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Just listened to Erica Luke's radio show with Skinwalker ranch guard

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posted on Jul, 12 2019 @ 07:18 AM
Managed to listen to the whole interview, sticking with it after the prolonged introduction and slagging off of the commercial aspect i.e. George Knapp and Jeremy Corbell Lockyer. Not being aware of him before I had to take Chris Marks at face value, he sounded reasonably plausible I thought, though the questioning from Lukes was quite poor - it wasnt really an interview as such but then again most podcast hosts to be honest aren't actually that good at asking questions.
There were a few interesting accounts, entirely in the second half of the show, the frog with the bill of a caiman was one as was the claim to see the human morph into the wolf. I think Marks alluded to having written copious notes on his experiences, I wonder if we should expect a book at some point in the future....
Seems like part 2 will air tonight, probably worth a listen for anyone with an interest in the case.

posted on Jul, 13 2019 @ 01:46 AM
Anyone hear part 2? I haven't had time/availability yet, but I'll get to it next few days. Just wondering if it was a nothingburger like part 1

posted on Jul, 14 2019 @ 06:51 PM
Just finished listening to part 2 of the interview:

He finally talked about some experiences he had, and Erica actually was involved in asking questions and steering the conversation this time!

Few takeaways for me were that he claims he communicated with whatever is there with a ouija board, and the planchette flew off the board and hit him in the chest before anyone actually touched it.

Said there were carvings on rocks in the area, one with the initials 'AW" along with the masonic symbol, and that this 'AW" communicated via the ouija.

Also says he had an animal companion he named Toby that was kind of like a dog or coyote mixed with a fox with a big bushy tail. He see the animal, but if he turned on infrared, thermal etc he wasn't visible, but was when he turned them off.

Apparently Chris will be back at some point on the show. I found it interesting, but there's something about him that makes me not necessarily believe everything he says. There are so many reports of weirdness there that it's not so much the incidents he says he had that sound unbelievable, but maybe the way he talks that imply to me that he has some kind of agenda. Maybe it's just me.

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posted on Jul, 17 2019 @ 07:40 AM
a reply to: vlawde

I've given it a listen for the first half hour so far. At least Erica is now talking. But she has a very peculiar verbal delivery. It's as if she feels she has to fill airtime by speaking a lot. She also makes the mistake almost every other host makes on these type of shows make by asking too many questions all at once. As an example what I mean they will often say something like..."Can you tell me what you did on your first day? Did you arrive after dark? What were the accommodation arrangements......? " The guest can't really cope with all those questions at once and so addresses one point with the others often lost. Again I suspect it's fear of the guest clamming up. Overall I don't think the show flows very well because of this.

That's just a general criticism. I did find it interesting that Chris said he had to sign a waiver and agree to medical tests and submitting urine sample. This is what a previous guard had confirmed too. It seens to suggest that human experimentation is going on and the guards are the lab rats. I've only heard a little bit but this guy claims he still has BAASS files from his adventures on the ranch? How can that be? We know Bigelow shuts people down with NDAs and doesn't like information shared for long periods. Knapp has only just been able to release various files and tapes in over 20 years.

Like you say I feel there is some agenda going on. But I have to listen to the rest of it.

posted on Sep, 8 2019 @ 04:56 PM
I did listen to the 3rd interview, basically more of the same with some interesting tidbits.

He's also released a statement about Knapp, Corbell and Isaac Koi

"As I do not have social media accounts of my own, I would like to post this note through my friends and colleagues Erica Lukes and Ryan Skinner. Thank you guys! I have received a lot of inquiries regarding my George Knapp and Jeremy Corbell comments, as well as my dislikings of the British bookseller phantom “Isaac Koi”. For those who listened to my first show with Erica, it was the Youtube trailer of “Hunt for the Skinwalker” by Jeremy Corbell that brought me out of “Ranch retirement”. As someone that has spent 6 continuous years on the Ranch (longer than anyone has ever before or since), and someone having had the privilege to work for RTB/BAASS, I am simply annoyed and aggravated by the way the trailer portrayed such a magnificent and sacred property.

I ended up actually purchasing the entire movie for $14.99 and have since watched it twice; some segments actually 10 times plus. In my opinion, Jeremy Corbell is a talented film-maker and George Knapp an interesting anchor. The film itself is fast paced and entertaining. I see two significant segments of this movie, the first half consisting of interpretations and personal opinions by Corbell and Knapp; the second part of some great historical interviews with Dr. Colem Kelleher, Dr. Eric Davis, Mr. Hickens Jr, Col Alexander and others. It is the first part that I have issues with and it is generally synonymous with opinion builders such as Knapp, Corbell, Koi and alikes, and the influence they hold on the uninitiated listener. It also caters to the army of internet trolls that frequently display a strong desire to “belong” and can be quite aggressive and overreaching. Corbell and Knapp have never spent any significant amount of time on the Ranch; I have not seen either on or around the property during my 6 years on the Ranch; and according to current Ranch personnel, the entire “production” took less than a couple of days in total. In other words, these are not “Ranch experts” and certainly not subject matter knowledgeable.

As most other “documentaries” of this nature, this production is based on threat, evil, panic, hype and misinformation. But it sells to audiences that may have never had prior exposure to the Ranch saga or similar itself. While Mr. Knapp knows better, he is frequently on the forefront of selling snake oil to the masses, and Mr. Corbell seemingly can’t resist to pose in front of a fictitious blackboard with “data” scribbled all over it. While Mr. Corbell has absolutely zero historical involvement or relevance to anything “Ranch”, he displays himself as an expert and frequently gives wrong information on the Ranch. For example, he claims that George Knapp’s files and documentations are the only existing ones ever to have been recorded on the Ranch (16:15). Wrong.

I have hundreds of pages of actual reports and events (1. person), accompanied by close to a thousand pictures of actual scenes and real investigations including measurements, dates and GPS data. Other scientists I worked alongside with (I am not a scientist, but simply a documenting witness and researcher) have also several pieces of evidence such as actual plaster prints, photographs, reports and so forth. As a matter of fact, I will be publishing every last bit of my material by the end of year and hopefully putting myth, fiction and con-artists to rest. Hopefully forever. It will be closing the BAASS chapter and opening a truthful door for the new Stewards of the Ranch, which I highly respect, admire and support.

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posted on Sep, 8 2019 @ 05:00 PM
Sorry for the wall of text, here's the rest:

The movie mixed a lot of none Ranch footage with Ranch footage, but never alluding to that fact. It has several seemingly photo-shopped or edited screenshots, such the first HS2 kitchen interior scene. Looks like the place was just painted a week prior. HS2 and HS3 are “like a backdrop to a slasher movie”? No, they are simply old buildings with history. There also was no picket fence around those buildings. The “dark and eerie” dirt road connecting east and west gates was actually once a County road with a school bus stop. The ambient light at night is exactly like anywhere else countryside, depending on moon phase or cloud cover. Dogs are NOT biosensors on the Ranch (1:20), as they quickly develop a routine to the things “unseen”. I know this as the person who introduced the K-9 William to the Ranch and watched him fully adapt and transition to his surroundings within 2 weeks. The CAT (aka “earthmover”) has never been used to dig random holes anywhere on the Ranch, RTB would have never allow such a thing and there are no evidence dig craters anywhere on the property. The CAT was only used to smoothen out the dirt road every once in a while. I know this, because I helped performing maintenance on it.

Mr. Knapp, there are no “predator monsters” living on the Ranch, and there are no people tied to chairs in expectations to be killed or devoured. How do I know this? I actually worked the Ranch for 6 years, day and night. Often without any artificial illumination and by myself. There also has never been any documentation of “Big Foot”. You guys are going as far as calling the Ranch a “mental and emotional torture chaimber”; clearly, you know better. Stop your artificial hype and disinformation nonsense, it is dangerous for us who actually work the place. I have lived through years of watching my back and avoiding light signatures because charlatans like you planted a seed of us as being “immortal hybrids” that couldn’t be killed by a rifle bullet or arrow. Bigelow Aerospace does not have any orbiting “Space Stations”currently operating, aside the BEAM, which is docked to the ISS. Genesis 1 & 2 are currently nothing more than unmonitored and completely useless space junk orbiting the earth (if they even still do). You know this and I know this (having worked the Bigelow Campus for almost 10 years). Why the misinformation? You are irresponsibly hyping fear and panic within the Uinta Basin community. Why? I still have many friends in the area and I am still currently conducting research in the basin. Maybe you guys should try factual reporting instead of the constant regurgitation of the same old beaten to death alien stories of man-eating beasts. You guys have very few fans within the Basin, in case it matters.

As a matter of fact, the tale of the “Skinwalker” is NOT, and has never been of extraterrestrial origin. If you actually had spent some research time and talked to some of the Ute or Navajo elders, they would have gladly explained this to you. So, the DIA has completed its U.S. Government investigation on the Ranch (1:42)? I find this an interesting statement, as I have never encountered a DIA agent on the Ranch. I am MPI and would have surely wanted to say “hello” to a fellow colleague “brother in arms”. Do you guys happen to have looked through their “files”? I would love to hear more information on that. What do you mean by your statement that a decisive factor of the property sale was “A condition for us to have uninterrupted access to the Ranch under the new regime” (REGIME???) (1:43). Who is “us”? Pretty sure the new owner is not going to let you walk on at your fancy.

For those that can read between the lines and are familiar with RTB and BAASS, Dr. Kelleher gave a pretty good explanation for the reasons of the sale. Had nothing to do with the hype or fear mongering you guys seemed to center your “documentation” on. (1:54) People like yourselves have built an empire of “expertise” on subjects like Skinwalker Ranch, yet you know nothing about it and are completely irrelevant to the subject. Your armies of useful idiots and internet trolls have made it almost impossible for serious scientists to publish their work and experience for fear of ridicule and intimidation. I do not hold allegiance to anyone and have no problem calling you out. I am also aware of the underlying destructive work of internet phantoms such as Isaac Koi ( and have the means to uncover and illuminate if I ever decide to. As stated prior, I am planning on publishing two books by the end of the year. The first one will tell my story of the Ranch as I have lived and experienced it, the second book will show all of my government and aerospace reports along with hundreds of investigative pictures.

My hope is to put charlatans out of a job and give the Skinwalker Ranch the respect and dignity it truly deserves. It is not a “mental and emotional torture chamber”, but a place of beauty, history and home to a slew of individual entities. It is a place that will test you; it will know everything about you and it will treat you based on how you treat it. It will show you your boundaries. It is a very unique place, but not the “slasher paradigm” you depict it as. And for you guys out there that have bombarded me with questions regarding my attitude toward “GK” or “JC”, as you affectionately call them, I hope I have explained myself sufficiently. I have met Mr. Knapp a few times at Bigelow Aerospace and must say that appeared quite arrogant and cocky. I have never met Mr. Corbell and have no intentions in doing so, as he is absolutely irrelevant to science, research, truth or field investigation. This is nothing personal; this little flick is quite catchy and entertaining, and I hope it has paid for itself and then some. It is a business venture afterall, and making money is not a bad thing… But it should have been labeled as a “based on”story, and not invoking the illusion of truth and actual scientific reporting. I do not understand why this was not more closely quality checked by the serious minds interviewed in the second segment. I understand that this footage was about 20 years old, but still... V/r Chris J. Marx"

I'm curious why they're so upset with Isaac, they've even outed his real name. It's implied there were 'death threats" behind the scenes and ruining people's lives, which sounds pretty melodramatic. Anyone know the scoop behind the Koi hatred?

BTW the International UFO Conference is going on this weekend

Researcher of the Year -

Lifetime Achievement -

Most Anticipated Doc of the Century -

Most Stylish Hair -
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posted on Sep, 11 2019 @ 03:31 PM
Check your PMs vlawde. I have some info that might explain a few things here.

posted on Sep, 11 2019 @ 04:52 PM
a reply to: mirageman

Thanks, I sent a reply

posted on Sep, 11 2019 @ 05:22 PM
a reply to: vlawde

Yep...the attack on Isaac has baffled me since it began. He's not even a book seller.

I've given you a little more information about that in a reply because it's mainly off-topic.

posted on Sep, 12 2019 @ 01:52 AM
Can someone answer these questions for me,

was the supposed guard indeed a guard at the ranch? has he proven he indeed worked there?

Is the ranch indian property or is there an indian property-village or reservation nearby?

posted on Sep, 12 2019 @ 06:22 AM
a reply to: IMSAM

Not sure about the guard. He claims he worked at BAASS and he no longer does. So he can talk about whatever he wants.

The ranch sits right on the edge of the Ute Tribal Lands in Fort Duchesne. It's about 3-4 miles to the South West of Fort Duchesne.

posted on Sep, 12 2019 @ 07:32 AM
a reply to: mirageman

Hey MM, I hope lukes asks him to show some credentials so we know if we must take his story with a grain or a boulder of salt.

as to the Indian reservation,it seems uncle sam has a penchant for testing stuff near Indian reservations. excerpt from gabe valdezs book about dulce

No one typically has a reason to go to an Indian reservation unless it has a casino. The typical American doesn’t care about radioactive waste or medical and environmental testing on a reservation, as long as it isn’t in their backyard. Dulce is only about seventy-seven air miles from Los Alamos Labs, and it’s not much further to Sandia Labs and the Air Force Weapons Lab. It is fairly close in air miles to Fort Carson and Pueblo, Colorado, where the nation’s chemical and biological weapons are stored. It’s also close to Rio Blanco and Rulison, Colorado, where more Project Plowshare nuclear explosions occurred. Many people do not realize that Trinidad, Colorado, is also fairly close to Dulce, near the San Luis Valley. Many mutilations occurred in this area, to include Red River, New Mexico. Trinidad was also the location of another Plowshare detonation that started in 1970. And don’t forget the Dugway Proving Ground in Utah, where the military tested more biological and chemical weapons.

Quite possibly just as in bennewitzs case same things happened in skinwalker ranch. Use of weird tech on unwitting people.

Ill post one more excerpt

At Skinwalker Ranch, a rancher found a mutilated calf within forty-five minutes of placing an ear tag on the animal while he was in close proximity to the calf. The calf was basically incinerated, its eyeball found lying next to it. If you are starting to see similarities in Skinwalker Ranch and Dulce, you are not alone. Skinwalker Ranch is also located near an Indian reservation and is close to the Dugway Proving Ground, where germ warfare and chemical weapons were tested and developed. The area around Skinwalker Ranch also reported a high number of cattle mutilations. I will eventually try to explain everything in more detail. Anyway, the best guess for the mystery orb is that it is a nonlethal—or in the case of the calf at Skinwalker Ranch, a lethal—weapon developed by the United States.

On the same vein as DYEL below,i ll have to ask,Do aliens ID or ET even exist?

posted on Sep, 12 2019 @ 04:44 PM
[post]originally posted by: IMSAM

Hey MM, I hope lukes asks him to show some credentials so we know if we must take his story with a grain or a boulder of salt.

Just saw that Erica and Marx are married, so I doubt she'll be asking for credentials. Kinda throws objectivity on their part out the window IMO
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posted on Sep, 12 2019 @ 04:50 PM
Erica and Marx are #engaged# to be married to be precise.

Took a while to find the proof. But it was all cleared up in this show.....

Very interesting conversation. Mainly because the host asks better questions.

Marx is making out he worked for BAASS but is free to publicise his own reports, photos and whatever else he studied on the ranch free from any NDA....Claims he was subjected to testing but also praises Bigelow....

posted on Sep, 12 2019 @ 11:27 PM
Interesting. Nor a grain neither a boulder,the whole quarry is needed here.

The only avenue left for skinwalker then is the original family that lived there.

And tbh if at the ranch , military tech was employed and tested as i suspect then i really cant say i care.
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posted on Sep, 13 2019 @ 08:03 AM
There really isn't much documented before the Sherman's arrived.

There's a 1996 newspaper story which confirms how Bigelow bought the ranch.

Millionaire Searches for UFOs on Ranch in UTAH

Other than that there were no reports from the previous ranch owners who had lived there up until the late 1980s. There is a single UFO story from the 70s or 80s (without checking I can't remember). Also there are supposedly stories from the Ute tribe going back centuries. But they don't seem to have kept written records. So it doesn't really look like there is much to go on until Big Tom got so scared he sold up.....and then stayed on working for Bigelow!

I think it will be interesting to see who and what is involved in the upcoming TV series on the ranch. That might provide a few more clues as to agendas being played out here.
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posted on Sep, 13 2019 @ 09:56 AM
a reply to: mirageman

until Big Tom got so scared he sold up.....and then stayed on working for Bigelow!

Even without entities dishing out salt-free pancakes, the element of the absurd is there ...

Interesting convo you folks are having. I used to wonder if that ranch was the real deal, but it doesn't sound like it.


posted on Sep, 13 2019 @ 10:21 AM

Don't Dig on Shermann Ranch, you cannot go in to the ground

Yeah you know why? It's contaminated land.
Dig a little in to the area and the politics of mining, the sheriffs and the Ute tribe and you might just sees the trigger for the SkinWalker farce.

I started to look into the paranormal links in Utah over a hundred years. I was heading down the research tract of:
The Ute Natives and their skinwalker mythology.
Other big paranormal activity such a Ogden and the Schofield mining disaster that took over 200 lives.
The legend of Buffalo soldiers buried on the land.
The enhanced metaphysical properties of Topaz the state gem of Utah.

Meah all noise and disinfo.
Northern Utah is riddled with the Arsenic, Mercury and Phosphorus-Phosphate poisoning in the region. Yes these things cause hallucinations and death. Even Ergot has been found in the reeds near the reservoirs in Utah (Salem witch hallucination anyone)

There was a Tribal resort above Bottle Hollow (the reservoir above Skinwalker Ranch)
Between about 89-93 the Lake was drained and "cleaned up" because of high mercury levels and other toxins. Date familiar? That's the Ranch high activity time line.
They refilled the reservoir with none other than the river that runs through the highly toxic Vermal Mine holding pond.

The Ute didn't make much of a noise about not re-opening up their resort on Bottle Hollow. There seemed to be records and news stories of murders and fighting between the tribe and the Sherrifs office. At this time the sheriff was charged with a Uintah Basin Forestry fraud (i'm trying to find out more on that outcome)

What you do hear is "Don't dig on that land."
Some thing shonky went down in Bottle Hollow and it's surrounding land right in that timeline, because of Mining toxins being buried is my bet....

An EPA super Fund is pretty much slated for everywhere in northern UTAH as the north has the highest environmental contamination from Mining in the USA only 2nd behind a remote mega Mine in Alaska.

I have links to all the tests and studies. I'll link later as I have to dash, but Utahs high 'paranormal' can't be dissociated from the extreme environmental damage there.

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posted on Sep, 13 2019 @ 11:33 AM
I found this interesting from MM's linked article from '96 by John Alexander:

Our approach is to do good, high quality research using a standard scientific approach. One of the missions of the institute is to make information widely available

Turns out they weren't so forthcoming. I think this is the article I first saw (or one of them) about the ranch. What caught my eye is the mention of doorways/portals opening up in the air.

posted on Sep, 15 2019 @ 06:06 PM
Yet another Lukes/Marx interview. This time you can watch him sit in a chair for 90 minutes!
I'm about 30 minutes into it, so far nothing new from previous interviews
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