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US populous "brainwashed" from an early age...

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posted on May, 11 2005 @ 07:58 AM
Ghost, old buddy, on occasion you strive to make sense, but then you seem to fall apart, and end up sounding like someone who wants to live in a muddled, no effort, mediocre way, and have everyone else living in your paradigm.

You despise America ... That is sure to keep most of us up at nights worrying about it.

You want the Trump types in America to cease to exist... Why? Some folks, like myself, don't have the drive or desire to be like "The Donald", but I really don't expect the money that he has accumulated to be spread around to support me.

Socialism? Look at England. Used to live there and knew a fellow who had a job, simply driving a truck to deliver dry cleaning. Interestingly, he quit his job and went on the dole so that he could make more money per week.
That sounds Utopian to me, alright.

You talk about our culture here in the US like you are an expert and we are the worst thing that has ever happened here on good old planet Earth. Well Bubba, Don't know what to tell you. By the grace of God (Hairy chested thumper or cosmic muffin ... your call), I was born here a freeman, and will die here a freeman. What I end up with in the way of money and material goods are the stuff I've gotten on my own and not because I sit down and suckle at the government nipple. What I have attained in the way of spiritual and/or educational investment is what I have gotten on my own without being spoonfed by anyone else.

My family and I live on an 8 acre property, half cleared, half in woods. We live in a 1800 square foot house with central air, heat, fresh clean water from the Great Lakes, a chemically treated and sanitary sceptic system. My wife drives a Cadillac Eldorado... It's her most favorite car ever. I drive a Corvette. It is my most favorite car ever. I have a 54 inch color television. I have a large stamp and coin colletion. My wife has a very large collection of antique and otherwise tea services. The children, even though they are out on their own are fairing well, and know that if trouble arises, that my wife and I are there to fall back on as they learn their life lessons..... And on and on....

Not trying to brag, because there are people out there who have so much more than I do. There are, likewise, people out there who would kill me to take what I have acquired. They are not willing to work for it. I got what I want through honest sweat. Having "stuff" doesn't make me bad. It makes me a part of the desire that most human beings have, and that is to be what they want and live the way they want. And all without having to wait for someone in government to give me my dole.

Guess it sort of boils down to whether you have faith in yourself to succeed or need to have everyone else doing it for you. Even then, in your paradigm, as I understand it, I'd end up with exactly the same as you. That's too bad, it tends to drive down the desire to have better for me and mine.

I don't want to end up like a cheap caricature of a man who was killed in a jungle in South America, wearing a ratty, thin beard, not having bathed in days, and wearing a cheap beret.

Thanks very much. You continue to despise ... I'll continue to not care about your spite. You stay wherever you may be, hate my country and theorize how we are so evil, stupid, inept, etc. I, on the other hand, will stay here with the folks, the Cambodes, who came here to escape a communist utopia, where real communists like the Khmer Rouge ran things so well for so long without loss of a single life, like the Europeans who come here because they can keep a little more of their income and not support the crown and the rest of their country on their back, like you would like, like the Mexicans who are daily attempting to get to this country and make a better life for themselves and their families. And the list could go on and on....

Frankly, I'd like to vote you an above award, for making me realise that even in this country where I am somewhat impinged because I'm 56 and therefore, having a difficult time finding a "great" job. I am still loved by my family, I can help provide for my family when they are in need and I can rise to my own level of competency and not have to depend on anyone telling me what my fair share is.

Unfortunately, I just can't care enough about someone who sits behind a keyboard and pontificates inanely.

posted on May, 11 2005 @ 02:17 PM
sigung86, Sir, you're are my hero! (not really, but you're up there:up

Well written, I could not have said it better myself.

Ghost, Im sure you have learned all about how communism works throughout you many trips and living for long periods of time in former communist countries.

Oh, nevermind....

I personally have not been to a Communist Country

So you're arguing in favor of communism, when you yourself have never experienced living under communist rule.

Well I have been to many former communist countries (not for long periods) and one or two active communist countires and the people there, for the most part, say just the opposite of you. Of course I have no way to prove this....just letting you know.

My uncle and auntie live in the Czech Republic (formerly Czechoslovakia) and they have both said that under Communism the wealth was spread, and more people were living CONTEMPTLY

Ahh yes, He said that she said that he heard from this guy who knows someone that used to live in a former you believe everything you hear?

Believe this:

The following year, Georgians returned to this square and pulled down the statue of (the Soviet Union's first premier, Vladimir) Lenin

There are many more articles like a google search.

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posted on May, 11 2005 @ 02:29 PM

You have voted sig ung for the Way Above Top Secret.

Thanks for your perspective sig

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posted on May, 12 2005 @ 04:16 AM

Originally posted by sigung86\

Unfortunately, I just can't care enough about someone who sits behind a keyboard and pontificates inanely.

thank you.

could not have said it better myself.

rather than inanely, i think the word you were actually looking for was "insipid."

posted on May, 12 2005 @ 04:39 AM
How many times do we have to go threw BASIC economic concepts? :shk:
Some of you people need to pull your heads out of your posterior ends and think! Communism did not work in russia and if it wasnt for the chinese bending their ideas a little it would not work for them either. I believe i have wrote about this elsewhere, Communist countries=poor people living in improverished conditions with little freedom. Free markets=$$$$! & the opportunity to advance one's self. Lets take Social security for example, a perfect model of why communism will not work. At first glimpse it seems like a plan but eventually the ratio of input vs output becomes incredibly unstable and collapses. Same thing happened in the ussr. I am going to do you a favor and recommend some material that is usually given to college students, they should be introducing this in high school, read Adam Smith's wealth of nations, read Thomas Sowell one of the smartest black persons, yet he is relatively unknown. Milton Friedmans negative income tax proposal and the US concluded it worked too well!. Capitalism in itself is not evil. Read bastiat's work. Karl Marx should be written off as a fraud.

posted on May, 13 2005 @ 04:16 PM
This is very interesting, I never knew this could be possible

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