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You aren't really interested in Aliens- You are 'mystery unravellers'

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posted on Nov, 8 2017 @ 05:46 PM

originally posted by: andy06shake
a reply to: EA006

Cant see how unless he sprung for the debt in question.

How come when unforeseen circumstance or bad things happen, and we manage to get ourselves out of the mess, we assume Jesus or the Lords help yet fail to blame him/her/it for the predicament that arose in the first place?

Implied predestination and all that jazz, one has to wonder really?

Yeah but that's covered by "works in mysterious ways"

posted on Nov, 11 2017 @ 10:51 AM
a reply to: EA006

Well, that fits nicely with the other little idiosyncrasies and downright fallacies that surround and are intertwined with most organized religious practice.

Seems to me through when something good happens we considered it to be a divine intervention but when something bad happens we call it a fault of our own. Predestination versus freewill really but the fact remains that such ideologies are diametrically opposed to one another.

posted on Nov, 15 2017 @ 12:40 AM
a reply to: makalit

Okay bud. That's why, not because they've witnessed what you don't want us to witness. Not because we've seen what you've been told to see. But because we wonder about what others have seen. Please tell us, what have we seen? What have we experienced? I'd love to know.

posted on Nov, 15 2017 @ 12:43 AM
a reply to: makalit

By the lack of stars and flags and censorship you've received on ATS, I know exactly which forum this belongs in.

posted on Nov, 15 2017 @ 01:06 AM
a reply to: WhyDidIJoin

Ok I take it back. For you- you definitely deserve to meet one.

Try it.

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posted on Nov, 15 2017 @ 01:24 AM
a reply to: WhyDidIJoin

If you're looking for what other's experienced, here's a few witness reports

A guy saw a spherical orb doing strange things, by his house which was off from society. It did weird maneuvers in front of him, and filled him with fear.

Another guy was walking with his family, a UFO came down to the ground right in front of him. He fell to the ground and cried and prayed knowing that the UFO could instantly anihilate him. Upon preying, the UFO went upwards in a swoop and was gone.

Good things.

I know your entertainment level is falling cause a few people stopped posting and searching here after this thread, and we know you need your alien entertainment.
You need all you can get

This was an obvious post saying that a lot of people if they saw the alien, and interacted
and no there's not nordics, pladeins, like someone like you would believe, thousands here, no
Just 1 meniacal race

And saying that there's really nothing to discover. The blanket between knowing and disclosure , the blanket that masks, is actually quite a comforting one.

posted on Nov, 15 2017 @ 01:39 AM
I'll admit. There is a barriage of knowledge that is bestowed upon one after coming in touch with truth.

Such as this crazy clown of a planet, that we are all beyond our will subjected into.

This isn't what the post was initially saying.

It was just a funny understanding, a true understanding.

You guys don't know what it is like. It's like a strange illusion where you can't sense the fear in it. But when the chance comes, you do.

Take it from the scarred abductees, and not just the people who dreamt about it and thought it was fun.

posted on Nov, 15 2017 @ 01:50 AM

originally posted by: WhyDidIJoin
a reply to: makalit

By the lack of stars and flags and censorship you've received on ATS, I know exactly which forum this belongs in.

The difference between me and muzzeflash in the gray area, is he had an experience which he couldn't verify (likely made up for fun).

posted on Nov, 15 2017 @ 01:50 AM

originally posted by: makalit

originally posted by: WhyDidIJoin
a reply to: makalit

By the lack of stars and flags and censorship you've received on ATS, I know exactly which forum this belongs in.

The difference between me and muzzeflash in the gray area, is he had an experience which he couldn't verify (likely made up for fun).

As per me, alien experiences that you had are easily a part of this topic.

So get bent

posted on Nov, 15 2017 @ 02:09 AM
a reply to: WhyDidIJoin

I'm all open for being kind and considerate to beings who we don't really know much about.

However, I got the call. It was an f****ing as**ole

Here's a line

We are gonna record him

(subjecting me to energy exchanges with their.. unenjoyable, strange, edgy energy)

Here's another one

"He's too overly seeking"

The comment alone sounds harmless. Just like the masking blanket, on here I mean. But when you feel it, it is a total disregard for your feelings and not taken any time to consider how you feel, and is insultive

Sure if they were nice, I'm a total dick. But the truth is I was vulnerable and the thing was an a**hole, and they don't have any reliance on us. They could care less

Don't let that stop you though. There's nothing to fear cause they are subject to existence and all it's pertainence..
They can't do anything that isn't best for all.
Cause god is alive and here
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And why do I complain? Because the cows in the pen about to get eaten also complain, even though it's best
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posted on Nov, 15 2017 @ 02:20 AM
For the next person who summons an alien, they can now know.

Not to doubt God, as what happened with me.

After the cool down God revealed himself.

After all those couple months of thinking God wouldn't be allowing me to feel how I was, and being completely powerless to something much less deserving and good use of its power. And being taunted and put down.

And I thought god had no power compared to this, the thing saying there is no god and only it has power.

So when the next person in the world calls one, which i doubt any will, they can know. God is always there

posted on Nov, 15 2017 @ 02:32 AM
Another tip is not to suck up/ try to adhere to them.

I did this after the call.
Started to look to it for some kind of good friendship.

At night I'd wake up with the delusion that the government was coming to execute me.
Didn't know why, until a feeling suggested it was just the alien. Somehow trying to be buds with the alien causes fears of death by your comrades (fellow humans).

So that's another thing to consider.

It's just like crows who become buddy buddy with a human. They get soft. Then you see them go back out into the field and the other crows start attacking it. They sense something is they don't like and keep attacking it till it adapts back to them.

And yeah when i said in a energy way or 'tested' if the government immedietly gonna kill me was just the aliens presence, then all of a sudden i got a feeling of relief. like it was just the alien.

posted on Nov, 15 2017 @ 02:38 AM
i remember what it was now. that was the first night i started insulting it on here.

then that night i woke with paranoia of government, coming to kill me for spreading alien know-how.

believing this, would metaphysically strengthen my kinship with the alien, to make me like it more.

Someone knocked on the door even that night. I was so scared I didn't answer as I was sure it was 50% chance of government there to kill me. Turns out just a dude wanted to give something like wine to a person here.

Finally said "it's just the aliens energy" and bam all the delusions disappeared.

So idk maybe that energy feeling was there to strengthen our bond, or maybe it was there because it was pissed that i insulted it. My delusion of the government was they are in a ship above my house with radiation technology that could kill me in an instant.

posted on Nov, 15 2017 @ 02:53 AM
Final point:
They aren't trying to be a**holes. That's just what they feel like to a completely different species.

Just like one could consider humans are a**holes to cows, and cows being much more beautiful and majestic. It doens't seem right for an uglier creature to treat the better one like that.

I am ready for your barriage of come backs

Edit: Actually humans kinda are specifically a**holes to cows.
However the tendency comes easier for the cows, than to their fellows.
Same with the alien
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posted on Nov, 15 2017 @ 04:18 AM
I mean what is so scarring about 4 short black creatures walking around you on a frame, doing little pin pricks and what not? If it was 4 dogs in doctor suits, dobermans, you wouldnt care.

So why do people get scarred from what else?

I guess it's your brain seeing something that for millions of years of genetic evolution has rarely ever encountered.
And encountering something that is different than anything else.
Cause everything you encountered was a dog, a flower, a tree, a bird.
And then encountering something completely else.
Something with no emotions in it's movement.

posted on Nov, 15 2017 @ 04:18 AM
So you actually look at me, and tell me I'm wrong.

You havn't offered anything

posted on Nov, 15 2017 @ 04:31 AM
How about the realization of what real life in the universe is like.
Ugly and inferior.

You know what comes next right dont ya

Knowing we are a controlled to be beautiful. Knowing we can't relate to the rest of life. We are a controlled evolution.
And we thought we had rights to it all. We thought we were normal.

No, there's rarely any life as beautiful as us.

We are a unique disposition. And you thought you could look out and find others as beautiful as on earth. We thought all of the universe was as beautiful as it is on Earth. That's another problem with seeing the alien. Seeing something beyond your comprehension as we thought everything in existence was beautiful like it is on Earth. Then you realize it's not. Earth is the only beautiful one.

posted on Nov, 15 2017 @ 07:10 AM
a reply to: Blue Shift

I think its alot about not getting too attached to form ! as in your body , because its the fear of letting your form go when you die , not having form

acceptance is key, thats why psychedelics are great as they reduce your attachment to form.

I dont believe in god the human looking dude with a beard.
I believe in god the infinite energy of life that exists everywhere
inside and outside of time in every dimension and multiple universes.

I closely follow the tao!

posted on Nov, 15 2017 @ 07:13 AM
a reply to: makalit

but if you are accustomed to the practice of acceptance and letting go and in general you do not judge others but simply perceive them , then you wouldnt need to cast a judgement of beauty upon any being you meet.

Humans just need to let go of our symbiotic ego we have , Im not sure but I think the ego is a energy being , like a parasite but not dangerous , just lives in symbiotic relationship with humans, we survive because of it and it survives feeding on our desires and emotions.

Through practice you can quiet your ego's voice always talking to you telling you what to think , say and do!
always planning , always creating expectations so you will always be right and always win.

posted on Nov, 15 2017 @ 10:06 AM
a reply to: makalit

I’m interested in Aliens/UFOs

I’d love to know if actual good aliens exist. I’ve actually been flashing light signals back and forth with bizarre aircraft for 3 months. They did a low silent fly by right over top of me and it was a staggered light formation of at least 3 lights within a blue shield

Here’s a couple low quality ipod videos of the balls of light that we’re flying over, hovering, zipping through the sky or pulsing a light

Ball of light

Hovering and pulsing lights

For about 3 months they kept flying matrices of numbers which turned into cubes of numbers

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