) Is the arrangment of the universe into administrative and force-chare sectors correct? I have had verification that this is so.

The material universe is based mathmatically on the number 10 while the life systems in it are based on 12 and its multiples. Spirit inherently arranges itself, depending on what function is referred to, on systems of 7 and its multiples. If you should happen to look at a universe map and its subdivisions, the administration of its physical realms are divided according to the number 10.

If one should be able to examine life forms at random in the universe, the pattern of 12, 48, 72 would appear in the instructional units of life replication. However, while administrative units are divided using the 10 pattern, and life's patterns are stored for replication in sets of 12 and its multiples, the universe ultimately exists for the purpose for which it was brougth into existence, and all creative purposes can not exceed 7 in total.

Our part of the universe, I am told, is in the 7th sector and its creative purpose is to represent all of the other six as a new unique 7th value - a totality or summing up of the first six values of existence.

I have been direct in stating that there has been a great deal of information coming forward about the universe and its spiritual life and purpose through a development that I have called the "opening".

It is entirely up to you and others to decide its value, although I quite long ago decided the information was valid. Spirit is inherently knowledgable while mind must ask for facts. Proof is a mind phenomena and is not the human spiritual intuition that knows. Without this kind of spiritual knowing, then every mind has to decide if the facts are possible, and if possible, await a demonstration they are true. Science does the same thing. View these remarks as postulates, but I personally find they go way beyond mere postulates but make complete sense in the operational sense.

posted on Sep, 17 2005 @ 11:10 PM
However, you have the same credibility as the next person that comes along and gives me different numbers for the earth census at that exact same moment as yours, and the "planetary registration number". How would I know who is telling the truth?

Do you have more information about "the universe and its spiritual life and purpose"?

posted on Sep, 19 2005 @ 09:23 AM
Hello Rancor,

There is a great deal more information available but it can hardly all fit into this thread.

For instance what category would you fit the subject where we could introduce a discussion of what constitutes the three reality divisions of life in the universe? I do not know. And maybe that is a big yawn for many readers since I find it very hard to predict what areas of universe-design discussions are of interest.

The concepts I have received are a mixture of science, religion and philosophy. That is really a study in cosmology, but science seems to think cosmology is all about the material universe alone. I obviously disagree. A true cosmology teaches (from its point of view) how the universe is a unified creation through mostly evolutionary means. I would have a great deal of enjoyment discussing how the universe in unified on its highest levels while its outer levels (which we are in) are un-unified but working toward the goal of unification. What category would that fit in?

A third concept of information received has been the instruction on man's relationship to spirit. He has a close relationship and it is instrumental in producing a different kind of being than we see on earth today. Our evolution is not finished. Where might this fit if at all on ATS or related boards?

I've given you just a hint of what could be taken up, but I am not sure there are categories for them.

Thanks for asking.


posted on Sep, 19 2005 @ 12:44 PM

However, you have the same credibility as the next person that comes along and gives me different numbers for the earth census at that exact same moment as yours, and the "planetary registration number". How would I know who is telling the truth?

Do the exact numbers really matter? Isn't the purpose of ourselves is to seek knowledge and ask questions about our being?
Instead of jumping around asking to prove it, prove it. Quiet yourself and LISTEN to what is being offered to you.

Aronolac, I for one greatly appreciate your sharing this information with us.

How surreal that picture is. Vast and lonely and how insignificant we really are.

How did it come about that we would be considered on this frequency?
Is there a right of passage of sorts for those on a higher frequency?

I hope that question made sense because it did in my head but I don't think it came out right.

posted on Sep, 19 2005 @ 08:16 PM
Hi D-Day

You have an interesting take on the information. I'll try to respond likewise.

No, the exact numbers have no meaning to life. The census figures are right once, and that is of the moment they were totaled. Before and after they change and become history because they were recorded.

Truth itself become history the moment it is not alive. The census numbers are the truth of a fraction of a moment, then they become fosslized, etched in stone and encapsulated within the past event.

Life, my life or yours, is a quest and alive in the moment and it can never become a history in the consciousness because our awareness is always teetering on the front wave of time to crash upon the shore of new knowledge and new experience. To stop living in the moment is either to create a history of what it was to be alive once-upon-a-time, or to dream our potentials away in an imagined future that never had a chance to become history.

Other numbers, such as the living sphere registry number of our planet published here, is valuable for what it implies- what it does to our imagination - but in and of itself, the number can be viewed as the randomness picked out of a series.

This is what sets man apart from the animals, however. We can look at lifeless numbers and see universes. To the animals, they always live in the present and do not have the capacity to "suppose" what information may surround the number and its meaning. For instance, who lives on the planet registry number before ours? Are they neighbors? Or are they in some far galaxy at such great distances, we shall never know who or what they are except their number was right next to ours?

That is more than creative imagination at work. That is the desire of man to know the otherness of a neighbor or the otherness of a God, and in the final analysis, such emotions to have counsel with others is a spritual prompt - the same spiritual prompts that give rise to the better defined talents and evidences of the paranormal experience.

Did you know that it is these feelings that give rise to both religion and science? You know the difference so I need not go into it here, but just know that both practices arise from the need to be with others and to know the facts about them. To know another person is a value, but what they are and what they have done, is a fact. Our values become expressed in religions, but are facts are determined by our sciences.

We are not alone, and I do not want you to feel that way - no one should feel that way - in spite of these huge numbers that numb the mind by their size. Each human is an exquisite creation. We are one and remain one as ourselves, but we have a cosmic family that enjoys the life with us they are given wherever that may be in a creation that dwarfs even all the power in all the blazing suns in space.

In his creation of numbers that we count by, God divided the universe into two major components: the living and the non-living.

The living is called the Deified universe and it takes precedence of the material or non-living or non-Deified universe. In the living universe, God's face is love and while non-personal forces are always at work, the Deities always take personality into account first before correcting the forces behind matter.

The paranormal is a sensual development within us when we choose to know beyond the literal translations of our five senses just what God is doing and how we are aligned with his wellness and his healing energies and his comfort for the lonely or the dis-associated in the overwhelming experience of living without connections at times.

It is said that our up-bringing as human places us between the hammer of choice and the anvil of necessity. However hard this is to experience, we all go through it, and it is by facing the dilemma of the hammer and anvil that we actually develop our psychic talents which are part of the paranormal sensing we all have in potential. Ezekiel and Enoc, both of the Bible, lived in caves, they so disliked the evasion of the hard work by their fellows to know the power of Yahweh, but it was they who left this world in "charriots of fire" -- the fusion with spirit -- and to this day very, very few leave this place by spirit transit.

The paranormal experience is the evidence of the development of the spiritual attunement taking place within the mind to the indwelling spirit in our superconsciousness. The paranormal is a start, not the end, on the journey of spiritual development that extends far beyond these shores to know and enjoy.

Thank you for your comments and questions.


posted on Sep, 19 2005 @ 09:32 PM
Can you elborate on how one would "develop psychic talents".

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