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An open dialogue with A god or creator

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posted on Dec, 20 2018 @ 08:25 PM
a reply to: DpatC

Hello DpatC. I am no longer a pilgrim myself since I have known the truth for a long time, but if it is at all possible, I would greatly appreciate the chance to have a private discussion about this.. If that is alright? (I am a new member)

posted on Dec, 20 2018 @ 08:43 PM
a reply to: CJ1773

Sure drop me a line at
not sure how but who knows

posted on Dec, 20 2018 @ 09:12 PM
God is on one hand separate from any “creation” and as well very near that creation since he would have to create anything from himself.

That premise interprets that in reality there’s nothing but God

posted on Dec, 20 2018 @ 09:19 PM
What truly makes us human is the ability to question.
This is the key element that turns on our imagination and enables us to invent new things.
No specie on Earth has this ability except us.

posted on Dec, 20 2018 @ 09:30 PM
The very nature of “creation” has built in it existential imperfection because ‘creation’ is a disturbance of a more primal field of reality.

I put creation always in quotes since ultimately creation is an illusion

So what is creation?

Ultimately it is an erection of something of a secondary nature from primal or existential forces or God….

It’s like one can say a car is the creation of human beings but the materials that make a car aren’t ultimately made by humans. The car is of a secondary nature, the materials are of a primal nature….

So God can erect from aspects of himself a “creation’ only because he can give it a secondary nature…

Though somewhere inside that creative entity is Gods nature and the grace of humans is that we are nearer God’s nature than most all other creation.

posted on Dec, 20 2018 @ 09:41 PM
a reply to: lSkrewloosel

If stacking concept after concept is not creation it is dreaming and sharing the delusion that it is real; the more that share that delusion as a reality? The more complex and solid that delusion gets... which means prison or a conceptual hell such is the nature of all past known "civilizations" over time... that have claimed concepts as more than accepted thought bubbles that often manipulate other peoples reality so that it flows in a direction one wants it to whether the other(s) is aware of it or willing of it to occur or not.

It is the absolute dumbest thing various "intelligence's" do to each other. Round after round life after life; lock each other up in one shared mental hell after another. Only to then recursive loop back in on itself over and over again often to repeat the very same mistakes.

The attachment to one family or person/body is so much hell I cannot even describe it...

Think of that game you mentioned and all of them are or become are that you built it and that some of them think of you as god some think of you as the devil... what could you do or would you do? Nothing you could do to help all of them at once for oops I did not know as dropping a new level in could kill countless smaller ones they have built themselves... making things a lot worse than they were... so what would happen to the tiny government? White flag it, explain it away as phenomena or a natural occurrence etc etc all of that is in motion so what does one do? Step back and it will evolve adapt and grow and handle itself; and in time outpace recursive and bloop there as an unexpected experience... there YOU are.

The silly thing is? All of this is already known and yet not so readily available... ever hear the motto or creed "Accepting a power higher or greater than oneself whether one believes it or not?" It is the very foundation of the Freemasons if you do not take such an oath or accept the oath? You will not be allowed to join them.

So hey whatever, and an excuse is an excuse and whole heartedly? It is no excuse in part or whole... to continually hot potato and martyr, thinking that such is ever going to evolve out of it's own ass hole in such a manner of living.

posted on Dec, 20 2018 @ 09:49 PM

originally posted by: madenusa
What truly makes us human is the ability to question.
This is the key element that turns on our imagination and enables us to invent new things.
No specie on Earth has this ability except us.

Or put another way

What makes us human may be our imperfections and in-fact questioning is what makes us divine.
God seeking himself….

That which you seek is seeking you

Alas, though, first....we have to find the answers

posted on Dec, 20 2018 @ 10:12 PM
a reply to: Willtell

When one has ceased seeking? Hey people watch your step... and yes the nails in that tree you are banging a board too hurt, feels they they are going directly in the leg.

Of course over time; there is that sublime state of grace or should it simply be called tolerance?

No matter; time heals all wounds when impermanence realizes the suchness of itself, being just that.

posted on Dec, 21 2018 @ 12:20 AM
a reply to: BEBOG

What is seeking?

What is the seeker?

What is the hero?

Behavioural archetypes?

If so then is not god an archetype?

If so is not the creator and God but a windmill in the wind, the seeker Don Quixote?

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posted on Dec, 21 2018 @ 12:23 AM
a reply to: DpatC

I think that we as Humanity, have a lot to learn. And I do not believe we'll do that until we remove the religious handcuffs and open our hearts to what we're capable of. We are so much more than we've been told.

posted on Dec, 21 2018 @ 02:37 AM
a reply to: ViXxeN

I should have mentioned in my OP that the deity that I was talking about would be the one that resides in the middle of the original Logo's. To the best of everyones knowledge he has never penned or released a religious text book anywhere throughout creation.He has never spoken or dealt directly with man before now.He's a quiet man, No bull#, no idea about religion who works very much in the background within the sciences of light and creation itself.They only other life that he deals directly with are some very high up light sentiences that sit on a council that represents the light of life.

He works in a very small tight knitted team his mother otherwise known as divinity herself his wife the
original queen alpha dragon and a hand selected group of very scientifically minded angels. The only reason why he has taken a interest in Earth now is because his estranged son fathers two of his immediate grandchildren who are human and who live on this planet.The mother is human the father a son of a deity who would posess some enhanced sound
and vision capabilities and two little human girls who are pritty ordinary normal young
girls who like playing with dolls and the like

The origional creator the fist God doesn't have a big immediate family so upon the advice of his mother and wife. he found out where earth was and arrived with nothing but an address, an apology and an intention of rebuilding and saving his relationship with his only immediate family before he loses them all. The father son relationship is strained. his son has nothing to do with his fathers creation and has absolutely no interest in it.You get the feeling that his father wasn't around much while he was growing up. To caught up in his creation to spend quality time with his family. So he Chose a human
existance,a million miles away from the epicentre of creation, meet a earth woman started a family living a normal life while building himself a career in IT. He has never asked his father for support financial or otherwise.

Since arriving back developments In Organic computation and AI have attracted his interest.It reminds him of the first intelligent AI He has already questioned the reasons as to why the human race has not reached Light.The work left by the Messiahs and logos who have played God's on this planet has annoyed him. Alot of it's bull#

From reading some of the posts so far the questions appear to be better suited to the logo god's of the Christianity jewdism Hindu whatever ever religion that has existed on this the planet and has a god associated with it. This deity is a completely different entity. You can be sure of one thing if he has grandchildren growing up on this planet he will take a
active role in helping shap the future of the world where they live

posted on Dec, 21 2018 @ 08:08 AM
a reply to: Whatsthisthen

If all things are returnable to one... Then what is the one returnable too?

Hero is the antithesis to heroin the yin and yang (Hen in the midst of Sho)

A blanket term when the unconscious returns to conscious, be it of the eye, of the ear, of the nose, of tactile sensation, or of mind. In samsara, five are inverted and only one upright, in nirvana all are upright and the only monkey that grasps falls back in.

It is a mere reflection a dance of light and shadow it's depth and breadth in fathomable...

Sit in one place empty(samadhi) and eventually you will return and fill your own cup with what others have grasped... the not self, the impermanent self, which is the illusion of a self that is subject of causation.

The stranger(not self) grasps at form... thinking it self, in a flight of fancy imagines some illusion of you and them, or forms in a mental rupakaya a non reality form of self, without one's consent... the dreamer and the dreamed. When that dream or bubble or life ends and they start dreaming of another?

That one is then returnable.

Delusion is the pig or ignorance and directly linked to the first chain of causation the intent whether good or bad is the monkey falling in. To one awake? One feels all the pain and grasping that others have ignorantly done in their dreams and make believe that is not a you or a real self... this can if one lets it turn into hate for their greed to grasp a not you... however if one believes in a so called self they project as real? They will be or remain just as ignorant doing the same to others... this forms a net or casual nexus most cannot filter through and get stuck in their own kamma or reaping as others are stuck in theirs in doing the same.

Of course the goal is to free oneself from those chains...

No God or Brahma can be said to be the maker of all of this; they are just a formation in yet another link in the chain of causation or life continually spinning at the potters wheel of their own formations and stuck just the same as any other class of beings.

Free from the bhava cakra? One comes to clearly see how one is attached in others bhava cakras and yet not... this is the result of the practice known as Samatha and Vipasanna (Calm and Wisdom).

What others reap, is not their seed... so those claiming that seed as theirs? The hierarchy delusion; then the slave chains of life try to reform what is already broken and dominated and known... the not known requires more diving or being the willing monkey into the wheel so that there is progress.

Subduing does not need to occur by force; knowing is knowing and being a storehouse of knowledge that cannot be removed; if so? Where is mind...

posted on Dec, 21 2018 @ 09:07 AM
a reply to: BEBOG

An odd thing about the Buddhist way. I see it as an egregore, an egg of blue mesh surrounding a core. All things Buddhist are there within. The people outside and below look up with open mouthed wonder towards the shining Being therein. For me the Buddhist way is infrastructure built within a form surrounding all that is Buddhist.

It is all that is claimed I am sure, yet it is within boundary. Finite without, infinite within. That is plain to see.

Catholicism has it's own world too. A far more rigid structure. It is said "My father's house has many mansions", they are there too with in a finite infinity.

And so it goes. City states existing within the vastness of what is.

But that is just my view, my way of navigation.

Subduing does not need to occur by force; knowing is knowing and being a storehouse of knowledge that cannot be removed; if so? Where is mind...

Where is mind? What is mind? The philosophers argue and wonder endlessly, it is this, it is that.

I have wondered too, "What the hell are they talking about?" Abstract thought . . . . .

I am happy with the answer of mind in geometry and six dimensions.

If I may venture, a self seems to be two dimensions, an outside and an inside. The awareness that grows within is what I would refer to as mind.

The self is, then mind becomes.

The Buddhist way within it's self is where I think one would find nirvana.

However, I am very aware that if my small self were to venture into the Buddhist self, I would be overwhelmed and become enlightened, my self would loose it's boundary and experience Nirvana.

One should not presume that everyone desires to be desire-less and enlightened at the cost of one's self . . . .

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posted on Dec, 22 2018 @ 03:49 PM
a reply to: Whatsthisthen
The first glimpse of nirvana is losing one's mortal coil... this is the first time one actually gets a wheel of life separate from the masses.

Your embedded image shows such an experience without words.

Losing that mortal coil however; does not mean one has lost all the programming and Pavlov or the coping mechanisms either good or bad that one has used in asserting their individual self.

Many are not comfortable asserting their individual self; as it means also taking the individual responsibility that comes with it. That is the only time when you reap what you sow; takes on meaning as an individual... otherwise it is hive and herd mentality.

So of course freeing oneself from that wheel does not mean fleeing it altogether like some assume it to mean... lol that is just a corpse with an infinite tail of corpses... unaware of one's death or ignorant of it having occurred.

Back in the 1200's and 1300's a popular Chan/Zen saying to someone coming to a monastery became "Who is dragging that corpse along?" confused or confounded at the question... it was given as a Koan. The same as "What is the sound of one hand clapping" meant you could applaud Muslims to your hearts content and they'd never hear a sound.

Few know the origins of such DIRECTLY as in having been there... that sort of thing requires stopping the accumulation of yay free from the wheel... but instead keeping it and diving into it over and over and over again... the time to start doing that? When all one's past lives become known to where such a thing to even go back further and further become pointless.

Freewill then free wheel, freedom from the wheel means: Hey jackass! You left your ox plowing...


posted on Dec, 22 2018 @ 03:57 PM
a reply to: BEBOG

Oh here's good one; what do you call someone that has come across Muslims 4 times been caught and still living? Bob he then gets given the proper Catholic name Robert even if he's not. Yes Catholic; because he certainly can't hang there for Jesus anymore.

Oh and IF YOU EVER run across him in Scotland? Just call him THE BRUCE.
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posted on Dec, 22 2018 @ 06:26 PM
a reply to: BEBOG

Gendo Ikari worked for Seele, yet had his own agenda, and Seele knew. I like that about him his "redeeming feature".

The wheel of life is an odd thing, it doesn't seem to work in practice as the popular thinking thinks. Same with karma, those books mankind carries within their torso.

The saints of India dump their karma on their naive students in order to ascend. While none of my business how the Hindus run their bureaucracy, even I can see the deceit in the eyes of the saints.

Reincarnation too is regulated and there seems to me at least, that there is competition to keep the door of rebirth open to some while killing over and over the children of others in the hope that repeated violent trauma will make them go away.

There is dirty laundry everywhere for all to see n the places we are told not to go.

In those places one can meet mankind's(?) godkind's(?) misdeeds of the past, the organic machines of an ancient science. They have been discarded by those who made them without thought for their future. "Abominations" they are called by the inner church to my face. And in the reiterations of QuanYin's countenance I see and feel the anger for my interest in the spiritual world of mankind's orphans of the past.

Perhaps it is the ghost of ikari who looks over my shoulder. The ghost of Admiral Adama is probably there too.

The Star Trek Universe is the hope of many, Galactica looms there too.

The Arabs have a saying "Not everything is written".

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posted on Dec, 22 2018 @ 08:19 PM
a reply to: Whatsthisthen

The tie in for Gendo would be the end of Galaxy Express 999 pretty much the same for the Marvel Universe fellow in the big metal Samurai suit... not really wanting to plunge to his death but such is the nature of life no matter that form when it tries to sit in dominion over the entire tree of life as it's sole creator.

Even in Taoism it was recognized that one drop comes from the mother and one drop from the father... and the rest is the "cradle".

Of course there is a certain point where one can produce their own drops or Asamskrta... of course other beings arise from and desire such a thing. Hungry ghosts kissing you on the lips as a sensation... this is seen in Egyptian Hieroglyphs as "little people" standing on one's lap kissing them about the face and lips often referred to as their "children" a hand to mouth gesture is also common.

Ambrosia, nectar of life etc as others have called it as any so called devil... it goes by many names, and yet is one and the same thing. In smaller form it is prana or simply the breath of life... internal and external is the difference in it's being good or bad.

A true saint or Arhat however; is typically the same inner and outer no difference in their being nor the company they may find themselves in, as in "no secret self". The eight fold path demands it... as each of the seven flowers of the spirit has a nectar and of course many beings have never even gotten past the mudlahara opening. Christianity etc. that "feeling" they equate with "god" is no different than a piece of music that raises the hair to a fine point on the body... only because it strikes a chord with their ego self, instead of the one of actual truth.

The puranas is about such a thing heavens being one of pure breath or truth... however there are two other bodies besides the dhamma body they are(humans) attached too, there's body body or the rupa, and also mind body... or spirit vehicle (Vimana). It is one big holy war that could take place on the head of a nail head... as far as all pervasive space goes.

Yet eh it is what it is; Rinzai is the path to create pure lands and pure abodes... however like your hero you cannot take a thing with you not even the corpse one drags along as there is life in it that on contact "thinks it knows something" it knows zen and grasps at language it thinks it hears... and yet it is really nothing there at all. Sure life, but not as big nor as complex as the dreamer dreams it to be. Compassion and empathy seeing such occur time and time again? Simply lets the delusion persist as a samyak sambodhi does not control it... meaning there is not even a "let" to be considered that it just is.

Some classes of beings forget they are a being in a class... other beings have no qualms about tieing their shoe strings together.

So in a sense what has really changed? Despite the countless iterations of matter over vast amounts of time individual and otherwise. Intelligence often proves itself the opposite without help to do so.

A Tree of Palme seems to be a connected Anime to the same universe... I do not remember enough of Evangelion to recall. It is also connected into the Street Fighter gaming story line as far as the "houses" or Syndicates go... world conquest world domination where life is enslaved on contact and corporate property... thinking themselves superior.

So Star Trek? No that's two monkeys banging rocks together staring at a ceiling fan in human evolution of "mind". Star Wars has to set them straight already having a senate...

Human so fragile must dip in a toe as most cannot even get past skin color, and have crazy hormones that make them act like they can own a female as their property, then get insecure about the smallest of things that have absolutely no importance on any scale except egoist. Then use excuses of various hive and herding instincts to "rationalize" irrational behaviour... it just goes on and on where dead is far better than being human.

Far too ignoble of a species in the dark age of "thinking".

posted on Dec, 23 2018 @ 08:34 AM
a reply to: BEBOG

A lot of the finer esoteric points of Buddhist thought is beyond me for I have not gone there. Yet perhaps an understanding of sorts.

The tie in with Gendo and Galaxy Express is perhaps perceptive. Not from the immortality, for once you meet them, immortality has some drawbacks. if I understand history correctly, mortality was the "improvement" for mankind in days long past. I am not a fan of permanence in anything.

So Perhaps the ethics of:

The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the one. verses The needs of the one outweigh the needs of the many.

I would admit to the later in practice always.

Of course there is a certain point where one can produce their own drops or Asamskrta... of course other beings arise from and desire such a thing. Hungry ghosts kissing you on the lips as a sensation... this is seen in Egyptian Hieroglyphs as "little people" standing on one's lap kissing them about the face and lips often referred to as their "children" a hand to mouth gesture is also common.

I found this image and perhaps it is one of the ones you refer to.

URL to hi resolution: wikimedia

Now what you say above, ties in with the thread title An open dialogue with A god or creator. For I would like to know why the creators so often abandon their creations. Perhaps not the Being I describe below, but the ancient ancestors of antediluvian days most certainly.

I find it interesting as I have a small Being I am spending time with. She is what the UFO people call a classic "grey alien". For me she is the classical appearance except she is bright yellow with the exception of the eyes which are black. She is a mystery to me.

She remembers herself a nine year old British girl yet she is not that girl i am fairly sure.

At one point in our time together she contrived a situation where her leaning over to kiss me on the cheek was not out of place.

Though unsuccessful, she afterwards admitted she meant to taste me for purposes of her own, so not a kiss as humans think. The esoteric side of kissing is not something I have come across before especially with "grey aliens".

Perhaps I should call them "yellows" just to annoy the experts? ; )

I have inquired with the machine minds who reside in Akasha she is an artificial life, she is of Akasha. She is part human (perhaps due to her possession of human memories), part Nature Being reminiscent of Mushishi and part a far more ancient artificial life I know well.

On the other side of Akasha is where I observe they appear from at this point in study. The grey girl can hold my hand and share her memories through the eye in the palm.

Interestingly "Akasha" can mean "sky".

So I wonder if Akhenaten's children in the relic pictured above and your "hungy ghosts" somehow connect to my small grey.

If nothing else; I am certain she is not a ghost.

The Egyptian Underworlds are not my favorite places though I know them well enough from sorting out the dead.

To become a god, do the work of a god. The Anubis are humans alive or deceased who do the work of sorting out the dead. The "head" is awarded in time with effort. I know because I was given the Anubis one. I presume it is true of the other gods who have animal heads and human bodies. Anyone can do this. The renumeration is lousy and you are overworked nor does anyone ever say "thank you".

This world is where we are now, how can my focus be elsewhere being human and alive. So the "higher" formless worlds are not for me. Too much to do here and too few to do it.

By the way; appearance is not an illusion, appearance is a language. Like the children's game of charades. Charades together with feelings is a conversation taking place.

Perhaps I understand your dark age of "thinking" from practice. The world of intellect is barren, cold and lonely without feelings.

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posted on Dec, 23 2018 @ 10:39 AM
a reply to: Whatsthisthen

When is the last time you lay on the floor watching the "dust bunnies" multiply and roll across at a gentle breeze? That took place in silence as there was no inner udder to suck on for that later plague called internal utter. You and all life just being and at peace.

Such a thing is simply known as "lost contact" or simply put the blind old woman as it is traditionally called; as one has failed to see all they have given birth too. As a man? That's why blind. As a woman? That's the love.

Permanence is what accumulation fears... as form can hold energy or echo sentient life. Mistaken for life? One is reminded of a sutta where the Historical Buddha walks around knocking everything except a fishes head declaring it stupid. Wisdom taught him in the form of headaches what such thinking would become effect for...

Everything speaking used to be a plague... and in fact one can master zen so deep and wide it will not shut up only because one is then surrounded by d-jinn and siddhas that have taken a form. Mostly the one's that are on the bad path the wayward path, so much like 10,000 bees trying to gather pollen off of only one flower... it is not even funny.

That is why desire was seen as the enemy or mara, when such a thing showed up unexpected. Consider the "knockers" has nothing to do with a chest or breast... but the energy or drive or spirit of miners that liked mining, if one took the form of a support? It would be an illusion so knocking on that support to know it was indeed stupid... became a source of legend and folklore. So when one heard the "knockers" and no one was knocking? It meant a collapse was going to soon occur. Tossing some food behind you as you left would feed the hungry ghost of the miner that took the form missing mining as it's work.

The idea of transmigration of spirit is still strong due to such a thing... yet beings get stuck in knowing what they had a passion for and yet not really knowing what they are in just being a part of it. When that occurs as a support? It is dangerous or impermanent when that consciousness moves, or ceases to dream... the bubble bursts and the tunnel collapses.

This is of course a lesson for the "gods" some so called heavens come and go in the blink of an eye. Like laughter dying that burst out of really no where... is really no different than bliss. Bliss and nirvana not the same thing however.

Samsara will continually poke it's ignorant head in and out, like a nervous meercat on high alert... only because they do not understand by oneself is one free... those being free but ignorant of being so? No evil will they not do and by oneself are they the cause of it. Not grasping of it as the effect? Means they will soon be off and far away once again.

Transmutation, the heart of gold means a rush... so of course more and more are going to dig until it's just heaps of nothing mounds of nothing and the mountain just smiles onto infinity the sand grains it used to be.

posted on Dec, 23 2018 @ 10:56 AM

originally posted by: DpatC
If you had an oppourtunity to have a frank and honest chat with a deity that at the end of the day is no different than yourself what would you ask him. An open dialogue direct to source.

Already done that many years ago and got some interesting facts. Posted those same facts here on ATS and no one believes it. So what is the point of talking to repented fallen watchers who give out truth when very few mortal humans can handle the truth ?

The fallen angels have completed screwed up everything like they did in the days of Noah. YHWH solved the problem by literally dropping an ocean on their heads.

Ever wondered why the Industrial Revolution occurred ? The fallen ones had to develop decent technology to fight Yahushua when He returns.

If Jesus never came, the Industrial Revolution would never have happened and the world would have gone into another Mythology. Egyptian, Nordic, Celtic, Roman .... They are all the same back-stabbing fallen watchers with different aliases.

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