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Mars: Netflix Series

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posted on Feb, 11 2019 @ 10:22 AM

originally posted by: AtomicKangaroo
I enjoy everything space so yeah I enjoyed the Mars show.

Doubt we will see boots on another planet in my lifetime though.

Sadly those in power want to keep us here. Too focused on their own wants and desires than human kind as a whole.

So disappointed really, growing up in the 80's science shows, cartoons and sci-fi had me convinced we'd have flying cars and space holidays would be a common thing by now.

It's actually had a profound effect on me enjoying things I feel. A doctor once told me to set realistic goals.
Sadly my goals are to get off this planet and explore the universe. It's all I want to do these days. All I have ever wanted to do.
Seriously most regular every day human things don't bring me any joy anymore. I feel we're starting to stagnate as a species.
We've hit the peak. Only way to go forward is to go up.

But if we're up there, we cannot be controlled by those down here. That's sadly what I think is the real story here.

I respectfully disagree with that sentiment. I think there are a number of motivators for a government or a private entity to want to put mankind on Mars. It could be as a show of power, like the moon race. It could be to boost stock prices/market shares. It could be for fun and because someone had the resources and money to do it. Sending rovers and satelites across the galaxy is a great way to map it all out. But putting a man on another planet is going to push the needle incredibly far in the realm of what we as humans are possible. And that, to me, is the ultimate motivator.

Think of how far we've gone just in the last 50-60 years. I'm 37, and in my lifetime we've had rovers on mars for almost 22 years. We have spacecraft that have entered interstellar space. We've landed on friggin asteroids of all things! I think right now people are motivated and we are able to develop the technology and resources necessary for such an endeavor. I suppose only time will tell though.

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