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There Will Be Blood- ATS Rap Battle

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posted on Jul, 17 2019 @ 01:46 AM
a reply to: Mike Stivic

I think your diss missed it's mark,
so your dismissed and your limp wrists
can rest from jerking off fish in atlantis
since your not into man-sex.

You rush as you doth protest
to much as such to only be a witness.
Is there anything that I missed?
You should ask for forgiveness,
and you probably got syphilis,
but that's just my best guess.


posted on Jul, 18 2019 @ 11:28 PM
a reply to: highvein

I don't take checks to flex my lyrics
breaking backs and snapp'n necks
you can only get with cash not credit
and your decrepit ass can't edit the fact
your head just got embedded with a leaded pellet
and instead of a cleric to dispell it
you got a pathetic paramedic
who admitts he's unfit and a geriatric named Jerry Schmidt
that paints silly imbecilic pictures in acrylic
in Melissa's kitchen on skillets.

His time's not spent idyllic.


posted on Aug, 18 2019 @ 12:28 AM
a reply to: Mike Stivic

My RapFu kicks ass
and is as cool as a glass of malassas
balanced on a thin stem of a flower
that got stuck in the crack of your ass as
you lay face down getting pounded
in the ground laying limp next to your glasses
then the bell rings dingleling and it's time for you to
get back to class kid.

I'm straight up candid,
Don't fly a plane if you can't land it.

posted on Aug, 19 2019 @ 05:09 AM
I like pie

*drops mic*

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posted on Sep, 30 2019 @ 05:56 PM
a reply to: highvein

Click play and read please

I'm back,
The incorrigible,adorable,deplorable,
Pick up your slack,
I keep it moving cuz' I'm portable,
I'm formidable,
These rhymes are free that means they're also affordable,
But my questions they're all so rhetorical..

So how come your flow sucks?
You couldn't move a groove,
If you rolled up in a tow-truck,
You hillbilly po'dunk Sears and Roebucks,
No-luck keystone coppers dropping donuts,
Get shown-up,
And shushed by the grown-ups,
Sho' 'Nuff...

I'm wielding a Cane, and you are unAbel,
To escape the pain,this is no fable,
I'm in the stables on a palehorse drinking black label,
Your on a course to be in a wheel chair and disabled...

Highvein,the untried and untrained,
sun-dried Brown stain got slain,
Circling the drain casting blame with no shame as he goes down in flames,
I'm bringing hall of fame level pain to the game,

He failed the class,
he did not pass and it's O.K.,
Cuz im wearing a mask,
as I stab his ass like O.J. ...

edit on 30-9-2019 by Mike Stivic because: Deleted an extra "are"

posted on Oct, 1 2019 @ 12:28 AM
a reply to: Mike Stivic

That you Stivic?
Please listen:
I got a bad case of crickets
No one's driven to mimic my lyrics

They're horrific
I'm going to the clinic
I'll probably get a ticket from some dickless pig
For going over the limit
I'll prolly git livid

See, terrible.

Teach me bro.

posted on Oct, 18 2019 @ 05:45 PM
a reply to: Mike Stivic

Oh look. Stivic's back
spout'n crap
like in his other raps
imagine that.
He got lost trying to read a map.
But I ain't mad.
He's no different than the other lads.
He's just really bad
and that makes me really sad.

Mike Stivic
Come on down
your next contestant on
Who is this Clown.

I'm to incredibly credible
like a medical edible
I express the inexpressible
your barely legible.

Like a boss I accost your senses
beating you sensless til we end this
because you crossed the wrong schloss
and now your quashed
and your pain is tremendous.


posted on Nov, 7 2019 @ 06:38 PM
a reply to: Mike Stivic

The beat drops as my word's tic toc
should I stop? Naw. I'm about to pop.

You got caught eating kitty poo in the sand box
holding nunchucks
like a numb nut
hailing from the land of Dumb F...
Don't you understand son
I do this for fun so imagine
if I really unleashed my guns.

I can bury you haters,
now or sometime later,
in real life or on paper
an instagator like Vadar
I'm the Pain Town Mayor.

It's scary the flurry that comes out
your derriere after gettin blurry from
some berry found on the ground in a cemetary.



posted on Nov, 16 2019 @ 05:54 PM
a reply to: DictionaryOfExcuses

A malevolent machiavellian
taking up residence at your resident
throwing excrement at the elephant
in your room with a speech impediment.

You broke your own record
A joke with egg face yolk
enough to cover a bus,
double deckered.



posted on Nov, 16 2019 @ 06:27 PM
a reply to: highvein

Nice I like that one.

Question: when you write, are you mostly putting together rhyming phrases however they flow, or do you have a metronome tick or a beat happening in your head?

How do you start?

posted on Nov, 17 2019 @ 08:19 PM
a reply to: DictionaryOfExcuses

It's good to have a beat to work from.

Practice from time to time,
with words that rhyme,
in a sentence or labeled one through nine,
use an enzyme to eat the slime and grime,
it paysoff bigtime as you climb into your prime.

That's where I am at the moment.

Just read Stivic's post to learn how flow goes
It rolls smooth like being relieved after having diarrhea
in the commode.
edit on 17-11-2019 by highvein because: (no reason given)

posted on Nov, 22 2019 @ 06:00 PM
a reply to: DictionaryOfExcuses

I pick a line from the rhyme I am replying to, that I feel I can break balls with, then I find an instrumental that fits my cadence, and write what spills out.

(Personally I find I write better when listening to Dr. Dre's beats, the chronic album is solid..a lot of the beats he made for m&m as well)

If I'm not motivated, I try not to force it.. I've said it many times in this thread ,the muse is fickle, and she decides...


posted on Nov, 26 2019 @ 07:20 PM
a reply to: highvein

Highvien is in need of divine-aid,
Stretched thin his supply-chain,
Everywhere I go,
Yo vaya con dios,
Mi amigo,
That's how my seeds-grow,
And now my trees-glow,
so it's absurd,
you flushed-terds think I care what these thugs-heard,
circling buzzards regurgitating buzz-words and cuss-words,
Posting from your basement in the suburbs,
You initiates lack initiative,
Your not fastidious,
Your oblivious, off-course,slack,and primitive,
I am the-source,Your all derivatives..
Your engines knocking and your stocks dropping,
I'm blocking and chopping,
As your flocks squawking,
popping and locking,
I'm chart topping, never stopping,
So Merry-Christmas!

I left a shart in your stocking....


posted on Nov, 30 2019 @ 04:26 PM
a reply to: Mike Stivic

The beat drops at 20.

I don't play by the rules
I rule with the cruel
from you tools
April fool
skip a beat

your eating their own stool.

Drool on your feet as I press the beat
knows it's me
bringing the heat
as I defeat your perceived
like a slacked jawed jeeves your can't believe.

I cast the profile
of a sly smile
as I slice and dice
with a freestyle
a mile wide flat filing you Kyles
like a child in a single file
with no smile.
I wear a Rolex once in a while
I flex my pecks and you lose

your wearing a sundial.

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