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A question to aliens : Have you read the revelations ?

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posted on Aug, 2 2005 @ 03:28 PM
HIFIGUY, dont worry you are correct. IT HAS ALL already happened. The fall of man, the casting down of the DRAGON it has already happened in the past. Revelations has already occured for the most part.

The trick is finding out where we are on the timeline, especially since "time" has no meaning, a day could be a year or 1,000 years and a year could be just a day. Thats the problem with the bible it has been decoded and transcribed by probably over a thousand different people to arrive at the multiple division we have today.

It is not possible that every word as intended has been transcribed as such.

Noah did he really live 930 years... or is the term for "year" merely perverted.

the 7 years of tribulation is it really 7 years of 360 days or is it 7,000 years or is it 700 years???? who really knows the answer ???

The only thing that is certain is that mankind as it is today was altered in our history to become who we are today. Why ? When ? How ? I have no idea. Did or do "aliens" exist yes of course. Will we ever get confirmation from sources other then whats already on the planet.... probably not.

Is there probably sufficent DNA source codes on the planet to determine that mankind today has some lineage associated with it other then the neo-human pre man. I am sure.

DOES ALL LIFE SHARE A COMMON BOND, regardless of what planet it exists on. YES without a doubt.

posted on Aug, 2 2005 @ 03:45 PM

Originally posted by Thomas Crowne
When you say, "the revelations", are you referring to the book in the Bible entitled Revelation?
If this is the case, it has nothing to do with aliens.

Unless of course it was influenced by them, in which case, it would. How do you know it wasn't?

Also, it does not contradict free will as it is a glimpse into the future showing how it will unfold as our free wills dictate.

And here is your contradiction! What we choose can only be known if the choice does not truly exist and can be foreseen, hence, no free will. If we have free will, then it cannot be known by anyone what we will choose in the future, God included - again, unless it was already decided and is not truly free will. Your second contradiction is that the past/present/future exist, given the fact that the entirety of creation had no beginning and has no ending, and therefore, is eternal in both directions, and this also means there is no "creator God". This means every possible thing that could ever possibly happen has already happened an infinite amount of times in the infinite past, and will happen an infinite amount of times in the infinite future, and it will all happen simultaneously at the same time, instantly. If it happened in some sort of order and there was a "timeline", then it cannot be infinite, which it is.

Another question, if God purportedly created all things, who created free will? Obviously you cannot create anything if you yourself don't already have free will to begin with...

God knows the past, present and future and is not constricted by time.

The past/future are infinite, to know either would require that you be infinite as well, which means you'd have to be all things, and not separate from them, nor a creator of anything since all things always existed.

The revelation of how the end of Satan's dominance over the world comes about does not alter our ability to make our choices.

And if we truly have choices to make, it means what is written is only one possibility out of infinity of possibilities! Which one will occur is upto us.


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