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Contact Repercussions - Your Input Please

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posted on Aug, 31 2005 @ 09:18 PM
Dear List,

I’ve only recently discovered and subscribed to this board and thought I would attempt to open a thread on the subject of the social and political repercussions of making contact with an off-planet human species.

I am a UFO buff, not because I have be abducted or have I any real direct experience with the ships, but because I have had an introduction to them through discussions with a liaison being that works between the spiritual administration of our local system of planets and that group of individuals who are seeking permission to open the first wholesale contact with our planet. More of this later.

My background has been 30 years in civil engineering in all phases of that business including things like holding the dumb end of the tape to being elected to management. I’ve been through the mill for now. I retired early (at 49 and am currently 63), not because of becoming wealthy, but because I had a direct experience with the spiritual opening that made contact with the liaison being possible in the last five years. Such openings are so intense it demands full attention to the details of what this liaison offers.

There is no language invented yet to describe the inner workings of the mindal circuits when in alliance with spiritual energy and what that makes possible, so I will not try. However, what does make more sense to a reader are the words made available (some would call it telepathy, but it is much more) that portray the kind of knowledge mankind searches for through prayer or through scientific investigation: both lead to the same source of the phenomena investigated but are explained differently.

My interest in first contact came when this spiritual liaison officer assigned to the System contact investigation now under more intense discussion than ever before, made his presence known. These liaison discussions are being held at the highest level as how to solve the problem of official contact versus probes, or accidental or surreptitious contact. It is time to bring the whole question of contact under careful supervision. I am familiar with summaries and not allowed full knowledge of what is involved.

The discussions revolved around at least two main items of contention according to my knowledge:

1) What are the repercussions to be had for a direct and powerful exposure of the forces of an alien human race on the present population of earth?

a) It is forecast that there will be negatives to contend with on earth; the greatest being an unreasonable fear reaction to the above actions if pursued. However, since our earth has been isolated for many millennia and official contact denied but probes allowed, the question is open as whether there will be enough positive reaction and results to allow the plan to go forward anyway. Insofar as I know, this option has not be foreclosed.

2) What are the political repercussions of such contact on the power structures, social and political, of contacting our planet?

a) These discussions are both material and spiritual in their concepts. It is presently decided that mere off-species contact is insufficient to change emotional and philosophical errors in the political structures. This will require other actions not disclosed. Otherwise, these errors are evolutionary in nature and require time (evolution) to overcome. To aide and accelerate the natural processes that would allow a reasonable approach to contact, both the material and spiritual pressures can be applied to thinking and the creative processes used on earth such as upon the entertainment industry or in creative technology.

The above is a simplified summary of the range of discussion currently debated.

My remarks to the list are these:

1) If you agree with the importance of contact and these discussions on high, and you had the opportunity to directly ask the very individuals who are planning the contact scenario, what would you ask them? What would you advise them?

2) I am aware of various beliefs concerning the nature of contact as they come from this list (I’ve read many of the posts in this section), and I admit there are specifics in these other posts that are contradictory, but some are right on even with my scant knowledge of the total picture. Given the tentative nature of some of the information that is taken for granted as being true about future alien contact, what would the reader suggest, specifically, that would most make them at ease with contact openly made on the planet? For example, would a big show of presence be preferable to something else?

All suggestions are welcomed and open to discussion.

Thank you for your time and thought.

posted on Aug, 31 2005 @ 11:07 PM
Interesting post, and Welcome!

I am sure others will want to ask questions about the contacts you have had but I am just going to respond to some of your questions.

I guess if I had the ability to talk to people from other Planets my biggest question would be: Are humans really that different from other Races?

It would seem to me, given the estimated age of the Universe that this sort of First Contact senario should have been played out many times why are we more difficult than others?

You see it is very human to think we are unique. In times past this manifested itself in the form of 'The Sun revolves around the Earth' and similar ideas. Today, and you can see this here on ATS over and over, it is 'We are too violent for Contact'. My problem with the latter idea is simply: Based on what?

I fully realize that development is probably unique to each Planet. In our own history it has always been the actions of a few that determines the course for the rest. Our technological developments have been the same, one person comes along and discovers something that echos forward, eventually across the whole Planet.

But if we are talking about a form of Intelligence that we can understand, a biologic mortal being that can reason, then I wonder how different can we really be? I tend to think the differences will be only in degrees, a different balance of impulses and drives.

A the same time I see the possibility for radical differences in some species. Beings of entirely different structure, but for those I wonder if we will ever be able to understand them.

As far as advice goes it is quite simple: Land, and greet us.

What we fear more than anything else is the unknown. Once a new Race lands, we see them in the light of day, we will begin to cope. I know there will be changes, social institutions will have to adapt, certain religions will have to rethink some of their concepts, but unlike many others I do not see the horrors and destruction that worry them.

Growth always involves pain, it is a part of the process. In the end I think we will end up better off than we are today. Wars are fought over land, over limited resources, because this Planet is all we have. No matter how much in the way of technology our new Friends may wish to share, the mere knowledge that they do indeed exist will drive us to look outward. In a short time we will be out there, and once that happens I see a much brighter future for humanity.

The thing about humans that many do not realize that our very natures are such that we are never really ready for the big things in life. If someone is waiting for us to be 'ready' they have a long wait. But we adapt, that is something we have been doing for a very long time. And I am confident that no matter how shocking First Contact will be, in the end we will adapt to it. For every negative possibility there is a corresponding positive one. It is hard to see right now because we cannot know to the motives and intent of the other beings in the Universe.

When we meet them, when we see that no matter how different they may appear at first they are still mortal beings, I think we will do ok.


posted on Sep, 1 2005 @ 12:44 AM
Personally, I for one am not a believer of contact of alien lifeforms via spirituality but I'll play along with the game.

Ok, here it goes, I think no matter how it is handled, there will be repercussions. But the longer they wait the worse it is going to get, the seeds of fear have been planted and continue to grow each passing moment.

I think that the best chance they had for making contact was right after the Roswell Incident. Sure there would have been mass panic but after they finished running to the hills, they would soon see that nothing bad was happening and would come around. Back then all they (the aliens) had to worry about is some farmer taking a pot shot at them with a shotgun. Nowadays they will have to worry about some idiot running up to them with an explosive strapped to their chest. Maybe these weapons may not harm them if they have a way of shielding themselves but sooner or later man will come up with a weapon that will hurt them.

So how should they approach us at this present time?

1] They should not show up en masse. Arriving with a big fleet will only add to the panic.

2] They should make contact with 1 smaller 3-5 crew craft (per counrty contact). A gigantic mothership will again cause more panic.

3] They should make initial contact only with the Neutral countries of this world, like; Sweden, Austrailia, Canada, and Japan. These countries are more likely to receive contact openly and are well respected with the rest of the world.

4] The ship should hover just outside the city limits of the country's capital for about an hour, then land (again just outside the city limits). This will allow for a crowd to form, including the press, which will help to broadcast the incident worldwide.

5] If these aliens do have human contacts here, they should be there first (before the crowds show up) and should have some way of broadcasting to the crowds (a portable PA system). Also he should have a large bus parked nearby(explaination in step 8).

6] The human contact should then announce the arrival and give a brief history and a description of the aliens (before they open their craft and come out). And should end his speech with their intentions and that they come bearing the white flag of truce.

7] Then the aliens should open the door and slowly come out, the first one out should be holding the white flag. That is the only thing that should be in their hands, anything else may be seen as a weapon and could cause an incident.

8] They should then take questions from the press and the crowd for a few minutes and make their way to the bus. They should ask the press to ride with them, to go see the leader of the country (if he/she hasn't already arrived at the landing site). It is very important to have the press with them at all times, during the visit, to difuse any suspicions of deception on their part.

9] If they do have to go to the leader of the country. They should talk to the leader out in the open, infront of the government building. So everyone can hear what they want. One thing they should ask for is a small outpost on the face of the moon. So they can be close by to help out but stay out of reach of the bomb toting fanatics.

10] After they are finish talking to the leader, they should invite a few members of the press to go with them to record the aliens home planet and show the other friendly alien races, that may want to contact us.

As for the repercussions of the government, quite frankly I think they could show us a better way to govern.

So if they are really planning on making contact, they better do it soon before the war machines find a weapon that could actually shoot them down.

posted on Sep, 1 2005 @ 01:14 AM
Well, this is very interesting, and i can only hope there are ET's that have been here before and are considering disclosure. If this was the case i understand their hesitation but i know id welcome a change from the way we currently think and our situation with our governments.

I disagree they should make contact only with countries like Japan, sweden etc because that immediatly portrays a political favoritism and this is what i hope the result of official contact will move us away from.

Surely they have technology to broadcast openly on our forms of media, this being the case, i wouldnt recommend landing on the white house lawn or anything rather submit the initial request for contact via Radio, Satelite or whatever, as long as it shows beyond a doubt it is authentic, then when the people of earth have decided on contact, tell us how to contact them. This minimizes the potential for any kind of incident.

DO NOT ALLOW MEDIA to be involved intitially as they have their own agendas and cannot be trusted. It is my hope that we might have Extraterrestrial contact within my lifetime.

I have a few questions of my own if you would indulge me:

1. Are they willing to share peaceful technology such as space travel, Medical, etc.

2. Would they give us some of their historical information and explain the situation in our region of space?

3. Are they willing to share in their scientific knowledge?

4. If earth at one time in history had contact with ET's why have we been on our own for the last few millenia?

5. have humans been transplanted to earth? Are there any other humans in the galaxy?

posted on Sep, 1 2005 @ 02:04 AM
Wow, extremely interesting debate I might add. I'll join it as soon as I get home from work. And as you said, yeah, they should probably contact Sweden first... oh, and I'm not saying that just because I'm a swede... honest! *Cough*

posted on Sep, 1 2005 @ 02:22 AM

[DO NOT ALLOW MEDIA to be involved intitially as they have their own agendas and cannot be trusted. It is my hope that we might have Extraterrestrial contact within my lifetime.
And who dictates agendas to the media ???

Public and Open - no more segregation, all are equal - nothing less. Clean Slate. The Human Race unites now. (then/when/if it happens)

As AT said 'growth involves pain' this is no different. Though the outcome will be greater than anything we have known to date and this may actually subdue the panic.

posted on Sep, 1 2005 @ 02:23 AM

I disagree they should make contact only with countries like Japan, sweden etc because that immediatly portrays a political favoritism and this is what i hope the result of official contact will move us away from.

Sorry, I should have expanded on that. Yes, it does look like favoritism but this is only for the initial contact. After the first contact is made, they could set up a bigger meeting with all the world leaders at the UN building or at a summit meeting of the leaders. You want the initial meeting to be friendly and by going to a neutral country they would less likely to be shot at.

Surely they have technology to broadcast openly on our forms of media

Would do no good, the debunkers and misinformers would have a field day showing us how fake everything looks. Also they may not be able to speak verbally, since they are telepathic and feel they have no need for speech. They may not be able to use the telepathy through our forms of media.

DO NOT ALLOW MEDIA to be involved intitially as they have their own agendas and cannot be trusted.

True but they would be needed to get the news around the world, that the aliens are here and are friendly. This would be used to help calm the world population.

It is my hope that we might have Extraterrestrial contact within my lifetime.

That is my hope as well, as long as they are friendly.

posted on Sep, 1 2005 @ 04:06 AM
Great post.

In answer to 1, I would say to them...

If you were a human and you cared anything for the current state of your planet, would you want a possibly world unifying event to occur?

My biggest worry would be about the religous factions. Some people still need to be told what to do and all it takes is one slightly scared religious leader to tell all his followers that IT'S THE DEVIL OMG!

Also, I would recommend landing and talking to huge crowds of random people, treating them as equally as any President. The US government especially has created a huge gulf of mistrust between themselves and the public on this issue so it would be best to keep as much distance between themselves and the government as possible.

posted on Sep, 1 2005 @ 04:59 AM
Hi there Aronolac and welcome to ATS. Your first post is indeed a timely one, given that there have been a number of threads lately which have discussed various aspects of contact scenarios, so many of us are keen to discuss this very issue in a dedicated thread. Now, onto the issues themselves.

Initial concerns would have to focus on minimising the effect of panic on the general human population. This would be difficult since, as Alexander has pointed out, there is no ideal time for contact to take place and certain groups or individuals will panic regardless of the steps you take. The best you could do would be to attempt to minimise the level of panic that would ensue. GreatAncientWhiteDragon is, I believe, correct in stating that the sudden appearance of a large fleet of alien spacecraft would only serve to play on people’s worst fears. Hovering menacingly over the major population centres of the globe is not the way to initiate peaceful contact. There are several alternatives, but all of them will result in panic ensuing to a certain extent. This is probably unavoidable.

The aliens could appear in a small to medium cluster of ships over a major metropolitan area. Although at first this seems to contradict with the notion of not congregating over major cities, an appearance over one city is markedly different to an appearance over every city. People may view such an act and be reassured somewhat that, should the visitors prove hostile, then it will probably only be New York/London/Tokyo/Sydney/Beijing/Generic Metropolitan City that gets annihilated. An appearance over one major centre, with a modest fleet would be beneficial in a number of ways: it would remove the possibility of a hoax (provided that the craft were easily visible as such and there was no speculation over balloons or mundane explanations), it would give the rest of the planet time to adapt to the shock of their presence, it would demonstrate that this was something radically different to previous, lone UFO sightings. The downside would include possible panic in the chosen city, speculation amongst the population which could lead to further panic and, depending on the city that was chosen, possible conflict if the government of that nation decides to fire upon the alien craft.

Which is why my next piece of advice would be to establish formal contact very soon after making your first appearance. Formality dictates that the aliens request permission to set foot (if indeed they have feet) on the soil of whichever nation they pick. This would not be hard to do. I am sure that if they came all this way they possess the technology to utilise some form of universal contact.

I feel strongly that the media should not be excluded whatsoever from any aspect of contact. After all, if the aliens are initiating formal contact, they are doing so between their species and ours. They are not here to make contact with only one nation, or with our representatives, but with all of us.

After contact has been made, various panels should be assembled to discuss major issues with the visitors: astronomers could determine where in the universe their home world is; physicists could investigate their technology; psychologists, sociologists and anthropologists could query the visitors concerning their culture and history and doctors could assess their physiology. This would also be a wonderful opportunity to showcase the best of humanity. Religious leaders could represent our diverse beliefs, for example, whilst artists and musicians could provide examples of our great cultural achievements.

I would advise that the alien delegates restrict themselves, at least initially, to the United Nations, where no one country could take advantage of their presence. Following this initial period, I am sure they would like to explore the various cultures and nations of Earth. And, in reciprocation, they may offer to show us some of their home world or worlds.

Contact will be scary and exciting. It may prove difficult, but the potential for humanity to grow and experience the wondrous depth of the universe is staggering. And in the end, either contact will be peaceful and beneficial, or we won’t have to suffer for long.

[edit on 1/9/05 by Jeremiah25]

posted on Sep, 1 2005 @ 10:48 AM
Dear List,

I really enjoyed your responses and received much more than I thought was possible. Thank you all very much. The contact problem takes a lot of thought, especially if one of us were put on the hot seat to put such plans into effect. So we begin to get the idea of the scope of what has to be taken into consideration.

I would like to provide each one of you a response to what you have contribute– at least my reaction to what you had to say. You have taken a serious problem seriously. I am grateful.


I am tempted to give you very specific answers to your great questions, but sometimes that leads to reader exhaustion.

For you and for others, I think it is okay to relay the following about “aliens” without tiring everyone.

1) All aliens fall within the category we call “human”; that is, they are born, have to go to work, have governments they pay taxes to; and inevitably die however long the life-span may be on their particular sphere;

2) Recognize there is great variation of conditions on each planet and evolution has adopted them to those conditions, which in turn changes their appearances as compared to ourselves and our particular adaptation;

3) All humans in the universe are bi-pedal and each species, as earth does, has a brain at the top, and a nervous system which branches throughout the body from a spinal column;

4) There are variations in brain design, and using our own knowledge of earth human brains being divided into two hemispheres; some worlds produce one hemispheric-type brains; some two as earth is; some three. All have equivalents of our ductless glands. No planet mixes brain types. Earth is an example of a two-hemispheric brain type that represents the largest proportion of types to be found in this part of the universe.

5) Some worlds are aquatic; some have neither settled land or sea and require evolution in the air; the majority are terrestrial as we are; some inhabitable planets have no atmosphere and give rise to a species that are, logically, called non-breathers. There are millions of variations.

6) I have not been informed there are human forms that are other than carbon-based; however, some circulatory systems are sealed (as in the non-breathers) and some systems use other than oxygen in their blood. Reproduction is fairly standardized except in the most radical of evolutionary forms.

7) All have a language as we do on earth; however, species allowed to contact earth will have evolved a single planetary language just as earth will do some day I am told.

So each planet is unique while sharing basic design principles underneath. I know this troubles you since no one wants to learn they are “common”, or not “special” in some way. You indicate that if this is not made clear, there could be trouble in earth accepting contact.

I appreciate your faith that in spite of obvious differences, the humanness of the contact will eventually allow the process to be, “ok”.


Thank you. I appreciate the detail of thinking you give.

Much to my chagrin (and some pain), I have learned that I have totally misconceived what is meant by the spiritual. Spiritual is not our churches, and yes, if I had to equate their work as the methodology of spirit to get things done, I would be depressed and suspicious. Learning that truth, however, has taken 30 years. I will only say no one has any thing to fear from the marriage of the spiritual with the material if it is kept in good balance by common sense.

The white flag idea is wonderful. I wonder if the planners ever conceived that this age-old practice is a firmly entrenched symbol of, “I come in peace”, or at least, “I want to talk?” Great.

You as well as others have shied away from the “en masse” scenario in favor of smaller “en masse” groupings over particular areas or cities. I am told that the assembled material ships could fill the sky if they wished to provide such a demonstration, but that idea has quietly been shelved in favor of something else, and even these other contingencies remain options. No decision, that I know of, has been reached yet.

Good government: How we long to have a really good example! I doubt they will be allowed to say much along those lines; however, there is something more up the sleeves of the universe that may provide a near-future example. Such has been related to me in the sense of being told that alien contact is not the panacea to cure all of man's problems, and that other means can and will be provided soon. That is “their” soon. It can be decades, so it is not “our” soon.

You bring up leaving out the press. It never occurred to me how many (including following posts) find the press a dangerously confusing anathema.


The universe sends only the most advanced species to other planets for contact. That is one reason why we see such marvels of ship technology and abilities to elude what they do not wish to be captured.

Communication is far beyond what we can do, and that is mainly because they are in liaison with the higher mind circuits of the Creative Spirit. Higher species have acknowledged the existence of spirit however they wish to name it. Spirit is the source of mind and there is circuitry even in our minds that evolution has planted there for future use. The universe through material and spiritual cooperation has the capacity to simultaneously send the picture, for example, of you eating your evening meal while listening to your radio, to light years away to the spiritual centers instantly for evaluation. It has to be pretty important to go to this trouble, but it can be done. The universe uses an unknown method to us, something called “REFLECTIVITY” that can be utilized if something is to be known quite specifically.


I look forward to your input. Thank you.


You touch upon the reaction of the religion factor. Very important indeed, and perhaps the most contentious of all factors due to the nature of the religious impulse on our planet. It may be of interest to you to learn that on most planets the institution of religions as we have (the churches, mosques, synagogues, and others) , have not evolved. Rather, speaking generally, religion is a personal affair between the Creator and the individual and central lodgements of architectural beauty are built to accommodate special planetary celebrations. Earth has been out of the loop that allows these developments to take place naturally. It should be of no surprise to learn from alien contact how differently they view God and his nature and how they worship him.


Thanks for your warm welcome and comments.

Panic is indeed the worst reaction. It is the fear factor mixed up with believing the worst about which we know nothing. It is this factor that will take the greatest of planning effort. Some panic will always be present, but the hope is that its presence is not of sufficient weight that it over balances curiosity and hope. Stay tuned. More work has to be done to learn the techniques that prevent the outbreak of unreasoned fear.

Permission for contact is being considered. I am aware of the statement that high levels of government have been made aware of the possibility. This is a very sensitive issue and it is well protected within the confines of the governing agencies involved. I wish I knew more as I am sure you do.

Thank you all for these responses. I hope I have not missed anyone, but if I have my apologies.

Your time and thoughts are appreciatively received.

posted on Sep, 1 2005 @ 04:41 PM

......that other means can and will be provided soon. That is “their” soon. It can be decades, so it is not “our” soon.

That's just the problem. "Their soon" could be decades, centuries or millineas away. And as I was saying the longer they wait, the more advanced the weaponry is going to be. It would be wiser to come in "our soon" than "their soon" to avoid a panic sticken warrior with a hair trigger shooting down a craft and causing a possible war. But that is speculating we survive polluting our atmosphere and the greenhouse effects. The "our sooner" the better IMO.

Now once they get here if they wish to help us out, that's fine but they should not just give us any of the technology outright. We should only be taught how to get there, bit by bit. Which could include our whole way of looking at things, from science to spiritual.

posted on Sep, 2 2005 @ 04:20 AM

...I have had an introduction to them through discussions with a liaison being that works between the spiritual administration of our local system of planets and that group of individuals who are seeking permission to open the first wholesale contact with our planet. More of this later.

Could we hear a little 'more of this' now? I'm intrigued to hear how your experiences are similar to a certain other individual who says something similar.

posted on Sep, 2 2005 @ 10:11 AM
Hello Nova & interestd others -

You ask:
Could we hear a little 'more of this' now? I'm intrigued to hear how your experiences are similar to a certain other individual who says something similar.

Are you asking about the contact? or is it about the process that makes it possible?

Perhaps its both things so I will answer to both. Because the process is subjective I'll keep it brief, but the contact itself can be brought into better focus for you.

It is with a liaison member; that is, an individual assigned from the spiritual administration of the local system of planets (a system is under the same government located on its headquarter's sphere).

This liaison officer is not of the human order, but of one of the spiritual orders. The system capital is the center where the planning commission-- actually the control or governance for contact-- is located. The planning commission is a Council and is entirely spiritual but interfaces with the various human committees or confederations coming up from the planets that are advanced enough to be able to travel into deep space.

The human species, wherever they may be found in the universe, all feel the pull of the adventure of exploring the universe and through the various agencies set up on the system headquarters world, this desire is focused into the various programs that have rules and regulations about how to do that exploring. The contact I enjoy is with an individual that works between the high Council on headquarters and the human groups wishing access to the planning processes.

A note about the high Council located on headquarters to the System we, our earth, belong to: The high Council is composed of one-time human individuals who are no longer in the flesh, and who have realized outstanding achivements within the System when in the flesh and are appointed to service based on their qualifications to understand humankind.

The system headquarters of planets is not for material human beings. It is a built-to-order giant of a sphere built by the spiritual administration which actually counsels the material worlds advanced enough to work with such an administration about ethics and the best procedures through which to govern themselves and to explore the universe through their perfected sciences. I suspect, but I have not received such information, that there may be receiving areas on this system headquarters set aside to welcome material human beings and where the business of the high Council may be transacted directly. Time will have to reveal this possibility if it exists.

My Process:
This is a difficult explanation to undertake because I am not aware of how it all works and how it works is not volunteered from the liaison side either. So I have to find words and comparisons with other phenomena we are familiar with in the day-to-day world.

Essentially to my way of thinking, it can be compared to picking up a phone that rings and having a conversation with a person on the other end. Of course, it is neither a phone nor does it work like a phone, but that description is what it would appear to be from an observer. It is not a channel although depending on what one's definition of channel is, some of it could apply.

My definition of channel is the giving over of one's consciousness (and therefore "choice") to another being for purposes of the exchange of information. That is not what happens in this process. I give nothing over. My full participation is two fold: answer the phone when it rings inside the mind; and two, engage in a fully conscious process where a give and takes is encountered with the liaison. Beyond that I can not give you much more without getting into the complexities of mind frequencies and chemical balances at work, and even then, I am very limited in that kind of knowledge. It certainly can not be described as telepathy either which, I believe, was an early attempt by man to describe something that certainly seemed to be in that category. At least in this case, the process has nothing to do with telepathy or channel.

I think the worst thing anyone can do, either as a receiver of the process, or as an observer of the process, is to over focus on the process. The person doing it is just not the best person to ask how it is done. The best ones to ask are those who instigate the means and who know the technology and they are not talking :-)

Does this answer what you are asking?

My thanks for your continued interest.

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