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Are you superstitious?

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posted on Jul, 4 2003 @ 07:33 PM

After shakin hands w/ someone.. it feels like a thin layer of el is on my hand.. i do not feel comfortable until I wash my hands.

Superstitious ... I believe that if things start off good, they end up bad.. or if they start off bad.. they end up good... I always watch this.

Or, if i hit every traffic light on the way to work and they are all green.. I know it'll be a bad day.. or if I get all red... it'll be a great day.. same as above I guess.. anyone else notice this?

posted on Jul, 4 2003 @ 07:48 PM

Your red light/green light experience is interesting and puzzling.

Don't you like getting to work on time?

posted on Jul, 4 2003 @ 07:53 PM
man supersticious is what i am. who isn't

posted on Jul, 4 2003 @ 08:16 PM
I wouldn't call myself'd call it being aware. Maddas made reference to Maori beliefs...but to me they are not superstition at all...they are logical...its just that perhaps other cultures find it hard to understand the logic behind the belief...

They are ways of doing things...and often those ways are based on respect and acknowledgement of the link we the living have with those who have passed...they have passed, they have not gone, they are still here with us.

Other beliefs/customs are respectful of the link we (both living and dead) have with a way those 'superstitions' operate as means of ensuring conservation of natural reasources, or allow rejuvenation of those reasources by the imposing of what we call a 'Rahui' on the area...which is where a food gathering site is placed under 'Tapu' (kind of like sacred/ness), and no one is to take food from that place...or even venture there. This can be for the reasons of allowing that reasource to replenish, or maybe because something tragic happened there, like a death or drowning, to the time of 'Rahui' on the area is to allow the 'Tapu' of the event (like death) to be removed and for the area to return to a 'Noa' (non-sacred) state again.

So many of the beliefs and customs I might operate with regard to might be seen as 'superstition', but really I think that is more due to lack of understanding that what we do has reason. They are merely codes of behaviour, methods of action that both govern and guide.


posted on Jul, 4 2003 @ 09:03 PM
I quite agree. There is so much that has been lost over time, it simply seems that we are like a young scholar in a library. The only thing is, which book should we pick up and learn?

posted on Jul, 4 2003 @ 10:46 PM
I have indian burial mounds on my property not far from the house...I take great care not to disturb or walk on them. Also I've only shared this with a few people because I do not want anyone digging there looking for artifacts. Since buying this home 10 years ago, I've been compelled to build large bonfires.

posted on Jul, 5 2003 @ 05:32 AM
Magestica Asks>>>>>>>>>>>

"AV~I don't understand how you could think that this is a form of mind control..I'm very much in control of my mind, perhaps this is why I do things a certain way or refuse to do things under certain circumstances? Please do explain got me a tad bit concerned..
Thanks Mags" -----Magestica

Abraham Virtue Says>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

"How is it mind control you ask? Well just because you allow what ever the superstition may be to control your actions. For is it not so that if we believe that walking under a ladder is bad that one will not walk under a ladder??? Is not that an action, walking under a ladder??? I think so. Does not the superstition that we hold in that respect deem us unlucky if one were to do just that, if one were to walk under a ladder??? Is that not a way of altering our perception? Does not the act of not doing so force us into some other form of conception more suitable to that situation??? I think so." -----Abraham Virtue

Please Magestica if that does not explain it to you still then by all means say so and I will be glad to elaborate.

Your Friend,

posted on Jul, 5 2003 @ 11:24 AM
I do somewhat see your point..But I don't think superstitions are really a deep form of mind control. If that were true then pretty much any daily regimen we follow could also fall under mind control. I just think they are little querks that we follow because they make us feel better or safer or perhaps it comes from a past experience? Plus most of what I would consider my own personal superstitions are something I've made up myself, so in all reality if it *is* mind control, then I can atleast say it's me controling my own mind
There are just certain things that I like to do, things that make me feel different and set my own identity. I would never ask anyone close to me to do as I do.
So whatcha think about them apples AV?

posted on Jul, 6 2003 @ 04:44 AM
I was born on Fri the 13th. I cannot afford to be superstitious.

posted on Jul, 6 2003 @ 04:55 AM
Magestica. I must say something. You are very wise. I praise your wisdom. For it is only mind control when you allow it to be. You seem to have shown how these traits of your's are wanted and not forced on your part. I guess there is a difference in the way you grew up superstitious and the way I did. For I was actually forced into superstition by my mother. She would demand that I follow her ridiculous ways. In time I learned to grow spiteful of that. I didn't want to be bossed around over some stupid inclination of luck. She would always say, "Same side, same side. Go back honey, we can't walk on two sides of the pole, we must be together." That was just one of them. I will spare you the bordem of more.

So that is my point. That point being that these superstitions can cause you to be a slave to something that you can easily free yourself from. (So as long as it isn't my mother forcing you. You can't win when it comes to my mother.)

Your situation is different then mine. Your's is wanted, my wasn't. So as long as that is what you want then it is not mind control. Even if it was then you have not lost anything. For you have been given that which you wanted. So you go girl. Get that which you know you may need. For that is what one must do in order to succeed.

Your Friend,

posted on Oct, 3 2003 @ 08:41 AM
Im not superstitous at all. I have faith in God not in silly trinkets, divinations, and vain observances which include magic and occult arts (voodoo necromancy etc.). It breaks God's first commandment.

posted on Oct, 5 2003 @ 03:02 AM
I have a stupid one..
I am very big into video games.. and anytime I have the choice of having the color green on my character, I choose it.

For example, if characters have multiple costumes, and one has green on it anywhere, I always choose the green. Or if I have a choise of characters and one has green on them, and the other does not I choose the green.. for example.. Mario and Luigi.

Stupid.. but I do it anyway :p that is actually about the only one..

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