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Seeing energy

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posted on Jun, 11 2008 @ 01:04 AM
But look closely, and isn't all we see made up of little dots? I could be wrong, but if this really is such a universal thing, it could be just the way we see in general.

posted on Jun, 11 2008 @ 08:36 AM
OK, well I found out theat what we are seeing is not floaters and not everyone sees them. When you see them around people they are called auras and you are physic, You should be a medical nurse because you can see when people are injured, I could see that my mom had a hurt leg, when she never told me.

I can make them form shapes and make puzzles with my name.

But when i'm reading it's hard because they move around and I lose my place!
Does anyone know how to make them all get off the page??


posted on Jul, 19 2008 @ 09:15 PM
No, the skeptics are wrong. What you are seeing is "energy" it is the universal energy, and it always was. I guess you could call it god as well.

posted on Jul, 20 2008 @ 06:36 AM
I just came across this posting (7/20/08). I learned to distinguish between 'floaters' in the human eye and being able to see energy when I was very young. If, in fact, you are seeing energy - why all of a sudden now? I've seen it the way you do for as long as I can remember but it's only been explained to me recently that it is energy. I'm curious if you ever see something that look like whisps of smoke but seem constructed from the same type of material. btw - sometimes it sort of looks like digital 'snow' on the tv, doesn't it? Except it's everywhere in the air and has some sort of noticable depth to it... sort of like a thickness.

Frankly, I've been surprised by most of the comments I read. I know it's rare to see this way, but I would have expected more people familiar with it to have come across it and respond.

Good-luck! Don't worry, it's not indicative of any issues with your sight and no, you're not crazy.

posted on Jul, 21 2008 @ 05:55 AM
Hello all,

I see this transparent energy that moves either real fast, slow or medium and this happens with the light off, on and in day light or darkness- Also, when i was about 10 or 11 I had frequent dreams in a row of energy flowing in the shape of a man who was trying to take me away in dreams... this transparent energy almost looks like heat rising from a car or like the predator in the movie "Predator"-- ever since I have been seeing energy like this all of the time.. not only do I see this, but i also, see lights that do not flash -that are as bright blue, white, red, or orange and they look like electricity sparks- which many people have told me this is auras---but I thought it was just another way of me perceiving energy, I also, see swirls of yellow, sometimes purple moving around very slowly in my chakra area... I do not know what it is; I told the eye doctor about it and had test done on my eyes to make sure i did not have a disease, and I had none, besides bad eyesight. I also, thought maybe I am schizo or something ( I am a psych major)- but I seem pretty stable others.. although I see all this weird stuff; I am a bit of a skeptic to myself- i took a college course called human fads, fallacies, and human orgins which I found very interesting and thought because I m very creative, My mind made this stuff up....I also, work in the french quarter in N.O. and have been seeing a ghost of a man behind the bar and I do not know if it is my mind playing tricks on me b/c I see it real fast or if it is an impression of energy left by my manager who is always behind the bar.....I use to have frequent dreams of night paralysis and this unbearable energy that felt like tons of prickly needles turning your body inside out would be pressing all over my body as if something was attempting to posses me. and I would pray to god in these dreams and the sensation would disappear...and soon enough I started fighting this sensation of "unbearable" energy that I do not get it any more, only rarely and it is not nearly as unbearable it is almost as if I can control it like a sort of lucid dreaming... I am a strong believer of the perception of the mind what ever you believe is real will be real... e.g. other employees at the bar said that they have seen "the ghost" in the slave quater (where we get ice) and the light always flickers off and eery feelings happen and etc- so maybe this is why I started seeing this "ghost" behind the bar.... I know this is a lot of "paranormal" stuff but I was excited and anxious to get some answers. Does anybody have any insight, or advice? Skeptics and nonskeptics welcome -- NOLA

posted on Aug, 26 2008 @ 01:30 PM
Hi, I see simular things in the sky since recently. The description of the Entoptic phenomenon describes pretty well what I see, and I do most easily see it in blue skys... there's just one 'problem': the light happily and quite randomly floating dots do not move in the same paths like discribed. The ONLY place I have yet seen them going in the same direction, is between the top of my two index-fingers when I hold them close together... Moreover, I can make them flow and jump quicker and slower with my mind, since I practiced some breath meditations... and I see them most clearly after a meditation, when my mind is all clear. Since I already feel energy flowing from my hands when I pu them on other people, I have no doubt this is subtle energies we see. A litle advice if you want to see more: practice, and be clear of your intentions.

posted on Oct, 5 2008 @ 04:04 AM
reply to post by Anonymous ATS

If this can help.

I have myself only very recently being able to notice what had been in front of all my Life. Up to now I always thought that it was some defect of my eyesight. The brain then made abstraction of it at a young age. Lately, I have been studying the practice of Bwity in Gabon and came to know a wide array of very serious and knowledgeable people in the spiritual and scientific field. I personally have a company linked to the medical corp and quantified eyesight research.

Bwity is I think the oldest practice in the world, dating back 26 centuries and mainly considered as a science by pygmies. Only recently have they made the ritual secrets available to a few chosen tribes in the anticipation of the disappearance of their culture with the tropical forest, currently foraged by Chinese and others for oil and gas. The understanding of the universe and the worlds we live in is well ahead of our modern scientists. Their grasp of quantum physics, the complexity of time and the theories about dimensions are very profound. This knowledge is imparted through a non dogmatic and via direct personal experience (unlike religion) during an initiation from the elders to the young, the smallest people on the planet...

Although it seems here depicted as White snow by some, in reality, it is in some cases energy that you see. This primordial energy is the same that forms matter. It is there in the air and around us since possibly the big bang and can be seen as millions of little dots in the air. One just needs to change the focus of the eye onto less material things.

E=MC2 Energy is a direct link between matter and the speed of light. The less we consider matter, for the same quantity of energy, the higher the spectrum of light. There is also a very strong correlation between this energy and carried information.

It seems to me that some medical scientists are trying to link far too many conditions to white snow and giving themselves an other industry to profit on.
Although they could be on something in some cases, I do not believe that this is the scenario for all, and we might let a few obliterate a very important discovery made by some on this post. (Please do not confound this also for floaters or other eye conditions which I have read about here and researched...)

I can assure you that I suffer of none.

The people I met during my numerous encounters in Africa all seem to be able to manipulate consciously that energy into shapes. They also share the same perceptions.
and are able to see the aura and identify the past, present and future as well as sicknesses of an individual in relation to the aura's colors. (Although I never checked on the validity of Kirlian's work on the aura, this could be linked).

If one were to keep at it, I am sure we would be able to extend his perception and generate further abilities. It is only about having the right mindset.

For those who keep at it, I wish you the best in your research and to feel the same internal joy I currently feel when reading a book and piecing this huge jigsaw of creation via my personal experience and research. Well done to the lucky few and don't give up, just follow your instinct and extend your research.

kind regards._javascript:icon('

posted on Oct, 24 2008 @ 02:52 AM
I've looked for some time for another, but haven't found the object of my fascination before now. They're everywhere, those lights, and because of them I've been an insomniac for nearly ten years. It took me nine of those years to figure out that I was seeing energy.
Someone previously posted that everyone can see those lights; what I see can be focused and used, not simply seen. Energy is a reality which must be accepted, even by those who are blind to its existence. I don't believe that we who can see it are special or different; I believe circumstance has played its hand so that very few people develop in such a way to recognize and manipulate things like the energy of the world. Everybody is born capable, but few retain this ability throughout their lives. Between mainstream society and the complete fruitcakes out there who claim they can blow things apart with their minds, its no suprise at all that phenomena such as this are met with skeptisism.

posted on Jan, 15 2009 @ 01:46 PM
(Disclaimer: I don't debate religion)

I am pleased that this is the first return on a google search: 'seeing energy'. This site has great information/debate for anyone newly seeking a path of research to feed the 'intuitive knowledge' that might be raising so many questions in their lives.

On that note, I feel strongly that the current circumstances on this planet prove there is a great deal of tension between our leaders, and the ticking of our advancement pacing exponential faster by natural circumstance (a force only a fool would deny). Through this exponential growth our questions have divided us ever further, finding answers contaminated by the baggage of our past.
It can be said we entered this new era through the great discoveries of Einstein, Planck, (Heisenburg, Schrdinger, Dirac) and the birth of Quantum Mechanics. Look up "The Double slit Experiment" that is pretty interesting. These discoveries led to so many patches in our universal truth that a completely new form of perspective was needed.
The birth of the computer age, and today a world of the 3rd gerneration tangenital(against the grain) thinkers who are finding patches in their society and are looking for something logical to fill them with. The great old thinkers of the banks and institutions, those who write the carriculum of the universities and colleges, they got to much baggage of old mentalities to ever experience what so many are right now.
So, there are no medical explanations from your physician, there is no logical reason for the snowflake vision, your doctors roots are for the most part also carrying to much truth of the past to practice new medicine. (Not their fault btw). Just focus on this phenomena and let it grow however it does, let it take you in directions of research, and come up with your own answers. Furthermore, i want to leave advice, that the path aggressively towards answers based in conspiracy theory can hold you back from experiencing further 'enlightenment'. (to the point that I think 'they' enjoy the huge consumption of conspiracy theory since a C-theorist can be easily called paranoid and dismissed as redundant). 'They' being deeply knowledgable of energy only at the very elite of circles found in conspiracy theory.

keep your eyes opened to all truth, have faith and research as much as possible. take a candle and look for the ripples, pretend you are looking at a 'magic eye'

posted on Jan, 24 2009 @ 08:50 AM
they only appear when u look for them if you ignore them then they disappear till u think about them again.

posted on Jan, 26 2009 @ 07:23 PM
curious, my reply was never added

posted on Nov, 4 2009 @ 04:46 AM
reply to post by Anonymous ATS

At night when its dark I notice this the most. I can look in my room and see the flow of energy in my room. But when I see a distirbence of the energy in the room I know I am not alone and there is a entity of somekind there as the energy becomes distorted and aggressive and extreamly cold.

posted on Nov, 18 2009 @ 01:54 PM
I have a test for you all. You have to have a pair of sunglasses and a bright shining sun. Go outside, put on shades and you need to look towards some kind of building(house, barn, shed...) at the corner top of the roof. Get to where the building is in front of you and also the sun (when shining bright, no clouds). This will take alittle manuvering but line up the sun to the very top corner of the roof, where you can't see the round shape of sun but only the bright rays. Go slow, move your head until the corner tip of roof has the whole sun hidden. You cannot do this without shades on. You will see fallout coming down all over the place! It will fall down around you but you'll never find it and you can't see it unless you look at it the way I explained. Be patient and do exactly what I said and you will see it. Only when sun is bright. I have been told that it is fallout from all that Darpa is doing way up there all the time. I don't really know but it is definately FALLOUT!

posted on Nov, 18 2009 @ 06:16 PM
reply to post by ivanglam

actually, not true. i have talked to plenty of "normal" and "paranormal" people that have seen both sides of this. some see energy, some don't, and some will just think you're plain crazy.

the point is, people can see energy, but only if they were gifted with it, or are given power to do so.

i still don't know what to do with it, but i see energy as well. occasionally i'll see dark energy (slightly larger black dots, slower, but they feel more powerful) but that's less seen on a day-to-day basis.

to elemtalsage, good thread, and keep it up. it's people like you who keep me thinking that i'm not insane lol.

posted on Nov, 21 2009 @ 01:20 AM

Originally posted by elemtalsage
Now every person who doesnt know how to make psi balls visable just jumped here

But that isnt what this is about.

I have had my eye checked for this but for some reason I can see dots moving around all over everything, TV, me, the sky, my teachers, everything.

But now that I have finnaly gotten very good at constructs, like I can make them and tell them what to do, but I still cant flare well
I noticed that these moving colors all move in one pattern and stay in an area were I made the contruct. I can do this without looking for auras or anything

Anyone else have this experance

are you talking about eye floaters? Heres a clip from family guy that i got reminded of.
And yes, everyone has this.

posted on Jan, 31 2010 @ 11:19 PM
reply to post by Anonymous ATS

Hallo to you all,

I'm very excited that so many of you can see some think like I can see.
For me I could see hole my live it and as I become older more stuff are poping up. First think that I can see is also what you cal dots that are from your eye fluid which I of cours also can see and there also the black, white, coulered and some times totally transparent dots in different shapes, structures, lines.

Whit that I can see Transparent Energy/Aura around all creatures/thinks and myself where I can interact whit it ( it's very similar like Magnatism) where I have been doing a lot of helping in treating pain Whit Out my own Nolegy to my Family members and later I could let my masculs move whit out touching but whit that energy/magnetic power from my polm of my hand[s] and fingers. Also have been playing whit energie and magnrtis like trying to sense the Earths Magnetic field etc.

Beside this I been having for 4-5 years monthly Deja-vu's, Like it or not constant in years improvement of my night-fission and growing light sensibility outside my sever headaches (migrant/cluster/sines headaches sins all most a year) and I almost was able to read in totaal darkness last year etc.

Oke this will be for know and if you want to come in contact for a conversaition e-mail me at

Bey for know,

Sayhoun Miakhel Ostowar

posted on Apr, 17 2010 @ 09:18 AM
I haven't been able to see this all of my life. It started when I was little ane I could see the colored static in the dark as some of you have said you can see. But about five months ago I started seeing it all of the time whether it was colored, almost clear, or like black and white fuzz you see on a tv. At first I thought I was crazy and so I got an eye exam from a couple of specialists, but there was nothing wrong with my eye. I thought about describing it as seeing atoms moving like energy, but then decided against it because I didn't think that my family or doctors would understand. So after having no answers, I searched the internet and this forum caught my eye because it seems like some of you may see the same as me. With that being said, I know for a fact that these are not floaters or cells in the eye. My specialist looked for the cells for almost two hours and found none. I've also seen floaters before, and they are much larger and don't move nearly as fast. If anyone feels they can see the same thing, please email me at [email address removed]. I'd like to hear more about this from other people that experience it. Thanks (:

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posted on Jan, 15 2015 @ 02:14 AM

originally posted by: Eonnn
I have something like this too... I know its definately not my eyes playing tricks on me or dead cells on my eye... i know the difference.

What i see is when i look up at the ceiling (which is white) I can see white balls of energy moving past this black metal bar on the ceiling. This happens even if the lights are off. It is not dust, its bigger than dust and it moves in one direction really fast... millions of these moving tiny white balls of light.

Also, if I look at any carpet, it seems to be moving. I often wonder if this is just my eye's tricking me or if its billions of carpet bugs moving around that people dont normally take notice of. These look like black little bugs everywhere bouncing around and isn't the same thing i described earlier about the white balls.

Just wondering though, do you also have visual snow? It looks like this in the dark: Thank you.

posted on Jan, 15 2015 @ 05:34 AM
The energy? Yes. It's called aether. Radiant aether.

a reply to: Renardo

It is similar but it vibrates differently and the grouping and coloring is different. You can inflience energy and it does give off color/light that doesn't illuminate anything but itself, it seems.

I've had it since I was very little. I see it more sometimes than at other times. I can ignore it as well. Not explainable by eye doctor either. I have very healthy eyes. I'm 23.

a reply to: thematrix


this exactly. I couldn't have said it better, myself.

& yeah, I see it. It's different than what other people see (ie. it isn't floaters/blood cells and it isn't HPPD etc.). I've grilled my friends pretty hard on the subject and most don't see what I'm describing. In some cases, we have a meeting of the minds over mutual understanding. One scenario where someone who at first did not see it then learned to see it over the course of our friendship, one of my best friends-- KingKelson-- learned to see it as well.

Basically, I'm of the belief that everyone can do it. But only some people are sensitive enough to inherently perceive it. I think most everyone can learn, however. But mainly people are heteronomous moral agents and the type most-likely to witness such visual understanding would be instead the autonomous moral agents in society. In other words, the fringes.

Terence Mckenna has some great things to say about this kinda thing. As do Tesla and Einstein.

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posted on Jan, 15 2015 @ 05:52 AM
my bad. double post.
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