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Netanyahu's son posts meme that Jews control America

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posted on Sep, 10 2017 @ 02:58 PM

originally posted by: CB328
There is outrage all over the place because Netanyahu's son posted a meme on facebook saying that America is controlled by Jews.

Everything happens for a reason. The posting on Facebook was probably planned from the beginning.

Naturally this will cause anger and persecution in America. Hence American Jews will leave America.

Why ? Because the zionists have just hit the big red button to destroy America. So, indirectly, Israel has quietly advised American Jews to exit America now.

posted on Sep, 10 2017 @ 03:06 PM
a reply to: Peeple

The big problem with that is that it is against the Jewish religion™ to occupy any lands that were NOT given 'back' by TheCreator.

I'd opine the Jewish™ faith is like any other religion™ and the members choose the sections of the dogma that they feel like following...

Here is more

posted on Sep, 10 2017 @ 03:20 PM

originally posted by: flatbush71
I have a question, how many of you even know who Barak, Yanvi and Naftali are and what he was speaking in reference to ?


They are left wing isreali globalist right. I'm failing to see the America connection in the meme, other than George soros and the reptiles. I've seen an American version of this meme before, this is an Isreali version of it tho.

posted on Sep, 10 2017 @ 03:23 PM
a reply to: Tristran

Why would they want to destroy America ? How come nobody warned me ?!

posted on Sep, 10 2017 @ 03:24 PM
The Jews have a lot of power here in America. That has been that way since I was a kid.

posted on Sep, 10 2017 @ 03:34 PM
There is none, that's the point.
What he's saying is George Soros is pulling the strings in the American left to finance the left in Israel.
As was done during the last Israeli election, where hundreds of millions of dollars flowed in to weaken Ben's campaign.
Well guess what ??? We kept all the money and the left wing didn't get squat.

Fellas, I've been in this businesses nearly fifty years.

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posted on Sep, 10 2017 @ 03:39 PM
Undue influence for their numbers?

posted on Sep, 10 2017 @ 03:47 PM
So it must be true.

All those evil Jews.

Got brown shirts in the streets beating anyone with a differing opinion.

Got riots in the streets.

Got porous borders allowing illegal immigration and illegal voting by illegal immigrants.

Now comes the Jew hate.

Let me know when ya'll fire up the ovens.

posted on Sep, 10 2017 @ 04:09 PM
a reply to: Christosterone

moon god of arabias hoardes check all the boxes

deflecting much? other than that the moon doesn't have anything to do with us Muslims and our religion, can you be on topic and defend his son and go a head while you're at it and defend Netanyahu

posted on Sep, 10 2017 @ 04:10 PM
HOW DARE HE IMPLY that I should start loving Soros for trying to take down this piece of trash joke of a human being Netanyahu....

I don't like Soros, but I hate that apartheid bastard Netanyahu. More power to Soros... just to finish the job, then we can get back to dealing with him.

Jews.. thumbs up...

Zionists... you are just a jewish version of IS and don't deserve to live.

But really. No religion deserves a specific piece of land on Earth, that just down right idiotic. Try pulling your heads out of those 2000 year old cartoons and fairy tales and deal with living like the rest of us do. NONE of you are more deserving of chosen than anyone else...NONE of you.
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posted on Sep, 10 2017 @ 04:29 PM
a reply to: Dr UAE

if you buy into any religion...I dont listen to you, or your detractors... its laughable

posted on Sep, 10 2017 @ 04:47 PM
a reply to: BlueJacket

thats only you're own point of view about my religion which doesn't mater in this thread, care to add something to the subject in hand?

posted on Sep, 10 2017 @ 04:59 PM
I personally don't get Jews being that I'm not one, and Nazis and Jews can continue their self obsession somewhere else...that being said, I hate this Netanyahu dude, because he deliberately tries to use terms that the far right, who are Nazis, use to denounce everybody in veiled terms because he thinks this makes him a buddy. The more he puffs up his chest and copies the far right the more they will smell the sexy stink coming off of him, i guess..and the more the far right says idiotic things like "blacks can be 1 uv us too!" and "no I'm not raciss becuz x and y reason" the stupider this whole thing is. That's why I'm on the center. Trump is a whole different phenomenon and I don't even think it counts in this whole big (small) debacle...
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Eta the thing about muslims...yeah yeah yeah, we might have to go fight them if they get out of hand, yeah yeah yeah it makes for good election politics, the thing is NOBODY cares anymore. I say this for the left as well as the posters here on the far right who bang on this conspiracy place like it's a silly trophy. Move past it a little plz..
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posted on Sep, 10 2017 @ 05:05 PM
a reply to: projectvxn

"Now comes the Jew hate."

Who said they hated jews?

I read through the thread, and cant find anyone saying that.

posted on Sep, 10 2017 @ 05:07 PM
a reply to: CB328

Why the hub-bub about something that's been true for the past century and a half?

posted on Sep, 10 2017 @ 05:11 PM
a reply to: UnBreakable

Cuz 'politicks got repackgaged'.. or something.

posted on Sep, 10 2017 @ 05:14 PM
There's a whole swath of society, mild Christians, etcetera, that don't ever get any notice, but it doesnt mean it doesn't exist in fact id venture theres a whole world of people out there who just don't pay any attention to any of this.
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posted on Sep, 10 2017 @ 05:20 PM
a reply to: CB328

Maybe people should stop dismissing the idea as an unspeakable false doctrine, and actually consider it objectively

The unspeakable false doctrine is Ethno Nationalist State-ism; Zionism and White Nationalist Americanism. They fit together like a hand in a glove.

Thanks to AIPAC's control of Republican and Democratic parties, the U.S. supports Zionism, a Jewish-ethno-state.

Shouldn't what's good for the goose be good for the gander? Therefore, the U.S. should be a Euro-centric White Nation. So argues the White Nationalists.

“I’m a Jew, I’m an Israeli, the neo nazi scums in Virginia hate me and my country. But they belong to the past. Their breed is dying out,” the 26-year-old wrote on Facebook. “However the thugs of Antifa and BLM who hate my country (and America too in my view) just as much are getting stronger and stronger and becoming super dominant in American universities and public life.”

Netanyahu's son is, as it seems to me, quite willing to cede the U.S. to the White Nationalists. He sees that non-Zionist Jews lean left and don't support ethno-nationalism, although some unthinkingly support the so-called Jewish State of Israel. He seems to loath leftist Jews, American and Israeli.

Here's a song, written by a former White Nationalist, covered many times by current Euro-ethno-centric Nationalists. It turned me briefly into a White Nationalist. I'm a sucker for female vocalists. I've mostly recovered, after holding my granddaughter today.

White Nationalists take the "White Genocide" as seriously as the Jews do the Holocaust.
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posted on Sep, 10 2017 @ 05:31 PM
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posted on Sep, 10 2017 @ 05:58 PM
yup...the STATE DEPARTMENT is 100 per cent Israel flags on every door and desk......

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