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flawless teleportation theory

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posted on Feb, 24 2005 @ 05:31 AM

This is one of the journals he published in that I was able to find on line. Its the "Journal Of Theoretics", apparently it publishes very theoretical papers, this doesn't meant that anything can get published, but it does mean that things that haven't been worked out in detail can be published and that very speculative stuff can be published. It looks like it published once a year for six years and is now defunct. Some of the papers published in it are titled:

Funnily enough the publication of this journal has now been suspended indefinitely.

Was it suspended when you first made the above post??

posted on Feb, 25 2005 @ 06:21 AM
I agree with metallicabrainz, we must research hole theory as soon as possible because of following reasons: 1). We must have teleportation before the mankind will die from a collision with asteroid, warming of a climate, or another catastrophes. 2) If you’ll research hole theory now, I can explain you in detail hole theory. But if you’ll wait while the Standard theory collapse, I can die during this time and you‘ll research hole theory without any help.
The Standard theory cannot explain mass and inertia and unable to unify fundamental interactions. This very complicate theory must collapse, but we cannot wait. The nature chooses always the most simple solutions.
About teleportation by help of worm\black holes. It is absolutely impossible to teleport humans by help of black\worm holes because of following reasons: 1. To teleport a body, we must create a closed hole surface around a body. But if a body falls to a black hole, holes exist only ahead of a body. Therefore closed hole surface do not appear around a body that move to black hole and teleportation is impossible! 2) All bodies falling on black hole will be transformed in dust by strong gravitational forces before teleportation. 3. Where you’ll find black holes for teleportation? How much time you need to teleport a passenger by worm/black hole – 500 - 1000 years? (It is time to send a passenger to black hole). But in hole teleportation people will be teleported by technological methods from Earth, without transportation of black holes, it is the most suitable and technological method.
I sent an application to NASA (NIAC CP 05-01), below is reply from NASA:
"Upon closer inspection of your proposal, the NIAC regrets to inform you we are unable to accept you proposal. NIAC CP 05-01 states (page 6) quite clearly "Foreign entities at any level of participation are not eligible for funding from the NIAC." It is for this reason we cannot accept your proposal." So my proposal was rejected only because I'm not American.
My apologies for my bad English, since I’m Russian (Moldavian) and I study English

posted on Feb, 25 2005 @ 12:23 PM

Originally posted by JamesBlonde
Was it suspended when you first made the above post??


Holetel, you are C. LeShan? Excellent.

I am curious as to what journals you have published in, I understand that most of them are 'limited circulation' journals in eastern europe no? But have you tried to publish in journals like Nature or Science, or even some of the theoretical western journals that are well respected and established?

What do you think of the Air Forces criticism of your work, that its not specific enough and similiar to wormholes and such?

posted on Feb, 25 2005 @ 03:09 PM
They have proven quantum entanglement and what I've read implies no great issue with interstellar distances. Now actually using that to teleport something useful - well that's still a bit of a stretch IMHO....

posted on Feb, 26 2005 @ 05:54 AM
I sent my papers to a lot of mainstream journals (Russian, Ucrainian, English journals) as Nuclear Physics, Physical Review Letter, Quantum grav. ets. For example I sent in PRL the paper about vacuum holes without any errors with reply like - this kind of papers is not suitable for publication in our journal. Also the most part of journals rejected my papers only because it goes against mainstream science ideas. The Russian ‘Nuclear physics” reply me he does not need in “new physics’ papers. I have a lot of refusal letters from mainstream journals with which will be published. Most of scientific foundations rejected me because I do not have PhD degree only and my theory is outside of mainstream physics.
There is no mathematics in my papers? It is because I used a very original research method that does not use mathematics, and it is very good advantage. This method is much better relative standard research methods you learn in university. People should not use machine methods of thinking. My method will be the best education & research method for most schools and universities in future.
About 15 dollars for a scientific journal. I have not sold at least one my journal during last years. I research hole theory about 20 years but I have not received for it at least one dollar (the Soros grant was spent for travel). Because physics is main for me, not money. But the problem is that the absence of money stops the publication of my journal and all my research activity.
About pdf from the air force. I know that NASA and other USA state organizations like air force tries to avoid Leshan and his theory. But I’ll publish key papers needed for teleportation only when my contribution in field will be recognized. I do not have any reasons to hurry up. I research it about 20 years and in turn I was only suppressed and ignored by all world - by journals, foundations, Kiev University, institutions, soviet army ets. And now some people tries to steal my ideas. Let Air force and NASA build their traversable wormhole via an Einstein-Rosen bridge by their standard methods. Maybe after some centuries they may teleport a bacterium. Ignoring of hole research method will cost for NASA millions of dollars and many years of fruitless searches. So I can prove that all their methods cannot teleport bodies. Also I can throw out from my theory the concept about black holes and channel between the two points.

Some of his comments dont make much sense -

It is because of incorrect translation from Russian. Besides some consepts of new physics you cannot understand correctly. It is very difficult to write correctly some complicate ideas.

posted on Feb, 26 2005 @ 09:58 AM
Heres a part from the recent TAIF 2005 conference which deals with the current work with wormholes:


Eric Davis - Teleportation via Wormhole Stargates

An outstanding paper was presented on wormhole type "stargate" solutions to teleportation. Eric has named this solution "flat face" wormholes because there are no tidal forces across the face of the opening, or "throat," of the wormhole. Users would simply step through to the other end, without any "travel" type experience. The other end would be clearly visible through the wormhole, as if one were gazing through a doorway.

Two methods for holding open the wormhole throat were outlined. The first would be to use extremely strong Electric (E) and Magnetic (B) fields. Edge E-field strengths would be on the order of (10)^12 to (10)^16 V/cm, and radial B-fields would be in the Mega-Tesla range.

The second method for holding the wormhole throat open would be to use a technique called "ZPF squeezing" where modes of the Zero Point Force are squeezed, i.e. most lower order modes are suppressed, warping Space-Time (ST). From an engineering point of view, quantum optical squeezing using laser light would be one method to achieve this objective.

From a practical standpoint, quite aside from the engineering challenges, an additional limitation to the use of wormholes would be the "setup." The far end of a wormhole, the "exit side" would have to be carried or directed from the entrance side, either by spaceship or by some other means yet to be described.

An interesting aside is that Eric is using the vacuum index of refraction formulation of gravity, versus tensor math, which is equally valid mathematically, regardless of the physical reality of ZPF, but is much easier to use. In terms of using existing mathematical software tools, the vacuum index formulation is far superior to tensor formulations, and promises to greatly ease the problem of engineering future gravitational control devices.

posted on Feb, 26 2005 @ 03:19 PM

I agree that we need this technology soon..... but i have one question.

You say its urgent that we get this technology because of global warming, astroid impact etc etc.... but, you are not willing to publish all your research on teleportation until you are recognised for your work.

My question to you is this: Is it not better that you publish all your research now so that we may develop this technology and avoid disaster, than to wait until you are given credit for it?

If your theory is correct, then you deserve full credit and a nobel prize... but what is more important to you... being the man who discovered teleportation or being the grey man who saved the world?

I believe you when you say that your work is being stolen and rejected for bias reasons... but if you care more about humanity than your own reputation then you will publish all of your work.

Leshan, there are some very good scientists on this website who could help you gain recognition and develop your theory if you would just trust us.

posted on Feb, 28 2005 @ 09:08 AM
You can read my new paper about hole teleportation at
Paper describes inversion and appearance of bodies in space and meterial medium. Unfortunately paper is in Russian, but maybe Daniel Kratz will translate one for
I'll reply you later. Now I understood that Air force report is an important paper that may influence future events in teleportation field and I must study more this document.

posted on Feb, 28 2005 @ 01:39 PM

Originally posted by Holetel
But I’ll publish key papers needed for teleportation only when my contribution in field will be recognized. I do not have any reasons to hurry up. I research it about 20 years and in turn I was only suppressed and ignored by all world

Are you saying that you have done more than theoretical research in this field and have papers that demonstrate experimentally some of what you say?

Also, what is the deal with the two co-authors listed on that paper I noted above? Have you worked with any co-authors on any of these projects?

posted on Mar, 1 2005 @ 09:46 PM

i have an important question about hole theory:

if an increase in the concentration of holes in a region of space slows down time, then won't it take an infinite amount of time for a closed hole surface to form around a body?

What i mean is, if you produce holes artificialy around a body, then as the number of holes increase, time must slow down... with each hole that is produced, time slows down a little more... so wouldn't there be an exponential 'slowing-down' in time, which would tend towards infinity? Therefore it would take forever for a hole surface to be created around a body!

Am i wrong in my logic? It would seem that it is impossible to create a closed hole surface around a body because as each hole is created, time slows down a little more and therefore the equipment producing the holes would produce holes at a slower and slower rate until it would take an infinite length of time for the machine to create the closed hole surface!

posted on Mar, 3 2005 @ 08:32 AM
Now I prepare a paper to destroy totally the concept of worm holes teleportation. There are a lot of errors and paradoxes in worm holes theory. You can forget about worm holes. I'll show you latter this paper, maybe I'll try to publish one in mainstream journals.

I would like to prepare technical description of holes wanted by Air force but I must have access to large volumes of experimental data (and time to work). Most part of my ideas are in the form incompatible with modern Science requirements. I must work a lot to create some complicate papers, but I don't have any conditions and access to experimental data. Besides mainstream journals refuses publication of my papers whereas publication in my journal is not safe. I must work in non-physics area to earn money and I don't have much time for papers.

Are you saying that you have done more than theoretical research in this field and have papers that demonstrate experimentally some of what you say?
I don't have any conditions for experimental researches. All my papers are theoretical.

Also, what is the deal with the two co-authors listed on that paper I noted above? Have you worked with any co-authors on any of these projects?

I do not have co-authors. In that paper is my name with errors.

Each hole that is produced have lifetime 10-24 s after that hole collapse and disappears. Therefore if you continuously produce holes, the effect of time retardation is not cummulative. At teleportation we produce at instant a big number of holes with instantaneous teleportation therefore a very small time retardation exist only at the moment of teleportation. But the body was sent already outside of universe and exist in another point. I assure you the time retardation effect for external observer is small.

posted on Mar, 6 2005 @ 08:36 AM
Dear friends, during speaking with you I discovered an very important principle in teleportation. Thank you all, I'll publish it in nearest future. This principle destroy wormholes theory including Einstein-Rosen bridges, and can change some properties of hole teleportation.
Please do not take offence for my words "to destroy" wormhole theory.
It is science, you also are free to look for errors in hole theory. I need in such critical papers.

posted on Sep, 12 2006 @ 04:21 AM
From Leshan about "Teleportation Physics Study": I expected another final words in "Teleportation Physics Study:
"Since I am totally unable to evaluate this concept (Hole teleportation) in the absence of a rigorous theoretical framework, I recommend further theoretical research of hole teleportation theory". Since Leshan do not have any conditions for scientific work, I’ll invite him to our university/centre for further research of hole theory. Why America can spent millions of dollars for flays to Moon and cannot give at least an invitation for an author of material teleportation theory? Teleportation is a sole method for exploration of deep space. I need only conditions for scientific work to finish hole teleportation theory.

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