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House Report Concluded Pakistanis Made ‘Unauthorized Access’ To Congressional Servers

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posted on Jan, 17 2018 @ 08:23 PM

originally posted by: neo96

When acting on the findings, Democratic leadership appear to have misrepresented the issue to their own members as solely a matter of theft,...

What ?

Democratic leadership misrepresented the issue?

They would never!

a comparison of the investigators’ findings with Democrats’ recollections and a committee’s public statement shows,leading 44 Democrats to not conduct protective measures typically taken after a breach— including informing constituents whose personal information may have been exposed.


The cats out of the bag it's all Russia hysteria after that.

Pay attention to whose going after the current prez people.

I'm just all warm and fuzzy knowing the Democrats are on the ball.

Ok, ok...I'm sure most on the left can admit these 44 democrats did not provide great leadership.

But I'm sure they won't (more like being willfully ignorant) connect the dots behind the reason the democrats did not taking the typical protective measures after the breach...
...which is because the democrats were complicit.

I guess these "leaders" could also be willfully ignorant, or were just lazy and got played for fools and tried to downplay the significance in order not to garner attention.

After all, the politicized ABC agencies were on their "intent", right?

posted on Jan, 17 2018 @ 09:05 PM

originally posted by: xuenchen

The House Office of the Inspector General has made an astonishing report...

House investigators concluded that Democratic IT aides made unauthorized access to congressional servers in 2016, allegedly accessing the data of members for whom they did not work, logging in as members of Congress themselves, and covering their tracks, according to a presentation summarizing the findings of a four-month internal probe.

Their behavior mirrored a “classic method for insiders to exfiltrate data from an organization,” and they continued even after orders to stop, the briefing materials allege. There are indications that numerous members’ data may have been secretly residing not on their designated servers, but instead aggregated onto one server, according to the briefing and other sources. Authorities said that the entire server was then physically stolen.


Appears then these nasty Democrats made it possible for the muzlims to infiltrate the private information of Republicans in Congress...That would be helpful to Pakistan as well as the Democrats in Congress...What a corrupt organization the Democrat Party is...

posted on Jan, 17 2018 @ 09:14 PM

originally posted by: SkeptiSchism
What a mess people need to lose their jobs and some people need to go to jail but I'd bet you $1,000 neither happens.

Jeff Sessions is hibernating until Spring.

posted on Jan, 17 2018 @ 09:32 PM
Where can one find the House IG report?

posted on Jan, 18 2018 @ 08:47 AM
Didn't the same Dems go into Pakistan a while back unannounced and kill several residents and blow up a helicopter?

posted on Jan, 18 2018 @ 10:12 AM

originally posted by: bigfatfurrytexan
Where can one find the House IG report?

I looked, all I found was the Daily Caller story.

posted on Jan, 18 2018 @ 10:38 AM
a reply to: butcherguy

Until I see the IG report, I can't really believe anyone reporting on it.

ETA: I looked today and yesterday and have found nothing beyond the story in the OP (or others that are mimicing it)

edit on 1/18/2018 by bigfatfurrytexan because: (no reason given)

posted on Jan, 18 2018 @ 11:11 AM
a reply to: bigfatfurrytexan

Until I see the IG report, I can't really believe anyone reporting on it

I agree.

posted on Jan, 18 2018 @ 11:19 AM

originally posted by: 727Sky
It would be interesting to find out who they were forwarding the information to in Pakistan..

Glad Trump cut the foreign aid package to Pakistan and hope all the talk about indictments for the wrong doers in the states is more than just talk.

If anyone was wondering why Trump decided to pick a fight with Pakistan, I'm sure this is the answer.

BTW, I wonder if the fact that Awan's wife returned to the US willingly means the US has made some kind of deal with Pakistan to throw the Awans out of the country instead of putting them in prison.

posted on Jan, 18 2018 @ 11:27 AM
Time for some tinfoil(?) woot


The Jafar family has connections to the Clintons and to the Clinton Foundation (covered in more detail below ) .

The Jafar family also has direct business connections with two of President Barack Obama’s lifelong friends and college roommates -- former foreign students Vinai Thummalapally of Hyderabad , India and Wahid Hamid of Karachi, Pakistan. Thummalapa lly and Hamid both bundled campaign contributions for Barack Obama and attended Barack and Michelle’s wedd Paper_12-23-16.pdf

Remember, I prefaced tinfoil I have to idea if any of that is true but if even some of it is true, wow

posted on Jan, 18 2018 @ 11:56 AM
Does anyone know the forum policy on Project Pelican? Is it an allowable subject or would a thread on it just get closed?

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