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North Korea set to test missile capable of hitting America, says Russian politician

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posted on Oct, 14 2017 @ 11:12 AM
a reply to: carewemust

Ah good old Fox News talking about what they don't understand. That wouldn't work. First off, the really big problem, is that the Aegis BMD system can't stop an ICBM yet. Second, they wouldn't stand a chance of hitting a missile in the boost phase. Aegis is designed to stop a missile in the mid-course phase, while it's in space.

posted on Oct, 14 2017 @ 11:17 AM
a reply to: gps777

Look at the world today mate, Satan(if such an entity exists) has been on the rampage for quite some time, arguably throughout recorded history.

I really don't see God in the literal biblical sense of the word coming to save us. Fact of the matter is that we have the power and capability to save ourselves.

All we have to do is unite as a race and, stop fighting over petty religious indifference and diminishing resources, and fix/ redistribute the power and wealth around the globe in a rather more even manner.

This Earth could have been a utopia and the technology developed to allow our race to be well on our way to colonisation of low earth orbit and our own star system, possibly even other star systems, by now if only we had the will to do so.

Yet here we are still fighting amongst ourselves and waiting for God to address the issues of our own creation. Chances are we are going to be waiting a while.

posted on Oct, 15 2017 @ 05:52 AM
a reply to: andy06shake

I hear ya, that`s the problem Andy, by people thinking God is irrelevant or all religions are the same in essence, we`d all be better off etc they are not nor is it petty differences, heck in our countries its evident by the crime divorce etc etc etc that its the lack of God in our lives that we need the most.

People/ Muslims in general love to think these religions and beliefs are basically the same and come from the same source and all paths lead to God, this is the biggest con job Satan has pulled. Satan/Lucifer is Allah, it can be proven within the Quaran and of the 99 names of Allah, "the most proud one" was the reason for Lucifer's fall and rebellion wanting Gods throne, "the greatest of all deceivers" who is the liar and deceiver?

Let alone the multitude of other Biblical scripture describing Islam and the false prophet and the beheading of the believers in Christ, (who has commandments of beheading?) or all the nations that will be destroyed in the not too distant future that are ALL nowaday Islamic nations. This was from 600 and 1500 years before Islam or Mohammad ever existed.

Ishmael was described as a wild donkey of a man who worshiped false gods, who was banished from Abraham's family, God said he will become great in number and his hand will be against every man and every mans hand be against him, who became the Ishmaelites then the people of the desert and then the Arabs and from there we got Mohammad, who convinced people by death of the sword he was a prophet. Mohammad made Muslims believe Abraham favored Ishmael, he stole all types of things and made his own perverted religion, which is specifically anti Jewish/Christian and anybody else, they believe in dominating all religions until all believe in their Allah.

Belief in God is and always is a free choice.

Mohammad a sexual deviate, that even in their own writing where women of the time didn`t want their daughters around him, married a 6 year old consummated the marriage at 9, but they used the lunar calender which makes her about 51/2 and 8 at consummation said men can have 4 wives but took at least 9, mass murdered the Jewish males that took him in as a refugee and took and raped their wives, built a fire on a mans chest to get the location of booty, raided caravans, led bloody slaughter stealing all the lands of the ME which was once peaceful Christians, which is all now Islamic.

Estimates of 250,000,000 non Muslims have been slaughtered and they say Muslims have killed twice as many of their own which isn`t included in that number since Mohammad till now. The list of utter rubbish from Mohammad is too big to list, he was demonically possessed he even thought he was and tried to commit suicide on numerous occasions.

Russia has been fighting with Islam for 1000 years, America got its first encounter with Islam in the Barbary Coast and cost America dearly, its why Jefferson had a Quran to know thy enemy. Through ransom it cost America 80% I think it was of its national yearly economy. We have always been at war with Islam because Islam is designed to be at war with everyone.

It is ancient biblical prophecy fulfilled for all to see. It is supernatural.

for I am God, and there is none else; I am God, and there is none like me,

10 Declaring the end from the beginning, and from ancient times the things that are not yet done, saying, My counsel shall stand, and I will do all my pleasure:

Through force Mohammad has also managed to deceive Muslims into bowing down to the black stone of the Kaaba, the last idol of the pagans he slaughtered in Mecca, Mecca literally means Mother, ever heard of the "whore of Babylon"? the Kaaba stone is framed into a woman's vagina, google it, Muslims believe in walking around it kissing and caressing it that it sucks out their sins, hence the color black, The tradition of circling around the temple is from the pagan religion, which is still practiced by Hindu`s which all of these religions can be traced back to Babylon and Nimrod, who`s wife, who was also his mother Semiramis is refereed to as the "Mother of all Cults" all false religion stems from here.

We had Emperor Constantine also who couldn`t stop Christianity and mingled their pagan belief and practices with Christianity, so much damage was done through this, which is still going on today.

Our governments have been in bed with Satan our education and societies are designed to be anti God anti Christian and lead people away from the truth, soon this place is going to implode because of the lack of belief in God of the Bible.

We are created in Gods image and is why we deep down know when we are wrong, if we have morals they must be built from something, who gets to say? whats wrong or right, who told us murder rape adultery/cheating stealing etc is wrong. God did He set the rules because that`s also His image., we can never separate from God and just go our merry way star trekking the universe without Him there with us always. Sounds like some ridiculous damaging John Lennon song that so many people bought into.

We all have sinned.

Look at a woman with lust and we have committed adultery in our heart.

Say OMG J.. H.. Christ..etc that`s blasphemy taking the Lords name in vain.

Hate your brother, committed murder in our hearts.

Lie, even white lies.

Steal even the smallest of things, thief.

Make an image in our own heads of what God should be like to fit ourselves, that`s Idolatry

Stand before The righteous Judge and its easy to be a lying idolator blasphemous thieving murderer adulterer.

So in comes Jesus.

The penalty of sin is death so God has made the way and only way to Heaven by entering into His creation and taking on Himself the sins of the whole world through death and His concurring of it on purpose, People can deny it as Mohammad did or they can fight it or call it fairy tales etc but that`s free a choice just as God intended, He does not force people to worship Him, unlike Islams god Allah/Satan the liar the destroyer.

Are Christians running around constantly killing people for these things that happen everywhere all the time, its become common place and common place for people of no belief to commit all manner of things we deal with. If Christians have, it would be rare and would disqualify them from being Christian as its not Yeshua`s example or what is told for us, But Islam these type of things will get you killed by speaking the TRUTH about Mohammad or Islam in their parts of the world or even in our own and they are growing fast in our countries.

The Bible is just as relevant today than ever.

This is the real gospel spoken.

Here is Avi Lipkin from a couple of years ago, who is pretty famous around the globe and very knowledgeable on these topics of world affairs etc and funny to boot! (goes for about an hour both parts)

Umm thats right, topic lol, Australia gets a mention from KIm, will he send us a gift as well?
North Korea’s threat to Australia for supporting the US and South Korea as nuclear tensions continue

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posted on Oct, 15 2017 @ 07:56 AM
a reply to: gps777

Christianity has just as much a checkered past as the Muslim faith i'm afraid.

Just look at the multiple crusades for instance or the Spanish Inquisition never mind the complete and utter systematic annihilation of the Cathar people? Also have you any idea how many educated women and midwives were burned at the stake or drowned down to being accused of witchcraft by the Christian powers that be over the span of recorded history?

As to sexual deviancy, fact of the matter is that most societies back then entertained the notion of child brides no matter how unpalatable we find the notion in this day of age the Muslim faith was not the only one to promote what we would consider paedophilia now.

My understanding is that at least Christianity Judaism and the Muslim faith do indeed all spring from the one Abrahamic root religion.

Like i said mate i will entertain the notion of a creator, just not one that requires our attendance, nevermind our monies.

posted on Oct, 15 2017 @ 09:33 AM

originally posted by: andy06shake
a reply to: gps777

Christianity has just as much a checkered past as the Muslim faith i'm afraid.

I don`t think you read my post or I didn`t make myself clear enough, Constantine mingled pagan and Christian and formed the RCC, but please post up the numbers of those killed by the inquisition, one good Jihadist could do that on his own, people love to use the RCC as an excuse for Christianity and even though what they did is totally wrong and no deaths should have occurred its used against Christianity its blown way out of proportion.

The crusades were fought only to take back! the Holy land the Muslims stole and to give safe passage for those travelling there from the Muslims. But then they also killed Jews, but its not even close to the butchery to 250 million non Muslims slaughtered.

We can go by Stalin or Pol Pot and say Atheists have killed in the hundreds of millions and they represent all Athiests, but that wouldn`t be fair in my mind, if Christianity commands to love your enemies and your neighbor and do good to those who persecute us, but Islam through Mohammad's example as their guide for moral conduct and orders unbelievers in him and his god Allah to be killed, you somehow believe we share the same root religion? even if you wanted to look before Jesus there was the 10 commandments, that Islam commands to break them.

My understanding is that at least Christianity Judaism and the Muslim faith do indeed all spring from the one Abrahamic root religion.

I covered that also, Abraham banished Ishmael because he worshiped false gods and was a wild donkey of a man, meaning it isn`t Abraham's God. The Muslims through Mohammad replaced Ishmael with Isaac and took a mish mash of pagan beliefs and Biblical beliefs and twisted others. The only people who have the one true God are Jews and Christians, definitely NOT Muslims. Even Mohammad knew Jews and Christian share a bond with each other and wrote about it.

oh well maybe you`ll understand what I`m getting at in the future some time, take care Andy.

posted on Oct, 15 2017 @ 12:20 PM
a reply to: gps777

I did indeed read your post but the fact of the matter is that Christianity just like most of the rest of organised religious practice is collection of ideologies from previous religious dating all the way back to Sun worship, which is essentially what Christianity, even in this day of age, amounts to.

How could i possibly post the numbers pertaining to those killed by the Inquisition? Records back then were not exactly meticulously kept in the same manner as this day of age, they get lost, buried in some Vatican vault, or simply destroyed by time. Do you dispute the fact that the inquisition and killed all those people?

The crusades, no matter the perverted purpose or agenda, killed a hell of a lot of people on both sides also but possibly worth considering that said Holyland belonged to others long before Christianity existed, hence the land belongs to those who were born there not those that claim there alleged Messiah was crucified there or where their profit ascended to heaven. Essentially if you were part of a crusade you were there to get upto no good, stands to reason really as an invading army is exactly such.

Fact is Christianity has been responsible for more mass genocide, death, religious hatred and intolerance in the last 2000 years than any other religion on the planet.

Cant blame Constantine for everything im afraid and chances are without his influence and adoption of said faith Christianity may not even have flourished in the manner that it did back then, considering the persecution that was going around at the time.

You take care also gps777, i enjoyed our discussion.
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