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Precognition - how common is it?

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posted on Jun, 20 2005 @ 04:51 PM
First off, none of them were accidents, two died in her sleep, than my uncle, from lung cancer ,that spread to his lymph nodes etc (we were unaware he was even sick or even had cancer. another had a blood clotbreak lose etc. Not one was possible to change the fate of my relative. I had ONE situation where I had a chance to "hear" the news of a loved one lost, was win I was no longer living at home, I had my dream my grandma died. My Dad told me in the carport of his driveway in the dream. So naturally, I just wouldn't go to my parents that day, well I was supposed to go over for dinner. I was very late and my Mom called me once again, and said "are you coming or not" and I said" I'm afraid too", I then asked how Grandma was. She said fine. I asked how do you know? I asked when was the last time you spoke with her? my Mother said this morning. I told my MOm I had one of those dreams and that Dad gave me the news in their carport. She said they had spoken with her already today and she was fine. I told her "call her again" right now and make sure. SHe called me back and said "theres nothing wrong with your grandma , now come over. I still stalled and then my Mom was getting mad. So I finally headed over to their house. As i was walking up their driveway, the carport door opened, it was my Dad, wearing what he had on in the dream, he had tears in his eyes, and said "your Grandma is dead". Everyting was exactly like the dream , his clothes the way , he said it etc.

posted on Jun, 20 2005 @ 09:23 PM
As another person said I had precognitive dreams for a long time. Some of the events were very trivial ( an urgument that someone would have with me) others were actual life changing events ( a car crash that would of probably killed me, a house fire that I would of died in. The former time i barely remember anything of because i considered them small and insignificant as to the two major events I had.

First Major event

Car Accident

I remember this dream and event to this day like it happend yesterday. A few weeks before the event I had the dream about the event. It seemed so real to me that when i woke up I was in a state of shock. I finally realised that it was just a dream and to get on with my life. Fast forward about a month. It was a saturday and the whole family was sitting down to the breakfast table eating and talking about the days events. I am completely unaware of anything except for whats on my plate until a certain phrase is said. "Jake your going to go with your dad to work."
Thats when my fork dropped from my mouth and onto the plate. It was teh same phrase from my dream (and a very uncommon phrase as i didn't go with my father to work often). I protested many times with my mother to not make me go with my father. But of course she said your going and that is it. Ok so my dad and I are out, my brother is at home by himself and my mother went with her friend shopping. My brother was old enough to be left alone. Well later in the day , someone called my father on the CB, and told him that something was wrong asn that he needed to get home as soon as possible. I already knew what had happened because the whole scene kept playing in my head. Chris is hurt Dad, I told him. This is what happened. My brother had been getting lessions from my mother on driving the car. She took him out to old dirt roads and let him drive around under her supervision. This was unknown to me (but my father seemed to know after the fact) He decided to be cool and show off to one of his friends that he "knew" how to drive. Well they decided to take a 45 degree turn on a gravel road rather fast (the cops think he was doing 60) and rolled the car 3 times. Luckyly he was only scratched up bad and his friend got a broken arm. The backseat however was completely crashed in. After knowing this fact, I often wondered if I was suppose to be there or if I changed my fate somehow.

Other major event
House Fire

This event happend on a saturday and this time I was the only one home. The dream and event were pretty far away from each other as I remembered the event only after most of it happend and a neighbor saying a key phrase that "awoke" me. My brother was actually home with me but we watned to go watch a movie so he went to the video store to go rent it. Aracnaphobia. Can't ever forget that movie. Well I though i heard someone throwing stone on the roof, which was usually a signal that one of my friends was around, but when I looked out on the roof I saw flames. Well i gathered up both the dogs that were in the house and my cat that was upstairs on my bed and ran for the safety of my neighbors ,who were away. I called the fire department and i actually tried to help quench the flames of the fire with a hose nearby. Well after 20 mins the fire department shown up (but being a volunteer one that pretty fast). As i state before I didn't realise this until quite a bit after the house was aflame. Interesting factiod though, the fire department wondered how i was able to go upstairs and get my cat off the bed considering that the house was at least 100 years old and it took only 20 minutes for the whole attic and the floor of my bedroom to be completely charred and unsafe to walk on. Not to mention i weighted, 140 back then.

Those are my events. Every now and then i get some minor event again. But they never get serious.


posted on Jun, 21 2005 @ 10:20 AM
its very common in my family. My grand father knew the the sexes of 6 of the 8 grand kids before the sonigrams. Also one of the docs said my sister was going to be a boy and he said nope it will be a girl and it was a girl.

Now as for me I get it constently in long time laps delays IE years or months before the event happens and in very short time warning IE seconds.

example short term - I was driving home from mc d's and there was a mac truck turning in the right lane to the right. I was comming up on the left lain he was half way pulled into the intersection. I was about to inter the intersection when I though that some one was going to go from the other direction and them being blocked by the truck not see me. Sure as hell a oil field truck went with though I had already started intering the intercection before I saw him I had already started swiching lines into oncoming trafic I floored it droping into first sending the car sideways and power sliding though 2 lanes if oncoming trafic and then back into my line. This was all with in 4 lain east west 2 lane North south road. So I was travaling at 35-40 miles per hour and had to react with only 1 lane of distance between the path of trafic thats about 12-20 feet at forty it takes around 60 feet to stop. at 40 it takes less then .20-.34 seconds to cover that distence at 40 you are covering 58 foot per second. So to put it short I had .20-.34 seconds to react and move my car out of the way and knowing that there was no way i could have stoped the car in time. So lets just say that most people 98+% of them not knowing that somthing like that is going to happen would be able to do a dang thing about that. But I did because I knew it was going to happen about about 60 feet earler so I had time to plan and be ready. And no I could not see the truck waiting at the intersection because the angle of the truck and a building on that corner. My guestimation is that I cleard the oil field trucks 3 feet or less if I would have not gone into oncoming trafic Luckly there was no one to run into. I would have smashed my 350z right into the side of the truck wile trying to brake.

example short term 2 - Most of my friends family and grand parants hate this but I think its kinda odd my self at times. If I'm paying attetion I can say with about 95% accarcy what a person/tv/movie /what ever is going to say as they say it for the first time with less that .25 second of delay. example when some one says stop when they are pronouching the letter T in stop I pronoucing the S people are always saying have you seen this before if its movie or TV I say no and keep on doing it. But If I some one goes and makes up jumbled up random words that make no sence to begine with then because I can't understand them in the when they say it how i'm i supost to under stand it before hand. But that being said I don't know japaneses but I can do the same thing with other languages because most of the time better because I just have to make the sound and not have to worry about what I'm saying. Ya its kinda a week trick but it holds true to other things also. Like video games I know where targets or mobs are going to be before they are there by a very short amount of time. The major limiting factor is how fast I can get my body moving in the limited time I have to react. Ie some one shoots a paint ball at me I know its comming I can see it comming at me but there is nothing I can do to get out of the way fast enough...

example of mid term - Movies/tv they are fun to product some of them are very easy some are not. We are not talking about ooo she is so going to die..... its more along the lines oooo she is going to walk around the corner and have a pick axe smashed though her skull and fall back ward though a window and land on the street then get hit by a bus load of nuns. This can be said that the movie/tv are just to productibale and suck at writing you might be right but I do it to often with around 80% of the time I'm right.

video games one of the ultima games dont remember the number but it was called assention the first dungon to one of the spires. I was with a friend and we where sitting there And we jumped over a pit and finished the level when running back though it I stoped and said you know I bet if I jump down there ther will be a fake wall and behind that there will be a room with a panting on it and if I click on the panting somthing will happen. He said ya right... So i jumped down there and the wall was fake and I walked into the room my friend was having a #fit. we turned to the left and there was the painting of a knight in armor. friend said a few kind words and I clicked on the paninting and it morphted into a demon picture he almost # him self.

example long term - have vison in my sleep of things that happen days/months/years in advance and they happen alot seems like I'm in a near consent state of saying man I have done this before. If I could control it I would be having a field day. But saidly most of it is very worthless.... but there have been times when they have come in handy. The major problem is most of the time you don't remember it tell its to late to do much about it. When I was a kid I like to play with black powder well me and a friend where using black cat fuses to ignite piles of the stuff well we had the smart idea that whe where going to put about 1/2 of a pound of the stuff under some roofing shingles well everthing had gone fine up to this point and right before I touched the fuse with punk I said this is going to be bad "most black cat fuses go for a second or 2 before the go off all the other ones had been really slow burn" I had a flash back off with a split sec fuse burn. And me and my friend being engolfed in a ball of fire... needless to it was already to late I had lit the fuse it was already going I grabed my friends arm and starting sprinting pulling him with me the fuse only lasted .5 seconds and We did get engolfed in the fire ball because of how we had set up the charge and baryed 90% of the pile in roofing shingles it focasted the bulk of the fire in the direction we where at. But insted of being 1-2 feet from the blast we where 4-7 feet and only ended up burning the hair off my friends legs and arms and shinging the hair on our heads insted of frying us like bakon.... The dream I had had about his was about 6 months before that. Keep in mind My normal dreams involve me dieing or being harmed in many kinds of ways and its really hard to tell dreams from visons.

So take it or leave it. its all up to you.... "But the force is strong it his family" yoda..

My sisters/mother/grand father have all similar events to tell. Also I have never been suprised by deaths son the cats missing Ya its dead he says you should not say that yep it was dead. and conversly when my grand father was in for heart sergery they said he was not going to make it everyone was saying to brace for the worst I was like he will be fine you will see and he was...

yes I can't spell for crap and my grammer sucks... Guess that comes with being 97% left brained 8(

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