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your ideas for video games

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posted on Apr, 12 2005 @ 11:49 AM
Okies, had this on my mind for a couple of years now.:

Wild Wild west MMORPG.

You can be a law man, an outlaw, farmer, business man, prospector, Indian or a Mexican bandit, etc...

I can imagine an amazing PvP and crafting system.

There could be faction system where you can build favor or disfavor among certain groups.

As you level your skill in pistols or rifles would increase and top out at master gunslinger or such. An Indian player could become a warrior or chief.

You can run a brothel or a saloon. I think that SWG's like basic structure would fit a WWW (Wild wild West) game nicely.

A quest for example for an outlaw could be to rob a train or a stage coach, stuff like that. Conversly a Law man would have to stop or protect trains and coaches from being robbed. Maybe a "Master Lawman" could form a posse of "faction pet" npc's or other players to hunt down bad guys.

You can own land and even grow crops!!! Of course, you would need to cultivate the land for fertility, protect it from animals and even bandits trying to rob your crop!!

I think you guys get the idea. May be fun.

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posted on Apr, 12 2005 @ 08:42 PM
Hehe...There are some great ideas here...

Being an adamant gamer, I have a few myself, but the only reason I haven't contributed to this thread is due to the fact that it's near useless to let your ideas like these seep out there onto the internet....

Many video game companies are actively seeking consumer ideas, but only if you approach them in a formal manner....They can't take your ideas from the internet and make them a reality without potentially causing a huge legal mess....

I know most of you are just sharing them for fun, but I would suggest keeping your best ideas a secret and keeping them on file for that one true chance at making it become reality.....

But that's just my opinion on the matter

On a related topic: I remember they used to sell video-game developing hardware units to the public....Like Sony I think had a special PlayStation unit you could buy for gobs and gobs of money that would let you design a primitive version of your ideas, so you could walk in with something solid.....

Do they have those still for the XBOX, etc?? The closest thing I can think of would be a "Modded out" unit....

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posted on Apr, 12 2005 @ 08:55 PM
I want a game were I am God. I could create natural disasters to kill those who defy me and talk to prophets to influence the population. If I wanted a religion were child sacrifice is common I can do that. I can turn morals and ethics on their heads

posted on Apr, 12 2005 @ 08:58 PM

Originally posted by Vegemite
I want a game were I am God. I could create natural disasters to kill those who defy me and talk to prophets to influence the population. If I wanted a religion were child sacrifice is common I can do that. I can turn morals and ethics on their heads

You need look no further than Black & White

posted on Apr, 12 2005 @ 09:05 PM
What would be really cool is a halo online game where it's humans vs. Covenant vs. flood , along with a currency, space battles, ground battles in huge multiplayer maps! then I would pick my xbox game controller back up!

posted on Apr, 28 2005 @ 04:29 PM
Here is some more classes you could play as,

Pirate/Beserker/Super Beserker/Armored Super Beserker


Super strength, defense, reistance, attack, and HP also can walk on water. Also can attack from right next to or 1 space away from his opponet using a hand axe or bow.

Fighter/ Warrior/ Super Warrior


Strength, Reistance, attack, and good evasion.

posted on Jun, 21 2005 @ 07:53 PM
Okay this game would be for PC and would have 3D graphics, the story would have advanced tech like the DDX, and would be a story. The game would be based on my story the the rise of the red dragon, and would have many small stories/missions you would have to do. Like firing elecro-magnetic guns, or infiltrating a port and blowing Chinese Carriers apart. It would be awesome!

posted on Jun, 24 2005 @ 03:34 PM
I would definately make a space fighter game that is a combination between FPS and RTS. You fly your spaceship around the galaxy to planets. Manage your ship, hop into a space fighter and blow up attackers.

I have already tried to make such a game by modding C&C Renegade, but it took a beatting on my social life so I stopped. The concept worked well though. You could fly a 500m X 100m X 50m mothership in a area around saturn (1000 cubic KM) that had fully fuctioning parts and attack another player (over internet) with a simular ship. You can hop into space fighters and browse the corrodors of your spaceship. The goal was to disable the other ships engine. You can assume roles like captain, staff, engineer etc. You can board the other ship or have dogfights with 5 different types of spaceships. Entire sections of the ship can be blasted off.

I will try to get screenshots and post them up for you to see what it looked like. I formated my hard-drive so I lost most of my work.

posted on Jun, 24 2005 @ 04:32 PM
I call this game: 'Mindblock' and it work for a movie, game or book.

Four children were secretly injected with a geno booster, as babies in the hospital, anyway the booster which was designed by a government agency to give them access to the other 97% of their brain.

Slowly through their lives the booster started giving them access to the 97% little by little until when they were 13/14 they are brought to the govt. agency and told of the project. They now ahve 100% access to their mind and this has given them the ability to telepatically communicate, manipulate molecules, defy the laws of physics, go invisible etc.

So you play one of the children and you have to complete missions using your new talents and as you progress through the game you start to learn the chilling secret the project was started...........

If any game designers are out there send me a U2U! I've got it all planned out.........sure, we could probably use a snazzier name.....

posted on Jun, 25 2005 @ 11:01 AM
Ok heres my idea for a game. Theres an army invading your homeworld. You are a secret supersoldier project. You are activated just as the enemy army invades your facility. You are out on your own. Now you have to stop the opposing military using all means of the military. You can call in artillery, air, armor, and even space based weapons strikes. It has gameplay like gta and mercenaries. Every single thing in the environment would be interactive, like if you hit a wall with a car the wall collapses.

Exclusive for ps3. online play

posted on Jun, 25 2005 @ 06:25 PM
I already told WWE they can do whatever they like with my idea, no problems, I won't sue or anything over it.

Also, another game idea.

I like Seven Kingdoms, and Sim City 2000, and I like space battles, and I like Starcraft, and....

Anyways, you are in a god veiw(looking at top of everything) in the mian part. You build a civilization, technology, cities, farming communities, airports, advanceing to Space Ports. You make troops, aircraft, space ships, expand to the moon, or moons, depending on how many your starting planet has(Generated at Random) and what type of race you are.

Anyways, when you complete High Technology Warp Zero Space you can look at other planets in your solar system and go their. If nothing there, settle, or leave and go on. If something there, make peace, allies, or attack and hope to get the land.

5 Races-Humans(easiest to play, beginners use this to train), Xaviers(Basically Protoss), Loters(Other Aliens, not as advanced in technology as the Xaviers, but far stronger then both Humans and Xaviers), The Bugs(Just known as The Bugs, unless you play as them, then you get the real name) and the Xenors, the most primitive, hardest to play, for advanced players only....

So say you are the Humans. You finally got Warp Zero Space and go to the nearest planet, which scanners say has no life, but lots of Plutonium(whatever, its fuel for the stuff whatever you want to call it) that you need to power ships, guns, cities, whatever. So you send two carrier ships with 10 troops each and 2 builders. You get there, there is life! But it is so primitive the scanners missed it. You now have a choice, make peace, give technology and hope they stay peaceful, or erradicate right there and hope the 20 troops are enough for the primitive village. I choose peace.

I now set up a factory and mine. I send the ships back to get more builders, workers, and troops. After 10-15 minutes I am now sending 20 ships back to Home with 1,000 troops on the planet. I attack the nearest village, and thank myself I got more troops for a larger village comes to defend and more troops come out of the cliff walls. I slaughter them, and take the land for the new city.

Now that I have 2 planets and say, 2 moons, I am a growing civilization. But I now have researched enough(through a science lab and scientists, which I can train right from the city, and they become better until they reach a max of 99 Research Skill) to have Warp X Space. I can now leave my solar system, but now there is a new problem.

The Humans have normal power ships, normal power troops, but the weapons/troops/research costs less, and are able to spread out quickly.

But you see, humans aren't the only race.

Xaviers, high tech(basically the Protoss of this game) aliens that use lazers and such to fight, whos ships are better then humans, but cost more and take more time to build.

The Bugs, fierce, primitive, hitch rides on other ships to get from planet to planet. They make primitive ships that can fight in space, but can't use Warp Zero Space or X. You may not even know, why Defense technology and scanner technology is a must if you plan to leave your solar system. If you do a weak scan, and land on the planet, you could be landing on a Bug planet. The bugs attack, take over a ship through Brain Bugs(Small bugs that crawl into the host through the nose and control it, allowing the bugs to research primitive technology of other civilization) and invade other planets. Or you may land, start a new city, and suddenly a ship takes off, you are busy back at home, don't even know until suddenly it comes back with more bugs, or lands somewhere else and attacks.

The Loters, ships suck even more then Humans, but they can make them for a dime a dozen. But on the ground they dominate, strong, fast, natural weapons on them and advanced weapons. Great Allies for they are the best at trading, both resources and shared technology(Tech that the Human and Xavier races can research also if they want)

And finally the Xenors. They are apparently primitive.... They will always be on a planet in your neighborhood, you can either Ally with them or use them for target practice, a great way to raise Skill Levels of troops for less then it costs training them. But if you play them, you are in for a challenge. As said, primitive, but are they? They can access ALL technologies and then some. How do they do this? They have domesticated The Bugs, if you get that research done. If you do you can raise entire ARMIES of bugs and attack, unless it is a bug planet. But imagine, humans attacked you twice, you have one village left, you raise some bugs, attack a settlement made on your planet, the Humans think The Bugs are attacking, and leave you alone. Or they decide to erradicate the entire planet in a massive bombing campaign.

Now, you have to make cities livable, no one wants to live in a crap hole, like the south, they want to live in a great place, like Canada! So you make a clean, efficent city and more people are born, more builders, miners, workers, and troops...... You expand and start another near a mine, and another, and another, but now the planet you just took from the Xenors is full, just like Home. So you use Warp X Space and go outside.

You land near a planet, a Xavier planet. You greet them, they don't like you, they attack, and kill half your men before you show them you mean no harm. Or they greet you with open arms for they haven't been attacked recently. So now you are at peace, you offer them Warp X Space and Zenoit Energy Use technology(ZEU makes it so a smaller power plant that produces little to no pollution, make bigger cities for less money/plutonium use) for Tachicoma and Orbital Missle Defense Sheild technology. They agree, and you can now produce robot warriors which means more Humans for workers and miners, and now can create a sheild that blocks missles fired from orbit. You make a city, share with the Xaviers, and expand.

Several planets later, and more tech trade with Xaviers, you have a large powerful force of Human ships and troops, including the Tachicoma Golds, the best, strongest, fastest, most powerful Robot Warriors. You land on a planet, Scan Lvl 1 showed no advanced life...... but surprise! BUGS!!!! You slaughter them with the Tachicoma Golds, and repair them. But now The Bugs know you are there, and plan an attack. Now, you can decide to control the ground battle then the Space battle, or vice versa. I choose Space Battle because my fleet is better then what The Bugs have so I can finish it and go to ground soon. Now, I move 2 Capital Ships over the planet and send 3 dozen attacker ships out to meet The Bugs in combat. I win easily and go to Ground Battle Screen. I see I am currently behind, lost two TGs and a squadron of bomber ships. But now that my space battle is done I call for my Capital Ships to bomb the planet. They do, I wipe out a couple dozen Bugs, I keep fighting and push them back. But more keep coming, and coming, so I call for full retreat and remove my troops/ships from the planet. I now have two choices, stay in orbit and bomb the hell out of the planet possibly destroying any and all mines, making it a useless planet, or leave and go home to pick up more TGs and troops.

But more advanced.... Say your troops are all trained at max lvl, or 99. 10 of them can wipe out an entire planet of weak Bugs. But the Bugs won't all be weak for they will train to, and get skill through fighting. But training that much takes alot of time at a Training Camp and money, when you can just go out and kill stuff that is weaker then you. So say you send 30 lvl 10 troops and they attack a small Xenor village, 28 live, and are now at lvl 14. They go find another village, 27 live, now at lvl 17.(wouldn't lvl at same speed, but for this we say they are) Eventually those 30 are down to 22, and are at lvl 30+. They can now hold their own in most 1 to 1 ratio battles, unless the enemy has better trained troops/lot more.

Farming, with better technology can feed more, can raise more, so more born, more fed, more farmers, workers, miners, scientists, troops, so forth. So before you had 50 farms to feed 50 people, with more technology researched you can feed 500 with 5, making more room for homes or other buildings.

Oh, I could go on and on, but stopping now.

posted on Jun, 27 2005 @ 02:55 AM

Originally posted by James the Lesser
Now, you have to make cities livable, no one wants to live in a crap hole, like the south, they want to live in a great place, like Canada!



Okay, let me rephrase, do u mean south of Virginia, then in that case:


Okay, Florida, if not 4 the Hurricanes, b okay, NC and SC, mainly on the coast, would b okay 2......

Wait, how'd I get on this?

Okay, I thought of a new 1. I call it:

The Dead 13

The year is 2092, and the galazy is torn into sides of a dreadful war.

Two years ago, Venus[the Green House affect dwendled ,along with much of the volcanic activity, in 2030, so it's habitable now], Mars, and Pluto[more of a outpost and scientific colony really. Bases r underground.] were fully colonized. Now, searching 4 new resources, the UNSA, United Nations Space Alliance, set out 2 find new planets. They colonized several new 1s, and came across new species. They put 2gether a new alliance know as the UGSA, United Galactic Space Alliance.

But as they searched out even more, along with their new allies and technologies, they found others, but they were not so peaceful. They came across the Greys[no, I don't mean 2 copy from "Area 51"] and the Zegrets. The 2 sides had been at war 4 nearly a millienuim.

The Greys came 2 Earth 4 the time of the war 2 conduct tests and experiments, but in 2060, they suddenly stopped coming. It was in the next year, that colonizing space was possible. Earth found out though in 1947 when 1 of their ships crashed in Roswell New Mexico, but although the U.S. Government knew, the rest of the world was keeped in the dark.........until now.

The Zegrets caused the war in the begin with. Like the UGSA, they set out 2 find resources, but they were doing so 2 supply their war machine. That's when they found the Greys, and declared war on them, but the war hasn't come any closer 2 ending in the past 1000 years.

The Greys have technology on their side, but the Zegrets rely on brute strength. Both sides have gained and lost much, but they haven't stopped 4 a second, and don't plan 2 now. The problem is that they didn't look kindly on the UGSA, and now they r the 3rd Side of the war.

The UGSA has very good weapons, units, tactics, and stratigies, but up against 2 enemies, and not fully united, they are at a stalemate.

After 2 years of fighting, the UGSA finds a new planet, but it's like a Earth Clone, but when the probes got there, it didn't find any major cities like on the UGSA's Planets, nor did they find anything else that was the same as UGSA's Technology, but they did find 1 thing the same: The Greys were doing as they had done b4.

The UGSA's Goal now was 2 free the planet from the Greys, b4 they made it a base, or worse....

A task force was now being put 2gether and trainied, and u r in it. You start out as a commando in training in the year 2072. You have joined the Spartan V Project, and u r 1 of the first 2 do so. Story wise, u train 4 5 months, and get physically enhanced. U get choosen 2 lead one of the task forces: The 13th Spartan Unit.

The task force is 200 strong. They would b the 1st forces there, but would stay there as the solar systems special forces. The UGSA's Pla was so:

1. Remove the Greys from the solar system.
2. Set up a base both under the surface the moon, and on the planet itself.
3. Hold off the Greys and Zegrets.

I'll post more info on the game soon. I have a lot 2 say.

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posted on Jun, 27 2005 @ 04:09 AM
Species: Humans, Sangheilis, Lekgolos, Ferals, Prophets

Human Groups:

Marines: Main Units, Infrantry, Armored, Snipers, etc..., Infrantry mainly uses Gauss Battle Rifle, GBR-95.

ODSTs: Airborne Troops, used 4 securing LZs, reforcing positions by space pods, search and destroy, recon, and rescue missions. Snipers r able 2 take out enemy troops farther than the gun normally allows.

Pilots and Crews: Like they r, they pilot and operate fighters, bombers, and transports.

Body Guards: They protect VIPs such as Generals.

Swordmen: Very well armored, but only armed with 2 pistols, 2 swords, and 2 shields

Crewmen and personnel: Operate on ships, stations, bases, and outposts. Cooks, mechanics, radiomen, etc...

Spartans: The Heros, rare, but they're the best there r in the Galazy. They use anything, have shields, 3-sec jetpack, thermal, night vision helments, flashlight on top of helment, and can cloak, and r experts in unarmed combat, enemy weapons, languages, stratgies, and tactics.

Sangheilis r strong, but also brillant in stragties and tactics. They stand at 8", r shielded, exprets in hand-2-hand combat.


Minor: Wearing Blue armor, they make up the majority of the Sangheilis Military, but r the weakest. Yet, that's not saying jack.

Major: They wear red armor, stronger than Minors, and r the second of the most Sangheilis, but second weakest also weakest.

Zealots: Commanders, very strong, very smart, but only carries like the Human Swordsmen do.

Rangers: Minor Sangheilis that r weaker, but with jetpacks able 2 last 4 long periods of time.

Honor Guards: Same as Body Guards, Majors with orange head, shoulder, and leg armor, but protect Prophets. Mainly uses like Human Swordsmen, but u might find a few with Plasma Machine Guns.

Spec Ops: Most r black armored, but squad commanders r white armored, these r the 2nd strongest, can cloak, 2nd strongest shields, uses any weapon, has a 3 sec jetpack.

Ultras: BEST OF THEM ALL!!! #1 in sheilding and strength, these r the team leaders of the Spec Ops. They r other wise just like the Spec Ops, BUT EVERYBODY FEARS AND RESPECTS THEM, even the Spartans, but they're pretty evenly matched.

Ferals: They still live in clan such organizations, but r very feriousious and brutal when needed. They, like the Zegrets, rely on brute strength rather than weapons, but not as much. They only use 1 weapon: The Feral Cutter

Most Ferals wear green armor, but the Spec Ops r shielded and wear black and leaders wear white.

Lekgolos: Works in pairs, 12" tall, but r 8"5 in their combat stance. They use a Fuel Rod Cannon and a HUGE shield that each covers 1 arm. They wear blue armor, and Spec Ops black, but their neck, back, and torso rn't protected, and r extremely vulnerable there, but other wise, r invincible, even the head!!! They're deployed more as equipment than soldiers.

Prophets: Leaders of the Sangheilis and Lekgolos, their not much of fighters, but brilliant leaders. The only weapon they do use is the 1 on their flying chair [I don't know what 2 call it. :bnghd: ].

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posted on Jun, 27 2005 @ 04:28 AM
I'll get this out of the way, none of them, except Majors, Rangers, and Spec Ops have sheilds


Minor Greys: Like the Unggoys, their 5" tall, make up the majority of the military, etc..., but can't carry any heavy weapons, like portable machine guns or launchers, but r also doctors, scientist, and medics.

Major Greys: 6"5, like the Sangheilis, they're leaders, fairly strong, but not enough but 2 take only Unggoys and Valleakans, mainly uses Shock Rifles, Stingers, Beam Rifles, Meson Particle and Particle Impusle Guns

Rangers: Like Ranger Sangheilis.

Spec Ops: U can't really tell them apart from Major Greys, except 4 their shoulder patches that r black and their shields r a bit stronger, their pretty good, and do much like ODSTs do, but their strength is nothing compared 2 them.

Black Ops: Human Clones, they were 1 of the researches that the Greys conducted, and r twice as good as a Spec Op, but have no shields. They were black armor, but leaders have red rings around their helments, while the regulars wear a yellow 1. They know how 2 use Human Weapons, and what tactics and stragties Humans use, so their actually hard 2 fight......mentally.

Pilots and crew: They're either Minors or Majors that fly fighters, bomber, and transports.

Crewmembers and personnel: Same as Humans.

Theta: Like from Area 51, they, yes, more than 1, was created 2 spread a virus, which is same here, but only if u come in2 contact with them, but soldiers don't have 2 worry with their helments and armor, only civis. Very Power, but he can b killed by any weaponary, just takes a while. Ultras and Spartans can take them, but with some difficulty.

Mutants: they're from Thetas, and there could b many of them, but their real easy 2 kill. They come in 2 types, 1 is the actual body from a Human, Sangheili, etc..., and another is a infection form, so if u kill a Theta, or sometimes a Type 1 Mutant, u might get 1, or in Theta Cases, MANY!!!

P.S. Sry, Meson Particle and Particle Impulse Guns, and the Thetas and Mutants I got from Area 51.

I hate it when I have 2 do that.

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posted on Jun, 27 2005 @ 05:03 AM
None have shields.

Larva: Their not 2 old at all. Maybe a few months or so old max. They come in EXTREMELY LARGE NUMBERS!!! But, they're not the backbone of their military.

Light Warrior: If a Larva lives long enough, as in months, it grows into this. Around the strength of an Unggoy, they stand at 5"4, but they're a bit faster though. THESE r the backbone of their military.

Medium Warrior: A while longer, and they become this. 6", fairly strong,
they can fight well, and can even b a challenge 4 a Major Elite.

Heavy Warrior: This is the best there is 4 the Zegrets, 8" tall, they'll even b a challenge 4 a Lekgolo!!! The bad part is, there r many around.

Yanme'es: These r bug-like airborne troops that fly by wings. They're only so much stronger than Larva in hand-2-hand combat, but their expert marksmen. When u find a group of these, u can try and run, but only 4 a while. They're 3" tall, so they can go in many places.

Sniper: They r the strangest in the whole game. They can hang on by tree branches, and still can shot!!! Their pretty fast, so u better kill them VERY QUICKLY!!! Their not that strong though, so if ur a good marksmen,

Skaris: These r the largest in the game. 15" TALL!!! They can crush anything in sight, EVEN TANKS!!! Their even pretty fast. It's suicide 2 try and kill them without explosives, and if u have a vehicle, 2 things: Either fall back and fire, OR GET OUT AND RUN!!! Lekgolos r screwed when they fight these guys.

Crew and personnel: Ussually Light Warriors.

Pilots: Either Light or Medium Warriors.

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posted on Jun, 27 2005 @ 06:22 AM

Originally posted by EnronOutrunHomerun

Originally posted by Vegemite
I want a game were I am God. I could create natural disasters to kill those who defy me and talk to prophets to influence the population. If I wanted a religion were child sacrifice is common I can do that. I can turn morals and ethics on their heads

You need look no further than Black & White

Yeah, I was thinking that. God I hate that game.

Perhaps it was my lack of an external mouse though. Really hard to slap that cow with a pad. Grrr, and the FREEZE errors. Oy. And that song! That damn song! Just go sailing already! I'll bring you all the horse meat you want. Just shut up. Shut up! I couldn't not eat babies in that game.

posted on Jun, 27 2005 @ 06:37 AM

M22 .50 Cal Laser SD Automatic Pistol: 2x scope, 30 rds b4 recharge is needed, retrackable stock, under the barrel is a Plasma Gun that when charged up can take down enemy shields, is aalso heat-seeking, under that is a particle gun, it's like the Sentinel Beam from Halo 2, but it can recharge sheilds, or strip them. Everybody carries 1 story wise. The barrel can b equiped with a shotgun barrel, but it isn't very powerful, it takes 2 shots 2 take a guy down, BUT HEY, A SHOTGUN!!! Dual-Weild Able.

9.5mm Seim-Burst, Auto Gauss Battle Rifle/GBR-95/OICW: I made up the rd, but plz don't get scientific on it plz. lol. It is: Plasma Tiped, Armor Piercing, High Explosive Rds. Magentism would keep the plasma in place, but in the shape so it can pierce armor and shields, and behind it the HE, making it an all good rd, the gun can b silenced if u want, 45 rd mag, 2-6x powered, rangfinder scope, 20mm, 30mm, or 40mm Grenade Launcher can b placed on top of gun like the OICW, 4 rd clip, and a 4-barrel 8-Gauge Shotgun underneath the gun that can hold 8 rds, and also, if pumped 4 each shot, can fire either 4 shots at once, or 4 in automatic mode, 1-2-3-4 without pumping after each shot, acually good at 15m 2, plus, only 1 shot 2 kill, or a flamethrower, 15m, even a sonic launcher 8m, which can send energy waves that can kill ppl within range in either wide or tight waves.

Feral Cutter: Fires Razor-Sharp Disks at high speeds, 10 rd clip, pretty accurate at medium range, semi-auto, dual able

SR-45 RAIL Bullpup Sniper Rifle: 6 rd mag, can either fire 20mm HE, Incedinary, or Fragmentaion or 14.5mm Sabot Rd which is 4 anti-personnel and very long range sniping. 5-25x, rangefinder scope.

Plasma Machine Gun: Probally the best of the weaponary. 100 rd normal mag, 10 rd Sniper Mag 4 the sniper barrel, 10 shot 4 shotgun barrel, but it takes 2-shot at close range 2 kill, charge up shot will explode like a frag, but is also a heat-seaker, has a Particle Beam like with the pistol underneath the barrel, 2-6x scope, It can even b dual wielded.

4-Barrel 102mm Rocket Launcher: Can lock on 2 anything mechanical, 2x scope, can defeat anything. Say bye-bye 2 Thetas and Sharis with this.

Plasma Sword: Just as it sounds, dual-wielded able

Plasma Sheild: As it sounds, dual-wield able

Portable Laser Minigun: 500 rd charge, able 2 b carried place 2 place, it can b fired while moving, even dual wielded, but it's not good at close range like that, and obviously not accurate 4 long, but if it's placed, it can, 360 degree turn able, 60 degree up and downwards.

Body Weapons: 2 Glove Knives, 2 Wrist Flame Throwers, on campaign, automatically able, multiplayer, they have 2 b picked up.

The Greys:

Jax Shock Pistol: You've heard a lot about it, so here: Like the plasma charge up shots on the pistol, u can take down enemy sheilds, but a few things:
1. Takes 2 shots
2. Can effect unshielded enemies
3. Semi-Auto
4: Still Heat Seeking.
5. Still Dual Able
6. 16 shots b4 recharge

Needler: Heatseeking Needles, that when massed, will explode, but 1 by 1, they r 2 weak, unless against Larva. 30 rds, needles explode on inpact, dual able, fully automatic

Meson Particle Gun: 45 shots, 3-rd burst, 6x energy scope, pretty powerful, but the 3-rd burst can b slow.

Particle Impulse Gun: Mainly good against groups, this 1-shot weapon can kill mulitple people without directly aiming at them. Fire it a a wall or the ground, wait 3 secs, and everybody in 15 ft of it will die. U can only carry 3 shots, and only 1 in the gun at a time.

Cyrstal Gun: This gun is like the Needler. 60 rd mag, the particles will track 2 a enemy, but they won't explode, but the rds pack 3 times the punch, but you'll go through ammo very quickly.

Beam Rifle: Fire a particle beam at high velocity, is extremely accurate, so it's the standard issue sniper rifle. 5x-20x energy scope.

Plasma Launcher: Fires a charge like the Fuel Rod Cannon does 4 the Lekolos, but it's portable, it fires 20 shots from a 100% charge b4 haveing 2 reload, but if u fire 3 shots simutaneously, the charge overheats, and u have 2 wait 3 secs b4 it cools down.


Accelerated Particle Charge Repeater: 40 rd clip, good against shields, but better against flesh, yet either way, the rd isn't so tough, but it is good 4 close 2 medium range fighting, dual able

Bio-Gun: 100-rd canister, it "loobs" blobs of biotoxic sludge, u can even lay permenant mines with it, but it takes up 25% of the canister per mine.

Lighting Sniper Rfile: 1 shot charge, but it kills instantly with that 1 shot, even u, but u/they have 2 wait 2 secs b4 it recharges. 5x-20x scope

Disk Launcher: Like the Feral Cutter, it fires disks at high velocity, but these r larger, so u can only hold 6 of them per mag, but u can charging them up, and if ur in a room or if u shoot at a angle, u can shoot and they'll bounce off walls 4 a while. So even if u miss, u have plenty of chnaces of getting them.

Grenade Lauchner: 6-rds on a chain, has 2 bayonets, a small knive like 1 on the tipe of the barrel, and a much larger 1 on the rear, this is mainly used by Medium and Heavy Warriors only, but the grenades can do serious harm 2 vehicles.

Heavy Repeater: Like a portable heavy machine gun, it fire large rds from a huge mag carring 250 rds, it's effective against shields, but once it's past
the shields, ur screwed...BIG TIME!!!
Used by Heavy Warriors only.

Legret Blades: These r blades that can go on ur fists and r meant 4 slashing, and 4 the Medium and Heavy Warriors, these r favorites.

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posted on Jun, 27 2005 @ 07:49 AM

Originally posted by EnronOutrunHomerun
Hehe...There are some great ideas here...

Being an adamant gamer, I have a few myself, but the only reason I haven't contributed to this thread is due to the fact that it's near useless to let your ideas like these seep out there onto the internet....

Many video game companies are actively seeking consumer ideas, but only if you approach them in a formal manner....They can't take your ideas from the internet and make them a reality without potentially causing a huge legal mess....

I know most of you are just sharing them for fun, but I would suggest keeping your best ideas a secret and keeping them on file for that one true chance at making it become reality.....

But that's just my opinion on the matter

On a related topic: I remember they used to sell video-game developing hardware units to the public....Like Sony I think had a special PlayStation unit you could buy for gobs and gobs of money that would let you design a primitive version of your ideas, so you could walk in with something solid.....

Do they have those still for the XBOX, etc?? The closest thing I can think of would be a "Modded out" unit....

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Hmm, I don't care if they steal mine. I just want 2 play them at least. Sure, b great 2 have the money, but I'm 15, so like they would make a deal with me anyways. lol!

posted on Jun, 27 2005 @ 12:31 PM

Motorcycle: A motorcycle with 2 laser automatic pistols intergrated in2 the grips, so u can fire and drive at the same time.

Warthogs: Jeeps
LAAG[Light Anti-Aircraft Gun]: Warthog with a Laser Minigun
Gauss: 25mm Gauss Cannon
Rocket: 102mm 4-Barrel Rocket Launcher
Medic: Though without any guns of it's own, it can heal u, and ur comrades
APC: Again, no guns of it's own, but it can carry more soldiers
Supply: Gives ammo and repairs vehicles, robots, and cybers

Scorpian Tank: 120mm Cannon, .50 Laser machine gun, can carry 8 passengers, but their very unportected, the tank is also pretty slow, but nothing compared 2 the Goliath

Golitah Tank: 210mm gun and .50 Cal Laser Machine Gun, and a mine laser machine gun on top, and extremely protected, but very slow and low maneuvability.

Zeus Cyber: carries 2 lock-on able rocket pods of 6 rockets each, 2 30mm wrist laser miniguns, 2 hand flame-throwers, moves 2 as fast as a Scorpian, but is twice a bigger target than a Golitah

The Sentinel: Small Fighter, able 4 close air support, but small enough 2 have 2 b stored in a regular Pallbearer, 2 laser minguns, 2 rocket pods, 1 Fuel Rod Cannon gives it plenty of firepower.

Pallebearer Space Transport: Able 2 carry a Platoon of soldiers in and out of a LZ, but doesn't have 2 land tnx 2 it's levatator, so they can do so while in air, even Lekgolos. In the rear, it can carry 2 Warthogs or a Scorpian. 4 larger loads, such as a Golitah, Zeus, or multiple vehicles or platoons, there is a larger transport that's 2 times the size in length, height, and width, firepower wise, it has 4 laser minguns and 4 lock-on rocket pods and 2 more fixed minguns on the wings , it can also board space ships with it's left-side door, so it's able 2 go almost anywhere. There is also a medical version so that if u have a seriously injured, unconcious, person, they can put them on these, and a few minutes later, they come back 2 thank u....

Longsword: A space bomber and fighter able 2 launch attacks with miniguns along with napalm, smart bombs, carpet bombing or nukes if absolutely neccserry, but that would only b 4 key missions, or in space battles, but it only takes 1 person 2 pilot. U can call these in 4 air strikes, and waste ur enemies.

The Greys:

Ghosts: a bit smaller than a Warthog, but is elevated off the ground when turned on, 2 Meson Guns, but u can boost twice as fast by using the boost ability, but u can't fire ur weapon, plus, it's harder 2 turn.

The Grey's Banshee: a competitor 4 the Sentinel, but instead of rocket pods, it can fire charged up heat seeking shots, and also, like the Ghost, if weapon energy is supplied 2 the engines, u can fly twice as fast.

Shadows: Main Grey Land Transport, slow, but it's armor and 2 plasma turrets makes it pretty well protected, can carry 8 Troops, or 2 Ghosts.

Scarabs: These r very huge Cybers, these r the hardest vehicles 2 destroy, and they can destroy everything in sight with their 2 HUGE Plasma Cannons in front and back, but r also protected from air attacks with 2 Plasma Turrets, the best thing 2 do is 2 get inside, and destroy them with Satchel Charges, but they r protected with highly elite troops.

Saucer: Like what u hear about, these r the primary ships and transports 4 the Greys. Using particle weapons and Faster Than Light, FTL, Technology, these r very effective, and sometimes, u might not know there coming. They can carry a lot of troops 2, but sense there regular transports r larger than standard Pallbearers, they're not as flexible, but it 2 doesn't have 2 land 2 deliver, and extract, troops, but is a lot quicker in allowing troops 2 elevate, and the 2 particle guns r very quick and effective against troops, but not so much against vehicles.


Speedbike: This hovering vehicle is a bit larger, in length, than the Motorcycle, but it twice as long, but is faster, and has the boost ability of the Ghost that was copied by them, but the 2 Rereaters r weaker than the lasers and plasma weaponary on the others.

Skiff Transport: Hovering off the ground is this big ground transport, it isn't fast, except when using it's boost ablility, it has 3 Heavy Repeaters, and can transport 12 ppl, including the gunners and driver, but the ppl r heavily exposed, except from the rear. These act as APCs and Medical Vehicles

The Zegret Banshee: A cheap copy of the Grey's Version, but is brown instead of grey, and fires a more radioactive plasma weaponary, so is more effective against personnel, but not as much against vehicles.

Zegret Transport: This is all good in firepower and protection, 3 Heavy Repeaters 4 cover, great armor protection, like the Saucers and Pallbearers, it doesn't have 2 land, but it can carry only a squad of troops, these r slower than the other 2, but firepower wise against personnel, they can easily waste them, these r also smaller than Saucers, but same in length with the Pallbeaers, but is a bit taller.

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1. There r 4 other sides: Sentinels, Parasites, Resistance, and Insurgents, but I'm not going 2 put them on here right now.

2. Weapons like the Gauss 25mm, Rockets, Grenade Launchers, Ghosts, and other heavy and vehicle weapons can take out transports with multiple shots.

3. 15 missions original, but 20 extra missions, comes in 2 packs of 10.

4. Mines and Satchel charges r used 4 all sides: Anti-Personnel and Tank Mines and Satchel Charges UGSA, Bouncing Betties and Plasma Explosive Charges 4 The Greys, and Spike Traps 4 the Zegrets.

5. Multiplayer: Allows u 2 pick any skins from all sides, but each has it's advandages and disadvanages, like in the campaign. Ex. Hunters and Yanme'es can't drive vehicles.

6. You can pick weapons, equipment, and who and what will go in b4 each mission, as well as 4 ur troops.

7. U can call in reinfrocements, weapon drops, and others from ur task force during the mission.

8. U can customize ur weapons and ur suit as u wish, as well as ur suit, but the more u carry, the slower u will run. Ex. I u just carry 2 Laser Pistols, you'll go pretty fast, but if carry a Rocket Launcher with u as well, you'll slow down.

9. Ur troops will gain experience after each mission, but if they die, u get a fresh replacement, so he has 2 start all over again, but once u conplete them campaign, u will have full experience on all missions, so u can replay them at full strength, but even a guy dies, it doesn't matter.

10. A mission editor

11. Special Features: Weapons, Music, Cinematics, Maps, Enemies, Allies, Vehicles, and Characters.

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