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Plattsburgh AFB

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posted on Jul, 4 2003 @ 07:07 AM
Hey all, I live in Plattsburgh, NY, 5 hours north of the city. we house a large former airbase, known to have housed nuclear weapons in past decades. it's rumored to have a vast, 18 level subterrainean facility under it's over 2 mile long runway. i was just wondering, i know this base has some history, does anyone out there know anything about this base or anything that happened here?

posted on Jul, 4 2003 @ 07:11 AM

Originally posted by wdwdash
Hey all, I live in Plattsburgh, NY, 5 hours north of the city. we house a large former airbase, known to have housed nuclear weapons in past decades. it's rumored to have a vast, 18 level subterrainean facility under it's over 2 mile long runway. i was just wondering, i know this base has some history, does anyone out there know anything about this base or anything that happened here?

Any info would be useful, we like here in ATS to know as much as possible,
Welcome on board wdwdash!!
Post us as much as u know as a Fact about that base please.

posted on Jul, 4 2003 @ 07:22 AM
i really can't quote anything as gospel, i've only heard rumors. thats why i decided to ask on the board. my suspicions about PAFB are based on the following

"Two of these recent communications to NewsHawk in fact pinpoint a particular Air Force base which has ALREADY been heavily "outed" by us in our articles ("The Rocky Mountain Horror Show" and "Putting the Columbine Puzzle Together") on the Columbine High School massacre on April 20 . This corroborates information from other widely divergent sources regarding bizarre covert activities at this location.

The location we refer to is PLATTSBURGH AIR FORCE BASE in northeastern New York State, roughly 80 miles south of the Canadian border. Beneath the Plattsburgh base is a VAST, 18-level deep subterranean facility.

Eric Harris, whose father has been linked to covert AF intelligence projects going back nearly 20 years, lived with his family at Plattsburgh AFB for over 4 years right before moving to Littleton.

We have previously received confirmation on the Plattsburgh base as (being) a location for severe, horrendous, outrageous and scientifically very advanced mind/consciousness-manipulation technologies and projects from a wide variety of sources: from other victims and from those who were in the employ of project operators.

Plattsburgh AFB was by some reports linked in the 1960s the horrendous known Nazi-lover Ewen Cameron, president of the American Psychiatric Association, The Canadian Psychiatric Association AND the World Psychiatric Association, and Cameron's massive abuses in the CIA-contracted MK-Ultra (drug and neuro-electrically-based) mind-control project just over the border in Montreal. Firsthand accounts indicate that this legacy continued at Plattsburgh through the 1970s and beyond to present times with electromagnetic/radio-frequency and drug-based mind control activities tied to some of the experimentation at Montauk.

As noted in earlier reports this Air force installation SUPPOSEDLY "officially" closed in 1994.

However, thoroughly credible testimony from many sources provides clear proof the base remains quite active years after it s "official" closure. Local residents and other firsthand eyewitnesses report that the base, though somewhat deserted, is currently in some level of operation even on the "surface," AND EM/RF signal detection equipment verified that top-secret operations currently ongoing in the documented 18-level underground complex BENEATH the base. Aside from mind control related operations, signal detection equipment proves the Plattsburgh base is a site of particle accelerator/beam research and experimentation.

ALL legitimate funding for any activity at the base--even so much as turning a doorknob--ended completely early in 1995. The only activities taking place on base property after this date would by their very definition be covert, totally classified, restricted-access operations of whatever sort; operations which CLEARLY depend upon illegitimate, unofficial, clandestine funding for their very existence. Wayne Harris (AND his family) stayed on in Plattsburgh long AFTER the base was officially shuttered.

One of those who has just contacted us about Plattsburgh AFB and the mind-control programs in operation there is a scientist/researcher who was until VERY RECENTLY directly involved in a number of these terrible and inhuman activities. This person has to some degree gotten a conscience about his participation.

This person was in fact personally involved in one major aspect of the programming and training activities which ERIC HARRIS HIMSELF was subjected to at Plattsburgh.

He has informed us that Eric was one of scores of children injected with mind-altering drugs and chemicals on a REGULAR and extensive basis; that his physiological and psychological responses to these various chemicals were continually monitored and tabulated until the "perfect" combination of substances was found which synergized most effectively with the OTHER mind control technologies and programming Harris was subjected to.

He has informed us that Harris and many others were victimized by a particularly SATANIC offshoot of the MK-Ultra/Montauk operations centered at Plattsburgh AFB; which in fact heavily utilized satanic and cultic ritualism, symbolism, satanic psychosexual abuse and the like in molding such "products" as Harris. Extremely racist, Neo-Nazi indoctrination was/is part of this particular brand of programming. These "Montauk boys" are known to make a large percentage of the Goth/Trenchcoat Mafia/skinhead subculture--ESPECIALLY in the Denver area and the closely-linked Dallas-Fort Worth-east Texas region as well as around Montauk and upstate New York, and also Atlanta.

This contact further informed us that Harris's group were in fact "chemical" "Manchurians": that is, of the wide variety of mind-control techniques and tactics used by these Nazi rodents, Harris and others were primarily but not ONLY subjected to drug/chemical mind alteration/manipulation. (This fact makes the ongoing spraying by the Air Force of North America with unknown chemical substances all the more sinister. This crap is very likely AFFECTING OUR MINDS!) Also utilized extensively in turning Harris into a Manchurian killer were hypnotic trance induction and EM/RF systems.

This unfortunate human being had his entire life, his youth, his mind and his SOUL utterly invaded, mangled and brutalized beyond ALL RECOGNITION, then reconstructed by these godless Nazi demons from the depths of hell itself. This BOY was TURNED INTO A KILLER by this wretched, horrid, psychotic fascist filth before he ever had a chance for a life.

Further confirmation of this exact state of affairs came from the mouth of Eric Harris himself! A NewsHawk representative did some nosing around in Plattsburgh and located someone who had been friendly with Harris right before the family moved to Littleton. Harris had confided to this boy that he couldn't wait to leave Plattsburgh-- he said he hated the place--BECAUSE OF THE CONSTANT, BIZARRE EXPERIMENTATION he was subjected to there. Harris in fact referred to the exact activities cited by the informant who contacted us, involving CONSTANT chemical drug mind manipulation. Harris was WELL AWARE--at least to some extent--what in fact was being done to him and he DETESTED IT!

Most unfortunately, things did not get better for Eric Harris after moving to Littleton--located within hailing distance of what is probably the PRIMARY New World Order power base and nerve center in the entire North American continent DENVER, Colorado. This poor kid was less than TEN years old where his family first got to Plattsburgh and the ongoing brutalization began. The additional horror is that he KNEW what was being done to him and was POWERLESS to stop it! A BOY! A defenseless boy!

THIS is what the New World Order has in store for ALL of us and for all our children.

What's more, implicated here WITHOUT ANY DOUBT in the "procurement" and psychological devastation of Eric Harris is the boy's father, Air Force spook Wayne Harris. (Wayne Harris has already been exposed as having been well involved with the manufacture and testing af various explosive materials with his son AND as having had significant input to Eric's website and Internet activities. This miserable worm willingly and knowingly gave his son over to these satanic spook slugs for their horrifying projects. He literally SACRIFICED HIS SON to the devil. WE find indications of similar complicity on the part Air Force parents in the current situation involving the L.A. "Jewish Center" shooter Buford Furrow, and the Atlanta-area mass murderer Mark Barton. As well, Atlanta (Conyers) SCHOOL shooter T.J. Solomon (who hears mechanized, robotic mental commands to kill) spent a number of vacations in close proximity to Plattsburgh AFB.

One more quite interesting note in closing. Eric Harris, based on his own personal and direct knowledge of such through his exposure to the shadowy realms of covert government projects, repeatedly spoke to this buddy in Plattsburgh of the impending "takeover" of our democratic republic by the global forces of darkness, oppression and enslavement."


posted on Mar, 10 2005 @ 02:22 PM
Thought I'd post a little update on this 2-year old thread.

I grew up in Pburgh and lived very close to the base for about 20 years. I still visit Pburgh often. As a child our school took field trips onto the base, and I had friends I would visit there. Here's what I know to be true:


Yes, the flight line is really long. Long enough to land a Space Shuttle.

Yes, the flight line is 7 ft thick and has fallout shelters and the like under it.

Yes, it has several sublevels. 18 is one of the lower numbers I've heard.

Yes, the base closed in 1995, right after renovating everything because they
were told they would be the new main wing in the North East (forgive my lack
of military terminology). NJ became that instead.

Yes, the base was nuclear. It has 12 Atlas silos around the Adirondacks and in Vermont.

Yes, occationally supersonic jets would accidentally boom over the city and break a few windows. I remember it happening at least twice.

The city was completely wired fiber optic in the early 80s courtesy of PAFB.


The nuclear thing is public info now. Here's the silo locations A couple are in private hands now. The rest are either full of water or used ammo rounds, and are sealed off.

The base IS active, at least in the non-military sense, and the people in charge of making use of it are here

The base land is open to the public. Much of the fencing has been taken down. You can just drive right on. Some housing has been resold to private residents, the rest is being torn down and replaced with new housing. Some of the older historic buildings and facilities are "not used". What goes on there is still open for discussion.

The facilities are still used for crazy things like farming genetically altered goats with spider silk in their milk. Read the CBS News report about that from 2002 here

The link with Columbine is true, but evidence of mind control experiments and such is still all circumstantial.

Any further info from members would be great. This base has cropped up at least once in almost every conspiracy genre I can think of, but it's really not the enigma the internet makes it out to be.

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posted on Mar, 10 2005 @ 02:39 PM
Wow, believe it or not my father has a aunt and uncle in Plattsburgh and we have another house located on the vermont/canadian border as a summer house. Ive seen the base a few times because at night while driving on the highway its not that hard to miss the very bright blinking light that still works today.

My father showed me around the base once in our car, we drove around it of course
and i was amazed how big it really was. Im planning on going up there in a few months and i might take my camera phone along with me. My father has promised to take me there once again so i can see it up close. So ill try to snap a few pictures for everyone that cant see any on the ground shots, only above pictures. I dont know much about the base but what i do know is that it is BIG and i mean BIG.. as said above. I hope someone else can tell us more because i dont know that much history on the base.

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posted on Mar, 13 2005 @ 06:10 PM
The AF flew B52s and F111's out of PAFB. They did low level flying to simulate attacking Mother Russia. I knew they had nukes there, but not about any silos.

posted on May, 7 2005 @ 12:22 AM
I live right near plattsburgh, I've been living here for awhile, almost 3 years. In my time here a lot of people talk about the base and what it was like and there were nukes there. Anyway my point was that some of the people that worked on the base were accused of acting violently and irrationally and sent to a mental facility near Burlinton, I dont know if theres any connection but seemed a little suspicious that like high up techs were sent away, maybe they knew something and became test subjects themselfs

posted on May, 8 2005 @ 05:51 PM

Originally posted by Monsoon1965
The AF flew B52s and F111's out of PAFB. They did low level flying to simulate attacking Mother Russia. I knew they had nukes there, but not about any silos.

It is well known that they had either atlas or titan silos located in the adirondacks.

posted on May, 15 2005 @ 12:18 PM
I was stationed at Plattsburgh 1964-66. First with the 820th Communications Squadron and then the 380th Wing Headquarters after the Reorganiztion. There were no 18 levels underneath the runway since if there were I would have been reponsible for any communication gear that would be there. The hardened facility on the flight line was called the bullpen and the B-52 pilots stayed there while on alert (in 1964 there were still B47 bombers as well). The War Room was also in the Bullpen. Occasionally a U-2 spy plan would land undr very high security. There were 12 lift launch silos distributed around the base in both New York and Vermont. The held Atlas missiles. DOD shut down the missiles in 1964 and we closed the sites down during 1965. We shipped all the birds to Vandenberg AB to be used to launch weather satellites.

posted on Dec, 1 2005 @ 02:11 AM
Man, I'm totally baffled by everything I've heard about Plattsburgh AFB on this thread.

Let me tell you what I DO know about it. There was the "New Base", just west of Route 9. There was the "Old Base", just east of Route 9, on Lake Champlain. There was a golf course on the south part of the New Base.

We had FB-111's and KC-135's. The FB-111's were armed with "shram" missiles (sp), nuclear weapons designed to ignite at a predetermined altitude for optimal dispersion and effect. I knew people who actually worked on them.

Yeah, the base was big, but not unusually so.

Our FB-111's were constantly winning competition exercises, but that fact was down played because the Air Force was trying to get Congress to approve funding for the B-1.

Of the 16, or so, FB-111's at PAFB, there were only 8 or 9 of them that were operational at any given time. They were constantly cannibalizing the remaining aircraft to make sure that was possible.

An FB-111 crashed in Vermont. I went TDY to help retrieve all the parts, and I mean, ALL THE PARTS, down to the smallest little sliver. I've got pictures.

I was there for three years during the Cold War. Are there any more questions?

posted on Dec, 1 2005 @ 02:45 AM
Oh yes, I almost forgot. I was taking a COBOL class at Plattsburgh State University when I was stationed at Plattsburgh. That was at a time when we had to use IBM cards to write code.

I remember driving to the University to drop off my program to the main computer at the University. While I was going through one of the turnstiles (sp), I was trapped between the two turnstiles, as was a Major General Watkins. I wasn't wearing my hat (like I was supposed to) as I was approaching the building, and I knew this guy with leaf clusters all over his hat would notice that fact. So, I was just trying to get the hell out of there. BUT, I was trapped. This man, Major General Watkins stopped me, and asked all kinds of questions about what I was doing, and what courses I was taking. He could tell that I was trying to keep our conversation short. He even said to me, "Hey, slow down, relax!"

As it turned out, he was the 45th Air Division Commander at Pease AFB, NH. The 380th BMW, at Plattsburgh, fell under his command.


So, somewhere around 1984, after I was discharged, Honorably, from the USAF, I'm sitting in a doctors' office looking for a magazine to read during my wait. Low and behold, there it was! A magazine with a picture of General Watkins on the cover. He was in charge of all the missile silos in America.

Just thought I'd throw that in to the mix.

posted on Mar, 21 2006 @ 09:28 PM
hah been almost 3 years since i first posted this.

anyone have any updates on this?

posted on May, 29 2006 @ 10:17 AM
I was stationed at Plattsburgh AFB from oct 82 to Apr 87 and I worked mostly on the flight line and I can tell you that the 18 levels do not exist,the only underground facilities are a few fallout shelters and the "Mole Hole" which was for the alert crews on duty. Plattsburgh was a nice assignment and I hated to leave,It was 50 miles south of Montreal and a hundred miles north of where I grew-up,P-burgh is surounded by woods on all sides except the north end of the flight line that can be seen from Peru Rd and the front gates of the new and old base off of Route 9,Plattsburgh AFB can not be see from I-87 that runs north and south.
17A used to be the alert area parking for the KC135's and FB111's. P-burgh used to have KC135's,FB111's,T37's and UH1N heilocopters,field elevation is 235ft and the Air Traffic Control Tower had 98 stairs and no elevator,Base Operations to the Tower cab was a long climb.The runway is moderate length-11,760 X 300 and it has one high speed taxi way.Burlington VT did the Approach Control for the base during peak traffic conditions.P-burgh had it own radar,but it was a GCA,limited radar.Neither new base or old base are very big you can drive the permiter of the old base in about 5 mins or less and the new base would take about 10 or 15 mins excluding the flightline. The company's now using P-burgh have lots of energy projects going on from what I understand. The base did back in the 1960's have nuke's in silos and they were Atlas,they have many silos in NY and VT,I almost was able to get into one that was being used for storage but the adventure fell through. Most of the building on the old base or Camp Plattsburgh are on the New York State Registery of Historic Places, the old barrack were boarded up when I was there and the Base Cemetary was closed and in caretaker status,I did get to go into the barrack one time when it was being checked for weather leaks,really a neat building. Have never heard of any mind control projects or anyone going crazy at P-burgh,for me it was a good assignment and quite for the most part. On the old base at night coming back from the Marina some of the old buildings could sure empart their ghoastly charm on you, and I have been told by senior NCO'S that the goings on some night are really something from the other side. well all for now, I have a friend in Guilderland NY and I still keep in touch with her and I get some more skinny on the new going-ons at P-burgh and I'll up-date you. Later ------Mr York

posted on May, 31 2006 @ 06:41 PM
I was reading today that Phish had a big festival/concert at the air base in the 90s (I think). Thought I'd throw that in.

posted on Feb, 9 2007 @ 11:16 PM
yeah, i was 3 weeks away from starting 9th grade when they had that phish fest. i live less than a quarter mile away from the flightline; i could physically hear the concert from my bedroom window, then the proverbial echo of the radio broadcast seconds later. the whole town smelled of pachouli for a week. heh. im only half kidding.

so, almost four years after i first posted this (when i was still a civilian!) i'm now a corporal in the marine corps and am still convinced alteast something on a 'higher level' took place at PAFB. any new info?

posted on Feb, 16 2007 @ 02:32 PM
Just an interesting aside....I've read several articles about a couple who bought one of the Atlas silos and converted it into a home. I'll see if
I can find one of the articles online.

posted on Feb, 16 2007 @ 02:38 PM
This one is in Texas, but I'm sure I've heard of a few around Plattsburgh.

posted on Feb, 25 2007 @ 09:23 PM
Pratt & Whitney has an engine development facility at the Plattsburgh base. 2 of my employees spent a month there last year tearing down a Boeing 747 we purchased from Pratt.

posted on Mar, 1 2007 @ 01:31 AM
where do you work?

i'm an avionics electrician in the marine corps. wondering about job options when i get out in 2009. weighing the pros and cons of being a civilian or military maintainer.

posted on Mar, 2 2007 @ 11:15 PM

Ah, PAFB/Atlas sites...I thought I'd add a few things.
..was born and raised (child of the 60's) in P'burgh.

Here's a short chronology of the base:
1/29/1954, PAFB Groundbreaking Ceremony
11/7/1955, KC97 Tanker arrival.
1956, B47 Squadron assigned
1962, 1st of 12 Atlas ICBM installed Chazy Lake sector.
1965, Atlas Squadron deactivated and all ICBMs removed.
6/18/1966, B52s replace B47s. KC135 tankers follow.
1971, FB111s replace B52s.
1991, FB111s vacate, tankers remain for a while.
9/30/1995, PAFB closed.

Regarding underground tunnels and multi level
bunkers...doubt it...because of geography/soil.
My dad and uncle worked as carpenters
during base construction in the 50's, and I know they drove
poles, telephone pole sized, into the loose sandy soil/clay
and poured large concrete blocks around the pole tops...these then
supported the 8'-10' thick sections of reinforced concrete runway
and aprons.

Regarding UFO sightings at PAFB:
I met some great people from the base, you know, families renting
off base. As usual, guys in our neighborhood were car talking mostly.
During one high school (summer vacation) a couple of us helped
our neighbor (S Sgt) install a floor shifter in his '57
Chevy Bel Air....neat stuff for kids in those days (1961).
Anyway, I remember asking him about his job, what he did on base,
just curious.
He thanked us for helping him with his car, but he couldn't talk about
his job...then said something like, "Even if I told you, you wouldn't
Well, since there had been 'street talk' of a silent orange disk
hovering above one of the ammo (nuke) bunkers... I asked
him about it....he got real quiet, like he had just seen a ghost.
We didn't see him much after that, maybe routine transfer out.
Most tours were 2 years.
Just recently I heard that Pease AFB radar tracked a UFO over N.H.
the exact night of the 1961 Betty and Barney Hill abduction, but this
was never made public.


PS. I (with about 20 others) finally had a UFO sighting in '90, orange disk,
no sound, 500 yards away, silently floating by at about 15 mph,
so I know the damn things are real...but I can't confirm anything
about underground bunkers or medical experiments at PAFB when
I lived there.

Oh, for some interesting stories about the base by people
who served there, try:

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