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New Disease that cdc/NIH & Doctors are ignoring.

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posted on Jul, 1 2005 @ 12:34 AM
Please check out the web sites below.

One is full of people with a new disease that is being ignored by everyone and it is really very frightening.

We believe it may be a bioweapon that got out of control by our government and now it is being covered up.

We need help from anyone that can truly help us.



Non-healing skin lesions

Itching and biting

Unusual fibers viewed by a 100X microscope bought at Radio Shack. It is the size of a beeper. ( I have the spectrograph of them and they consist of metals.) THIS IS THE STRANGEST PART OF THIS DISEASE.


Hair-loss in some cases

Arthritic pain

Swollen lymph nodes

Build up of fungus and bacteria that causes things like Collembola and other kinds of bugs to be attracted to ones body and take up home as a parasite.

This is SERIOUS. It is not a joke. It is the new plaue and it is contagious and NO ONE WILL LISTEN TO US!!

This is so very real..please check out the above sites and let me know what you think.

Please do not be unkind to the posters at that site. They are very fragile.


posted on Jul, 1 2005 @ 01:34 PM
It would appear that symptoms might actually be caused by collembola organisms.

Have a look


And read the interesting discussion Here

posted on Jul, 1 2005 @ 02:45 PM
Also found info on this site, excerpt below:


"Dr. William Harvey of Houston said many of his chronic fatigue patients, including 17 with “mystery disease” symptoms, have tested positive for borrelia burgdorferi, the bacteria that also causes Lyme disease. He suspects the weird symptoms and parasites are not the cause of the illness, but are opportunistic infections and organisms taking advantage of the lowered skin immunity of people whose systems are weakened by the microbe."

Does this help any?

posted on Jul, 1 2005 @ 03:00 PM

I posted a thread on this back in Jan. It didn't seem like too many were interested in it then either. Doctors aren't taking it seriously enough and are thinking the patients are mental. Pretty scary stuff if you ask me

posted on Jul, 1 2005 @ 03:38 PM
I might be able to help the open minded people here, but they wont want to hear what i say...
coming from a medical family... I heard stories about "matchbox" patients often (everytime I would bring some wierd "item" from off or within my body to them")
the term "matchbox" came from the way that these filaments and "seeds" or other skin waste were packed to bring to the doctor... (often in matchboxes)

it is a situation that doctors have dealt with by ignoring. But maybe it deserves to be ignored...

first off:
a skin parasite would not affect people mentally (the report said that more than half of sufferers had a bipolar or other mental disorder).

rather the other way around...

People with mental disorders would be more apt to misunderstand or assume a cause where it was actually an effect...

to start:
most people don't understand that the body is an environment.
Human skin is host to many "parasites" and resident lifeforms... the trick is to keep your body ecology balanced and all your residents living in harmony.

many times these things or conditions will get worse as soon as someone notices them... they start washing more often, perhaps even using a steroid creme or antibiotic on them...

and THAT is when it hits the fan.
they are killing off all there happy skin residents and saving the resistant ones... (which will cause all kinds of problems and temporary infections)

think of it like a typical conspiracy...
there is a condition...
what causes it?
to debunk, ask one important question first...

has the condition been around for the whole time, but never was noticed due to its mildness, and lack of consistant alarming symptoms???
(the only thing deadly about this unknown disease seems to be the chance of a misdiagnosed Lyme disease case)

Many people have skin problems (I myself have had various ones thru life) from acne, to ingrown hairs... these are all potential "false positives".

I once pulled a small "cottonball" out of an acne like scar on an ex girlfriends skin... the doctors in my family said "who knows what that is... we see that kind of thing all the time... it is a quirk"
unless it has symptoms that can be diagnosed clearly... then the illness is conscribed to the realm of "mental, not physical"

not because the person is crazy neccessarily (although, if the shoe fits). It is more a case of "this doesn't fit what I know, so it must belong to the other field"...

I beleive the first thing to do to decide if this is indeed a new disease or parasite, is to get a representative cross example of the population and see how many people have these consistant symptoms...

IMO that you would have 80-90% describe those effects... making it a case of who notices it, rather than who has it... (i am always open to being wrong though)

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posted on Jul, 3 2005 @ 01:49 PM
I have this disease. I also come from a medical family. I am not crazy. I do not drink alcohol, do drugs, smoke or take any pills of any type. I have a normal IQ of 128 and I am educated.

I know the author of the Collembola article. Dr Schwartz of believes it to be Stenotrophomonas maltophilia. I was just diagnosed with Sarcoidosis and H-pylori. I had this ten years agon and it lasted for two years and came back and now I have had it for three almost four years.

I know for a 100% fact that this is a disease never seen before by doctors.
I also know Harvey and the Morgellons camp and the relation to Lyme is just that it is a CWD (Cell Wall Deficient) bacteria and also found to be gram-negative.

I do believe that these fibers cause our immune systems to become screwed up by confuisng our cytokines allowing bacteria and fungus to grow out of control without being destroyed thus causing us to have a rotting odor thus attracting bugs and all types of weird things. Also because it ruins the cytokine reaction we get all types of diseases from fribromyaglia to lyme to Sacroidosis thus never tracing back to the fibers. I t moves via our lymph system as do most diseases. Most of us have probelms with our lymphatic system.

This is a new disease being ignored by our government. This is real. Very real. I am not crazy or a chemtrail, alien theorist. I am coming from a medical perspective.

My doctor has NO IDEA what the fibers are but he has seen them.
The spectorgraphy states that consisit of Ti, K, C,O, Si, S, P, Ca, Na, Mg, and a few others if anyone is really intersted in checking this out we need real help from someone.

This is such a real disease. We have had suicides because it detroys your life, your ability to work, milks you dry of capital due to going to doctor after doctor who thinks you are crazy without ever doing ANY tests.

People are lsoing their home, marriages. I can not even go near friends anymore cuz it is contagious. My mom had to move in with me and she now has this. It is so horrible and the guilt that goes along with fearing that you may have contaiminated someone is so very real and sad. Plus you look and feel like a leper with this non-healing skin lesion on your arms and face. I have to wear long sleeves in the summer when it is 90% outside with 90 percent humidity. It is just horrible.

The lesions are horrible and non-healing. The fatigue and arthritic pain is beyond comprehension.

I also know there is a theory about dental fillings. I am not a believer in that one either.

I am not sure if we are allowed to post e-mail addreses here but mine is if anyone wants to write me.

I am so serious about findnig out what this is and getting someone in the government to recognize it. It is my lifes work.

Thanks to anyone for any help they can give me and excise the typos.


posted on Jul, 3 2005 @ 08:49 PM
Hey GW - not much time - have LOTS for you, but this topic involves everything from anatomy thru genetics (human and microbial). ...So to start:

QUOTE: "Today wound healing abnormalities are among the greatest causes of disability and deformity."

J Postgrad Med. 1997 Apr-Jun;43(2):52-6. Surgical physiology of wound healing: a review. Deodhar AK, Rana RE.
The healing of wounds caused by accident, assault, welfare and surgical operations has always been a central consideration in surgical practice because any breach in continuity of skin or mucous membrane exposes the deeper tissues to the danger of infections. The understanding of the mechanism of wound healing has increased dramatically during last few years. Today wound healing abnormalities are among the greatest causes of disability and deformity. "I dressed the wound, God healed it" (Ambroise Pare) wound healing involves multiple complicated events. It is the amount and quality of scar tissue and ultimately its remodelling that is of greater importance. The understanding of this process of wound healing and factors affecting it forms the basis of any surgical procedure.
PMID: 10740722

I definately recommend the above article for a good overview.

MORE related articles:

NOTE: The key to aberrant wound healing lies in the multiplication of a protein called a-smooth muscle actin, the resulting development of "myofibroblasts," and connective tissue. See:


posted on Jul, 5 2005 @ 09:40 AM
Thanks for the info about wounds.

My brother is a diabetic from childhood and having massive problems with his feet and is using a graph-aid etc to restructure his heal. I do believe that this disease causes your cytokines which allow proper collegan production to go a bit crazy possibly causing cellulose fibers to attract the metals in your body without releasing them causing a toxitity and that the things we are seeing are elongated elastic fibrils. But I am not a doctor nor a scientist so I do not know for sure.

Doctor Schwartz has published a book at Schwartz stating what he knows to be true of this disease thus far but he is still in the dark about it.

He is a toxocolgist, a shrink and a surgeon and has basically written the book on emergency medicine.

Anyone out there willing to look at really unusual samples that have no explanation and can not be figured out? I have tons of them.

Many of them look like microscopic balls that have a fishnet, hexagone pattern appearance. Some look like little metal balls on one side and a flat almost machined surface on the other. So totally weird. Yet if you bring them in to doctors because of this matchbox BS they will not even give you the respect to look at them and if they do they think you are some type of genius madwoman to have created them yourselves. Totally bizarre!

This matchbox thing has destroyed the medical community and made it so doctors are actuaries and nothing more than drug pushing mcdonalds order clerks. Sorry to say but that is the honest truth about medicine today. It is in a really bad state of affairs. Creative, curious , inventive, caring scientific and the word "doctor" do not belong in the same sentence.

Anyone out there have any equiptment to analyise anything????

Exuse my spelling.


posted on Jul, 5 2005 @ 09:51 AM

is there any history of diabeties in your family( nevermind, saw above)? Even if you are not displaying any of the other symptoms... it might be another factor in regards to the healing of skin lesions. Or a history of circulatory problems...

when the body gets to this point of having so many symptoms and co-symptoms, it is often hard to nail down the root cause...
but it sounds like you are correct in that this condition might not affect everyone the same... depends on how many other body health issues are being dealt with... (as in my ex girlfriends situation, where she had no other symptoms besides the accumulation of fiber pustules)
she did however, have blocked fallopian tubes, that the doctors could not ascribe to anything in her past.
Wow, on another note, when she did get the tubes fixed, and had a baby, she got gestational diabeties.

soficrow is a veritable font of info in regards to this and other "off-mainstream" medical issues. She didn't write the book... she IS the book....
Hope she can help more than I.

as for finding a white knight among the medical proffession, I suggest you write to interns that might be wanting to make a name for themselves...
they would have access to labs, and not be jaded by the ABC medical technique yet...
good luck...
and remember... the doctors are just your health care consultants... YOU are your primary doctor... If you think of it that way, then you will go far...
don't make the tiger change his spots... just use the tiger for what he is good for.

[edit on 5-7-2005 by LazarusTheLong]

posted on Jul, 5 2005 @ 11:38 AM
Just playing devils advocate here. What exactly is the motivation for ignoring this? If this is truly as bad as the referenced web site maintain and is something new I fail to see why there would be a coverup. Money? No doubt they could make plenty off of a cure for this as well.

posted on Jul, 5 2005 @ 08:36 PM
Cover up? Beats the heck out of me. I was not sick a day before I got this. I still work a 40 hour work week in one job which is a physical labor type job and another 30 hours running my company which is in part t ime status, so I am pretty tough physically and mentally even though this disease causes what we all call brain fog.

I have no idea why we are being ignored. I have my medical records and the thing that are stated about me on them should allow me to go to court since they are all untrue but since I am not dead I have no recourse.

All I know for sure is that I have these fibers in my lesions that are red and black and white and have these tubular things that look likes hairs sticking up and pooping out black little things onto my skin and no one knows what it is or where it comes from or how to get rid of it and no one has a name for it and doctors call you crazy instead of looking at it.

It is a twilight zone but everything I am telling you is the honest truth with nothing added and quite alot of the unreal stuff left out.

This is a disease that is not being recognized and no one who has it has been able to do a thing about it. Thank heavens Dr Schwartz is looking into it but he has the stenotrophomonas maltophilia agenda and I do not think that is the end all of it.

Thanks everyone for all the comments. It gets one thinking.


posted on Jul, 8 2005 @ 07:53 AM

Originally posted by gypsywoman
Thanks for the info about wounds.


Gypsywoman - the info is not about wounds - it's about a variety of diseases that involve "aberrant wound healing" at the cellular level. The labels, "aberrant wound healing" and "tissue remodelling," serve to cover up the nature of the diseases - all involve the multiplication of a misfolded protein called "a-smooth muscle actin" (a-SMA). The a-SMA hijacks stem cells, takes them over, turns them into "myofibroblasts," and thus, destroys tissue. .....The a-SMA can do this on its own, but the effects are exacerbated, and mutations happen when other pathogens are involved.

...a-SMA (and the "aberrant wound healing" process) likely is the key to unravelling the mystery of your disease. ....Think of the labels as "key words" for searching.


posted on Jul, 8 2005 @ 05:59 PM
I understood what it all was about but thank you for the once over.
I appreciate the article and will read it in more detail. My response was abreviated.


posted on Jul, 11 2005 @ 10:08 PM

I did some reading and I do not think that this is the problem due to the facts that many haved lived with this for 20 years. A lot of what I read was very very technical and this disease especially the Sarcoid I have does not help one with pin pont concentration.

Many have had to quit their high powered jobs due to this brain fog condition.

I would love to chat with you via e-mail because if you know anyone who can help us figure this out so it does not spread like wildfire, which it is now doing, ( throughout the World, not only in the USA) that would be a great help to society.



My e-mail address

posted on Jul, 11 2005 @ 10:15 PM
Some attachments on the subject of this unknown and un recognized disease spreading throughout the World and being totally ignored by doctors and the medical community.

The above listed sites for Morgellons and Skinparasites are good to view too.

We need help people. We need some serious scientists and doctors not worried about insurance risks and willing to investigate something which is a NEW disease. Someone who is willing to take a risk.



posted on Jul, 12 2005 @ 01:50 AM

Do you live near any one of the chemical weapons stockpile sites listed on the map on this site?

Toxic chemical exposure could also be a likely candidate.

The symptoms seem a lot like what some Area 51 employees were suffering from when they decided to sue the government. Basically they were suffering from exposure to toxic waste being burned by jet fuel. Not saying you're suffering from the same exact thing but they did have lesions
developing on their bodies as a result from the exposure.

I didn't see anything concrete about parasites or pictures of them, just things looked like they might have caused the infections.

You may need to scrutinize the area you live in, the air quality and water quality. If you get your air, water, or soil tested, use a private independent firm and not a local government associated one, or you won't get back honest results.

posted on Jul, 13 2005 @ 12:43 AM
The thousands of people that have this particular disease with the fibers in your lesions that are subcutanious and can only be seen with a 100X microscope from Radio Shack (hand held) are from all over the map. We have them in New Zealand, China, Australia, France, Germany, England and places in Poland and Russia.

Many from the USA are from Texas and California and Florida, second is Long Island and Washington State and Oregon. We have people in all the states in the USA. All have the SAME thing in COMMON. Subcutaneous strands of fibers that look like pieces of seaweed that NO ONE CAN FIGURE OUT WHAT THEY ARE and WHERE THEY COME FROM AND HOW COME WE CAN NOT GET THEM OUT OF OUR BODIES.

Many who believe in the Chemtrail theory believe it to be that which can fall into the Jet stream threory too. Some think Aliens, Mars stuff that got can run the gamit..most are starting to believe it to be a bioweapon by our government that got out by accident and they are covering it up due to the massive court case that would occur if it were to be known.

Many have tested their water, their homes. Many have burned all their clothes, tore up their rugs, gotten air purifiers and clean their homes every day to clear up what ever it is that is happening to them. Some have thrown out all their furniture and are living with an air mattress. Some have left their homes and are living in hotels feeling that mold and fungus might be in their homes and causing it. Many have had their pets die for no apparent reason after they came down with this. Entire families have it. Guests catch it after they visit a person who has this. Many have infected people at work.

This is DEAD SERIOUS. AnD WE NEED HELP FROM A SCIENTIST with knowledge of parasites, virus', fungus, bacterial pathogens etc.

My true belief is that these unknown fibers which are actually a species of something that is alive and not known to the common man as of yet either exist in our living space or outside and attack and crawl inside of us.

Now one buried in our skin they reporduce. These THINGS could create fibers of cellulose to caase the metals in our bodies to adhere and not be filtered out thus causing us to have a cytokine breakdown cuz many have been found to have Cell Wall defecient bacteria diseases and non-caseating granulomas along with lymp involvement. Many are riddled with bacteria like stenotrophomonas maltophilia and H-pylori and fungus and yeast growing out of control.

We have tried all types of herbs and antibiotics and they work for a time and then it returns full force and even worse than it was before. It is a force to be reckoned with.

The only thing we can not figure out are these fibers. They will not grow in a culture. We have them analyzed but they could be anything.

I can e-mail you the zip files of what they look like under a microscope if anyone care to see them.

My e-mail address

Most doctors say they are fibers from clothing or cat hair although they are subcutaneous and if you cut yourself they show up in masses as you bleed and then cause the wound not to heal. These things are freaky and scare the heck out of you the first year you have them. Then you get familiar with them being in your skin and they do not freak you out that much. Some people kill themselves during that first year due to the massive lesions and the fact that doctors treat you like do-do and the fact that you have no idea what is insde of you.

They are red and black and sometime green and also white. The can feel like pieces of sand and they also look like fuzz balls when you place cream on your skin and they rise to the surface for air and you rub them away.

It does show itself as a gulf war syndrome and other biochemical diseases I have read about. That is why I think it is a bioweapon.

The thing that is so weird about it is the absolute non-compliance or curiosity and the total denial of its' existence from the medical community and the government including the NIH and CDC unwilling to give research grants for it and spreading the false word that we are delusional even though many have seen these fibers in us and lie about it. It is unreal and very hard to believe especially if you are a person who knows what you ahve and knows your body and is not at all crazy and knows it!

Anyone..I repeat anyone at all that has a lab, anyone who wants to help us out..I am calling out to you with all my heart and soul.

We need help. This is becoming a pandemic. It is World Wide, it is real and it is the closest thing to a Twilight Zone episode you will ever come in contact with.

I have been researching this disease for over three years. I have spent hours on end with every possible theory and have spent thousands of dollars on medical appointments.

No one has a clue. I have been to my local health department because it IS contagious. MY mom had to move in with me and she got it. A friend visited me from Hawaii and he got it. I have had my water tested and nothing is unusual.

If anyone out there can help us, please contact me via my e-mail. This is real, this is not some sci-phi what if. This exists today and we need help.

Isn't that what this site is all about; REAL STUFF HAPPENING TODAY?

We need your help. I need your help.

Thanks everyone!


posted on Jul, 13 2005 @ 11:23 AM
GW -

...IMO - the key is the actin protein and MUTATION (facilitated by the actin protein as a vehicle). ...Your disease is not the only one that suddenly has appeared and now is spreading out of control - something happened a few years ago, and a torrent of new disease mutations appeared (all predicted from the 1960's). As far as I can tell, infectious actin protein(s) are implicated in each one of them.

Ie. see:

Especially note posts titled "Beyond FMD: Super Bugs and Super Flu" and "A brief history of alerts and warnings from scientists about some of the emerging epidemics."

Remember - we are talking about "mutations" - distinct and "separate" diseases that result from infectious actin proteins infecting viruses, bacteria, spirochetes, mycoplasmas, and etc. to create new diseases....

posted on Jul, 13 2005 @ 02:39 PM

Thank you for writing. I understand a bit better now what you are talking about but am not ashamed to say I am not a medical professional or scientist so I am a little slow on the uptake.

As far as you have knowledge, what CURES or protocols have been able to cure or permeate these CWD bacterias and mutations and such?

I have read about the Marshall Protocol. Also steriods are suggested but I feel they will do more harm. Have you come across anyone willing to study live patients?

I have a group willing and able to hop on a plane and be used as lab rats.

I will read your post again but did yu say where it came from?


posted on Jul, 13 2005 @ 02:50 PM

Excellent link. Thank you.


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