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aleins freindly or not...

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posted on Aug, 27 2005 @ 05:56 PM
Ok, i just saw war of the worlds..and well im convnced that aleins are not going to be freindly when they fineally do arrive for all of us to see. I only have one piece of eveidence too. Are we freindly to insects? no we really arent. Oh and could some one tell me of incidents when aleins have been hostile in the past? if u could post that it would be usefull, and if u have an opion against my theroy plz post it cause I welcome critizim.

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posted on Aug, 27 2005 @ 08:18 PM

I have heard all the stories too. They go around and around gathering momentum and excitement, and sometimes terror in humans' minds. These stories are professionally perpetuated by the govts of Earth who do not want their publics to befriend or trust the alien races.

I have personally met the beings of many races that visit Earth. They are kind and friendly, but more exactly defined as the professionals of their races, working here between our worlds. My contact is ongoing with the lead representatives of the organization of races. All our visiting races work together now for the same goal, which is to build a diplomatic relationship with our world. No races are misusing or abusing any humans any longer.

The few races who were taking advantage of particular humans at one time, particularly those who humans call The Grays, are no longer doing that, thanks to the members of the other, further advanced visiting races.

posted on Aug, 27 2005 @ 08:40 PM
You gather that aliens are unfriendly from watching War of the Worlds? I hardly think that a movie is a credible source to rely on to decide if they are bad. But, yes they are bad little creatures, no you don't need to worry about them, or rather only certain people need to worry about them, and no they are not superior to us.

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posted on Aug, 27 2005 @ 08:59 PM
The ETs visiting this planet are friendly in that they mean no harm to Earth or its inhabitants. We are the bad ones. We sometimes shoot down alien craft to study the occupants. While it is true that they may not care too terribly much about the human being they're experimenting on, it's not out of ill will. They generally do not harm us, and most of their procedures, while scary to many of us, are painless, or made so through stimulating the brain. Think about it. They give us technology and perform painless, harmless procedures on us. We shoot them down. Dying in an crash is fairly painful and frightening, mind you. To be fair, though, it is possible that a human or two have been killed for the sake of research. However, these individuals are most likely people that no one would notice if they were gone, and they would have died humanely.

Also, EarthSister lies.

posted on Aug, 27 2005 @ 09:00 PM

You sound sure of your position. Have you ever met any of the people that visit Earth from their own worlds?

If so, who? And what have you learned from them?

If not, what do you base your opinion on? And do you think your opinion is based on a truer source than the stuff movies are made of, that CMAN refers to?

What is it that most people with strong opinions are basing their opinions on and where exactly does that come from? It is clear to me from my point of view that the people who actually get to know the alien races for themselves find out they are nothing like the rampant gossip about them. All the gossip is only all about the humans and what they are taught to think by other humans.

posted on Aug, 27 2005 @ 09:15 PM

Originally posted by Oregon

Also, EarthSister lies.

Shame on you, Oregon. Why exactly do you say that about me? Back that up with the source of your opinion if you are going to talk like that about somebody.

I am honest, sincere and sane. I am not offended by disbelief, but I AM offended by your flat, baseless statement of my character.

posted on Aug, 27 2005 @ 10:42 PM
they are most likely like people on Earth. Some are friendly and some are not.

[edit] btw WOTW was awesome.

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posted on Aug, 27 2005 @ 11:41 PM
My take if aliens exist - Not friendly

Then again, how does one filter through all the hoaxs, fabrications, dreams, fantasies to find a truly plausible case. There is no one who is able seperate the wheat from the chaffe here without crossing someones beliefs. So taken events as a whole its hard to view them as benevolent or peaceful. Take into account decades of observations without disclosure, abductions, experiments, and disabling defense systems just don't ring of 'Friendly".

If my neihbor spied on me, abducted my family members, performed experiments on them and disabled my alarm systems on my property, I would not consider them friendly. Would you?

posted on Aug, 27 2005 @ 11:46 PM
yeah... I wonder why they abduct us and test us
that's it I say most of them are evil... there probably are some nice ones... maybe. (forgot about abductions and crap... didnt think in my last post)

posted on Aug, 27 2005 @ 11:46 PM
Well, I certainly cannot claim to have ever encountered any type of alien creature, nor will I challenge the opinions and beliefs of those members who claim to have done so. Therefore, my opinions regarding this matter are drawn largely from a hypothetical/anthropological perspective, using our own experiences of human contact as a basis.

First let me state that if (and, in my personal opinion, that's a big IF) alien abduction stories are true in their basic premise, then there can be no way that aliens are benevolent creatures. You simply do not forcibly take a sentient creature from its own home in the middle of the night and perform unexplained experiments upon it against its will. Abduction stories read like nightmares, with abductees often citing feelings of helplessness, terror or anger. Whether or not such experiements are evidence of genuine ill will or simply a detached ambivalence towards humanity is, in my opinion, irrelevant. This is not their planet and they have no right to force their will upon humans. Superior technology and arrogance does not give one the right to carry out medical or scientific experiments on unwilling or unwitting subjects. Surely our own experiences of the horrors of Nazi experimentation during World War 2 have shown us this. Others may feel differently, which is their absolute right, but in my mind if the abduction stories are shown to be true then aliens have effectively committed an act of war against the human race as a whole. That they may have done so (and this is not my personal belief, but it has been raised and demands a response) with government approval, whether actual or implied, is no justification. If such were the case, then the agreements would be both illegal and immoral and therefore neither enforceable nor justified.

Putting aside the abduction issue, I feel that there are a number of compelling factors that suggest that any alien race we encounter would likely be hostile. When we look back at human exploration and colonisation of our own planet, we can see that, generally speaking, those people who are content and peaceful typically do not engage in colonisation and the subsequent subjugation of other peoples. More often than not, when a group of explorers or colonisers (and the former almost always evolves into the latter) encounters the native peoples of a country, violence or aggression usually results, with severe negative consequences for the native peoples.

Examples from our own history include the colonisation of both America and Australia and the subjugation of the Native American and Aboriginal people respectively. There are countless other examples which all seem to demonstrate that when a civilisation decides to expand or explore, any indigenous cultures they encounter are likely to suffer in the extreme.

It is possible, however, that aliens have no desire to expand. Perhaps their motives are as simple as scientific or sociological research. If this is the case, then it is unlikely that they will be aggressively violent, since to act in that manner would disrupt the conditions of the observation. However, they may be more likely to engage in the pseudo-aggression of experimentation on humans to further their research. Much as we may tranqualise a lion and then take it to a zoo to study it, aliens may feel justified in engaging in a similar behaviour towards humans. The difference is that the lion is not a sentient creature, whereas we certainly are. We cannot communicate with the lion, or we would reassure it that all was well and that we were not going to harm it. From the abduction stories I have read (and I still have questions regarding their validity) aliens make no such attempts at compassion or reassurance. Put simply, the abduction and/or experimentation on living, sentient creatures by beings from another planet is entirely wrong, regardless of the reasons. If aliens wish to learn more about us, then let them do so through less aggressive or intrusive means.

I do not think we will ever see a War of the Worlds-type invasion since, from the aliens' perspective, it would be inefficient. If I were them and wanted to wipe out humanity, I would release a human DNA-specific virus into the atmosphere. Or I would put up a screen between the Earth and the Sun, blocking out sunlight. There would be many ways of accomplishing this goal, short of actual military combat.

To conclude, I strongly feel that if the reports concerning alien abductions are real, then aliens are at best indifferent to our suffering and at worst are overtly hostile towards us. I question their motives for visiting the Earth in any capacity, given our own sordid history of exploration. And until they decide to establish some form of peaceful diplomatic contact, we must view their activities with extreme suspicion, for our own safety. We are, after all, talking about the potential well-being of our entire species.

P.S. For those who have stated that they have encountered alien beings, I urge you - steal something.
A stapler, a notebook, anything. It would be nice for once to have some form of tangible evidence. I am not questioning your stories, but even you must admit that tangible evidence would go a long way towards ensuring your credibility.

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posted on Aug, 27 2005 @ 11:55 PM
If I ever saw one I would definately shoot it because I seen what they done to those cows.

+ I would be rich

posted on Aug, 28 2005 @ 12:08 AM

Originally posted by Jeremiah25
Much as we may tranqualise a lion and then take it to a zoo to study it, aliens may feel justified in engaging in a similar behaviour towards humans. The difference is that the lion is not a sentient creature, whereas we certainly are. We cannot communicate with the lion, or we would reassure it that all was well and that we were not going to harm it. From the abduction stories I have read (and I still have questions regarding their validity) aliens make no such attempts at compassion or reassurance.

And you know that Lions aren't sentient? Honestly! Aliens would probably be so advanced they would need to 'dumb' themselves down to comunicate with us as we do with apes (whom we know are sentient). I don't think even a rock is any less sentient than us. Just because a being doesn't behave similar to you, doesn't mean they aren't sentient/thinking/feeling beings. Chi (breath of life, energy) lives in everything. And we'll probably never even find out, since memory is non-local. The memories in our brain are like shortcuts to files where the data (energy) is stored in the cosmos.

As for the aliens, couldn't we just read off of those Galactic Federation lists to see who's hostile or not?

Those crack me up!

posted on Aug, 28 2005 @ 01:44 AM

And you know that Lions aren't sentient? Honestly! Aliens would probably be so advanced they would need to 'dumb' themselves down to comunicate with us as we do with apes

Fair enough. I personally don't think that lions and inanimate objects such as rocks are sentient in the same way we are, but I can understand your point and am willing to admit that I may very well be wrong.

Your point concerning aliens dumbing themselves down to communicate with us is well taken and is one that I have considered in the past. I guess it just goes to show the unknown element we are dealing with whenever we try to consider the motives of alien beings.

posted on Aug, 28 2005 @ 03:24 AM
Alright ,AnonymousUserVII i welcome critizim like i had said. But i dident gather that from War of the worlds. I gather it from the nature of the way intellgent beings are, we dont spare a hous flie or a mouse if it is getting in are way to get something. Like a bananana u dont just go "well that little bug needs to be fed" and let em eat ur food. You swat the little basterd cause u know who is less intellelagent then you. He is not capable of thinking the way u do. Which is exactly the way I think intellagent beings would view us. If lets say they wanted are water or are plants as it is not a big resourece there, they are not going to think "aww those poor earth dwelling creatures" and leave us alone...its gonna be like the house flie. Cept that damn fly will be a hairless talking ape. And do not trie to tell me im a babling paranoid idoit either cause i dont think anyone knows the physcoligy of an E.T but we know the physcoligy of are selfs..and we arent all that freindly to less evolved things know are we. Even towards are own kinda as Jeremiah25 had brought up (nice post by the way). But Anyways critizim is till encoruged

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posted on Aug, 28 2005 @ 03:38 AM
Ok, i dont think alien encounters that are classified as abductions are very plausible, because as i heard one scientist say, all the would need is a single drop of our blood and they would know everything there is to know about us. The DNA is both a map of our possible future and a record of our past.

Someone asked about hostile encounters, i think it was CMAN. one of the ones i know of was a series of alien sightings in the 90's in israel. According to the stories a woman awoke one night to her dog whimpering, when she looked at the dog closely its eyes had been removed along with every single animal in that area. This was attributed to aliens because this happened during a rash of sightings. The dog later died. Another israeli said during the same rash of sioghtings that she heard her dog barking hystericly and she looke at the window to see the dog float up into the air, and was then slammed into a wall. when the women came outside angry about what had happened to her dog she saw a tall typical grey and she said "what did you do to my dog?" and the grey replied "it was annoying me, i can do the same to you now get out of here"

Another case was in the 1950's with a brazilian man who claimed he had sexual relations with a female alien. I think he died of radiation exposure and there are more cases where people have died of radiation exposure from being near their craft.

posted on Aug, 28 2005 @ 03:42 AM
Okay I think quite frankly we aren't friendly at all to aliens. I think that when they visit again it will be hostile and not so easy to cover-up like Roswell.

Also the pact we made with Russia to kill any alien that lands was put into effect after the Roswell Incident. Personally , I think russia was disapointed the alien didn't land in their country.

posted on Aug, 28 2005 @ 04:09 AM

Originally posted by Rikimaru
Ok, i dont think alien encounters that are classified as abductions are very plausible, because as i heard one scientist say, all the would need is a single drop of our blood and they would know everything there is to know about us. The DNA is both a map of our possible future and a record of our past.

So if I bring you an unknown drop of blood you would be able to tell me what creature (animal) it came from and how all its organs work, maybe even what it ate for breakfast just before I took the blood sample ?

What about its migratory patterns and social interactions?

I believe the abductions (if they are real) are not to study our physiology. I don't claim to know as much as the other people posting here, but I am not going to quote one scientist who probably did zero research as a fact as to why abductions do not occur.

IMHO I think aliens would need to study more then blood to understand humans ( past, present and future).

posted on Aug, 28 2005 @ 07:41 AM

Your whole post is well-meant to be helpful in sharing with others what you think you know, I am sure. But look at what you know- it is made entirely of prejudiced gossip against people who are different, who you have never met and know nothing about. Many other people who read it, who know nothing about what is true or untrue about alien life either, will believe it just because they read it here (again) and don't know any better themselves. This is a perfect example of the exact problem that we humans have all over our own world, between all our own cultures, now just being applied in all its glory to all the other life in the Universe and particularly to any and all of those that are visiting Earth.

You have to realize that the aliens make themselves very scarce, they are elusive on purpose, and that very few humans actually know them. The aliens are so scarce, that most humans tend to believe they are not even real, and that they certainly aren't visiting Earth. There is a very good reason for this, it's the way the aliens want it for now. So ask yourself then, exactly where must all these stories be coming from, that the whole ufo field is running on? You know the answer because you just did it too.

The stories you repeated are not based on any real event. They are fabrications. If you keep hearing of these things happening over and over, it's only because people keep repeating that they have heard them, and the stories grow and mutate every time they get repeated. To humans who do not know the aliens, every bit of "evidence" of alien life can be used to prove true the rampant gossip.

Don't take this personally, because I pointed out what you did just to point out what "everybody" does. SO many people look out into space and thin air and wonder what the truth is about the aliens, when the answer is right in front of them the whole time.

posted on Aug, 28 2005 @ 07:43 AM
Humans and insects isn't the same as humans and ETs. We are intelligent (to a certain extent) beings, whereas insects aren't.

As far as "their" intentions, they certainly don't seem friendly. Kidnapping people isn't often an act of friendlyness.

posted on Aug, 28 2005 @ 08:12 AM
The aliens in the Kelly Cahill abduction seem pretty evil to me:

Then all of a sudden there were heaps of them in the field, not just one, a whole heap of them, and they started coming towards us . . . faster than a man could run, and they were gliding off the ground. They got halfway across the field.

They split up. Some of them went towards the other people [two or three, Kelly thought]. and some of them [the rest] came towards us. Kelly found herself screaming to the other people down the road, "They're evil! They're going to kill us!"

The next thing I know, I felt this oomph! in my stomach, right across here like I was winded, but I was thrown right back, and I was on my back on the ground. I sat up, with my head between my knees. Here, I'm trying to stay conscious. I couldn't see. My eyes. . . . It was all black.

But the next thing I heard him saying, "Let go of me." His voice was all sort of cracked up with fear, and I'd never heard that from my husband. He's not frightened or afraid of anything. . . .

Then this male voice said, "We [don't] mean you any harm." And then he said, "Why did you hit Kelly then?" That's the last I heard of [my husband]. No one else talked except me. I heard the male voice. Then I heard myself saying, "Oh, God, I'm going to be sick." I've got my head between my knees, and I just felt, like, violently nauseous. Then I must have blacked out for a little while.

I don't remember being sick. Then I remember hearing talk about being a peaceful people, and I started screaming out, I said, "Don't believe them! They're going to steal your souls!" I know it sounds so ridiculous now, but at the time I was hysterically terrified. . . . I had never felt terror like that. Not even in my worst nightmares had I experienced terror like that. . . .

Oh, there's one thing I remember that he said: "I wouldn't harm her. She's my daughter." Now when I first saw the-on the way up to [my girl friend's] in the field, the first thing I did was pray. And I took it as sarcasm straight away. And it sounded like sarcasm. . . .

It sounded like there was even a small laugh after that. I don't know-it just wasn't good to me.

So they physically hit her and also made sarcastic comments. The woman also believes they were trying to steal their souls, and she was later also plagued by poltergeist activity in her own house.

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