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Difference between Mental Illness and Demonic Possession?

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posted on Jul, 30 2019 @ 01:17 AM
a reply to: spookykt

The truth is actual demonic possession is often viewed at first as mental illness partially because the individual begins to act entirely different from what was normal for them, then behaviours transcend to outright bizarre grotesque and repulsive actions deeds and language...
Major indicators are the behaviours of individuals to religious items and individuals most importantly when said objects
are not able to be visualized by them, or a priest not in attire for example..,
But the real giveaway is the supernatural exhibitions that occur the undeniable knowledge of the most intimate details of individuals that are entirely impossible for them to know. This is most often associated and expressed towards individuals the demonic forces fear the attack is deeply psychological and is meant to destroy their faith through the guilt of their own sins... Most often expressed towards the individual who will perform the exorcism...

Without supernatural demonstrations the individual cannot be deemed possessed and permission for the rite of exorcism will not be granted...

Other signs are unnatural strength, extreme intelligence, foul doors such as suffer, burnt bodily waste or decaying flesh and another key indicator is speaking in languages unknown to the possessed individual...

However for individuals who are experienced exorcists the process can be a lot faster because they will encounter the same demons time and again through multiple individuals because the become locked in a true struggle for they have been witness to the reality “touched” but most importantly
Because the exorcist is the true target...
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posted on Jul, 30 2019 @ 01:24 AM
Spewing black blood in a fit of demonic rage isn't a mental illness...

posted on Jul, 30 2019 @ 01:48 AM
a reply to: spookykt

What worries me is she found relief and hope in going to church and pray with her mom so why would anybody deny her that?

The Greatest Trick the Devil Ever Pulled Was Convincing the World He Didn't Exist

posted on Jul, 30 2019 @ 01:53 AM
a reply to: opethPA

Can we get some evidence that all these extra mental illnesses are more than people required to write a thesis. Is anything new, not funded by that beautiful monopoly money we play real life with? How's that for childish nonsense?

Can you explain what chemical imbalances and how much of what chemical is required to throw them out of balance.

Or is that just childish nonsense as well? How about cutting your dick off? How about amassing as much money as possible while thousands starve? Is that childish nonsense? How about humanity being more advanced than ever but getting more and more perverted? Is that childish nonsense?

Lol you smart people sure are stupid.

Edit: Sorry opethPA, wasn't for you that one.
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posted on Jul, 30 2019 @ 06:49 AM
Begin anti-parasitic treatments immediately...nothing special just regular maintenance....things will with your doctors while you do this.

posted on Jul, 30 2019 @ 06:51 AM
The only difference between mental illness and demonic possession is the number of people suffering from mental illness.

posted on Jul, 30 2019 @ 07:15 AM
You really should ask the left about this as they can entertain both.... at the same time

posted on Jul, 30 2019 @ 08:03 AM

originally posted by: onthedownlow
I have a daughter diagnosed with Schizophrenia. The symptoms onset after she had a great vision that gave her great enlightenment (she calls it a condolini? Experience). I thought that someone had laced her drink with '___', but no drugs were found in her system. I am of the belief that the Vail is thinner for her, and that something she has done has made it easier for spirits to manipulate her. The medications she takes do help considerably, though she complains that they dont help to quiet the Male voice that is constantly screaming.
I have witnessed possession first hand so I am of the belief that mental illness does have some relation to the spiritual realm, but also that medication can dull the senses that are reacting to/with unworldly entities.
These are just my beliefs and they are only verifiable to myself

She was talking about Kundalini. Some people claim to experience what is known as a "kundalini awakening".
One relation between mental illness and the spiritual is that the human brain isn't capable of comprehending or processing even a fraction of the spiritual realm. If people are exposed to it while within their physical bodies, they might experience what seems like mental illness as a result. I'm not saying your daughter isn't schizophrenic, but certain spiritual matters do cause mental chaos.

posted on Jul, 30 2019 @ 09:17 AM
a reply to: spookykt

i have an obvious counter question :

why is " demonic possession " relieved by drugs [ the same drugs that alleviate metal illnesses ]

posted on Jul, 30 2019 @ 09:47 AM

originally posted by: ignorant_ape
a reply to: spookykt

i have an obvious counter question :

why is " demonic possession " relieved by drugs [ the same drugs that alleviate metal illnesses ]

Could be one of three things.
1. The person is mentally ill and the drugs are treating their mental illness.
2. The person is possessed and the drugs make it more difficult for the spirit to manipulate their body and mind.
3. The person is possessed and the spirit is pretending to be a mental illness to remain unchallenged in their body.

You have to understand that when talking about demonic or other types of spirits, you're talking about things that may have existed for billions of years, even perhaps before time itself. Many of these spirits may be orders of magnitude more intelligent than any living human, so deceiving us could be a trivial matter for them, and their deceptions can span across all of time - thousands of years of human history would be a blink of an eye. It would be entirely ignorant to brush off the idea of a spirit mimicking mental illness within its host. If we are capable of considering the idea of such, then so is it.
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posted on Jul, 30 2019 @ 01:14 PM
a reply to: ignorant_ape

That is not true in most cases of actual documented possession psychological evaluation and treatment with drugs are of little to no use. Even heavy sedation fails to prevent the person possessed from moving about freely when they should be unconscious...
However there are times which are also documented when drugs do seem to have an effect but this is usually early on in the possession process before they truly have a grip on their host, but in these same cases the drugs did nothing to actually prevent the full possession...

posted on Jul, 30 2019 @ 02:21 PM
a reply to: ignorant_ape

Same parts of the brain activating that the medicine is blocking?

The brain is a sensory organ where different parts can be calibrated for high or low sensitivity. Many mystics know about Amygdala fear overload and how the body is changed when fear impulses do not longer exist in the body.

If ever humanity become ready it will scan the spiritual by checking what energy levels the brain give out and knowing enough of the brain to show others what the brain experiences.

But at that level you really troubleshoot the brain on quantum level and make custom made solutions. The current state of Psychology is a joke compered to real use of science.

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posted on Jul, 30 2019 @ 02:24 PM

originally posted by: spookykt
Are there any major identifiers that tell if someone isn't suffering from schizophrenia, but demonic possession?

Can the person argue / communicate via speaking Latin with the negative entity ?

Note: They have never learned in the their entire lives how to speak Latin.

Almost forgot: A week later; 3 Jewish teenagers (with Payots) turn up at the exact spot where the demonic conversation occurred and ask the person "Where is the Nearest Water Body ?".
Errr, dah, the English Channel is to the East, only a mile away and visible from the Penryn train station.

An angel contact said, "they were after fresh water bodies like streams / lakes / springs".

Do the negative entities (Sentinal Beings) willingly show themselves to the persons' eyesight, yet in a photograph they stay cloaked ?
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posted on Jul, 30 2019 @ 10:24 PM
a reply to: trollz

Thank you!

posted on Aug, 2 2019 @ 08:35 PM
a reply to: FlukeSkywalker

I couldn't agree with you more on that... but in an attempt to give an answer, i would definitely say there has to be some type of correlation between the two. Its a very interesting question as I never actually considered it a possibility. My sister is struggling with similar problems mentally and I have proposed she get closer to God... any god, whether it be universally monotheistic or polytheistic. I have already begun to pray for her betterment so the thought of demonic possession is not far off. Absolutely crazy to be reading this right now when I take into consideration my current situations and understandings of the spiritual world.

posted on Aug, 6 2019 @ 04:28 PM
Whatever a person is most open to... I know some people would be hurt if you suggested the idea of possession to them. Not only because it's scary, but because skeptically it doesn't really matter if the oppression is external or not. When an addict chooses to quit they are performing their own exorcism. The internal force of will is ultimately what controls the external sources of addiction. My grandfather firmly believes that he quit smoking instantaneously when he invited the Holy Spirit into him. He is still a hoarder.

Possession can be described broadly in three terms: I feel possessed by the other. I feel possessed by myself. I feel possessed by the scene. When the "I" in that feeling disappears, the question is how do you speak to them through the feeling? Given that definition, I would theorize that exorcism on a conscious or semi-conscious person can hypothetically be performed equally adequately by a priest or shaman, a shrink, and your own mom, depending on who you trust. Maybe an ayahuasca ceremony would benefit you personally more than an addiction to prescription drugs. In Voodoo religions, followers invite possession, acting out where others can protect them from harm. Look for something you can believe in. Find a pet who adores you.

Not a real doctor ^
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posted on Aug, 6 2019 @ 06:10 PM
Super human strength with a high immunity to pain, an the ability to speak Latin or ancient hebrew.

What about split personality or multiple personality disorder, it kind of like possession. Just wonder where the other personalities come from since it sound very involuntary.

Or is that really the Mushei Tensei?
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posted on Aug, 6 2019 @ 06:12 PM
a reply to: Kromlech

It is, often, a sign of esophageal ulcers though. The black blood part anyway.

posted on Aug, 8 2019 @ 11:18 AM

originally posted by: Specimen88
What about split personality or multiple personality disorder, it kind of like possession. Just wonder where the other personalities come from since it sound very involuntary.

3rd / 4th Generation Contracts.

All mentioned in the Old Testament back in the days of Enoch.

Every mortal family has a physical territory in the spiritual realm and to maintain their perimeter (boundary) that family will "sell" one of their mortal souls to the devil every 3rd / 4th Generation.

Parents are quite sick in the head sometimes.

MPD is demonic possession where certain triggers will allow the Gatekeepers to allow a certain evil spirit to possess the mortal. Hence MKUltra

The normal spirit is the main controller of the body. The split personality is the daemon. Epilepsy allows the split personality to take complete control of the physical body. Epileptics can get from point A to point B, walk roads, cross roads, follow curved paths and never remember how they got to destination B when the daemon goes off-line.
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posted on Aug, 16 2019 @ 06:11 PM

originally posted by: spookykt
Are there any major identifiers that tell if someone isn't suffering from schizophrenia, but demonic possession? One of my friend's cousins has dealt with substance abuse and mental illness, but the specifics of the situation could indicate possession. My friend has forewarned dreams, and has had multiple dreams of her cousin asking for her help -- that someone is inside her. I'll post my friend's story in the comments, but in the meantime, thoughts?


Positive symptoms: “Positive” symptoms are psychotic behaviors not generally seen in healthy people. People with positive symptoms may “lose touch” with some aspects of reality. Symptoms include:

Thought disorders (unusual or dysfunctional ways of thinking)
Movement disorders (agitated body movements)
Negative symptoms: “Negative” symptoms are associated with disruptions to normal emotions and behaviors. Symptoms include:

“Flat affect” (reduced expression of emotions via facial expression or voice tone)
Reduced feelings of pleasure in everyday life
Difficulty beginning and sustaining activities
Reduced speaking
Cognitive symptoms: For some patients, the cognitive symptoms of schizophrenia are subtle, but for others, they are more severe and patients may notice changes in their memory or other aspects of thinking. Symptoms include:

Poor “executive functioning” (the ability to understand information and use it to make decisions)
Trouble focusing or paying attention
Problems with “working memory” (the ability to use information immediately after learning it)

Now we got the mental illness info out of the way. Dreams are random memories or subconscious memories of the day or week. The brain has a way of always playing tricks on you. BUT. like ATSers go deny all ignorance. Keep your mind open.

I been lurking on the above top secret for years, before the republicans/kkk/racist douches started coming on here. I still come on once and a while to read up on this favorite forum, lots of great stories. This ain't the first thread I've come across about demons. I read a lot, do I believe demons exist? I don't know. Do I know some tricks others who believe in demons have used before and talked about on this forum? Yes I do. I do a lot of reading.

The most common factor is using the passage of prayer from the Arch angel michael. I'm sure you can google it up. Read that in front of her. Watch for reaction. Make sure you have a towel. If this is the real deal, she probably start foaming at the mouth. The demon will know what you are thinking. It will say things to you that maybe only you know about. Those are good signs already. Levitation might occur if it gets intense. The person may display extreme strength. DO NOT TIE THEM DOWN. They might hurt themselves thrashing around. Make them repeat the prayer. If they foam you gotta use the towel to wipe down there mouth. It wouldn't hurt to also have a blessed white candle in the room. Letting the demon know that this candle light is meant to protect you. keep up the prayer and get them to repeat the prayer. When the session ends, tap them once on the forehead with your index and middle finger, this hopefully will return the host back.

Repeat this session every day or other day. It's like being an exterminator, they do not want to leave. And it's not a one day job. I would not recommend doing this yourself because it could quickly spiral out of control. I would maybe contact some new age folks who can do some blessing or cleansing rituals. Or contact priest that is sanctioned by the Vatican do these sort of things. Every state has at least ONE sanctioned exorcist. They are trained by the church from more experience exorcist.

A few dreams doesn't mean she is possessed. And being schizo makes you have delusions sometimes. Delusions means their thought process is not the same as ours. Maybe it is mental illness, maybe it's all the damn drugs she taking. Either way don't jump to non-scientific conclusions so easily. If we were all gullible than every ghost pic or ghost footage on the internet would be real.
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